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Most of the four-legged animals, including dogs, walk bare naked for their whole life. We often think that this is acceptable because of their toughness. But, their characteristic is what we have taken for granted. As the winter season is here, we should be mindful of some winter pet safety tips that your dog would definitely love.

Anatomically speaking, dogs have fur to coat them from heat and cold. Leather toe pads are also present to support their feet while walking. They also have tough built and, to include, a bold spirit. But, this doesn’t mean that they’re invincible to the elements of the outside sources.

All dogs are very vulnerable to cold weather. Included in this vulnerability are the greyhound, dachshund, beagle, Chinese crested, and most especially pitbulls. For this breed, it is very crucial to keep them warm in cold weathers. And for pet owners, it is important to have a knowledge about winter pet safety tips.

What Makes Pitbull Susceptible to Cold?

There are several characteristics or traits that are involved to make a dog susceptible to low temperatures. Most dogs have one or more traits without being sensitive to cold temperatures. However, those who might have several of these characteristics might be troublesome during the winter.

Below are some characteristics that are included in the list:

Short Hair

For pitbull, their hairs are their skin’s protection and body insulators as well. Dogs are warm-blooded animals that generally produces heat from their body. The more their body retain this heat, the more they feel warmer.

It simply means that their hair acts like a sweater. So, the thicker and longer are their fur, the warmer they’ll stay in cold weather. However, pitbulls are short-haired animals. That’s why they are susceptible to low temperatures.

Single Coat

Generally, dogs have a heavy coat of thick hair that protect their body and retain heat. Moreover, other dogs from the cold climates, like huskies, usually have an undercoat. This serves as a second coat of dense and softer hair that helps them insulate their body. Unfortunately, pitbull lacks this undercoat, which makes them suffer from cold weather.

Low Body Fat

Mammals living in cold climates have a higher tendency to insulate themselves with a thick layer of fats. Aside from their hair, their body fat is also an effective insulator of heat. Meaning, thin dog breeds are more vulnerable to cold than those breed with more body cushions.

Small Size

Small-framed dogs have fewer body tissues to produce heat compared to larger dogs. This appearance serves as an initial disadvantage for them. On the other hand, they have more surface area relative to their size. This means that heat escapes easily from their bodies making them chilled.

Lanky Build

Elongated, slender dogs or dogs who have lengthy legs are more vulnerable to low temperatures compare to pudgy pooch with petite lower limbs. Those with thin, slender hips also suffer from the same case.

Large Ears

Dog’s ears are thin and full of blood vessels. This serves as a very effective radiator. Their ears are very helpful during summer for cooling off. In short, big-eared dogs are more prone to experience chills during cold weather than dogs with modestly sized ears.

Winter Pet Safety Tips

Keeping your pitbull warm this winter season is your number one goal right now. Here is a list of winter pet safety tips to ensure that you and your bowwow have a safe end of the season.

1. Keeps your pitbull warm

Your cold-sensitive dog might be comfortable if you would let them spend most of their time inside the house. Provide them with a heated dog bed or kennel, and a warm blanket as well. These things would allow them to hollow out a nest.

2. Keeps your pitbull away from bodies of water

Bodies of water, like lakes, with melting ice and rising water levels can be very dangerous for both of you and your pooch. So better to keep away from those.

3. Wipe your pitbull’s paws and underside after being outside

After a winter walk outside, your doggy might acquire some salts and ice melts that can be irritating, or worse, fatal if ingested. It is good to wipe their paws and underside after that outside walk.

4. Don’t let your pitbull off leash especially during a snowstorm

This is very dangerous during winter. Your dog can easily lose their scent and probably might get lost.

5. Bathe your dog inside

Another winter pet safety tips that could help you and your pooch is bathing them inside your house with warm water. After bathing, ensure that your dog is completely dry before going outside. Giving them a quick blow dry may be a great help, as their fur takes a longer time to dry in cold weather. Thus, bathing them this season may be reduced to a lesser extent.

6. Indoor dog parks

Although your pitbull may be subjected to less physical outside activities, this is not an excuse for not letting them exercise. Going to an indoor dog park will let your pitbull to release some pent-up energy. This will also let them socialize to other dogs while staying safe inside.

7. Prepare an emergency pet survival kit

This may be very beneficial for you and your doggy especially when an unexpected situation arises. Having an emergency survival kit around could definitely save a life.

8. Dressing your pitbull for the weather

Some pet owners love to dress their pitbulls in sweaters, coats, and other winter gears. For most of them, this is often more a fashion statement. However, your pitbull needs to bundle up too during this winter season. So, aside from those tips mentioned above, dressing up your doggy is also a helpful winter pet safety tips.

In dressing up your pitbull during this time of the year, it doesn’t only need to be fashionable. You also need to find the right winter gear for them. To give you help in choosing the best winter clothes for your pitbull, below is a short list of those items.

Finding the right winter gear for your Pitbull


Generally, even for a human, sweaters are the first line of defense against the cold. They provide an additional layer of warmth to your pitbull’s body. This winter gear is suitable for your dogs for both indoor or outdoor purposes.

To be able to know the good sweater for your pitbull, make sure that it fits properly in the neck, chest, and neck areas. It is also important that the garment is not too tight. Another thing to check out is that the sweater should not cover the dog’s elimination area. Through this, they can still execute freely when they want.

When going for the winter walk outside, also try to consider to provide your pooch with a thick, insulated winter jacket. Wearing this winter garment, your pitbull might enjoy outside activity in the snow.

Look for pieces that can be easily worn off and on. Also, consider winter garments that don’t have zippers or buttons. This object might be chewed or swallowed by your canine friend.


Pitbulls living in snowy areas are very prone to having frostbite. This shows how important booties are. It protects the pads of your dog’s feet. However, not all dogs are comfortable in wearing booties.

In a case like this, just ensure that you clean your pitbull’s paws after walking outside the snow. The probability of getting antifreeze and other snow removal chemicals is very high during this season. These chemicals may also cause serious problems to your pooch as it can be toxic if ingested.

In selecting winter booties for your pitbull, choose those that are insulated and waterproof. Booties that provides traction are also good to consider. It is advisable to measure the size of your pitbull’s paws. Nice fit booties are a good choice.


Special note while choosing the good booties for your pitbull is to have the right measurement of your pitbull’s paws. In measuring your dog’s paws, simply place the paw in the piece of paper and press down on the top. This position should mimic how the paw spreads when the dog is walking.

After that mark the left and right sides on the paper, then measure the distance between the marks. It is better to choose the size according to width. Take note that the width of the paw should be smaller than the boot size chart. The size boots are the inside side of the boots and not the boots size outside.

A good alternative to make if your pitbull do not like to wear booties are the use of paw waxes. Massaging their paws with a petroleum jelly or pet-friendly paw wax before going outside may give a little support to them.


However, following this simple winter pet safety tips won’t work if your pitbull refuses to wear those kinds of winter gears. To make this happen, you need to train your furry friend to tolerate wearing these items. Try to give them rewards everytime they wear those winter clothes.

Moreover, wearing winter outfits may help them to protect themselves from colds and other winter-related diseases, this is not an assurance that they can not acquire hypothermia or frostbite. You still have to limit your pet’s outdoor exposure even if you are gearing your pitbull with those fancy winter clothes.

Best Pitbull Winter Clothes

1. Mihachi Dog Sweater – Winter Coat Apparel

This is a fashion coat – cable knitwear that provides additional points to your pitbull’s handsomeness or prettiness. It gives perfect protection that keeps warm and comfortable during winter. This pitbull winter clothe is made from 100% high-quality terylene.

There is a hole down the neck which is prepared for passing through the leash. It is also easy to put on and take off. To make sure that this winter gear is fit for your doggy, you just need to measure the widest point of your dog’s chest and rib cage area. This way you will be able to determine your dog’s girth.

2. Pupteck Reversible Waterproof Dog Weather Jacket

Another available pitbull winter clothe which is made of professional outdoor clothing material. This soft and comfy coat is highly windproof and waterproof. Furthermore, the thickening fleece design maintains your pitbull’s warmness throughout the winter.

This type of pitbull winter clothe includes neck and belly velcro closures that are very useful for an adjustable fit. It has a reflective stripe and paw print detailing on the back keeps your pitbull safe at night. What’s cool with this winter outfit is the reversible design that is available on both sides.

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1. Qumy Waterproof Dog Boots

This pitbull winter clothe is made of high-quality material and very fashionable at the same time. These dog boots have a rugged, tough anti-slip sole that provides stability and traction. It also gives your pitbull’s paws protection from sharp thorns and hot pavements.

Qumy Waterproof Dog Boots is to wear on or off. With a broad split groove holes, this boots easily expands. The two elastic and broody velcro flat strips guarantees a impervious fit on your dog’s paws which also make your dog safe at night.

2. Expawlorer Waterproof Dog Boots

The waterproof dog boots by Expawlorer are excellent in giving protection to your pitbull’s tender pads. These boots protect your dog’s feet from hot road surfaces or snowy grounds. Aside from that, it this winter gear also helps in keeping the house clean even after walking your pitbull into a muddy ground outside the house.

Fascinating features of Expawlorer Waterproof Dog Boots include printed reflective lines which enhance visibility all the night. The convenience hook and loop fasteners straps keep the shoes fit on through your dog’s feet all the activities.  It is designed ergonomically to maximize the comfort and support the needs of your dog’s paws.

Another exciting feature of this pitbull winter clothes is hand washable and naturally dried in the air after washing. These shoes are easy and quick to put on and off. These are also waterproof, sturdy, flexible, and skid-resistant. These features allow the boots to be used both indoors and outdoors, in wet and dry, or in hot or cold conditions.

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