Why is my Pitbull Shedding So Much? Deep Insights!

When considering whether or not to get a Pitbull, keep in mind that they shed and are not hypoallergenic. This may cause some people to avoid Pitbulls, but for others, the Pitbull temperament is strong, affectionate, loyal, and courageous, outweighs the breed’s inclination to shed but why is my Pitbull shedding so much?

One issue that may impact your selection when choosing any dog breed is whether or not the breed sheds. I wanted to know if all of the many types of Pitbulls shed and how much they shed, so I conducted some research. 

This article will go over the best ways to deal with your Pitbull’s fur and shed information on which bully breeds shed the most and how anxiety affects their coat.

Why Do Pitbulls Shed?

Pitbulls do shed naturally. However, they shed less than other dog breeds. 

What is the reason for this? 

  • Rather than fur, they have hair. Fur sheds more efficiently and in greater volume than hair due to its shorter growth cycle. 
  • They have one coat instead of a double coat, which is more prone to shed. 

Pitbull breed and coat type

All Pitbull breeds have a soft coat with short hair, as seen in the table below. Because they have short hair, they leave less hair on clothes, floors, and soft furnishings than dogs with long hair. Their sleek coat has short hairs that are all the same length.

Why is my Pitbull Shedding So Much

☑️ American Bully

It has a short, stiff, smooth, and shiny coat. The hair on this dog is softer and curlier than the hair on the other canines.

☑️ American Pit Bull Terrier

This breed has a short, lustrous coat and is pleasant to the touch, with hair near to the skin. 

☑️American Staffordshire Terrier

It has a short, glossy coat. The coat looks like an American Pit Bull Terrier. 

☑️ Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier has a short, smooth coat near the skin. The hair is less stiff than that of other Pit Bull breeds. 

The smooth coat is the easiest to maintain in a dog. Although it is the easiest coat to care for, it does require maintenance.

Coat Colors 

Pitbull breeds come in various colors: red, black, white, blue, buckskin, tan, fawn, seal, tricolor, and reverse brindle. What does this require to do with the shedding process? Because all Pitbulls shed equally if you’re thinking about having one, being pickier about the color may save you time when it comes to cleaning up. 

If you have dark carpets, the deeper color of a Pitbull’s hair will show up less on them. The same is true if you wear dark clothing to work, such as business suits. 

If you have a light-colored couch, a lighter-colored Pitbull makes more sense.

Reasons Why is my Pitbull Shedding So Much?

Why is my Pitbull Shedding So Much

🦴 Natural course of events 

Dogs, like people, regularly shed to get rid of old or damaged hairs. 

Pitbulls shed throughout the year, although the volume of shedding increases in the fall and spring as the number of daylight hours changes. The Pitbulls can prepare their heavier winter and lighter summer coats thanks to these peaks. 

Their seasonal shift in shedding is due to the changing hours of daylight, not the changing temperature. Their fur is meant to protect their skin from the sun and other factors. When there is less sunlight outside, their coat thickens, which is true in the summer. 

🦴 Dehydration

Your Pitbull may shed an excessive amount of hair if you don’t provide him enough water regularly. Make fresh water readily available both inside and outside your home. Getting a dog water fountain is the most excellent way to keep water fresh. 

Farm Innovators offers a heated dog water bowl if you live in a location where the water in dog bowls freezes over in the winter. 

If you suddenly convert your bully’s diet from chicken to fish or beef, some dogs will react by shedding many dead and loose hair. However, wait a month to see if the change in diet is the actual cause of the shedding. If you want to adjust your dog’s diet, do so gradually rather than abruptly and see if excessive shedding persists. 

A food that is deficient in nutrition and of poor quality can cause your dog to shed excessively. Change the meal to a higher-quality, nutrient-dense version. If you’re unsure, consult your veterinarian. 

Furthermore, excessive hair shedding could indicate an allergy to your dog’s food. Have you changed your dog’s food recently? It’s advisable to speak with your local veterinarian about this. 

🦴 Anxiety 

Have you made any recent changes to your routine that may influence your Pitbull? Perhaps you’ll have to leave home early for a new job that requires a lengthier drive to and from work? This means you’re spending less time at home, which cuts into time with your dog and family. 

Perhaps your grown children have lately left home to attend college and were close to your Pitbull?  

Your regular dog walker may be unavailable, making walking your Pitbull a bit of a gamble. So your dog’s schedule has changed, as has who they are with. Have you recently relocated? This is likely to agitate your Pitbull, resulting in excessive dog hair shedding. 

🦴 Bathing Shampoo

Have you changed your dog’s shampoo recently? It’s also possible that your Pitbull will shed more hair than usual as a result of this. This reaction could be exacerbated if your dog’s skin is dry, flaky or if they scratch their skin more frequently. 

Consult your veterinarian to choose a more delicate shampoo

🦴 Skin problems 

Allergies scratch a dog’s skin and Pitbulls are particularly susceptible to allergies. This commonly affects their stomach, skin folds, feet, and ears. These skin diseases can cause Pitbulls to lose their hair. Visit your veterinarian if you have any of these skin issues. 

Sunburn may cause your Pitbull to lose a lot of hair. 

Because these dogs have such delicate skin, many laundry detergents and air fresheners can bother them. Skin irritation can lead to increased shedding and your dog chewing this region, causing even more fur loss. If your dog has a skin allergy or inflammation, it’s advisable to get guidance from a veterinarian. 

🦴 Parasites

The existence of fleas, mites, scabies, and even fungal illnesses can cause significant hair loss in Pitbulls. 

Other indications would confirm whether your Pitbull has a flea infection besides hair loss. It’s important not to confuse the presence of fleas with an essential matter of dry skin.

How Frequently Do Pitbulls Shed? 

Pitbulls shed all year, but they shed the most in the fall and spring to shed their winter and summer coats. They do not shed an undercoat due to their single coat, although they do shed daily. 

They will grow more hair in the winter to help them stay warm during the colder months, which will cause their lighter summer coat to fall off. Similarly, when the weather warms up in the spring, their heavy coat comes off, allowing them to stay calm throughout the summer.

What To Do When Pitbull Shed? 

Why is my Pitbull Shedding So Much

You’ll notice more dog hair around the house during the shedding season, but your pet shouldn’t be affected. It’s essential to keep an eye on them to ensure they’re not losing a lot of hair, as this could indicate an underlying health problem. 

🐾 Brushing daily 

Daily grooming is the most distinctive approach to deal with their shedding. Brushing your hair every day can help you eliminate any excess hair before it falls out onto the ground. Furthermore, this is an excellent way to spend quality time with your dog and strengthen your friendship. 

Aside from trimming the excess fur, this is an excellent opportunity to check for any fleas or ticks on your dog. 

Curry Brushes

This equipment massages your Pitbull’s skin while also removing stray hair from his coat. Because they’re constructed of waterproof material, they’re ideal for use in the bath to assist shampoo and conditioner penetrate deeper into the skin to cleanse and moisturize. 

Bristles Brush

The combo brush is a wonderful option if you want a more classic brush. It’s two brushes in one, giving you more bang for your buck. The pins assist in removing loose hair from your Pitbull’s coat, while the nylon bristles gently massage the skin and re-distribute oils. 

🐾 Bathe regularly 

Bathing Pitbulls regularly is essential. Once a month, at the very least. This can assist in reducing the quantity of shedding they do. 

You can also purchase an anti-shed shampoo to help lessen the shedding that occurs during the seasons. After a bath, give your dog an excellent brush to capture any loose fur before it gets all over the house. 

🐾 Supplements

Vitamin E and Omega Fatty Acids not only help your dog’s fur keep smooth and healthy during shedding season, but they also help their coat stay soft and healthy. 

You may require supplementing your Pitbull with the Vets Best Healthy Coat (chewable pills) during the significant shedding seasons of fall and spring to assist your dog in maintaining normal shedding levels and an excellent healthy coat.

Effective Methods For Getting Rid Of Pitbull Fur 

Why is my Pitbull Shedding So Much


During shedding seasons, the best approach to deal with all the fur is to do daily cleaning around your house and use a decent vacuum to collect all the hairs that have fallen. It could be a good idea to invest in a powerful pet hair vacuum to get all of the furs. 

Rakes for carpets 

Use a carpet rake to take away pet hair if you have carpets or shag rugs and want to maximize the elimination of your Pitbull’s hair within your home. This rake picks up dog hair deep within your carpets and rugs. They also fluff up your carpets as you walk on them, which is ideal for high-traffic areas such as hallways and stairwells. 

Lint rollers

This is the affordable and most effective procedure for removing fur from clothing and furnishings. 

Buying a pack of lint rollers and keeping them in your house and car can be a lifesaver when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair. 

Furniture protectors 

Covering your furniture will not eliminate your Pitbull’s hair, but it will reduce the amount of hair on it. 

The cheapest and most straightforward choice is using old towels and throws that you can remove when visitors expose a clean couch. 

Consider acquiring a cover for your couch and armchairs if you are exceptionally particular about your home’s decor. These covers are custom-fit to your furniture and perform a better job of keeping your Pitbull’s dog hair out when they shed. 

These covers help protect your furniture from wear and tear over time, especially if you have children. 

Because there are so many possibilities depending on your taste, decor, and sofa shapes, configurations, and colors when looking for covers that are specifically designed to keep dog and cat hair out. It’s worth noting that some are entirely waterproof while others are only water-resistant.


Q: Is it true that all Pitbulls shed? 

Pitbulls come in a wide range of hues, from white to silver-blue to black, and everything in between. Many prospective dog owners are curious as to whether one color sheds more or less than the others. Regrettably, all Pitbulls will be euthanized in the same way. You may notice that some colors stand out more than others. 

Q: Do American pit bulls have a lot of shedding? 

This terrier’s coat should be finely cut and strong, hugging the body. On occasion, these terriers’ coats can come in various hues, with a lovely blend of colored fur. 

Q: Pitbull terriers shed a lot, don’t they? 

Given that they all have one coat, these Pitbulls have similar shedding behaviors. Pitbulls have a single coat. Thus they don’t shed a lot. Many of the dog breeds blamed for excessive shedding have a double coat. Pitbulls have a single layer of hair on their bodies. Two layers separate the top and undercoat of a double-coated dog.

Final Words

Pit bulls make wonderful pets because they are loyal and friendly canines who defy society’s expectations of them. Pitbulls shed their fur like all dogs, although they shed less than other dogs due to their single coat. Pitbulls are easy to keep and adore with daily maintenance and a decent vacuum during shedding season. 

Learn how much should you feed your pitbull puppy? Do you have other ideas to add to this post? Share it down below in the comment section!

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