Why Pitbulls Are the Best Dogs You Could Ever Own

Why Pitbulls are the best dogs in the world is rather surprising. They are truly one of the most adored canines among all the breeds. This even though they have to overcome a rather bad reputation that precedes them. Who really knows where all the bad stories came from, but it is quite difficult to undo many decades of horror stories about their ferocity.

There is no doubt that the pitbull is one of the most misinterpreted breeds of dogs. One thing is for sure though: those who finally own one can attest to the fact that many of the stories of ill repute are not only exaggerated but are actually false. There is such an egregious amount of stories surrounding this breed that it is so unfair to them.

If the truth is to be told, Pitbulls are intelligent, fun, very loyal, and are so lovable. Just ask any dog owner of this affable dog breed. As each day passes, more and more people are turning into fans and paying tribute to why Pitbulls are the best dogs you can own. To prove that point, here are some of the most remarkable reasons why the pitbull is such a fascinating and desirable dog to have for a pet.

Why Pitbulls Are the Best Dogs You Could Ever Own

Why Pitbulls Are the Best Dogs You Could Ever Own

The Pitbull Can Have Some Very Inconsistent Looks

Dog pounds are replete with stray dogs found that are waiting for adoption that is labeled as Pitbulls. But truth be told there are in reality far less legitimate Pitbulls than most people think. In official circles, the American Pit Bull Terrier is the true, bonafide breed that is really a pitbull recognized by most experts. Unfortunately, the term and name, pitbull is very loosely used to describe many varying dog breeds that are really the real deal.

Is It A Pitbull or Not – Why Pitbulls Are the Best Dogs

Owing in no small measure very varied and non-standard regulations among canine clubs, this is, unfortunately, the case. There is also the situation that exists where much amateur breeding takes place, and such unregulated practices result in the bastardization of the breed. What comes along with this is also a dilution of many of the breed’s standards.

Much to the consternation of professional dog breeders, dogs that are typically labeled as Pitbulls are more often than not a combination of different breeds. Thus you end up with dog pounds crammed with canines where it is difficult to ascertain if they truly are Pitbulls. Consequently, it also becomes more difficult to find people who want to adopt them, thanks to the reputation they ill-deserve.

It is quite easy to label a dog that appears stocky, brawny short, and a large head as a pitbull, but the truth is, there is much more than meets the eye. Sometimes one has to investigate a particular dog more for its individual characteristics and not come to conclusions because of its assumed breed.

True Bonafide Pitbulls Came From the UK – Why Pitbulls Are The Best Dogs

The genuine Pitbulls trace their origins to the UK. It is widely accepted that they trace their breed origins to the Old English Bull Dog. This breed was commonly a popular choice for the sport of bull-baiting during the eighteen hundreds in the UK. Bull-baiting is a bloody, gory sport that would involve enticing a bull to gore an animal, typically a dog (hence the term “pitbull”).

Fortunately, not all Victorian sensibilities approved of the blood sport, and eventually, bull-baiting was shunned by society. The Olde English Bull Dogs were then interbred with more diminutive terriers, with the smaller offsprings this time were intended for dog to dog duels. Ultimately, once these dogs made the crossing of the Atlantic over to the United States, they would assume more roles. Thus was born the pitbull as we know it, a true all-American breed.

Why Pitbulls Are the Best Dogs You Could Ever Own

Why Pitbulls Are the Best Dogs You Could Ever Own

Pitbulls Are American Adulated For Many Reasons – Why Pitbulls Are The Best Dogs

At the outset of the nineteen hundreds, Pitbulls were widely accepted as a very benign breed. They were family pets, popular for mascots in various capacities, and even used by the military. In fact, in the first World War, Pitbulls were used as models to typify the American fighting soldier. It was not uncommon to see their likeness on posters during that period.

This choice of the breed as a representative of the fighting forces was owing to its growing reputation. Pitbulls were brave, but they also combined this trait with loyalty. As a result, they were the ideal symbol for the Armed Forces. Many stories abound about how brave the pitbull stood by the side of a soldier.

Some of the stories will surprise even the most skeptical of Pitbulls. Here is one account of one of the bravest dogs to help in military exploits. One such dog valiantly stayed by the side of its master soldier while literally entrenched in France during the World War I trench battles. The military establishment showed its appreciation by awarding this dog a distinguished medal. It was even designated a rank as it lived its ways into a gentle old age along with its human master.

Fast forward to contemporary times and the pitbull role has grown and evolved. Nowadays, many Pitbulls continue to do heroic stuff in everyday, mundane situations. Many of them are doing unsung chores as service dogs in many therapy needs, Others are also doing their tasks as assistants to law enforcement. The internet is replete with stories about valiant Pitbulls everywhere.

The Pitbull is Extremely Versatile

One of the traits that Pitbulls have is that they are obstinate. Once they focus on a job at hand or task, they will set out to do it with determination. Owing to this trait, they are ideal as sporting companions in many outdoor and sporting situations. Pitbulls can easily dominate sporting events like agility courses or flyball sport. During these events, they put on display their prowess for speed and agility. They also usually long jump contests against other breeds.

Since they can focus and have a single-mind purpose, this quality can also manifest in a negative manner. If not harnessed properly, the determination can also lead to stubborn behavior. Fortunately, another one of their traits can counteract this. Pitbulls love to please their masters, and this translates to their easy training ability. This is why they are great for therapy dog roles.

One of the foundations for obedience training is that these activities serve as perfect bonding opportunities with their masters. As they learn how to behave properly around humans, it is also imperative that they get ample physical activity and mental stimulation. Pitbulls are best subject to training at a very early age, perhaps as young as over a month old. Training also becomes a life-long endeavor as it is intertwined into daily engagement with the dog.

Pitbulls Have The Most Adoring Faces – Why Pitbulls Are The Best Dogs

Have you ever noticed that Pitbulls have a gorgeous, infectious smile? Whenever one looks at a pitbull’s mouth, their ferocious bite (which is prone to exaggeration) comes to most people’s minds. The pitbull jaw is perhaps the most maligned mouth on the canine planet. Among the most perpetuated lies about them is that they have the dreaded locking jaws, a bite that will not let go.  This is such a farce as there is nothing in the anatomy of the pitbull that differentiates it from other dogs.

Being of the terrier breed, there is some truth to the fact that they can cling to certain things like favorite objects. Some of them could be more predatorial, that when combined with their tenacity makes them bad news for their feline counterparts. Besides, regardless of breed, it is vital to know how your dog will behave in different situations.

Why Pitbulls Are the Best Dogs You Could Ever Own

Why Pitbulls Are the Best Dogs You Could Ever Own

The Legendary Pitbull Bite – Why Pitbulls Are the Best Dogs

When it comes to the actual numbers documented for Pitbulls and biting, there is very interesting data. The American Veterinary Medical Association or AVMA is on record to sat that the pitbull under controlled studies does not exhibit behavior enough for them to be classified as a dangerous breed. While it may be true that documentation of bites for the breed may be higher than the average breed the specialists of the AVMA think that these findings deserve a second look. Here are some of the reasons.

  • The pitbull label is often very loosely in use for any stocky, muscular-looking dog. As a result, there could be inaccurate or false reports of too many dog bites wrongly attributable to the breed.
  • Factual and accurate documentation of people bitten by dogs in a certain area are rarely comprehensive. This is because not all dog biting incidents are in reports.
  • When it comes to the licensing of dogs and the collection of pertinent information, it is always inadequate. Hence, it is very difficult to ascertain the presence of certain breeds in a community.
  • There is an implicit tendency to report more willingly about popular breeds biting. This peculiarity of behavior can lead to slanting data gathered towards breeds for the wrong reasons.

As we move forward and get to understand dog behavior better, it is becoming apparent that dog breeds and their attendant “traits” are not such great determinants of their behavioral outcomes. Stronger than breed and traits are a dog’s socialization, training, and general treatment. These factors will further influence matters if a dog turns out to be gentle or ferocious.

There Are No Bad Pitbulls, Just Bad Owners

A prevalently held fallacy regarding Pitbulls is their supposed predisposition towards aggression. To refute this, temperament research and observations surprisingly indicate that Pitbulls rank rather prominently on the opposite side of the ferocity scale. It turns out that they are among the sweetest least combative of dog breeds. In certain tests, Pitbulls were able to achieve scores even superior to breeds that are traditionally family-friendly dogs, like beagles and retrievers.

Pitbulls and Other Animals

Similar to other terrier-breed dogs, Pitbulls can have varying responses when it comes to other dogs or animals. In England when they were breeding the pitbull, they were to fight with each other. Unfortunately, there are still certain quarters that practice this illegal activity all over the world, with America included.

Fortunately, even though that dark activity persists, not all Pitbulls are mean and spoiling for a fight. To counteract this kind of aggressive behavior, train your dog early on in life.  Expose the puppy early to socialization with both humans and other pets. Make training part of its life so you continue and evolve its tolerance for many different kinds of stimuli and situations. You will be pleasantly happy to see your pet engage with other dogs.

Pitbulls Love To Have Fun – Why Pitbulls Are The Best Dogs

Owing to their boundless energy, rapacity for life, and innate urge to please people, Pitbulls can be quite fun company to be around. Do not be surprised if you find yourself laughing and giggling because these dogs can really clown around when they get into it. Pitbulls can crazily play on the ground and really behave hilariously. They can also throw themselves on your lap as if imploring you to cuddle them.

Are You Ready For The Best Dogs Breed – The Pitbull?

There is no doubt that the pitbull is more a victim than the aggressor. It suffers from wrong accusations of ferocity and terror. Fortunately, the moment you investigate the facts, the truth comes to light about this maligned breed.

You will find that Pitbulls are an incredibly cheerful breed. Bad as their reputation is, it actually is a gross misconception. Why Pitbulls are the best dogs is because they can be one of the most remarkable buddies. It does not matter if you are a pitbull owner a pit bull owner or a regular canine lover. All of us can learn a thing or two from interacting with a lovable pitbull.

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