Top 12 Gifts for Pitbull Owners and Anyone Who Loves Pitties

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As the holidays come close, you’re probably starting to list down gift ideas for your family and friends. But how about those Pitbull lovers in your life? They will definitely love items inspired by their beloved pet. So cross out that yearly towel gift and check our options for the best gifts for Pitbull owners. Be it novelty or functional items, you’ll surely find an item that suits the personality of your loved one.

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No matter what the stereotypes say, Pitbulls are sweethearts, so are their hoomans. The gift-giving spirit this coming holiday season will become more special when you decide to get them any of these cute items:

1. Pitbull calendar, for the busy hooman

Let your loved one start the year right with this Pitty calendar. The days and months will no longer be boring with the cute photos of Pitbulls representing each month. With the adorable snaps of pups and doggos, this calendar will be a budget-friendly and safe option. If you’re not sure what your friend or loved one like, this will be one of the unbeatable Pitbull themed gifts.

Aside from the Pitty photos, this calendar also has hefty grid spaces where your friend can write things. This makes a perfect hanging calendar for a busy paw-rent. If your friend also has other dog breeds, this calendar also comes with 25 other doggo snaps.

The images on this calendar are crisp, clear, and printed on quality material that will last for the whole year. If you’re looking for an affordable gift with the best value, this would be an excellent choice.

2. Pitbull throw blanket, for a heart-warming holiday greeting

Do you want to make a Pitbull lover cozy this holiday season? Send this Pitbull-printed throw blanket as a gift! It’s made from pure polyester that feels warm and breathable at the same time. On the black fabric is the colorful and licensed Dean Russo artwork featuring a smiling Pitbull. It’s surrounded with the statement “Beware of Pitbulls, they will steal your heart”. A heart-warming gift, indeed!

The print has bright and lively colors which makes it useful during game nights or picnics at the park. This measures 50 x 60 which is big enough to accommodate two to four people when sitting on it. And to be honest, this is one of the prettiest blankets I’ve ever seen.

This is machine-washable and it doesn’t get snags even after multiple washing. If you want some creativity and functionality, this affordable gift would be highly appreciated.

3. Pitbull fine art print, for the creative paw-rent

Does your Pitbull-loving friend also like artworks? This art print would capture his heart this Yuletide season. The print resembles an actual watercolor artwork and it’s even printed on pure cotton mold-made paper. It’s the same paper used for painting and photography. One of the artsy gifts for Pitbull owners, indeed.

For this fine art print, Ron Krajewski’s work is featured. He’s a professional artist who has a wide collection of esteemed paintings all over the world. Even if this is a printed version, it bears the actual hand signature of the artist.

This is a portrait of a brown Pitbull fixed in a light yet curious gaze. It makes a perfect décor at the living room to tone down the monotony. Even if it’s affordable, the quality is impressive. If you want a unique gift for this year, you’ll never regret getting this piece.

4. Pitbull tank top, for the cool Pitbull momma

Do you have a Pitbull mom to surprise this coming holiday season? This tank top would definitely become part of many adventures and parties to come. It’s a racerback tank top with the print saying “Don’t listen to the Bullpit” with the image of a happy Pitty. If you have an edgy loved one who wants to flaunt his love for Pitbulls, this will be an amazing present.

If your friend is tired of Pitbull stereotypes, this will surely give her a chuckle. It can be worn daily, thanks to its comfortable polyester and ringspun cotton blend fabric.

You know what’s the best thing about this gift? Its seller, Arm the Animals (ATA), helps save other Pitbulls and animals. So aside from sending Pitbull themed gifts, you’re also supporting a worthy cause. Your friend will be more than thankful for this gift.

5. Pitbull necklace, for wearing the dog love close to the heart

For someone who loves collecting pendants, you will never go wrong with this piece. This necklace has a Staffordshire-shaped pendant made of Sterling silver, 14k rose gold filled, or 14 gold filled material. It also bears a matching chain that looks stylish for casual wearing.

This pendant also comes with a personalized engraving. You can request your friend’s Pitbull name to be engraved for a unique touch. Take note that the heart cut out on the Pitbull pendant is a fixed feature. This item ships in just one business day so you’re assured that it will arrive even before Christmas day.

Unlike other dog pendants, this has a classy and expensive look. It even comes in an exquisite gift box that saves you from the tiring gift wrapping.

Just make sure that you get the right chain length to match the pendant for the best gifts for Pitbull owners.

6. Pitbull onesie, for the Pitty’s little brother/sister

For a Pitbull paw-rent who is also a parent to a cute baby, this onesie would be an adorable gift choice. It has a heartwarming print saying “My Big Brother is a Pitbull”. Your friend would love this and he or she will surely put this on the baby right away.

This onesie is made of pure combed cotton that’s gentle to the baby’s skin. It has three snap button closures at the crotch for easy putting on and off. And you don’t have to worry since the makers of this baby clothing use eco-friendly inks that hold well even after multiple washes.

It comes in nine different colors, and since this is very affordable, you can send multiple colors as a present. For babies who have a special bond with their Pitbull pet, this would be a timeless gift. How cute it is to take a picture of a baby wearing this while sitting beside the Pitty.

7. Pitbull cookie cutter, for the baker paw-rent

Who loves baking? If your Pitbull-owner friend has an affinity to baking, expect their deepest thanks once they receive this cookie cutter gift. The cutter is in the shape of a Pitbull’s face from the makers’ own doggo named Bucc. This is perfect when making kiddie or puppy treats.

The cutter is made of antimicrobial plastic that’s very easy to clean. With the spot-on Pitbull image you’ll make on the cookies, this is a dope addition to your friend’s baking tools. Even the kids will love to take part in the kitchen adventures. It’s a sturdy cookie cutter with a unique Pitbull touch.

This is very affordable and you can even pair it with more baking tools and Pitbull themed gifts. Imagine a gift basket filled with baking staples. Your friend will enjoy it all year round!

8. Pitbull pillow cover for the cuddly loved one

Let this huggable gift grace the couch of your friend! This Pitbull print pillow cover is made of cotton and polyester that suits bedrooms, living rooms, and even outdoor lounging areas. Aside from the heavy-duty material, this has a vivid dog print that will definitely catch the attention of every visitor.

This is a charming pillow that your loved one can bring during travels. Even if he or she can’t bring the dog along, they still get to cuddle with the image of one.

The pillow is machine-washable but don’t worry since it’s wrinkle-resistant and very easy to dry. It also has a hidden zipper which prevents the pillow from getting snags or tangled. Each pillow cover measures 45 cm x 45 cm with a single-side print.

Aside from being one of the gifts for Pitbull owners, this pillow cover also comes in different dog breed prints.

gifts for Pitbull owners

9. Pitbull hoodie, for the most awesome Pitty dad

For that proud Pitty daddy, this hoodie would be a perfect gift this holiday season. It’s made of cotton and no-pill polyester for a comfy wear. It also has double stitching and a double-lined hood for a quality wear. It might be a bit on the steep side, but every dollar is worth it since your friend will definitely like this.

The print in front says “The Best Pitbull Dad Ever”. It used a direct-to-garment method of printing using eco-friendly and fast ink. As for the color of the fabric, it will stay as deep as new even after countless washes. The fabric is also durable enough to last years of wearing.

This is both a funny and useful gift that your friend can use all year long. Unlike other Pitbull themed gifts, this one has a special touch.

10. Pitbull hanging sign, for spreading the love

Let a paw-rent declare his or her Pitbull love with this hanging sign that says “All You Need is Love and a Pit Bull”. This can be used as a living room décor or a coffee table ornament. Whatever your friend wants, there’s a hanging hardware included on the package. The wooden box stand-up design has an intentional rustic finish.

The best thing about this gift item is it suits all ages. Any Pitbull owner would love it, be it your cousin, aunt, uncle, grandparent, friend, or officemate. It can also be sent as a present in almost every occasion.

This is a very affordable gift and your loved one can even use it as props for his or her Pitbull’s photo shoot. If you want to be more creative, you can come up with a novelty gift basket with all these cute items wrapped together.

11. Pitbull tote bag, for bringing the goodies

If you have a friend who always carries tons of things wherever he or she goes, this Pitbull print tote would be the perfect gift. The canvas bag bears a print saying “Don’t Judge My Pitbull & I Won’t Judge Your Children”. This is a strong statement for all those who stereotype Pitties!

This is a simple tote but very durable for errands and carrying doggo stuff when traveling. It can be a standalone gift, but if you have the budget, you can stuff it with other items mentioned here. You can place a tank top, hoodie, or pillow cover as complementary Pitbull themed gifts.

This tote bag is an affordable piece that will be very useful for your friend. Even if they don’t have their Pitty with them, they can still flaunt that they own one.

12. Pitbull decal, for a dog-filled living room

Is your friend a fan of wall stickers? Send him or her this large Pitbull wall decal. This is available in four different sizes which makes a perfect wall décor. The happy Pitbull image is bursting with vibrant and lively colors that will brighten any room.

It can stick to furniture, walls, windows, and mirrors. This doesn’t ruin the paint of the wall since it can be peeled and re-applied as needed. It’s made from SafeCling, a special fabric wall sticker that doesn’t tear or fade easily. It can be repositioned multiple times without losing the stickiness of the adhesive.

This features the artwork of Dean Russo, a graphic artist from New York. It will look great even on nurseries, bedrooms, living rooms, and playrooms. Also, the stickers look good in any wall color.

With tons of merchandises banking on dogs, it’s not hard to find gifts for Pitbull owners. You just have to be creative and patient in digging your options. Here, we listed 12 options that will surely pull the heartstrings of a Pitbull lover. How’s your gift list going? Let us know below!

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