Pitbull Teeth Problems? Act Now and Get it Treated ASAP!

Do you have a power chewer? As Pitbull owners, it seems normal for us to witness this constant and destructive chewing. The easy fix? Give the Pitty a chewy toy to munch. However, there’s one concern that left me thunderstruck: Pitbull teeth problems. I felt helpless seeing my doggo’s gums bleeding and his teeth mired with traces of plaque. It may seem like a little issue, but if you leave it sitting on your pooch’s mouth, it will result in serious health conditions. Don’t know where to start? Let’s begin with the right toothbrush:

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Dental care is important for dogs, much so for Pitbulls who have large daggers and constant urge to chew. Tooth problems among Pitties aren’t always a case of neglect. At some point, dogs acquire this, and since you can’t scan their entire mouth, plaque gets difficult to spot.

Your responsibility as the pet owner

Yearly dental check-ups should be part of your routine as a dog owner. But this shouldn’t stop here. A lot of things can happen throughout the year. Your Pitty eats every single day, not to mention the extra chewing he does in the yard. If you don’t keep an eye on their teeth, you’ll fail to diagnose problems as it arises.

I understand that newbie Pitty owners are afraid of getting too close to the dog’s teeth. Yes, it’s intimidating, but it’s the only way to spot and prevent dental issues. The key here is to start familiarizing your Pitbull to the idea of touch as soon as the pooch arrived on your care.

This means you have to perform dental care at home. In fact, I recommend that you make this part of your regular grooming session.

Even if you’re not giving the doggo a bath, it’s important to brush its teeth at least twice a week. If you want to stir clear of plaque, daily tooth brushing is recommended too.

Take note that brushing your Pitty’s teeth is different than brushing human teeth. Since their bodies are muscular and strong, you’d have to how to brush Pitbull teeth which I’ll discuss later on.

What to do if my Pitbull has teeth problems

I could say that if you don’t have prior experience with dog dental care, it’s best to consult a veterinarian. But again, you also have to continue the treatment at home.

But how can you stop your Pitty from chewing? Put him on a dog cone. I know, this is called the “cone of shame”, but this is just a little discomfort for the sake of preventing the dental issue from worsening.

Remember that dogs like Pitbulls are most likely to have gum problems than humans.

Dogs have high alkaline levels in their mouth which makes it a friendly environment for plaque formation. Also, dogs don’t get their teeth brushed regularly.

Take note that just because your dog isn’t showing signs of dental pain doesn’t mean he’s not under some kind of mouth discomfort. Somehow, Pitbulls have a high tolerance to pain. Unless the problem got worse, the only way to tell is to check the dog’s mouth regularly.

In the case of periodontal disease among dogs, there could be no signs at all. However, most dogs will have this dental problem by the age of 3, and although not all experiences pain, it imposes the risk of infection.

Signs that your Pitbull has dental problems

Pitbull teeth problems could be invisible during its first stages. But if the infection takes its course, you’d likely observe the following symptoms on your dog:

Bad breath. This one is a guaranteed sign that your dog has rotten teeth.

Chewing on one side. The same with humans, we only chew on one side of our mouths if the other has issues.

Blood on the chew toy. This can be due to two possible reasons: your pup is teething or your doggo has serious dental problems.

Whimpering when chewing. If your dog seems to be in pain when chewing, you should have his mouth checked.

Ropey saliva. Nope, your dog isn’t rabid. There’s a chance that something is going on in his mouth. If the saliva has blood, this is a tell-tale sign of tooth problems.

Difficulty picking up food. Is your dog finding it hard to pick pieces of food? The sensitivity in his mouth says a lot of its condition.

Bleeding gums. Check if your Pitty’s gum is bleeding or has loose teeth.

Aside from these, there might be other signs of tooth problems like a broken tooth, sneezing, and tooth discoloration. Always be vigilant about this, especially if your Pitty is already a senior dog.

How to brush Pitbull teeth

Home brushing is the best way to prevent dental problems. It’s also effective in removing plaque buildup. However, brushing Pitties can be a challenge. First, their large daggers are intimidating. Second, their strong bodies can be hard to handle when things go ruff.

But with patience and a little help from a friend, you can successfully brush your doggo’s teeth. First, let’s take a look at the staples:

Dog toothpaste. Never use human toothpaste since this is packed with artificial substances that aren’t supposed to be ingested.

Dog toothbrush. Some owners human toothbrush. Although there seems to be no harm in this, dog toothbrushes are made with longer handles and angled bristles for a more convenient use.

Once you have both of these ready, it’s time to get your dog into the “brushing zone”. I suggest that you start by touching their face and mouth.

Lift the lips and check if there are plaque spots. Once your doggo is relaxed, start brushing.

You only have to brush the outer layer of the teeth. To be honest, it’s almost impossible to get your dog to stay calm when you try poking their mouth the brush. It’s either you’ll get bitten or the gag reflex will take over.

After brushing, let your Pitty lick the remaining toothpaste on the brush. This toothpaste usually has savory flavors that are appealing for dogs. Licking allows the toothpaste to reach the inner parts the mouth to prevent other Pitbull teeth problems.

What if my dog resists brushing?

Don’t worry, it happens to almost any dog owner. In the case of Pitbulls, resisting can be very physical. I suggest that you do the brushing as gentle as you can. Soon enough, your pooch will get used to it. However, if he is resisting every single time, brushing might be painful. You’re probably brushing hard or they have gum wounds that feel more painful every brush.

Remember that brushing is like training. Use positive reinforcement. After brushing, give your doggo a dental chew toy or treat. This doubles as a reward and continuous dental care.

How often should you seek professional help?

Yearly dental checkups are recommended for dogs, however, you can consult the vet about tooth problems as often as necessary. No matter how diligent you are in brushing, other dental problems may still arise. This is the reason why humans still go to the dentist, right?

Your Pitty needs dental cleaning from time to time. This will remove deep-seated plaque that brushing alone can’t scrub. Dental cleaning will also halt the formation of tartar, periodontal disease, gingivitis, and other gum problems.

Always remember that an untreated dental problem can lead to heart and organ failure. Open wounds in the mouth are convenient pathways for many viruses and bacteria. With that, it’s important to know how to brush Pitbull teeth.

Dental care at home

A dental cleaning session doesn’t give you the ticket to stop brushing your dog’s teeth. At home, you can continue this preventive maintenance. This can be a hassle, but it will pay off in the long run. Since your dog will have a lower risk to dental problems, vet bills would be lower and you will have fewer worries.

Here are some steps you can take at home aside from brushing:

➕Using chew toys

Some chew toys are formulated with a special substance that helps clean your Pitty’s mouth. As the dog buries his daggers on the soft matter, plaque will be scrubbed away. Never use very hard toys since it can crack the teeth or damage the gums even more.

If you are to give your Pitty rawhide chews, opt for a thinner one. Also, be there to supervise the chewing and never allow your dog to ingest the rawhide. Otherwise, the pooch will experience intestinal problems.

➕Giving quality food

Dental food are dog meals with additives that prevent plaque from hardening. Your vet can advise about this in order to prevent Pitbull teeth problems.

➕Providing enough hydration

It’s important that your pooch drinks lots of water after every meal. This washes the food bits away from his mouth. Although it’s just a little part of dental care, it helps in removing possible food deposits in between their teeth.

Top 2 toothbrushes for Pitbulls

If you’re looking for the perfect toothbrush to suit your Pitty, here are two of my recommended picks:

Pet Republique Dog Toothbrush with Long Handles

Pitbull teeth problemsLike what I said earlier, dog brushes are made specifically for canines. It has longer handles and smaller hands that make it easy to use. One of the best picks I’d used is the Pet Republique Dog Toothbrush with Long Handles.  This pack is composed of 6 dog brushes that are 8.5 inches long.

These brushes are made for both cats and dogs. Since each brush has small and large heads on both ends, you can easily choose what suits your pooch. For hard to reach spots, the smaller heads would be the perfect choice on how to brush Pitbull teeth.

Aside from the handled brushes, this package also comes with finger brushes. It looks like an enlarged thimble with rubber bristles. If long brushes intimidate your Pitty, the finger brush would be the perfect way to trick him into brushing.

And you know what I love the most about Pet Republique products? The 15% of each purchase goes to the American Animal Rescue Society where other dogs, including Pitbulls, are taken care of and given a second home.

In case you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can contact the manufacturer to have a replacement or a full refund. For such a low price, that’s already an amazing guarantee on how to brush Pitbull teeth.


✔️Multiple brush types and sizes

✔️Very affordable price

✔️Long handles for safe and easy brushing

✔️Every purchase helps rescue animals

✔️Works for both cats and dogs


❌Finger brushes will be a bit loose for those with thinner fingers

Top Performance ProDental Finger Brushes

Pitbull teeth problemsFor little Pitties who are scared of the long handle brushes, the Top Performance ProDental finger brushes are the best choice. Each piece has a unique finger glove design that fits on almost all index fingers comfortably. However, if you have tiny and slim fingers, the fit might be a little loose on your hands.

This is a disposable brush for Pitbull teeth problems. Once a piece gets worn out after a few brushing, you can toss it into the bin. Still, fret not, because this toothbrush comes in a large 50-piece jar.

Each of the pieces is soft to avoid hurting your dog’s gums and mouth. It can scrub away foot bits even on the most hidden parts. Make sure to apply dog toothpaste for cleaning effects.

Aside from puppies, this finger brush is also suitable for adult Pitties, especially rescue dogs that are sensitive about stick-looking objects.


✔️Small and inconspicuous

✔️Convenient to use

✔️Comes in a 50-piece jar

✔️Small but effective

✔️Soft and flexible bristles


❌A bit expensive than other brushes. Still, you’ll get 50 pieces per jar.

Pitbull teeth problems are common health issues among dogs. But as much as it’s a recurring condition, you should be vigilant and proactive in addressing it. Always brush your dog’s teeth and never skimp on professional help. Early detection and prevention is the key here.

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