Best brush for Pitbulls (Review and Buying Guide)

It’s crucial to know your pitbull’s coat type to get the best brush for him. Pitbulls have sleek and short coats that brush up against their skin. Despite their short coats, this breed of dog sheds quite a bit. Your pitbull sheds for several causes, seasonal changes is one of the reasons. For healthy dogs, shedding is normally modest and controlled. 

A delicate, short-bristled brush is required for the short coat. On that basis, you must select the best brush for the pitbull to avoid scratching the skin. When your dog sheds, it gradually grows a new layer. During this time, you should brush off any old fur for a smooth and even coat. 

Pitbulls may have short coats, but you should never underestimate how much they can shed. These flat nose sweethearts shed all year round and they are prone to skin irritations if not groomed well. This is why you should invest in the best brush for pitbulls with the right type, material, and features that match your dog’s coat.

Below I reviewed useful picks based on my experience gromming my Pitties.

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Le Salon Essentials
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Oster Combo
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Different Types Brushes for Dogs

Dog brushes come in a type of shapes and sizes, but the following are the most common: 

🐾 Bristles Brush

The most common dog brushes are bristle brushes, ideal for dogs with short, sleek coats, such as Pitbulls! 

Brushing your Pitbull’s loose fur with a bristle brush will not irritate or disrupt their natural oils. A bristle brush can also maintain your Pitbull’s coat clean, fresh, and healthy while also caring for their skin beneath the fur. Bristle brushes are ideal for giving your Pitbull a deep and thorough grooming treatment. 

🐾 Glove Brush

Glove brushes are a popular dog brush because they allow you to groom your dog while bonding with them! This is a popular choice since they allow owners to pet and groom their Pitbull. Glove brushes are not as good compared to bristle brushes, but they aren’t to be overlooked. This is ideal for removing any loose hair that has formed between grooming sessions. 

It makes them ideal for pairing with bristle brushes for the ultimate Pitbull grooming brush set. 

🐾 Shedding Brush

Shedding brushes are trendy among dog owners throughout the summer months. 

Pitbulls shed a lot of furs, despite their short coats. Shedding brushes are ideal for dogs that shed a lot of fur in the summer, such as Pitbulls. Any loose hair from their coat will be removed using the brush, allowing for younger, well hair growth. 

🐾 Brush with a pin 

Pitbulls can be groomed with pin brushes, although they aren’t nearly as effective as bristle brushes. Because of the Pitbull’s short fur, any stray hair is less likely to be cleaned up or brushed out.

Pin brushes are similar to the brushes we use daily. You or someone you know most certainly has a pin brush in their wardrobe!

Because a pin brush stimulates your Pitbull’s skin, they may like the experience. As a result, a pin brush can be used on your Pitbull. Should use this sparingly and as a treat rather than a necessity. 

🐾 Brush Slicker 

The slicker brush is a popular dog brush. However, it isn’t commonly used to groom Pitbulls. 

Slicker brushes are used to remove mats from the fur of dogs with medium to long hair. Slicker brushes have thick pins that are designed to go into hard-to-reach regions that are prone to matting. 

Pitbulls have relatively short fur. Thus, even if you don’t groom or wash your Pitbull for a lengthy period of time, mats are unlikely to grow.

🐾 Rake 

Rakes are easily distinguishable and will not resemble a conventional dog brush. They have the appearance of a razor rather than a dog brush. 

Rakes are specifically intended to extract dead fur from a dog’s undercoat. Dogs with undercoats are medium to long-haired and require significantly more care and maintenance than Pitbulls. 

Pitbulls have short fur; therefore, they don’t require a special brush to remove dead hair.

Best brush for Pitbulls – Top 10 Picks!


OUR TOP PICK: Grooming Brush by Le Salon Essentials

Product Name: Grooming Brush by Le Salon Essentials

Product Description: When it comes to pitbull shedding, the brush is a great option. It has a loop handle and is in a simple design. The handle is comfortable to hold, making brushing and massaging the dog a pleasure. It's the most excellent deshedding tool for your Pitbulls because of the soft rubber bristles. It aids in the removal of loose hair, leaving the coat smooth.

Brand: Le Salon Essentials

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Design
  • Durability
  • Affordability



  • handle with a loop 
  • Smooth rubber bristles 
  • Cleaning is a breeze.

This is excellent for brushing dogs regularly. It helps to smooth out the coat and reduce loose fur, but it is not suited for combing tangles. Because pitbulls’ fur is short to medium in length, this brush can be helpful. Can use it to brush out any dirt from the fur during bath time. It’s easy to clean because it’s made entirely of rubber. 


This brush will come in helpful if your pitbull is going through shedding season. The rubber’s flexibility makes it soft on the dog’s skin. It’s advised to remove loose hair from short-haired dogs quickly. It’s also lightweight and pleasant to handle.


⭐ Dogs’ Oster Combo Brush 

Oster ComboCharacteristics 

  • Brush for dogs with two sides 
  • Ergonomic grip 
  • It’s perfect for all coat lengths. 

The brush has two sides for effective tangle and loose hair removal. The one side of it has soft bristles that assist to polish the coat, making it smooth and shiny. The other side helps remove matting and knots. It also aids in the removal of a dead undercoat, leaving the skin clear and dirt-free. 

The round-tip pins sweep through the hair to guarantee that every tangle is removed. Because of its design, it may use it to massage the dog and stimulate the hair follicles. It is mild on the skin and so suitable for daily grooming. 

Brushing the dog is more enjoyable with the ergonomic handle’s grooved grip. It aids in maintaining control

when brushing through the coat to promote gentleness. The pin side aids in the dispersal of your pitbull’s natural oils. This dog brush is made to fit all dogs, regardless of their coat length or kind. 

It’s recommended because of the twin sides, which help groom short and long-haired dogs. 

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GoPets Bristle Brush & Double Sided Pin 

GoPets Double Sided Best brush for Pitbulls


  • Brush with rounded pins 
  • Gentle bristles 
  • The handle is made of non-slip silicone. 

This grooming brush for dogs is double-sided that is great for brushing your pets. Pitbulls can use one of the sides to remove loose hair and smooth out the coat. If your pitbull’s hair is long, one of the sides may be used to penetrate and remove tangles and mats.

One side has soft yet strong bristles that are meant to remove dirt, stray hair, and smooth the coat. Rubberized pins on the brush’s pin side penetrate deep into the undercoat for excellent cleaning. The delicate pin ends massage the dog’s skin and stimulates the follicles, increasing circulation and stimulating the follicles.

This shedding dog brush is excellent for removing mats and loose hair without causing harm to the pet’s skin. It’s the most excellent deshedding tool for your pitbull because of the comfy non-slip handle. 

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SAFARI Combo Dog Brush

SAFARI Combo Best brush for Pitbulls


  • Brush with bristles and a pin 
  • For dogs of all breeds 
  • It comes in a medium size. 

This pet brush is a must-have grooming accessory for your dog. It has two sides: a pin side and a bristle side. For dogs with average to long hair, the pin side comes in handy for removing knots or mats. It removes filth and evens out the coat by penetrating within the hair to the undercoat. 

The bristles on the other side smooth the coat while eliminating any stray hair that may have become lodged in your dog’s coat. The bristle side is excellent for brushing your dog regularly to eradicate dirt and clean the skin. It aids in the distribution of natural oils on your dog’s skin and evens them out for a lustrous, smooth coat. 

For pitbulls and other dogs, this grooming brush is the most excellent deshedding tool. It is recommended because of the high-quality bristles and pins, which are mild on the dog’s skin and hair.

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Pet Comb by HaloVa 

HaloVa Pet Comb Best brush for Pitbulls


  • Two-sided 
  • Strong and long-lasting 
  • Comfortable 

This brush is the most effective deshedding tool for dogs who shed frequently. For effective brushing, it features two sides, each with a distinct brush feel. A pin brush with round ends is featured on one of the sides. However, it’s stiff enough to prevent knots from forming and to keep your pet’s hair in place. Because of the double-sided construction, it is excellent for long-haired Pitbulls. 

It’s built to last due to the sturdy wood handle. It fits your palm no matter how you hold it, ensuring that regular grooming is comfortable. The brush helps brush and massage the dog. The bristles penetrate the skin, assisting in blood circulation while cleaning your dog’s coat. 

It’s a fantastic tool for dogs that shed excessively. It comes in several sizes to fit different dog types and sizes. I can use it on Pitbulls of any coat length.

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BV Brush for Dogs 

BV Best brush for Pitbulls


  • Brushes with two sides 
  • Pins with a round point 
  • Gentle bristles 
  • Ergonomic grip 

This dog brush has a straightforward design that makes it simple to use regularly. It has two brushing sides, one with pins and the other with bristles. The bristle side of the brush helps to smooth out your dog’s coat by removing knots, stray hair, and dirt. Dogs with a short to medium coat length will benefit from this side. You can rest assured that brushing your pet will be simple with this brush. 

The pin side of the brush contains rounded pins, making it safe for all dogs. Natural oils are distributed by the pins, producing a glossy and velvety coat. Furthermore, it enters the hair, eliminating loose hair and impurities along the way. As a consequence, it’s an excellent breed for Pitbulls with long hair. The handle is easy to grab and provides superb control.

For all breeds, this pet brush is the most excellent deshedding tool. Because of the robust pin brush, it is especially beneficial for Pitbulls with long hair. Furthermore, the bristle side is suitable for dogs of various coat lengths. 

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Palm Brush with Bamboo 

Bamboo Groom Best brush for Pitbulls


  • Design for use in the palm of your hand 
  • Banded elastic 
  • Constructed from bamboo 
  • Bristles of a boar 
  • Pets of all sizes will love it. 

This dog brush has a unique design and is tiny enough to be used efficiently. It features a bamboo head that has been handmade and polished with natural oils. This design ensures a flawless finish while also providing long-term durability. It includes a firmly attached elastic band that provides a flexible location to place the palm. As a result, it’s suitable for various palm sizes, ensuring comfort when brushing the dog. 

This dog brush can help smooth out the coat and remove loose hair if you’re seeking a shedding dog brush. It features boar bristles, which are gentle enough for sensitive skin and pets with short hair. As a result, it’s perfect for pups and tiny to medium-sized dogs. 

For puppies and dogs with delicate skin, this hand-held brush is the perfect deshedding tool. It contains gentle bristles that remove loose hair without causing harm to your pet. 

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Dematting Comb for Pecute 

Pecute Best brush for Pitbulls


  • Two-sided 
  • Handle made of bamboo 
  • Cleaning is a breeze. 

During bath time, this brush aids in the removal of loose hair and grime. The comb creates delicate bubbles that make it simple to clean your dog’s coat for grooming. The other silicone comb helps massage the dog and ensure the bathwater reaches the undercoat for thorough washing. The brush is necessary for cleaning the hair while also removing loose hair. 

The handcrafted bamboo handle is one of the brush’s most notable features. It has a smooth, lustrous finish that is gentle on both your and your dog’s skin. Furthermore, it is ergonomically built to prevent tiredness, making it easy to brush your dog frequently. Cleaning and drying the bristle brush is simple. 

This brush can be used whenever the dog requires grooming. It includes a soft silicone side for massaging the dog and works well as a cleaning brush. Because of its high-quality build, it comes highly recommended. It’s your pitbull’s best deshedding tool. 

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Happy hound 

Happyhund Best brush for Pitbulls


  • Medium silicone nubs for a massage 
  • Handle with several angles 
  • Ideal for dogs who shed a lot. 
  • Cleaning is a breeze. 

The pins feature a soft rubberized end that is gentle on the dog’s skin. It is effective on all dogs, regardless of coat length. It’s a helpful grooming tool because the bristles are soft on the skin and coat. Because of their large surface area and substance, the nubs may be able to reach through the hair and down to the skin to remove shedding hair and polish the coat.

This brush includes a multi-angle handle that may be used for a variety of tasks. It has a click-button that enables you to operate the brush at various angles. This item helps you to efficiently clean every area of the dog’s coat. It is ideal for pitbull hair loss because of its design and high-quality substance. The brush is easy to clean and dry, making it ideal for daily usage. 

This dog brush’s shape makes it a helpful tool for people who own a variety of dog varieties. It has been shown to work on both long and short hair. The multi-angle design guarantees that the entire coat is effectively brushed. 

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Brush for Dogs by Famobest 

Famobest Best brush for Pitbulls


  • Silicone bristles are soft and flexible. 
  • Comfort grip tips made of silicone 
  • Massager for pets that is gentle 
  • Design that is easy to use 

The brush is designed for brushing dogs and cats regularly. It has soft silicone bristles that help remove loose and shedding fur, resulting in a sleek coat. It can be used as a cleaning brush to remove dirt from the undercoat at bath time. Silicone comfort grip tips on the brush’s side provide control even when wet.

You can use the brush as a tiny pet masseuse on your pitbull daily. It’s gentle on the skin and helps the hair distribute natural oils. Additionally, by permeating through the coat, it aids in blood circulation. The rotatable slicker brush allows easy access to all coat parts, making it suited for dogs with varying coat lengths. 

Because of its tiny but comfortable size, this pet brush is recommended for frequent users. It’s well-made, and the loop handle is excellent for giving your pet extended massages.

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Considerations for Pitbulls 

Pitbulls are famous canines with a bad image perception to others, but dog owners describe them as charming, affectionate animals. Though they’re still being bred in backyards for dogfighting, the perception of Pitbulls as aggressive dogs is fading. If you want to get a pitbull, go to a respected breeder or rescue organization to ensure your dog’s stability.

🐕‍🦺 Appearance 

American Pitbull Terriers are little dogs with medium-sized coats and short coats. Their almond-shaped eyes and strong frame make them stand out. Males are typically 18 to 21 inches tall with a weight range of 30 to 60 lbs. Females range in height from 17 to 20 inches and weight from 30 to 50 lbs.

🐕‍🦺 Temperament 

Pitbulls are bold, gregarious dogs who make excellent family pets and are known for their fondness for children and snuggling. Although early socialization and confidence training is essential, these dogs are constantly ready to learn new things. Pitbulls are also exceptional athletes, excelling in agility and a number of other sports.

🐕‍🦺 Types of Coats and How to Care for Them 

Pitbulls and pit-bull hybrids have short-haired coats with varying levels of shedding. Some pitbulls shed more than others, especially in the winter. Brushing their coats can help spread their natural oils more evenly, even though they won’t get tangled. It’s also crucial not to over-bathe a pitbull because their skin is delicate.

The 5 Most Valuable Pitbull Brushing Recommendations

🦴 Select the Appropriate Brush 

A brush that works nicely with short hair when used correctly. Pitbulls are a breed with short hair. 

🦴 Brush Carefully

Should do brushing down and out. Remove the brush from your dog’s skin. 

Make sure you’re not investing so much pressure on yourself. You’ll just wind up harming your pet’s sensitive skin and coat if you do. 

🦴 Use a positive approach

You must exercise patience with your Pitbull. If you’re just getting started, keep in mind that your four-legged friend is getting used to these regular grooming sessions. So, by introducing positive reinforcements, you can get them habituated to them. It includes goodies, verbal praises, stroking, a post-grooming bonus walk, and so on. 

🦴 Using A Soft Cloth, Wipe the Coat 

After brushing your Pitbull’s fur, wipe it down with a clean, soft towel. It increases the amount of sparkle. 

🦴 Keep an eye out for any skin allergies or infections. 

Pitbulls are prone to skin problems such as redness, dryness, and blisters. Watch out for such problems.  And before you determine what to do about it. Consult your veterinarian. Allow a medical practitioner to advise you on the best course of action at such times.

Various Types Pit Bull Coats

The many “types” of Pitbull coats stem from the breed that makes up most of their heritage (since Pitbulls are essentially a composite of many breeds). 

We’ll go through the four most prevalent bully breeds and their coats in this article.

  • American Pit Bull Terrier – The American Pit Bull Terrier, has a short, strong coat that clings to the dog’s body. Their fur is a single layer that should shine if properly cared for.
  • American Staffordshire Terrier – Pit Bull Terrier and Staffordshire Terrier coats are quite similar. coats of these dogs are also short, rigid, and silky. Brushing is required to maintain the fur clean, minimize shedding, and equally distribute the dog’s natural oils to promote shine. 
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier – Although Staffordshire Bull Terriers are smaller than the other two bully breeds, they have the same short, silky coat as Pitbulls, albeit it is somewhat less stiff. This coat will need the same level of care as the previous two.
  • The American Bully – It has a short, rigid coat, similar to the first three bully breeds. The fur of the American Bully can be wavy or smoother than the other three varieties. Even though all bully breeds are muscular for their size, this one is particularly so. This coat, like the others, will require constant attention with a variety of brushes. 

The coats of all Pitbulls should be highly similar, regardless of the breed. Some physical characteristics can distinguish Pitbulls of different breed heritages, but the coat isn’t one of them; thus, there aren’t any unique factors to bear in mind when shopping for a brush for your Pitbull. 


What is the most delicate brush for Pitbulls?

A brush with bristles. Make your Pitbull’s grooming brush a bristle brush if you only have one. Short, stiff coats are smoothed with this brush, which also promotes cleanliness and silkiness. Deshedding brushes and pin brushes are also excellent tools, but they are not as effective as a bristle brush for Pitbulls. 

How frequently should I bathe my Pitbull?

It does not happen very often. Pitbull coats contain natural oils that preserve them; bathing disturbs these oils; thus, one should not do it regularly. It’s not uncommon for dogs that consume a lot of time outdoors to just need brushing once per month. If your dog is an indoor dog, you may go up to 6 months without bathing him. Brushing is more vital for Pitbulls than baths, as it keeps them clean and beautiful. 

Is it true that Pitbulls shed?

Yes, plenty more than you could think. Despite their short hair and lack of an undercoat, Pitbulls shed a lot. Furthermore, because their fur is short, it has a propensity to stick to things. The easiest method to avoid this is to stay ahead of the game by brushing your dog periodically to remove any loose fur. 

Is brushing a Pitbull necessary?

Definitely, even while Pitbulls’ hair does not tangle or mat, it may grow dull, and they shed a lot if their coat is not combed regularly. Brush your Pitbull once a week to keep their coat glossy and reduce the amount of dog hair in your home. 


Pitbulls are probably the most misunderstood of all dogs, and they are constantly scrutinized. Pitbulls may be the friendliest and most nurturing pets if their owners put in the necessary effort, according to those who take the time to get to know them. 

It involves regular grooming in addition to good training to have the most incredible life with your Pitbull. Because of their short coats, Pitbulls require brushing more frequently than other dogs. We hope this article has taught you something new and that when you’re ready to buy the best brush for your Pitbull, you’ll check out our top recommendations!

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