How to Manage Your Pitbull’s Shedding? – Effective Solution Finally!

Dog shedding is a normal process among canines. It’s our doggos way of removing dead hair and replacing it with new ones. Even short-fur breeds like Pitbulls also undergo this phase. It’s easy to think that since Pitties aren’t as hairy as other breeds, there’s no need to pay much attention to their shedding. This, I learned the hard way after discovering a large chunk of dog hair on my pants while driving my way to a meeting. Do you know what you need right now? A Pitbull shedding brush.

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At first, Pitbull shedding may go unnoticed. Their fur is short; however, it can accumulate in swaths on your furniture, clothes, and floor. Again, this is normal. However, you should watch out for abnormal and intense shedding. This is a tell-tale sign for a different health issue.

How and why do Pitbulls shed?

There are so many reasons why Pitbulls shed. First, it’s a natural occurrence related to the changing temperature usually observed when the seasons shift. For example, when the season is transitioning to winter, Pitties will shed to grow a thicker fur to protect its body from the freezing cold. Although this isn’t as evident as with fluffy breeds, Pitbulls also have the ability to weather the seasons.

Another reason for the shedding is the change in diet. If you served a sub-par dog food, there’s a chance that the dog will start shedding abnormally. This means that the food substances aren’t sitting well on his body. However, it’s best to run the food for at least a month to determine if it’s indeed the culprit to the intense shedding.

For shedding Pitbulls, it’s important to watch out for hydration. Pitties tend to shed more if they are dehydrated. Make sure that you keep a fresh bowl of water at home all the time.

Did you know that Pitbulls with separation anxiety tend to shed more? The prolonged stress and confinement make their body processes go haywire.

There’s a chance that you’ll discover chunks of hair on the crate or around the house. A brush for Pitbulls should help you here.

The problem about intense shedding

Intense shedding is usually attributed to the wrong reasons. It’s not always the food or the changing seasons. Shedding can also be about lingering illnesses and poor grooming.

Dog owners who don’t bathe their Pitties properly are more likely to face the dilemma of over shedding. Always use proper dog shampoo and never get tired of brushing. These two basic coat maintenance steps will reduce the risk of abnormal shedding.

Aside from this, watch for ticks and fleas. Pitties that have a bad case of ticks will soon experience patching and scaling. If you don’t get on top of this, your pooch will soon succumb to dog anemia and other related diseases.

If you’re not certain of the cause, it’s best to seek the help of a veterinarian. The dog doctor will give proper diagnosis and treatment as necessary.

Why you need a shedding brush

During the normal shedding phase, it’s important to brush away the hair. Using a shedding brush helps remove the hair even before it falls out of the dog’s skin. This will skip you from endless vacuuming.

Aside from that, a shedding brush is made specifically for dogs, thus a more comfortable feel. Using a human brush isn’t a wise idea. It doesn’t have the ability to catch dead hair and ticks in the process.

A dog brush also makes grooming easier. Even if a Pitbull shedding brush will cost you some money, it’s worth the purchase for your dog.

The benefits of regular brushing

Brushing your Pitbull should be done every single day. This is regardless if you bathe the pooch or not. Since Pitties aren’t supposed to take a bath every day, brushing is the only way to remove the dust, grimes, and irritants that stick to their coat throughout the day.

Dog brushing also allows you to take a close look at your dog’s coat. It will help you spot signs of irritation, parasites, balding, or intense shedding. So aside from running the brush on the Pitty’s coat, it’s imperative that you scan their skin too.

Most of all, brushing keeps your Pitbull’s coat healthy and shiny. The act of brushing helps the skin produce more sebum that keeps the coat well-oiled. In turn, this reduces the risk of coat dryness.

As for you, brushing will reduce cleaning time since the hair is removed by the brush even before it drops on the floor. Most of all, it keeps the coat of your Pitty clean and free of irritants. As you know, Pitbulls have a high risk to contact allergies. After spending a day outdoors, brushing will remove pollens, soil, dust, and other elements that can become allergens.

Take note, though, that brushing isn’t just about the frequency, it’s also about using the right tool. Below, I’ve reviewed two of the best picks for brush for Pitbulls that you can use.

How to handle Pitbull shedding

Aside from brushing, diet, grooming, and medication are important considerations when dealing with the shedding. Of course, the approach will depend on how intense the shedding is and if it actually imposes problems on your dog and your household.

Here are some ways to handle dog shedding at home:

➕Cover your furniture

If your main concern is the fur getting into your sofa and furniture, make sure that you cover it first. There are fabric covers you can use to shield your belongings. This applies the same to your car seat in case you’re transporting your dog.

➕Have multiple lint rollers

Put one in your car, bedroom, living room, kitchen, nook, and somewhere else that your dog has access to. Lint rollers will help you remove the fur from fabric and other surfaces even before it piles in thick layers. This is a proactive approach toward easier cleaning.

➕Watch out for ticks and fleas

Shedding is normal, but it can intensify in the presence of fleas, ticks, and other coat parasites. Always keep an eye on your dog’s skin to stop these critters from harboring on your pooch’s body. Also, getting rid of ticks and the likes will help restore the health of your Pitty’s coat.

➕Brush, brush, brush

I can’t stress this enough, but brushing is one of the most effective methods of managing dog shedding. Do this for at least 15 minutes a day to remove dead hair, dirt, and to check for any signs of coat problems. Always get the best Pitbull shedding brush.

➕Serve the right food

It’s time to make the big switch to healthier dog food. Never skimp on quality on your pooch’s diet since it will only result in skyrocketing vet bills and the need to vacuum a dozen times per day. You can consult a pet nutritionist if you don’t know where to start.

➕Administer medication

In case the shedding is due to an underlying condition, your vet will prescribe medications or supplements to regain the health of your pooch. Again, it should be prescribed and not administered without the advice of a dog expert.

Types of brushes to use

As for the brushing, it’s important to know the type you’re dealing with. Basically, there are three major types used as a brush for Pitbulls: slicker, bristle, and a pin brush.

Slicker brush. This one has fine and tough bristles to remove matting and to detangle the coat. Slicker brushes can be used on almost any dogs, mainly for medium to long-haired ones. However, this isn’t the best choice for Pitbulls.

Bristle brush.  This bears tightly packed and short bristles that are excellent for short-haired doggos including Pitbulls. The bristles can range from soft to hard depending on the characteristics of your pet’s fur. Overall, this brush removes dead hair, stimulates skin oil production, and scrubs away dirt.

Pin brush. For dogs with wooly coats, pin brush is the best bet. It’s not a good choice for Pitbulls and other short-haired breeds.

Brush for Pitbulls – 2 Best Picks!

CONAIR PRODog Boar-Bristled Brush

Pitbull shedding brushBoar-bristled brushes are excellent in catching dead hair and removing dirt. The one from CONAIR PRODog brush is one of the best catch. It has tough, but not too stiff, bristles that suit short-haired doggos like our Pitbulls.

This Pitbull shedding brush has 50% natural bristles and 50% synthetic bristles for a nice feel. The CONAIR brush is also helpful when applying oil on your doggo’s coat.

Unlike other brushes, this is constructed with the Palm Petting technology. The brush is ergonomically designed to fit on the palm of your hand for a comfy grip. Aside from being easy to use, this brush also helps in the production of sebum that keeps the coat of your dog shiny and healthy. If you have another dog, this one works perfectly for curly breeds too.

This palm brush is also helpful in tricking your doggo to brushing. As you know, some pooch loathes the idea of brushing. So instead of actual brushing, you can pretend that you’re petting them.

This brush is very affordable aside from its highly functional construction. If you’re still trying to get used to this brush for Pitbulls, you can try gliding it on someone’s hair given that it’s short.


✔️Boar bristles with the right feel

✔️Excellent palm petting construction

✔️Very affordable for a useful brush

✔️Perfect for Pitbulls and other short-haired breeds


❌A bit small for large Pitties and Bullies

Hertzko Bristle Brush for Short-Haired Dogs

Pitbull shedding brushIn case you don’t find the CONAIR brush appealing, another choice that you have is the Hertzko piece. It has the conventional brush construction that sports an ergonomic handle and an oval-shaped bristled area.

For doggos with sensitive skin, this brush is soft enough to be gentle. The best thing about this brush is it has densely packed bristles that never shed even if used all year round. Although it’s not a palm-fitting type, the handle is easy to grip and has slits for better hold.

Sure, it’s pricier than the first option, but considering its quality, this is just a small price to pay. If you’re not happy with the brush, you can send it back within 30 days to have a full refund.

If you’re worried about static electricity, so far, I haven’t experienced it and my dog is happy with the brushing. This is actually better than the other brushes I’ve used on my Pitties before. It even works sweetly with double-coated dogs. For small pups, this will also be a nice choice for a Pitbull shedding brush.


✔️Soft and gentle to the coat

✔️Ergonomic handle

✔️Quality bristles

✔️Money-back guarantee within 30 days


❌A bit expensive than the first brush

What to consider when buying a Pitbull brush

Before you buy your pooch a brush, make sure that you keep the following points in mind:

➕Your Pitty is short-coated

Unlike other breeds with wooly, flowy, and double coats, Pitties have a thinner and single layer of fur. This means you always have to stick to a bristled brush for Pitbulls. A slicker type will likely scrape and hurt the doggo’s skin.

➕Coat condition

Is your Pitty suffering from abnormal shedding? Does his skin have wound patches? If this is so, you may want to consult the opinion of a vet first.

➕Comfort level

Is the brush too stiff or too soft? As much as possible, always choose the brush that falls between these two characteristics. You wouldn’t a scathing brush as well as a very pliable one that doesn’t glide along the fur.

➕Quality of the brush

Remember, not all products that you see is worth the purchase. Always check the quality and feedback of the previous buyers to know if it actually works.


It’s best to invest in a quality brush even if it means paying a few dollars more. Still, it shouldn’t be too pricey. If it costs more than your doggo’s food, the brush isn’t worth the purchase.

Have you found the best Pitbull shedding brush? Let us know below!

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