Why Are Pitbulls So Muscular : And how to maintain that?

The stress of everyday life is increasingly building up. The urban lifestyle has bought in loneliness as man has to engage himself and focus only on work but once everything ends, he has no one for himself. In such cases, one can adopt dogs for companionship as dogs are a man’s best friend. There are several breeds of dogs that one can consider for adopting.

Pitbulls are becoming an increasingly common household pet despite their history. They are strong and muscular but to the contrary are very sensitive and loyal. The dog has often been misunderstood and ill-treated and for the same reason, there is numerous adoption center overcrowded with Pitbulls.

They were not domesticated earlier and often questioned why are Pitbulls so muscular because this physical characteristic makes them look violent and aggressive. However, it is not the case as proper training can help to curb it. Some certain traits and characteristics make Pitbulls a family dog.

Why Are Pitbulls So Muscular

History of Pitbulls

The Pitbulls can be traced back to early 1800, they were bred from the bulldog and terrier, so it has traits and characteristics of both the breeds. They were originally bred for the cruel sport of bull-baiting- where the dogs were set to harass each other for hours until one of them collapsed. These fights were held for entertainment but in the later years, this sport was prohibited.

It was because of the breeding that made Pitbulls so muscular and also aggressive. Despite the tenacity, many petted the dog because of its certain qualities and traits. Even today, Pitbulls continue to receive more positive attention, and a large part of media in collaboration with adoption centers are trying to promote an accurate image of the dog.

Makings pitbull more muscular

The breed of Pitbulls includes several kinds of breeds like the American pit bull terrier, Stafford bull terrier, etc. They are medium-sized dogs and muscular. Some may be usually lean, although this can vary across breeds. Adding more muscle mass to the pitbull requires little effort, some of them are:

Natural Wholesome grains

One can place their dogs in a high-quality kibble. They are voracious eaters but one should make sure that the food does not contain any kind of fillers or artificial additives. Only a primary ingredient is enough for the pet to become healthier. The kibble should have little meat meal or bone meal as possible.

Animal Proteins

The next step could be adding lean protein to the dog’s diet. Lean proteins such as bits of chicken, lean beef, and eggs will help the pitbull to develop more smooth muscle. One should also make sure to not feed their dogs too much meat as this will lead to an upset digestive system.

Training & Exercise

Road work and jogging can be added to the plan. These exercise helps the muscles of your dog to stretch and contract, this will encourage

Harness in muscle development

Growth of the muscle fibers. One can use a harness as it will help to distribute weight better than the thin collar. Eventually, the workout time can be increased so that the dog’s stamina gradually increases.

Playing with Tug Station in Muscle development

Pitbulls are known for large neck and chest muscles and a powerful jaw. A tug station will allow the pitbull to work more on the muscles without an injury. Allow the dog to tug using a rubber loop. This will help the dog to be able to tug however he likes and in the process, it can also build muscles

Proper rehydration, hemostasis & mineral balance

The whole process of gaining muscles may be hard on the dog. Hydration is necessary to prevent damage to the growing muscles so it is important to offer fresh water to the dogs as Pitbulls are very susceptible to dehydration and stroke.

Outdoor as well as indoor activities

It is important to maintain a living space that allows the pitbull to have physical activity. Those who have an ample amount of space can consider setting up toys that encourage exercise even when the dog is alone at home.

Why Are Pitbulls So Muscular

What makes Pitbulls so muscular

Pitbulls are a mix of a breed and very in physiques and behavior. They are different and come in a variety of colors, muzzle types, type of coat, legs, and temperament. They also differ in muscularity and drive.

Why Are Pitbulls So Muscular

However, all Pitbulls are descendants of bulldogs who are stocky. They were bred for bull-baiting and hence being muscular was essential. Their physical trait was due to selective breeding. This pretty much answers why are Pitbulls so muscular. They are also of aggressive characteristic because of the sport that they were earlier associated with.

Pitbull owners also follow processes to make the pitbull more muscular and strong. Muscular Pitbulls look more attractive. However, one should be careful to protect their Pitbulls from obesity. Commonl y, the dog reaches its maximum height in a year after its birth, when they are on about 18 months, it is the time when one can focus on developing their muscle. Many people believe that Pitbulls have a built-in locking mechanism in their jaws which makes them scared of the breed.


Pitbulls are common family dogs and are often wanted because their lean yet muscular structure is attractive. They are also loyal and people loving and loves to be in the company of a man. The dog is so loyal that it can do anything to make the owner happy. The dog owns genes from bulldogs and terriers which answers why are Pitbulls so muscular. It gains the muscularity from the bulldog and is aggressive characteristic is a trait of the terrier.

The muscularity however differs across breeds. The dog owners can follow certain steps and processes to make the dog more muscular. Proper nutrition and physical activity is the key for the dogs to gain weight and the owners must keep track of this. The dogs are naturally muscularly built and do not need much effort. Muscularity helps them to be fit and also look more attractive. They also help enhance their strength and motion and also prevent possible injury and fatal diseases.

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