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Looking for the Best Dog Beds for Pitbull? 2 Indestructible Options Here!

Have you ever come home to a shredded dog bed and a guilty Pitbull? If yes, you probably learned that typical memory foam cots are not the best options. As much as these are comfy, it’s no match to a Pitty’s constant urge to chew. This led me to look for the best dog beds for Pitbulls that will last long despite my pooch digging his daggers on it. Here are two of the best beds you should consider.



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Kuranda All-Aluminum
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The common fix of some Pitbull owners is to not purchase a bed. However, even the rowdiest and most energetic doggo will get tired. And unlike other breeds, Pitbulls need a special cushion to support their bones in order to prevent orthopedic issues.

As a doting paw-rent, I spent my time looking for an indestructible dog bed. Aside from meeting the needs of my Pit, it’s also strong enough to survive my chew-tastic pooch.

Why Pitbulls need a comfy bed

All dogs deserve a nice cot where they can retreat to rest. It’s best to get them a bed so they will associate it as their territory. If not, they will keep trespassing on your own bedroom at night. Studies found that constant disturbances from your pet can cause serious sleeping problems. So for the benefit of you and your dog, you might as well invest in a nice bed.

Also, Pitbulls are prone to orthopedic problems. If you keep them lying on the floor, you’re exposing them to a higher risk of developing hip dysplasia, knee injuries, and other bone problems.

Instead of spending less than a hundred bucks for a bed, you’ll be slapped with hefty vet fees.

Anyway, as a responsible pet owner, it’s your obligation to provide all your doggo’s needs. An indestructible dog bed will go a long way. If you want, you can purchase a bigger one that your Pitty can grow into.

Why do Pitties chew their beds?

If you’re parenting a Pitty for some time now, chewing shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s Pitbulls’ innate behavior. But since they have large jaws and large teeth, the munching can be pretty destructive.

For puppy Pits, bed chewing could be associated with teething. All dogs will undergo this stage. As their puppy teeth grow and transition to the adult set, their gums would be subjected to intense discomfort. And to ease that, they have to chew, chew, and chew. The common target is soft but firm surfaces, the dog bed as a perfect example.

Bed chewing among adult Pitties can be due to boredom. As you know, this breed isn’t a lap dog, let alone an indoor pooch. They have to run, bark, chase, and move. If this isn’t satisfied, they will channel their attention to something else.

Also, you have to think about separation anxiety. Pitbulls are total sweethearts and if you leave them behind with no company, they can get really nervous. What they do is chew to release the tension. Lying on the dog bed, nothing is more convenient to munch than the cot itself.

Lastly, I think that bed chewing will happen if you don’t give out chewy toys. Paired with training, dog toys should dampen the destructive behavior.

Concerns for Pitbull beds

Aside from their behavior, what concerns me the most is Pitbull’s susceptibility to various physical conditions. But does it have something to do with their bedding? Yes.

How your Pitty sleeps and the surface they lay on will predict how much support their bodies get during nighttime. So before you purchase a dog bed, make sure that you have the following conditions in mind:

➕Hip dysplasia

This is one of the leading bone problems almost half of the Pitbull population tends to develop. When their hip bone doesn’t form properly, it will induce inflammation and lingering pain. This is a hereditary condition which can be treated through surgery. To prevent or nurse this condition, an orthopedic bed is necessary.

➕Skin allergies

These pooches have one of the most sensitive dog skins I’ve ever known. They can get allergic to pollen, grass, and other stuff their coats get in contact with. If your Pitbull already has skin irritations, choose a bed with a soft and breathable lining. If possible, pick one that’s easy to wash and has dust-wicking properties.


Another concern most Pitbull owners have is raising an obese dog. This breed is a hefty eater. If you don’t control the portions, they can get really fat. For pooches with excess weight, it’s important that their bed can support their entire body.

These are just some of the conditions to think about when purchasing a Pitbull bed. If your pooch has a delicate condition, ask your vet for advice. Commercially available beds might not work in this case.

What to look for a Pitbull dog bed

If you’re scouting for the best dog beds for Pitbull, always put your meticulous eyes on. Not all beds that claim to be tough will last. Always check for the following aspects:


Remember, we’re talking about an indestructible dog bed here. The material should be tough and enduring of constant biting. A bed with a Ripstop nylon lining is the gold standard but you can always look for more durable fabric. Remember that no dog bed is 100% indestructible.


Is your pooch obese? Suffering from bone issues? Always look for a dog bed with optimal support. Too thin and your pooch will be sleeping close to the ground; too thick or it will be difficult to get on and off. Personally, I prefer a piece with orthopedic foam. It diffuses the strain on the joints.


Pitbulls are medium-sized dogs, but their bodies are muscular. Always get a bigger size so they will have enough to space to move and roll. However, don’t be too lavish or they will have more spots to chew.


Aside from enduring the chewing, your choice of dog bed should also last for years. This is excellent if you’re purchasing a dog bed for all life stages.


Design can both be vanity and means of support. Always prioritize how easy it will be for your dog to get on and off the bed, especially if the pooch has a special physical condition. Anyway, getting a chic piece doesn’t hurt.


Are you putting the dog bed outdoors or indoors? The spot where you’re going to keep the cot is an important consideration. If you’re putting it outside, it’s best to get a waterproof and off-the-floor piece. For indoor purposes, a plush foam cot would be great.

Top 2 Indestructible dog bed Picks

⭐K9 Ballistics Original TUFF Dog Bed⭐

best dog beds for PitbullK9 Ballistics is right when they said that no one likes changing shredded dog beds all the time. With that, we need a bed that will hold up to dedicated diggers and chewers. What I love about their TUFF dog bed is its durable Rip-stop waterproof ballistic fabric. From the sound of it, I can guarantee durability for years.

However, this is only best for occasional chewers. This is understandable since TUFF is a plush bed. A dog who loves chewing can rip just about any cot of this kind. Still, this is one of the best dog beds for Pitbull since it reduced the exposed seams which can be the cause of shredding. The zipper and Velcro opening is hidden so there’s no way your doggo can get their teeth on it.

Comfort-wise, my Pit has no complaints. It has CertiPUR-US-certified foam that hugs my pooch’s body very well. I can say that he’s getting nice slumber on this cot for some time now. The bed has a simple rectangular design that’s easy to get on and off even for Pitties with bone problems.

If ever the bed got soiled from continuous use, you can toss the cover to the washing machine. In all fairness, the Rip-stop fabric holds well even after several washes.

And you know what I like the most? If your pooch gets to tear the cover within 4 months, K9 Ballistics will replace it for free. That’s a nice guarantee!


✔️Cover replacement if the Pit destroyed the cover within 4 months

✔️CertiPUR-US-certified mattress

✔️Comes in different colors and sizes

✔️Perfect for support, nesting, sleeping

✔️Breathable and durable Rip-stop fabric cover


-Not 100% chew-proof but perfect for teething pups

⭐Kuranda All-Aluminum Chew-Proof Dog Bed⭐

best dog beds for PitbullIf your Pitty is a destructive chewer, plush beds won’t work. You have to reduce the parts they can munch on just like what the Kuranda All-Aluminum Dog Bed did. Instead of using foam and fabric cover, this has a steel frame that’s definitely stronger than your pooch’s teeth.

This is an elevated orthopedic bed with heavy-duty vinyl fabric for the sleeping space. If your Pitbull is a determined chewer and digger, this is the bed to beat his destructive behavior. This is certified chew-proof. Although it looks tough, the sleeping space is comfy and breathable.

The Kuranda best dog beds for Pitbull are typically used outdoors, but if all indoor beds end up shredded, this one will be a great alternative inside your house. The bed is easy-to-clean even if your Pitty decided to poo, pee, vomit, or play in the mud. Like the cover material of the TUFF bed, this will withstand repetitive cleaning.

This bed is covered by a one-year warranty. So far, I have no reason to need it since it’s doing well despite the harsh chewing my dog does. If you want more cushioning, you can put a folded towel on top. However, you should be willing to risk it.


✔️Certified chew-proof

✔️Never rusts and it will last a lifetime

✔️Versatile enough for both indoor and outdoor use

✔️It comes in different colors and sizes

✔️One-time purchase for a dog bed


❌Lack of soft cushioning could be an issue to some dogs

Benefits of Pitbull dog beds

The biggest benefit of dog beds is the comfort. Since Pits have stocky bodies, it can become uncomfortable to lie down without support. Also, beds help establish a private spot for your Pitbull to retreat to at the end of the day. So when they feel anxious, they can go to their bed for comfort.

Dog beds also provide support. For Pitbulls who have undergone surgical operations or therapy, a bed will help them sleep comfortably. It’s also helpful in their recovery process.

And for you, as the owner, an indestructible dog bed will save you from buying replacements. It takes longer to shred than the usual cots. Since there are models made of aluminum and tough vinyl, you can sleep peacefully without the worry of waking up to bits of foam.

Pitbull bed buying tips

I want you to save money from poor bed choices. Here are a few hacks to keep in mind:

➕Purchase a big bed. If you have a puppy, I suggest that you get a bed that’s suited for Pitty’s adult size. This doggos grow fast and the next time you check, they can no longer fit on their puppy cot.

➕A 100% indestructible bed is non-existent. If you’re looking for a plush bed that will withstand constant chewing, I’m sorry to say that it doesn’t exist. The closest thing you’ll have is a chew-resistant piece that will wear out in a couple of months or years. But if you want the toughest piece, look for the likes of Kuranda.

➕Aesthetics is the last consideration. No matter how elegant the dog bed is, prioritize the functionality over the look. Remember, your dog will be the one to use it. And as far as I know, they rarely appreciate designs.

➕Opt for breathability. Have you ever purchased a Pitty bed only to see your dog sleeping on the floor? The cot might be too hot to sleep on.

When purchasing best dog beds for Pitbull, always consider the condition of your pooch. As much as you want it to be stylish, the jury will be the final feel of the cot.

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