Adopt Don’t Shop: Where to Adopt a Pitbull Puppy in the U.S.

If you’re planning to have a dog at home, you have two options: to shop or to adopt. Among the two, adopting is probably the most fulfilling move you can make. More than half a million Pitbulls are euthanized on rescue centers each year. Due to the stereotypes and BSL, more and more people are shying away from adopting this breed. It’s a sad and tragic story for pooches who only want another home and a hooman to love them back. So where to adopt a Pitbull puppy? We’ll discuss it here.

Sure thing, pet shops offer pups from top-dollar breeders. However, saving a life on death row is probably something your new doggo will love. If you’re looking for reasons why adoption is the best option and how you can do it, read on.

The joy of adopting a dog

There’s a special joy when it comes to adopting a dog. These canines have been through a rough experience, and no matter how old they are, they always deserve a second home. A Pitbull on a shelter may have behavioral issues, but that’s because of the suffering they’ve gone through. If you’re willing to be patient, they will love you more than any dog could.

Adopting will teach you lessons about love, acceptance, and caring. There’s no pretense in adopting a Pitbull on a shelter. Also, you don’t go there to shop the best-looking pooch. You decide to adopt because you want to give a dog another chance in life.

You know what makes me sad about Pitbulls ending in rescue shelters? Only a few are interested to adopt them. It’s either the home insurance won’t allow coverage or the landlord has strict rules about “dangerous” breeds. Even if you know how to adopt a Pitbull, these factors will stymie your plans.

If you’re looking for reasons why adopting is the way to go, here are some of the benefits:

➕It helps end dog homelessness

Day in and day out, dogs are taken to rescue centers due to homelessness. Adopting is actually a noble effort to end the suffering of these poor pooches, especially the Pitbull breeds.

➕You’re being part of a cause

A lot of pet owners are promoting the adopt-don’t-shop movement which encourages other aspiring paw-rents to get their furry buddies on their local shelters. Adopting is something to be proud of!

➕There will be a deeper bond

Letting a dog into your life is a special moment. But it will become more magical if you have a rescue dog becoming part of your family. There’s something stronger and wonderful on the fact that you’re saving one life from the wringer.

➕Pitbulls are intelligent

Pitties always want to please their humans and be part of their lives. If you train them well, even an adult Pitty from the shelter will be obedient.

➕Pitbulls are low maintenance

Pitbulls have thin fur that requires minimal bathing and they shed very little. They can also live for as long as 14 years. So where to adopt a Pitbull puppy? Visit shelters and rescue organizations.

How Pitbulls end up in rescue centers

Only a third of the Pitbull population in shelters gets to be adopted. The majority will be euthanized probably because of BSL or the limitations insurance companies and the neighborhood imposes. Most Pitbulls that arrive in shelters will be considered at-risk until someone decides to take them home.

Pitbulls taken into the shelter’s custody are mostly owner surrendered or seized by authorities. Someone probably called the 911 and report a hollering Pitbull or someone might have been so afraid even if the doggo hasn’t done anything wrong.

where to adopt a Pitbull puppy

The emotional stress of being away from their hoomans is an unbearable feeling. This makes Pitbulls elusive to other people. And if that’s not enough, most Pitbulls stay three times longer in shelters than other breeds.

Another reason why Pitties land on shelters is the overpopulation. In states where BSL is prohibited, just about anyone can breed and own a Pitbull.  This breed also has large litters, usually around 6-12 pups.

For BSL states, the population of seized Pitbulls is also an increasing problem. Since no one is allowed to adopt even if they want to, most of these doggos are put to sleep. Lucky are those that are transported to another state for possible adoption. It’s important to know how to adopt a Pitbull to avoid any legal issues.

Whatever the reason behind a Pitbull’s presence in a shelter, it’s always a sad story. It’s in your hands to makes their lives happier.

Considerations before adopting a Pitbull

Before you drive to the nearest shelter to meet your new family member, it’s important that you prepare first. Adopting a Pitbull pup is a 10-15-year commitment.

➕Readiness as a dog owner

Remember that Pitbulls aren’t for first-time dog owners. These doggos are dominant and strong. You have to be tough and consistent for them to recognize you as their alpha. Pitties are also energetic which means you have to keep up with their physical activities.

During the first months, you will deal with training with lots of pulling. You should be physically strong to restrain a Pitty and experienced enough to deal with compromising situations.

➕Preparing your home

Make sure that your home is ready to house a Pitbull. You should have a fence and your kids are old enough to understand the harm of annoying a dog. Still, it doesn’t mean that Pitties are safety risks. Sure, they can be aggressive, but their energetic nature might push small kids down.

The good thing about Pitbulls is they don’t need a large place to thrive. As long as you keep them company, they will be happy and contented. Take note that Pitbulls tend to chew destructively when left alone for long hours. In short, it’s not just knowing where to adopt a Pitbull puppy but also of your home setup.

➕The responsibility as the owner

Owning a Pitbull isn’t always a bed of roses. Your neighbors might hate you for it or your friends will stop dropping by your house. This undeserved stereotype makes Pitbulls a subject of hate. Be sure that you’re ready to face this reaction and to educate the people around you.

Training a Pitbull isn’t an easy task. You always have to be precise and consistent if you want to dampen behavioral problems. Be it a pup or an adult Pitty, the help of a professional trainer is needed here.

Checking local ordinances

Every city and state here in America has a dedicated ruling for the so-called “dangerous” breeds. If you’re planning to adopt and then move to another place, always check the local ordinances first. For example, if you’re adopting a Pitbull in San Francisco, you first have to get it neutered. You can actually find spayed Pitties in shelters if it’s originally owned within the city.

More often than not, the shelter will advise you of the requirements and limits in adopting a Pitbull. Some municipalities in states like Colorado, California, Arkansas, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Nebraska, Illinois, and dozens more have BSL.

If you’re planning to move to another state after adopting a Pitbull, sad to say but there are states with constitutionally upheld BSL. Some of these states are Iowa, Kentucky, Arkansas, Florida, Wisconsin, Washington, Missouri, and New Mexico to name a few.

How to adopt a Pitbull

Rescue shelters will usually have a website where you can apply for adoption. Also, there’s a list of available Pitbulls that you can browse. So where to adopt a Pitbull puppy? Let’s take the American Pit bull Foundation (APBF) for example. To apply, you’d have to fill out their online adoption application. This will be reviewed and the volunteers from the APBF will be in touch to let you know the result of the review.

If you pass, there would be a scheduled home visit to ensure that your place will be suitable for the Pitty. The volunteers will also ask you about the insurance coverage and the opinion of your landlord regarding the adoption. It’s important that you clear all of these before filing for adoption.

If the volunteers discover that you have no plans to file for animal liability insurance or your landlord isn’t informed, they might turn down the adoption.

Aside from checking your home, the APBF will also determine if a Pitbull suits your family. This way, another party will get to check your readiness.

Once you pass everything, you can now go to the shelter, pay for the adoption fee, and bring your new buddy at home.

Remember that APBF and other shelters have the right to decline an adoption application based on merits they deem unsuitable for the dogs.

Cost of adoption

Based on the APBF adoption process, an adult Pitbull will cost around $185 which will cover costs for microchipping, spaying, heartworm and flea prevention, vaccinations, and veterinary examinations.

For puppies, it would be more expensive at $300, but this will include up to 4 rounds of vaccinations and 3 rounds of deworming. It would also cover the expenses for fecal examination, microchipping, spaying, and vet exams.

Nevertheless, adopting is way cheaper than shopping. Aside from that, you get to help the community by taking a doggo into your care. You just have to know how to adopt a Pitbull.

Remember that the cost will vary depending on the organization or shelter where you’re going to adopt. What matters is you really love to have the dog and you’re prepared enough to own a Pitty.

where to adopt a Pitbull puppy

Not just surrendered dogs

Contrary to most beliefs, Pitbull shelters don’t just have surrendered or seized dogs. The likes of APBF also have the so-called Operation Sidekick Puppies. These dogs are born and raised within the hands of the organization and intended to be service dogs. Although it’s pricier at $500, this is worth it for someone who wants a Pitty as a service pooch.

Questions to ask before adopting

So you’re in love with a Pitty on the shelter and you want to take him home. But before you sign the papers, always ask these questions first. These are game-changers, mind you:

What is his story?

All dogs in a shelter have their story. Most of them sad – losing the paw-rent in an accident, complaining neighbors, owner’s inability to support vet bills, and so on. It pays to know the Pitty’s story before bringing it home. Why? So you know where you’ll start. If they lost a loved one, they will need more company. If they have experienced violence, they will need training and a gentle household.

Is he vaccinated or dewormed?

A responsible shelter will keep up with deworming and vaccinations of the dogs under their care. If not, there’s a possibility that the pooch will have health problems. This is part of knowing how to adopt a Pitbull.

What is his temperament like?

Some Pitbulls that came from violent households would have behavioral issues. There are also some who like naps and playtime more than ever. Your decision should be based on your readiness as an owner. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, you can adopt an aggressive Pitty and subject it to intense training.

Is he great with kids and other dogs?

Make sure that you ask this question if you have kids in the house. Also, not all Pitbulls are happy about having other dogs so you’d like to think it over before rushing in with the adoption.

Organizations and rescue centers

Various animal welfare organizations and shelters allow aspiring owners to adopt Pitbulls. If you’re wondering where to adopt a Pitbull puppy, here are some of your options:

American Pitbull Foundation (APBF)

*As discussed above

Angel City Pit Bulls (ACPB

This Pitbull rescue organization is based in Los Angeles. They have a long list of adoptable Pitties and they are also willing to assist in introducing the new dog to your home.

Villalobos Rescue Center

Villalobos is a volunteer organization that takes care of rescued Pitbull. Right now, they have hundreds of Pitties available for adoption. This consists of puppies, adults, and senior dogs.

Pit Bull Rescue Central

This organization provides a loving home to Pitbulls and Pitbull mixes until they get into adoption. They will guide from the adoption process to the placement of the pooch to your home.

Looking where to adopt a Pitbull puppy isn’t a difficult task. All you have to do is to visit a local shelter to find the doggo you’ll give another chance in life and a happy home.

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