Brain Training for Dogs Review– What Should You Expect from This Dog Training Program?

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The Brain Training for Dogs is a program that aims to engage your pet mentally so you can unleash their ‘hidden intelligence’ as a way to fix bad behavior. It’s an innovative program that uses playtime and command recall to raise a disciplined and well-mannered dog. On this Brain Training for Dogs reviews, we will take a look at its structure and efficiency.

Brain Training for Dogs Reviews

At some point, every dog owner went gaga over training their dogs at home. Everyone wants their pet to learn a new trick that they can brag when friends come over. But you have to remember that although the results are fun, the process needs a lot of patience and knowledge.

Background of the Brain Training for Dogs

The Brain Training for Dogs program is created by Adrienne Faricelli. She’s a certified professional dog expert for 10 years. In this program, Adrienne shares how dog owners can eliminate negative behavior by stimulating the minds of their dogs and utilizing the pet’s intelligence.

brain training for dogs reviews

This helps you transform playtime into a more rewarding routine. Also, Adrienne targets this program to unleash the ‘hidden intelligence’ among dogs regardless of breed. She claims that the whole program is the product of her 10-year practice as a dog trainer, expert, and behaviorist.

Basically, this program uses positive reinforcement, the same thing that most programs will recommend. Take note that the Brain Training for Dogs is an e-book style training resource.

This can be a bit of a downer for dog owners who prefer actual footages than mere text. Still, there are a few videos that you can refer to.

This book-cum-program is composed of 300+ pages of precious routines and tips together with 21 videos and an 80-page behavior training manual.

Adrienne recently revamped the whole program which transformed it into seven hierarchical modules. It includes Preschool, Elementary School, High School, College, University, Graduation, and Einstein. Users of the program should follow the progression for ideal results.

Pros and cons of the program

To help you weigh of this program suits you and your dog, here are some of the pros and cons that I personally listed:


✔️It stimulates the intelligence of your dog

✔️Very affordable

✔️A progressive and organized program

✔️Includes obedience and behavior training

✔️Comes with a massive training resource

✔️Fun to do

✔️Easy to follow

✔️Designed by an experienced dog trainer


❌E-book style program that can be difficult to interpret

❌Would require the owner to commit time and effort

❌No professional guidance after acquiring the book

❌May not be perfect for all dogs

Like any program, there are some advantages and disadvantages to the Brain Training for Dogs. It’s up to you to decide if such a format and process will work for you and your dog.

Key features of the Brain Training program

🐕Teaching communication and attention to the dog

🐕Various games to stimulate the mind of the dog

🐕Different obedience skills

🐕Progressive playtime guide

🐕Training videos and e-book

🐕Using food as a reward then ditching it

🐕Force-free techniques

Signing up to the Brain Training for Dogs

When you sign up to the Brain Training for Dogs, you’ll gain access to its huge repository of training resources including its precious and ladderized program.

For just US$47, you’ll enjoy the access to the entire training program with additional bonuses. This is a big saver instead of hiring a dog trainer that can cost you thousands of dollars.

But like any self-help training, you also need to invest time and effort to achieve the results. The good thing is that Adrienne and her team are continuously improving the system to make it easier for the dog owners to follow. It’s one thing that I’d like to commend them for on this Brain Training for Dogs reviews.

brain training for dogs review

Aside from the Brain Training program, you will also receive a free Behavior Training for Dogs course. This way, you can teach your pooch obedience first before enrolling the doggo to the Preschool level of the Brain Training.

The good thing with this program is that your money is covered with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the results, you can contact Adrienne and her team and they will give your money back. No questions ask. This is why Brain Training for Dogs is such a low-risk investment for your pet.

How does the program work?

The premise of this program is building your dog’s trust and confidence in you and teaching it the tricks included in the book. With the use of positive reinforcement and rewards, you can pave the way to teaching your dog more commands.

Take note that the Brain Training for Dogs doesn’t just bribe the canine. Later on in the program, you’ll be taught how to start ditching the food reward and replacing it with another motivation.

This program consists of various games enveloped inside each module. Once your dog reaches the Einstein level, the pooch should be able to perform complex tasks and obedience drills.

Moreover, the goal of this program is to dampen negative behavior and make your dog smarter. At the end of the program, your pooch should more of a problem solver, more active, and more disciplined than before you start the training.

Inside the program, you will also access exclusive case studies and you can also ask Adrienne questions about the training. This will serve as your guide while training your dog.

Program structure

Like what I mentioned earlier, the whole program is structured like schooling. It starts with preschool then ends in the Einstein level once your doggo graduates.

To give you an idea, here are each of the levels and what you should expect from it:


As the start of the program, the Preschool level is the foundation of the entire process. It includes Target Training so your pooch will keep its attention to you. This will also teach your dog how to ring bells, open doors, and even turn off the lights.

This also includes the ‘Magic Little Way’ to establish communication with your dog as well as the ‘Airplane Game’ to teach your dog to pay attention.

Here’s the demonstration of the Airplane Game with Adrienne and her dog:

🐕Elementary School

Once your dog mastered the basics of the Preschool module, you can now move on to the Elementary school. Here, your dog will learn how to respond to commands. It will be fun playtime sessions with games like Treasure Hunt, The Muffin Game, and the Ball Pit Game.

All of these keep your dog mentally occupied while giving the pooch enough exercise. This Brain Training for Dogs reviews just proves how effective this module is.

🐕High School

After your dog learned and mastered the three games above, it’s time to improve its impulse control. The Jazz Up and Settle Down game will teach your dog to calm down right after a hyperactive play. This module also includes games like Bobbing for Treats and the Bottle Game.

At the end of the module, your pooch should be more patient and has better control of his reactions


This portion is a more advanced module. It will target to boost the motor skills and concentration of your dog. It will include games like The Magic Carpet, the Shell Game, and the Open Sesame. All of these will teach your dog to be patient agile, and precise with its actions.


The University module is focused on enhancing what your dog learned in Modules 3 and 4. It will make sure that your pet will be patient, in control, and focused on various tasks. The games here include Look at That, Hot and Cold, and Hide and Seek.

All of these will help stop excessive barking, improve confidence, and fix separation anxiety.


The Graduation module has more advanced drills to boost your dog’s intelligence. It will include advanced leg weaving, name recognition, and the ability to follow your erratic movements.

Overall, this will sharpen your dog’s accuracy, precision, focus, and decision making. At the end of the module, your dog will benefit from better cognitive abilities.


Sounds like a total genius, right? At this level, your dog can stack rings, tidy up after a game, and play the piano on cue. All of these require intense discipline, command response, and impulse control which your dog should’ve learned from previous models.

I know how tempting it is to skip modules just to teach your dog the tricks you like. As much as you think that your dog is prepared for it, you might sabotage its progress if you don’t follow Adrienne’s progression. Besides, there’s a good reason why this program is arranged as such.

Here’s a sneak peek of the modules straight from Adrienne:

Problems the program promises to solve

Adrienne promises that the Brain Training for Dogs can solve dozens of behavioural problems on your pet. This includes but not limited to the following:

🐕Not listening

🐕Digging and aggressive chewing

🐕Uncontrollable barking

🐕Pulling on the leash

🐕New puppy training

🐕Endless whining

🐕Jumping on people and things

🐕Separation anxiety



Unlike other programs, Adrienne uses games to boost your dog’s intellect while fixing disobedient behavior at the same time. This can get tricky which needs a lot of patience. Take note that each module will require weeks of practice. Never rush or move on to a new one until your dog mastered the tricks by heart.

In this video, Adrienne helped stop the whining of a dog through replacement behavior:

Principles of the Brain Training for Dogs

If you’re new to the Brain Training for Dogs, it will help to understand the principles of the program to know if it will work for your pet. Here, I listed some of the main foundations of the training. Read each one carefully before you sign up:

🐕Defining the root cause of the problem

What I love about this program is it fixes the root cause of the negative behavior and not just the superficial symptoms. Through mental stimulation, the dog will learn how to divert its energy into something more rewarding. This is why other Brain Training for Dogs reviews have a lot of good things to say about the program.

At the start, the method is somehow a distraction for dogs to stop bad behavior. For example, in the video above, Adrienne used a tunnel and some treats to stop the dog from whining. It’s just a basic step which will progress into something more advanced as you go along the modules.

🐕Improving the owner and the dog’s confidence

Is your dog aloof of people? Does he hide out of fear when someone arrives? The Brain Training for Dogs will help boost your doggo’s confidence through the rewarding benefit of the various games included in the module.

Since they enjoy the training, the dogs will be more outgoing and confident in following commands. The same goes for you as the owner.

With this program, you will know how to control your dog’s behavior. Along the way, you’ll learn how to deal with various situations that involve anger, stress, and sadness.

🐕Force-free approach

The problem with substandard dog training programs is that it forces the dog to do something it doesn’t like. This will only result to slow learning and more behavioral issues. But with the Brain Training for Dogs, your pet won’t even realize that it’s actual training.

With the use of fun games and positive reinforcement, you can motivate your dog to take part and follow your commands.

This will also train you to be patient with your dog’s response. As you know, any dog training program isn’t an overnight cure. It will take patience, effort, and commitment to yield results.

🐕From the basics up

Personally, I would like to commend Adrienne and her team for coming up with the progressive modules. This made the whole training process easier for all the dog owners to understand. And since the routines are grouped, it removes the possibility of jumping into more advanced techniques prematurely.

The program also starts with one basic need: confidence and trust building. This way, even newbie dog owners can start the training knowing that it’s designed to cover everything needed to raise a disciplined dog.

🐕Structured mental stimulation routines

Thinking of structuring your dog’s playtime into something better? The Brain Training for Dogs is worth every cent. It’s packed with games that your dog will love plus some techniques that will teach them discipline and control.

This program that focuses on mental stimulation makes sense because all negative behavior stems from the mind. But with this training, you can keep your dog occupied, entertained, and trained at the same time.

🐕Obedience training

It’s important that your dog knows how to respond to your commands. This way, you can control their behavior and use verbal cues to follow you.

Aside from teaching your dog to follow various commands, the Brain Training for Dogs will also strengthen your dog-owner bond. This is also important as your dogs will only recognize that you’re the Alpha if you show it to them.

Also, the reason why obedience training is a must is that it can combat the early signs of negative behavior. It will also keep your dog away from harm’s way.

🐕Making the training fun

Dogs are like kids. If they don’t find it fun, they aren’t going to do it. This means repetitive routines and uninteresting drills are no-nos.

This is exactly what the Brain Training for Dogs fixes when you sign up for the premium account. Thanks to its various games and mental stimulation drills, your dog will learn something new in every module.

Such a thing will make every training session worth looking forward. Also, you’ll find the training more worthwhile as it will include playing and bonding with your dog.

What do the members say about the program?

brain training for dogs reviewI’ve found many users saying a lot of good things about Brain Training for Dogs. Besides, who wouldn’t? The program is very affordable, well-structured, and easy to follow. Sure, it requires a lot of time and effort. But this is the exact nature of all home dog training programs.

On her website, Adrienne has a testimonial from Dr. J Coates, a veterinary advisor from Pet MD. There’s also another positive statement from Caryl Wolff, a dog expert.

Personally, this part is a great confidence booster and a trust marker. Given that dog experts have Brain Training for Dogs reviews, I can say that this is ideal for most dogs.

Is this ideal for your dog?

On this part, I have some caveats. Unlike Doggy Dan’s approach, I think the Brain Training for Dogs will work best for canines with prior obedience training. I said this because the modules start with tasks which will require a foundational skill in following commands.

As much as Adrienne’s design is for the books, it just boosts but not wholly teaches obedience from the grassroots.

If your dog is too aggressive to deal with commands, it might be better to employ the basics of obedience training first. You don’t need to hire a trainer. You can easily research free manuals that will dampen the disobedience.

Also, one thing that Adrienne didn’t focus on her book is socialization. This part is very crucial to raise a friendly and well-rounded dog. Aside from learning new tricks, don’t forget to introduce new canines and humans to your pet.

So is this ideal? Yes and no depending on the current situation of your dog.

How will I know if it’s actually working?

For dogs with problematic behavior, it’s easy to assess whether the program is working or not. I suggest that you observe your dog’s behavior first before starting with the program. For a more solid comparison, you can videotape your pet.

Is your dog an aggressive chewer? After you’ve finished the module, the doggo should be more disciplined. If not, you should still consider the possibility that you might have jumped prematurely from one module to another.

I can say that you can easily see the difference in a surface level. It all boils down to observing your dog and checking if there are improvements.

What I don’t like about the Brain Training for Dogs

No dog training program is perfect. Even those that are designed by celebrated dog experts will have some minor flaws. I think this is due to the fact that each dog is different from the other. Every dog will have a different response to each stimulus it is exposed to.

One of the gripes I have with the Brain Training for Dogs is that Adrienne focused more on written modules. Yes, there are videos but those are too scarce to discuss everything. But if you’re patient enough to read and interpret, I think that modules can go a long way.

As for the video quality, the sound is a bit poor. It’s not that you can’t hear what Adrienne is saying but it sounds like a video recorded in a room with an old phone. Still, I’m sure that Adrienne and her team are doing something about it.

Another thing is that I’d love to have a strong community where the dog owners can mingle and exchange tips with each other. Anyway, I’d like to give Adrienne flying colors for giving her email and trying to respond to each message.

Overall, the program is great, unique, and effective. Still, it can benefit from some improvements.


So would I get this program for my doggo? Definitely!

Imagine: you’ll get 10 years’ worth of training materials for just US$47! This is a total giveaway, especially for dog owners who can’t afford a dog trainer.

Just so you know the professional dog training will cost at least $30 to $100 PER HOUR. But with Adrienne’s program, you’ll just shell out a small amount and you’ll use your time and effort to make it work.

With a force-free, fun, innovative, and progressive program, you have nothing else to ask for. Still, this will take a lot of patience so you better buckle up.

What do you think of this Brain Training for Dogs reviews? Let us know below!

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