How Much Should I Feed My Pitbull Puppy?

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Have you fed your pitbull puppy yet? There is an expansive menu to choose from, yet there are still factors to consider. One of these is the food’s nutritional content, which can directly affect your pitbull’s health. Pitbulls have a large appetite, and they are not always conscious of the things they eat. So you, as their owner, have to pick what they eat correctly for them.

For this article, you will learn some meals and snacks your pitbull can eat. We will include some of the benefits of those foods for you and the dog. You will also be able to learn what foods Pitbulls and all other dogs should not eat. But first, we need to discuss the main types of Diet your canine friend can eat.

Pitbull Puppy Diet Requirements

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🐕 Two months old

The only way for a Pitbull puppy to acquire the nutrients and immunities he needs to maintain healthily is by drinking milk from his mother. Breastmilk in Pitbull is a good source of protein, fats, and glucose, all of which are essential for the correct development of your tiny puppy. These crucial vitamins and minerals are required by developing puppies to ensure proper bone and muscular growth. Providing your pet with milk substitution formula will be necessary if his mother isn’t there to provide it.

🐕 Four months old

At this age, your Pitbull puppy needs to start practicing taking their formula diet. Select food suitable for puppy Pitbull to guarantee that the digestion will not be upset as it grows into a healthy mature Pitbull. These diets are richer in calories and fat than those intended for older Pitbull because it needs to support the growing body. Using warm water or puppy milk, blend the food until it is the consistency that your puppy can consume. Be prepared to feed your puppy approximately three to four times per day.

🐕 One year old

In order for your developing puppy to attain maturity, it’s critical that it must not be underfed or overfed him. Insufficient food will hinder him from achieving his full potential, and excessive food will lead him to grow too quickly. Some Pitbulls may even develop to be big dogs as a result of genetic variances within their breeds.  Giving your pit bull in two meals rather than one large meal, as Pitbull breeds are prone to do, or providing him with a slow-feeding plate, will help prevent him from eating everything at once.

Types Of Pitbull Puppy Diets

🦴 Dry Commercial Dog Food

Dry dog food is quite possibly the most usual type of dog meal owners goes for. It saves time because all you have to do is pour the correct amount into the food bowl. However, this type of food can cause a growing list of expenses because you occasionally have to add treats and variety. Some good-quality dog food can be expensive, especially if you buy it in large quantities.

For this Diet, it is essential to consult your vet and do your research. The nutrients in the dog food may be lacking in variety, or some contents may be too much for the pitbull. It should be remembered that not every dog reacts the same way to food because some eventually develop health conditions. Your best bet is to ask for your vet’s suggestions on what brand of dog food you should buy.

Example Of Dry Dog Food: Kibble

🦴 Canned Dog Food

Canned dog food is similar to dry commercial dog food, but it has more moisture to it. Identical to our canned goods, this dog food usually has a long shelf life. This means you can store it for long periods and even stock them for emergency purposes. Some of them are also relatively cheap, and you can save a little bit of money by purchasing more giant cans instead of buying multiple small ones.

However, some dogs react poorly to canned food and show signs of indigestions. Also, you should note that not all canned dog food is nutritional because it is water-based. They mainly consist of protein, and not all brands offer a variety of beneficial nutrients. Overall, this dog food is helpful for stocking but not for a regular meal.

Examples Of Canned Dog Food: Canidae and Merrick

🦴 Cooked Diet

You can add a little effort to your dog’s food by cooking it yourself. It can ensure you know the contents of what your pitbull is eating. You can research what types of cooked meals offer a balanced diet for your canine friend. It also saves you some money if you are also eating the same thing.

However, cooking for your dog can be time-consuming. Also, you can’t always share your meals because some harmless human ingredients can be fatal to them. If you are willing to make many adjustments to your Diet, this Diet could be helpful. But if you lack time and order food outside, this may not be for you.

Examples Of Cooked Diets: Beef, Turkey, Tuna, Eggs (without the shell), Potatoes, Rice, Pasta, Carrots, Cucumbers, Pumpkin, Celeries, and Oatmeal

🦴 Raw Diet

This Diet consists solely of raw ingredients, which are usually composed of meat. This Diet is beneficial because it offers a variety of essential nutrients. However, you have to disinfect the meal before feeding it to them appropriately. Raw ingredients pose a risk for housing certain harmful bacteria and microbes.

There are also raw plant-based diets that you can feed to your dog. Because they are omnivores, some dogs like having a vegan diet. So you may consider these diets for your pitbull as long as they are adequately cleaned.

Examples Of Raw Diets: Carrots, Pumpkins, Celeries, Peas, Raw Meat (Chicken, Beef, Pork, Or Lamb), Beans, Muscle Meat, Raw Eggs

🦴 Fruit Treats

Besides commercial treats, there are also healthy treats you can give to your dog. Some of these threats include;

🍎 Apples
🥕 Carrots
🥒 Cucumbers
🥦 Broccoli
🎃 Pumpkin
🧀 Cheese
🥬 Cabbage
🍈 Melon
🫐 Blueberries

These are all healthy options that give a variety of vitamins and minerals to your pitbull. So instead of feeding them sweets and commercial treats, you can go for these healthy ones instead. Just take note that you should give these in moderation and not a meal substitute. Too much is never suitable for your pitbull, so be careful with what treats you pick for them.

Foods That Pitbull Puppy Should Never Eat

These are some foods your pitbull and any other dog should never eat:

❌ Chocolate
❎ Caffeine
❌ Avocado
❎ Onions and Garlic
❌ Grapes

Some types of food they should never have too much of:

➡️ Sweets
➡ Salt
➡️ Dairy

Watching out for food allergies:

Pitbulls are pretty prone to allergies, and this would include food allergies. You should be able to indicate what they are allergic to as soon as the symptoms appear. Some of the common food allergies are:

⚕️ Certain types of meat
🩺 Seafood
⚕️ Wheat
🩺 Dairy
⚕️ Soy

If your dog shows signs of inflammation, digestion problems, and lesions, it could trigger a food allergy. It would be great if you had them taken to your vet as soon as possible so they can get the adequate treatment necessary. Once the type of allergy is identified, never feed that allergen to your pitbull again.

Bottom Line

Diet is a vital factor in keeping ourselves not just alive but healthy. This is the same case for our Pitbulls, as they are prone to an abundance of disease. We have to do our best to keep them healthy because eating is entirely up to us. You are doing your pitbull a massive favor by simply being picky about what they eat.

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