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The holiday season is coming! Most families are planning to have out-of-town travel with all the family members including their lovable Pit. But, traveling with your Pitbull is somewhat dangerous for him and for the all the family members. Your pooch must be moved around the car from time to time, which is a risk for him to acquire physical injuries. To avoid this, things like dog seat belts, kennels, and other dog car seat protection are available around in handy. We have here 2 of the best dog car seats that you might consider:




K&H Bucket Booster Pet SeatClick HERE
Snoozer Lookout Car SeatClick HERE

Traveling especially in a long distance road trip with your Pit is really hard and difficult. However, it could possibly be fun! Make sure that your dog must be kept calm during the ride and he has enough food and water. You also need to stop regularly for some potty breaks. These are some quick tips and important reminders to have a safe trip with your pooch.

Here we will give you more travel tips to avoid danger and frustration for you and your Pitbull. Important information about dog car seat protection products will also be discussed here. If you are also looking for tips on finding the safest product for traveling in the car with your canine, well, you landed on the right track my friend!

Travel Car Safety Tips for Your Pitbull

Driving long distances or be away from home for a long time with your dog needs a bit of planning and preparation. You need to plan for a safe travel and prepare for a smooth car trip. To help you with this, here are the following tips for a safe ride:

  1. Secure your Pitbull in a well-ventilated carrier or dog car seat. There are lots of available dog car seat safety products in the market which come with cord net and a plastic either case-hardened or softened. Just a friendly tip in choosing the right dog car seat protection product, make sure that it has big space for your Pitbull to stand in it. It should also be fit for your pooch if he moves at any position in it. This is the most effective way of preventing your Pitbull from distracting your driving. There is also a higher likelihood of surviving fewer injuries in case of car accident. It is a bright idea to make your Pit become comfortable in the dog car seat in your home before you start the trip.
  2. Gear up your canine for a long trip by taking him on a series of short drives. Then, gradually lengthen the time he spent inside the car. Even for this short drive, always  make sure that the dog car seat is secure.
  3. Consider the feeding schedule of your furry buddy. A light meal three to four hours prior to departure is the best time to start his feeding schedule. It is a no-no to feed your doggy in the car while moving, even if it is a long drive.
  4. Always remember not to leave your Pitbull alone in a parked vehicle. Your Pit might develop heat stroke inside a parked car that can become a furnace in no time during a hot day. Or, he can freeze to death inside your car that can act as a refrigerator during a cold weather. Even on a mild day under a normal environmental temperature, the car’s internal temperature can rise at above 40 degrees in less than an hour.
  5. Prepare your Pitbull’s travelling kit. Make sure that the following are inside the kit: travel papers, dog food, bowl, leash, plastic bags, grooming supplies, medication and a first-aid pet kit.
  6. Put an identification tag to your pooch. Imprinted in the tag is your home address contact number, and other relevant contact information. Also, please be reminded that during travel, flat collar is the best option to wear by your pooch. Never let him wear a choke.
  7. Don’t let your Pitbull to put his head outside the window. Flying objects could cause him injury. It is advisable to keep him the back seat inside the dog car seat protection or with a harness attached to a seat buckle.
  8. It is a smart decision to bring with you the vaccination record of your Pitbull especially if you travel across the city or states. Other state requires this kind of supporting document or proof.
  9. Better to bring a tap water stored in a plastic jugs for your Pit. It is good to give him water that he used to drink. It might upset his stomach if you give him water from an area that he’s not used to.
  10. Traveling with your doggy need some investment for your car protection as well. Customize your car with some dog car seat safety products that are available around automobile shops.

Dog Car Seat Safety Products

Considering the protection and security of both you and your Pitbull during your road trip, you need to have these dog car seat safety products to support your safe travel. Here are some products that you can choose.

1. Dog Vehicle Restraint

To prevent your doggy from moving around the car freely, the dog vehicle restraint is a great help. Restraints are applicable to work both in and out of the car. It is also fit dogs from 6 to 150 pounds. Before purchasing any type of travel harness like this, it is better to measure your Pitbull’s chest and neck. Make sure of the proper sizing so that the product may protect your doggy the way it is designed.

2. Dog Seat belt

The dog seat belt works by attaching to any dog harness and can easily be move from one car to another. Find a well-made product that is fit to your dog properly to make sure that the restraint does its job properly. With a doggy that is properly restrained during the ride can prevent distracted driving.

In the event of an accident or sudden speed change, the harness spread out the pulling force of a leash along your Pitbull’s chest and back. Through this, it minimizes the force along the dog’s neck.

3. Back Seat Barrier

This dog car seat safety product keep your Pitbull safely in the backseat of your car. It has a partition that fits most vehicles and that can fastens between the front and the back passenger seat. This partition prevents your dog from making their way into the front seat as you drive.

4. Dog Car Seat

Most of the dog car seat safety products come with harness straps to keep your Pitbull secure, while keeping him comfortable and safe. The included harness also prevents significant movement of your pooch during accidents and speed changes. Dog car seat offers comfort to your pooch like the comfort that they get from their dog bed.

This product will also keep your pooch in place to keep you away from distraction while driving. A great dog car seat also takes away pet dander, hairs, and mud away in the seat of the car as well. There are lots of options of the best dog car seat available in the market. Choose the one that best fits the size of your Pit, considering the size of your car as well.

Criteria in Choosing the Right Dog Car Seat?

Before purchasing a certain product, there are several focus points to have in mind while prospecting for the best product. The following criteria can help you choose the right dog car seat protection product for your Pitbull.

Set-up and Usability

The number criteria that you need to look for when buying the right dog car seat is how easy it is to set up, assemble, and pack away. There are several dog car seat that are quickly removable and easily foldable. But, be mindful for those cheaper car seats. They do not have much ease when it comes to usability and foldability. When they have, it will probably break after few weeks.

Safety Features and Protection

For this criteria, you must look for the 2 most important safety features in any dog car seat:

  1. how the booster seat is attached to the actual car seat
  2. how your Pitbull is restrained inside the dog car seat

Primarily, when buying a dog car seat, it must have a solid attachment to your car’s seat. The bucket dog car seat should allow the seat belt to pass through and safely lock themselves. There are some products that have features of allowing for an extra belt to get attached to the car head rest.

Next, the dog cat seat should have an adjustable security leashes that latch to the dog. This will ensure that your Pitbull remains safely seated throughout the long ride.

Size and Comfort

The most important criteria to keep in mind when buying a dog car seat is that it must be comfortable and fit enough for your pooch to stand, sit, or lay down. This will also keep your Pitbull remain calm and still inside his seat.

2 Best Dog Car Seat for Your Pitbull

♥ K&H Pet Products Bucket Enhancer Pet Seat ♥

This product seems to be an excellent dog car seat available in the market. The K&H Bucket Enhancer is a seat for pets designated inside the car that keeps your Pitbull safe and in repressed location during the ride. This also offers an elevation which makes your pooch enjoy the scenery outside the window.

Features of this dog car seat includes the following – flexible 600-denier exterior made from fabric and a full-bodied quilted fleece inside for relaxation of your pet. This dog car seat is suits in both the frontal and dorsal seat of your car in which the irregular backing guarantees an orderly fit in the vehicle. It securely buckles in while having your seat belt hidden under the removable cushion.

What pet owners would love about this product is that it is extremely easy and very quick to install and uninstall. Another amazing about this is that the front dips down so your Pitbull can easily get in and out of it. It also includes two completely changeable safety leashes which holds on to your dog’s harness. This ensure that they keep seated securely inside the enhancer along the trip.

This is very comfortable and suitable for small or medium-sized dogs. It is a perfect choice for a fidgety doggy. With this product, you will feel more secure knowing that your canine is very much comfortable and safe inside this bucket booster.

Washing tip for K&H Bucket Enhancer: Remove the cover and wash it on gentle cycle with cold water. Line dry in the air or use the no-heat cycle on your dryer.


♥ fitted on the front or back car seat

♥ provides dogs with an elevated view to the window

♥ has a safety clasp for harness

♥ durable

♥ washable pillow cover

♥ irregular backing for a better fit to the seat

♥ easy and quick installation via the safety bucket

♥ has foam boosters on the edges for added safety

♥ available for small and medium sized doggy


× it can perform well by adding additional safety car harness for safety reasons

♥ Snoozer Lookout Car Seat ♥

This dog car seat will make your Pitbull fell comfortable and safe. You will also benefit from driving safely and without worrying about your doggy. The material use for this dig car seat is a foam and simulated lamb’s wool interior. Included in the seat belt is a connection strap to join the harness.

Snoozer Lookout car seat give your pooch a place to ride while on the move. To add to your convenience, it also has a travel rack that lets your Pitbull to have food and water while on the go. It has variety of colors to match your car seat.



♥ very comfy synthetic lamb wool inwards

♥ sturdy foam that maintains the condition of the car seat

♥ accessible in various fabric selections

♥ features straps that connects the seat belt to the harness attach to the dog

♥ washer friendly liners with strong zippers

♥ strong stitching for added durability

♥ the dog seat is refillable for added durability

♥ can add a look out travel rack for water and food


× it is quite large, so it does take up half of the back seat

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