What are Blue Nose Pitbulls? Should I get it as a pet?

Pitbull is a general name given to a certain type of dog. This type is usually descended from bulldogs and terriers. Thus, the term pitbull is a shorterned version of the general term “pit bulldog”. And this term was widely used throughout the 19th century. As we go on, more Blue Nose Pitbull facts will be revealed.

Pitbulls have different type of breed. Breeds like Americans type such as Pit Bull Terrier, the Bully, the Staffordshire Terrier,  and Staffordshire Bull Terrier are included. Sometimes, the Bulldog is counted in the list. Another breeder’s invention for the pitbull breeds is the so-called “Blue Nose Pitbull”.

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What are Blue Nose Pitbulls?

Blue Nose Pitbull are very rare due to their recessive genes. This means that it takes two pitbulls with the same gene to make another blue nose pitbull puppies. Since Blue Nose Pitbulls are very popular these days, breeders take this opportunity and take some advantage out of it. They begin to breed blue nose pitbulls to produce a new strain of blue nose pitbull puppies. The result of this kind of breeding process make pet owners to fall in love with their new blue nose pitbull puppies.

We have this perception that pitbulls are breed of dogs that are very aggressive. However, it is very deceiving because of their name and appearance. This kind of dog, especially the blue nose pitbull puppies are extremely beautiful pups. They are actually loyal and even good with children.

One amazing thing about blue nose pitbull puppies or even the adult dogs is the color of their nose. This characteristic usually gives this dog its name. Blue Nose Pitbull puppies and adult doggies have nose pits that has color blue rather than the normal black nose. However, not all Blue Nose Pits have a truly blue nose. Some of them have a grey tone with a tint of blue.

Genetic Make-up of Blue Nose Pits

We have discusses that Blue Nose Pits are recessive genes. When we talk about genetics, we have the dominant and recessive genes. Combination of dominant genes resemble the more typical and common features we see in most breeds. This gene typing is usually expressed in capital letters. For example, genotype BB.

On the other hand, recessive genes are more rare type of genes. This is the unique features that we see like the blue nose or blue coat of your Blue Nose Pitbull puppies. Compared to the first type of genes, the recessive genes are expressed in lowercase letters (bb). In the case of Blue Nose Pits, parents should have both the lowercase.

As a result of homozygous recessive gene combination, blue coloration of the nose comes out. In Mendelian genetics example, it says that there is only 25% chance that a puppy will have a blue nose. However, this genetic combination does not only results to blue nose coloration. It also gives a blue skin in other pits.

Amazing facts about Blue Nose Pitbulls

You may ended up to have a great choice when you decide to own this type of pitbull. Aside from its scientific breeding process, there are lots of Blue Nose Pitbull facts that you need to know. Ready to hear those things. Here it goes…..

1. Blue Nose Pits are a very active pet.

Two of the most important requirements needed by this kind of pitbull are lots of exercise and quality time. It is very advisable to take them out for a walk or letting them run. Being an active animal, they easily get bored when they are in relax mode.

You have to always let them take time to enjoy outdoors. They also want to be outside to run around the park most of the time. Taking them out of the house at least once a day to play will help them to work out more energy once inside the house.

Having lack of exercise and activity affects them both mentally and physically. This behavior will also let them suffer from laziness, obesity, and weakness. Better to take them out once a day for a long walk as well.

2. They have human-like emotions.

They say that dogs are like humans that has a broad spectrum of emotions. This is the reason why they easily relates to us. Possession of this kind of emotions makes us the Blue Nose Pitbulls to create a bond with each other. Blue Nose Pitbulls are very prone and easily have hurt feelings.

At some point, due to their stubborn behavior, they also easily get emotional. If you make them angry, expect to have a canine version of a silent treatment. Thus, trying to discipline your dog will let them understand that you will not tolerate such emotional outburst.

3. They are good companions for kids.

One of the Blue Nose Pitbull facts that are brow-raising is their behavior of intimidation and attachment to children. Despite of their physical appearance that makes them fierce-looking, this dog are very loving and affectionate to kids.  These dogs can get along really well with children.

They like to get a tight hugged from their children playmates most of the time. Since they are active, Blue Nose Pits like to climb upon and want their tails grab along with their ears. Some dog breeds may not want this gestures from people. But, this kind of pitbull has a high tolerance with that kind of pain.

4. They have the brawn and the brains.

Aside from their bug and muscular body, they are also brainy. Not being gifted with looks, this dogs are bred with intelligence.This dogs are very smart. Stimulating them mentally keeps them very happy.

Gifted with high intelligence, this pits are very eager to please other animals. Thus, this behavior makes them highly trainable. Most of the time, they are very responsive to positive behavior. So as they respond far better to a positive spin on discipline.

 5. Blue Nose Pitbulls are not good guards.

A funny note on the Blue Nose Pitbull facts is that they are not a good watchdogs. Although they have an intimidating appearance, they really don’t really have the guts to keep the intruders away. Why is this so? Because they do not bark to strangers unless they are taught.

Being a loyal dog doesn’t mean to be a protective furry buddy. They are loyal dogs because of they love to their families. But, they not protective to them in a way that are very friendly and love anyone else. They simple love animals and people as well to the point that they do have any desire to bark even at strangers.

6. Blue Nose Pits are a great jumpers.

Blue Nose Pitbull facts include that this kind jumps at a very high level. Not only that, they can also leap at an impressive distance. They can even for four to five feet. Jumping is simply a part of the nature of this doggy.

Blue Nose Pits are very excitable type of dogs. They even come to a point that they can even forget how to behave. The important thing is that you need to teach this dog that jumping on someone else, even on furniture are not possible.

7. Blue Nose Pitbulls are usually a farm dog.

Pitbull body frames make us think that they are fighting dog. However, one thing you might need to know about Blue Nose Pitbull facts is that they were also a popular farm dog. They love to hunt rats, wild pigs, and bears.

8. They are not friendly to other animals.

Not like other dogs, Blue Nose Pitbulls do not want to make friends with other animals. What is advisable is that if you have other animals at home and you decide to purchase a blue nose pitbull puppy, teach them on how to mingle with other animals right away. Teaching a grown up blue nose pitbull about this kind of behavior will be very difficult. Moreover, not teaching your pits properly about this will make them to become aggressive.

9. They are restricted in some areas.

Because of their intimidating looks and aggressive behavior, Blue Nose Pitbulls are not allowed in some areas. They almost have the same fate with American Pitbull Terriers. It is advisable that before buying this kind of pits, better make sure your city land owners or apartments landlord allows this kind of animal.

10. Blue Nose Pitbulls are physically strong.

A normal Blue Nose Pitbull has weight ranging from 30 to over 50 pounds. Their body built is truly bulky, even the small ones. Being physically strong makes them to always keep the challenge up easily.

11. Most of the Blue Nose Pitbulls are available for adoption.

Adoption may be the best choice, especially when you already have an experience having them. This is because blue nose pitbull puppies can be a lot of work. One of the advantage of adopting this kind of pitbull is that you get a feel for a dog’s personality.

12. They prefer people over other pets.

Since they have this behavior of being an unfriendly animals, they tend to prefer humans over other animals. They do not always want to get along well with other dogs.

13. Blue Nose Pitbulls are costly.

As the popularity of this new breed invention arise goes the speed up in cost of this kind of doggy. Most of the breeders charge thousand of dollars for breed.

14. There are Blue Nose Pitbull breeders that are disreputable.

This breed of dog is just a recessive gene, some breeders tend to be selective in to breed for the color. Breeding for the specific color leads to potential problems. It is highly advisable to look for a breeder that performs health checks and practice responsible breeding.


Another thing that might interest you before deciding to have Blue Nose Pitbulls as a pet is the proper way on how to groom them. Also, take in consideration any health issues that are related to this pooch.  Moving on, let us check all this things further.

How to groom Blue Nose Pitbulls?

Grooming is not a problem with this kind of pits. This habit may be a breeze for this doggy. The following are some tips on how you can groom those Blue Nose Pitbulls.

  • Brushing of the coat at least once a week is enough for this pooch since they have a short coat.
  • Regular brushing of teeth is needed.
  • Regularly check and clean the ears as needed.
  • Trim their nails using a grinder or metal file. Their nails grow so quickly.
  • Daily inspection for any signs and symptoms of skin infection or even skin irritation is very important.

Health Issues Concerning Blue Nose Pits

Blue Nose Pitbulls come from recessive genes, this kind of doggy are very prone to acquire several types of diseases and infections.

Mange is a type skin disease affecting Blue Nose Pitbulls. This disease is usually caused by parasitic mites. Symptoms associated with mange are hair loss, excessive itching, and formation of lesions.

Aside from having a high risk skin infection, they also have a high tendency to acquire more genetic problems. The main reason for this is due to their breeding process of deriving from a small gene pool. Noticeable abnormality with their skin must call for an attention of a vet.

They are also prone to deafness and low vision. Sometimes, temperament issues also arise. This is an important thing to take note especially when you are talking to a breeder.

Diet is also an important thing to consider for this kind of pits. A clear diet of protein and raw food items is very important during their growing stage. This diet supports your dog to have better skin coat and reduces the chance of skin problems.

Most importantly, diet in conjunction with exercise are very crucial to the health of your blue nose pitbulls. These are the most important things that you need to take into account before purchasing that furry buddy.

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