ShaggySwag review

ShaggySwag Review – What’s in the Box and is it Worth the Price?

Monthly dog subscription boxes have been a growing trend for many dog owners. One of the rising brands is Shaggy Swag. It’s similar to Barkbox as it offers a monthly box of treats, toys, and chews. The question is this: is ShaggySwag worth the monthly splurge? We’ll find out on this ShaggySwag review.

What is ShaggySwag?

ShaggySwag is a monthly subscription where you’ll receive a box full of dog supplies. This Brooklyn-based company aims to make monthly subscription boxes more fun for both the dog and its owner.

Everything in ShaggySwag is customizable.

This means you can add more items that you like for your dog.

ShaggySwag review

ShaggySwag has a complete list of products that you can purchase. Still, for their base and default subscription box, the content is fixed on the toy-treat-chew combination unless you customize it. Although a newcomer, they’ve already sent boxes to more than 100,000 dogs all over the USA.

How does it work?

ShaggySwag is like ordering a box full of dog goodies. You’re free to choose what you’d like to include for the month’s box.

If you’re a new member, you’ll have one free month plus a free add-on product which depends on what ShaggySwag offers on that specific period.

You can sign up for a 3-month plan or a month-to-month option. The 3-month plan costs $66 upfront which means you’ll pay $22 for each box. If you don’t want to receive the boxes consecutively, you can opt for the month-to-month option. For this, you’ll pay $25 for each box. Still, the actual price will vary depending on the type of base box you prefer and the add-ons you’ll pick.

Take note that the month-to-month option will auto-renew if you don’t turn the renewal off. Month-to-month boxes are charged on every 11th of the month. After that, the orders will be processed within two business days. For a themed box and those with customized content, the delivery may take up to 10 days.

If you wish to customize the content of the box, you will always be redirected to the product page to choose what you want. This applies to all boxes.

Make sure that you fill out the checkout fields properly to get the right items for your dog. This includes your dog’s size, potential allergies, name, and chewing level. You’re free to skip the questions but it will help ShaggySwag determine the best items if you answer them.


✔️You can customize the content

✔️3 types of box themes to choose from

✔️Many add-ons to choose from

✔️The items are more affordable compared to retail price

✔️The treats are all-natural and safe




❌They don’t make seasonal themes (Christmas, Halloween, etc.)



What’s in the box?

Shaggy has three base box themes: the ShaggySwag, ShaggyShredder, and the ShaggyStyle. Here’s what you’ll get from each one:


This is the company’s flagship box theme. It’s composed of 2 light chewer toys, 2 bags of all-natural treats, and 1 chew. Take note that this box theme is ideal for light or non-chewers since most of the toys they send are plushies.

You’re free to opt-out of the treats if your dog has sensitivities or special diet needs. Also, you can add more items in the box like CBD oil, button-down dog clothes, bandanas, dog dresses, bow-ties and more. There’s also the Birthday Bundle to celebrate your pooch’s big day.


For dogs like Pitbulls, the ShaggyShredder box is the right choice. Like the ShaggySwag, this contains treats, chews, and toys. The main difference is that the toys are tougher and made for the strong jaws of aggressive chewers.

The base box will include 2 heavy chewer toys, 2 bags of all-natural treats, and 1 chew. Again, you can add more items should you wish to receive more in the box. The add-ons will have individual prices which will be added to your final bill.

If you want more toys, you can avail the Shredder Toy Bundle add-on. It contains 3 or more heavy chewer toys for another $25. The retail value of these toys is around $54 which will let you save more while getting the same items.


The ShaggyStyle is intended to make the box more fun for dog owners. For this base box, you’ll receive 1 ShaggyOutfit, 1 lite chewer toy, and 1 bag of treats.

The good thing with ShaggyStyle is that the platform has a lot of clothes to choose from. They have button-downs, bandanas, bow-ties, dresses, and more. You can also add more items like flea shampoo, dog facial wash, and just about everything that’s in the add-ons area.

Just like the other boxes, the add-ons will have a separate cost. Still, it’s much more affordable than buying it on retail outlets. For example, their Kin +Kind Flea Shampoo only cost $10 when purchased as an add-on. If you purchase it outside of Shaggy, it will cost $15 plus the shipping fee.

ShaggySwag review

What if there’s something you or your dog doesn’t like?

In case there are damaged items or pieces that you or your dog doesn’t like, all you need is to contact the ShaggySwag team. They will send a replacement item free of charge so your doggo’s tail will wag with joy.

You can do the same in case a different item is sent from what you ordered.


Add-ons are the individual products that Shaggy allows you to include on the box. Take note that all add-ons are available in ala carte prices. This will be added on top of the fixed monthly box fee. Still, all the items are discounted as compared to retail prices.

So what else can you get aside from the base box content? Here are some of it:

🐾More treats and chews

Aside from what you’ll get from the base box, you can add more treats to your dog’s monthly loot. Some of the available treats and chews as we write are the following:

*Lazy Dog Elicksors CBD Treats

*BullStick Organic Braided Chew

*Whimzees Dental Treats

*Golden Health Natural Dog Treats

*Daily Greens Natural Dog Treats

*ShaggySwag Treat Bundle

🐾Dog clothes

If you want to dress your dog to impress, you can add some of the clothing pieces available on the add-on page. Some of your choices include:

*Watermelon Bandana

*Watermelon Flower

* Havana button-downs

*Watermelon bow-tie

*Watermelon dress

*Surprise Me Fashion Bundle

🐾Grooming supplies

Shaggy also sells grooming supplies for dogs. Some of these are the following:

*Skout’s Honor Probiotic Shampoo/Conditioner + Deodorizer

*Kin + Kind Clean Ears

*Kin + Kind Flea and Tick Protection Spray

* Kin + Kind Flea and Tick Protection Shampoo

* Kin + Kind Flea and Tick Protection Bundle

*Spina Facial Wash


*Shaggy Poop-a-lot Poop bags Pack

*Kin + Kind Raw Coconut Oil

*Lazy Dog Elicksors CBD Oil

Gifting ShaggySwag

If you have a dog owner friend you want to surprise, you can send him or her a ShaggySwag box. The checkout process is the same as when you’re ordering your box. Just click the GIVE AS A GIFT button on the checkout page so it will not auto-renew. It will be a pleasant surprise that your friend will love.

What if I don’t know much about my friend’s dog? Since the dog detail fields are not required, you can skip it to save time. If you’re not sure if your friend’s dog will like the box’s content, you can send a gift card instead. With this, your friend can choose the items s/he wants for the box. Your friend might also want to sign up for a longer plan!

ShaggySwag review


Currently, Shaggy ships to all states in the United States including Hawaii and Alaska.

However, the items will arrive in a FedEx Bag instead of the Shaggy box. Still, this will arrive fast in just two days from the shipping day given that there are no issues with logistics.

ShaggySwag plans to add Mexico, Canada, and other countries on their operation. This is the biggest advantage of Shaggy over Barkbox that only operates within the contiguous 48 states.

Usually, your first Shaggy box will arrive on your doorstep within 3 to 10 business days after you placed your purchase. For succeeding boxes, it will be delivered during the last week of the month. There will be a tracking code that you can use to know where your box is in the delivery process.

For shipping fees, regular delivery (3 to 7 days) is free within the United States. It will be delivered via FedEx Smart Post in the themed Shaggy box.

If you want a faster way to get your box, you can upgrade to the guaranteed 2-day FedEx Pak for just $4.50. However, the items will not be in the themed Shaggy box but a bag.

ShaggySwag accepts all major credit cards and PayPal for your payment. You can also get discounts by using promo codes that their partners offer.

ShaggySwag vs. Barkbox

Barkbox is probably the most popular monthly dog box subscription provider. Their Super Chewer box is an excellent choice for Pitbulls who are into aggressive chewing. With this, how does ShaggySwag fare in comparison to Barkbox?

In terms of offerings, ShaggySwag has the upper hand. They have dozens of possible add-ons plus the dog owner can customize their box each month. Barkbox is focused on toys, treats, and chews while you can get clothes, grooming supplies, and more from Shaggy.

However, Shaggy doesn’t come with seasonal themes. Barkbox always has a unique theme per month which comes with theme cards. It’s added fun for dog owners who are looking forward to seeing what’s up for their dogs.

Still, ShaggSwag ships their items to Hawaii and Alaska – the states that Barkbox doesn’t serve.

The main edge of Barkbox over Shaggy is it has a better brand recall. Other than that, we still think that Shaggy can compete in terms of dog goodies, delivery, and overall service.

Is Shaggy box worth the splurge?

If you can afford to pay for $25 a box, ShaggySwag is definitely worth the try. The base box has decent content which costs around $80 if bought in other retail shops.

Since you can customize the content of each box, you’ll get the exact items that you want. This freedom makes Shaggy a very interesting choice for a monthly subscription box.

The only thing that we noticed is that the content of one box can be too much for small dogs. Still, you’ll get more than you paid for which is what most dog owners are looking for.

Also, we like that ShaggySwag can send multiple boxes per month for those with more than one dog. If you like to receive more than one box per month for your dog, you can re-entry another slot to receive a second box.

Still, for dog owners on a budget, $25 a month can be too much. Anyway, you can opt out of the month-to-month plan if you don’t have the budget for it. Just order another box whenever you have the extra cash.

What can be improved?

One thing that we noticed is that ShaggySwag doesn’t offer a treats-only option. Since it prides itself for “3 Cs” – convenience, connection, and comfort – it will be a big plus if they allow dog owners to avail this type of items without other stuff.

Some dog owners may not need monthly toys. Others will like more treats. The only way to avail it is to include an add-on on your box which will be charged on top of the base box fee. If your dog has allergies, you have the chance to avail their TOY ONLY option.


After many hours of researching and taking a test drive for this ShaggySwag review, we can say that this monthly dog box subscription is worth the try. It’s a new kid on the block but their offers are somewhat better than Barkbox in terms of variety and customization.

What do you think of our ShaggySwag review? Have you tried this subscription before? Let us know below!

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  1. I have a shaggy swag subscription and have had one for over a year. I have a little dog and she LOVES it! The toys are so fun and the Swag is even better. I love the fact that you can add on as much or as little as you want. Every month they put new options for add on’s on the website and of course I can’t resist. The options range from chews, toys, accessories and even outfits. I’ve tried other boxes like pupbox (which is great up until age 1) but Shaggy swag is one of a kind. Kodos to the team that discovered this idea.

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