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Doggy Dan’s The Online Dog Trainer Review– Is This Program Ideal for Your Dog?

There are many dog training programs you can find on the web. Each promises to transform your dog into a more rounded canine. One of these is Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer. Through his online platform, Dan shares tips and actual experiences on training a doggo. And in this Doggy Dan review, we’ll discuss how his program actually works.

Doggy Dan Review

Choosing a dog trainer is a crucial step in ensuring that your pet will grow to be a well-mannered dog. Each dog, no matter what the breed is, requires training to grow as good canines. This is exactly what Dan tries to help us with. From leashing, commands, and up to dampening aggression, he has a guide for all dog owners.

A short background of Doggy Dan’s the Online Dog Trainer review

The online dog training website is owned and managed by Dan Abdelnoor, a New Zealand-based dog expert. Before he became a successful dog behaviorist and trainer, Dan was a corporate employee. But soon after quitting his day job, he started his venture to dog training and animal rights campaigning.

The story started with his dog Peanut, a Rhodesian Ridgeback that inspired him to study dog behavior. Soon enough, Dan is training other dogs and sharing his knowledge with other pet owners. Peanut also inspired the Online Dog Trainer that’s now helping thousands – if not millions – of dog owners.

Here’s Doggy Dan and his Peanut and how it all started:

Dan focuses on behavior training by understanding the communication signals and natural behavior of dogs.

But what can we expect if we sign to Dan’s program? This is what this online dog training program review is all about.

Pros and cons of Doggy Dan’s online dog trainer

Doggy Dan’s exemplary training courses are not without some disadvantages. Still, the downsides are too minuscule to outweigh the perks.


✔️Doggy Dan has trained over 37,000 dogs with his program

✔️60-day money-back guarantee for your peace of mind

✔️Hundreds of informative videos

✔️Trusted and recommended by the New Zealand SPCA

✔️Utilizes positive reinforcement

✔️You can ask Doggy Dan questions

✔️You will train your dog with full guidance

✔️Weekly updates for such an inexpensive program

✔️Very affordable trial phase



❌You can’t download the training videos


❌You need an internet connection to access the courses


❌Some of the videos are in a low-quality format





Key features of the program

🐕Downloadable audio resources

🐕More than 250 videos

🐕Exclusive forum for all premium members

🐕Ask Dan and his team questions coupled with photos and videos

🐕New content every week

Around 250+ training videos for every topic

When it comes to quality content, Dan surely takes the time to create it. Dan’s dog training program website has more than 250 video training courses that teach almost anything you can think of about dogs. It includes free step-by-step potty training course, obedience course, and more.

the online dog trainer review

Aside from marketing his premium courses (which, by the way, is pretty affordable), Dan sees to it that non-paying readers would also get something out of his website.

If you just got your first pup, Doggy Dan’s online dog training courses will be a life plan that will help you raise a disciplined pooch. You can watch easy-to-understand videos about bark control, leashing, food aggression, calming your dog in a car, and so much more.

The good thing about Doggy Dan’s training videos is that everything is doable and practical. He explains everything in an expert yet easy-to-understand manner. At the end of each video, you’ll understand why, how, and what you should do for each situation.

New Zealand SPCA recommends Doggy Dan

Doggy Dan’s online training program isn’t your typical self-help dog training resource. In fact, it sports the approval of New Zealand’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). What does that mean? It means that Doggy Dan’s courses are legitimate and effective as a training program for dogs.

You can’t find such a level of confidence from any dog training courses online. Dan’s training program is the product of years of study and application. You simply can’t beat that.

Real life consultation

Dan documents each dog problem on his videos and solves it right in front of the camera. This is why his program is much better than those who offer e-book resources.

You’ll get to see the problem and compare it with your own dog. It includes real dog owners with real problems. What Dan and his team do is interview the dog owner to assess what’s causing the problem. This is very useful for you as the dog owner who’s trying to figure out the cause of your dog’s problematic behavior.

After diagnosing the problem, Dan proceeds to discuss what the problem is about and what he’s going to do to fix it. Dan demonstrates it and then shows to you what results are right in the same video. This way, you also get to observe the behavior of the dog and compare it when you’re performing the training to your own pet.

Here’s one video where Doggy Dan helped a dog owner teach his pooch to heel during a walk:

What I love the most on this Doggy Dan review is that Dan lets you correct the problematic behavior right in your home. Unlike other programs that will ask you to send your dog to a training camp, his approach is more comfortable for both the dog and the owner.

No mockups or staged situations

I personally hate training courses where the expert simulates the situation with a trained dog. With Doggy Dan, you’ll be presented with an actual situation from a real-life dog owner. This makes his program more relatable and easy to understand.

What Dan features are dogs with real behavioral problems – the same with the pooch you’re training at home. This way, you see on camera that Dan’s techniques actually work in a specific timeframe.

Instead of reading e-books, Doggy Dan provides videos so you can observe the tone of the voice, the reaction of the dog, and the environment where the pet exists. You’ll also see the cues Dan uses to train the dog which you can directly apply to your own training session with your dog.

No e-book or other websites can achieve this level of accuracy and usefulness. Dan doesn’t just show how it’s done, he also explains the process and root of the problem. So at the end of every video, you’ll get holistic knowledge of the problem presented.

Only gentle methods used

Since this is directly endorsed by the SPCA, you can count on Dan’s use of positive reinforcement. Almost all dog training programs use this as means of fixing negative behavior among pets. As you see in his videos, Doggy Dan doesn’t force a dog to do something. Instead, he encourages the canine to follow his cues and commands.

What I’m impressed about this Doggy Dan’s review is that his approach rarely uses food as a reward. This totally makes sense. Sure, your dogs will follow you when you have that yummy treat, but once it’s gone, they’ll be back on their old ways.

Everything is covered in Dan’s program. To be honest, this is one of the most holistic and well-structured training programs I’ve seen. Dan sees to it that the members will have a guide from puppyhood to adulthood of their canines.

All of the things you need to raise a disciplined dog are included in the program.

Signing up to Doggy Dan’s program

When you sign up to Dan’s program, you’ll get access to his training courses, forum, and other perks. What you see as a non-paying site visitor is just the tip of the iceberg.

You have a lot of options when signing up as a premium member on Dan’s site. If you just want to try the waters, you can sign up for a trial period of three days for only US$1. This is a one-of-a-kind offer so you get to experience the program without spending a whole month’s worth of membership. Just take note that after the trial phase, you’ll be charged US$37 per month.

If you’re bent to avail a longer membership contract, you can choose between the free trial package and the 6-month contract. With the free trial package, you’ll enjoy 7 days of free trial before you are automatically converted to a monthly membership.

On the other hand, if you want to skip the trial phase and save more, you can sign up for a 6-month contract for just US$147. With this, you get to save around US$12.50 a month!

Overall, Doggy Dan’s online dog trainer program is value for money. You can cancel anytime which is added peace of mind.

The ‘Complete Pack’

So what do you get when you sign up to Doggy Dan’s program? Dan calls it as the ‘Complete Pack’ that includes tools, training courses, and everything you need to fix behavioral problems of your dog.

Basically, the Complete Pack is the premium compilation of all of Dan’s courses that are designed to train your pet in every stage of its life. Here’s a short Doggy Dan review of all the inclusions:

Doggy Dan review

🐕The Dog Calming Code

This package is valued at US$97 and consists of starter courses required before you dive deep to more advanced approaches. The 22-video sub-package teaches you on how to keep your dog calm before you start training.

Aside from the videos, the Dog Calming Method also has PDFs, articles, and audio resources for a wholesome training session. This is also available as a separate product.

🐕Everyday Tools & Techniques

This inclusion in the Complete Pack is valued at US$27 (not available as a separate product). It includes the behind-the-scenes of Dan’s training process where he shows the required tools and added tricks to succeed in your training session.

This portion is composed of 28 videos that are paired with PDFs, audio files, and articles.

🐕Perfect Puppy Program

Do you have a new pup? This inclusion of the Complete Pack helps address early behavioral problems with added command training. This includes but not limited to preventing biting, chewing, and understanding cues.

Overall, this part is a 31-video series with additional resources to raise a disciplined puppy. It’s valued at $47.

🐕The ‘Project Moses’ Video Diary

This massive 68-video series documents Dan’s journey to raising his Border Collie mixed Labrador puppy named Moses. These videos capture Dan’s training sessions with Moses from eight weeks old up to a year. It’s like being a fly on the wall while seeing a pet owner and dog expert raise his new puppy.

Everything about raising a pup is covered: sending the pup to sleep at night, crate training, socialization, leash walking, potty training, and a whole lot more. This is worth $47 but not available separately.

🐕All Dogs Problem Solved

This part is where the actual training starts including leashing, stopping barking, jumping, aggression, and whatnots. Like what its title indicates, it covers just about any behavioral problem your dog may have.

This 41-video series is helpful for both puppy owners preparing their dog toward adulthood and owners who have adopted an adult canine. Valued at $97, all your dog’s behavioral problems will be solved.

🐕Dan’s Dog Training 101

This part tackles both the basic and advanced techniques of training your dog. It helps you motivate dogs without using food as a reward, command training, reading dogs’ body language, and a lot more. This is valued at $67 and totally worth it once you avail a premium membership.

🐕Doggy Dan’s Community Forum

When you avail a premium membership, you will enjoy access to Dan’s forum where you can connect with him in person. Here, you can show Dan videos and photos of your dog while in training so he can help you analyze the behavior. This is real-life consultation without having to pay for additional fees.

You can also socialize with other dog owner members. This is valued at $149 but you can enjoy it for just US$37 a month with a free 7-day trial.

With these inclusions, I don’t have anything to ask for. I can train my dog at home while having the chance to connect with Dan to ask for more advice and opinion. What you’ll get when you sign up is a well-constructed and proven program that you can fit in on your schedule.

How Dan teaches to understand your dog

Aside from performing training drills, Doggy Dan also values the process of understanding your dog. This way, you’ll have a better understanding of why your dog behaves in a certain way and what you can do to fix it. It’s like tracing the problem from the roots up, something that impressed me while doing this Doggy Dan review.

On his program, you’ll get to learn the following:

🐕How to use rewards and how to motivate your dog without it

🐕The psychology behind a dog’s learning and what you should do make them learn faster.

🐕How to ensure your kids’ safety while mingling with your dog

🐕How to gain the trust and confidence of your dog

🐕Changing the tone of your voice and its relation to the training process

🐕Your dog’s response to your energy and more

All of these would become clearer once you hopped into the boat. All of these topics are covered in detail on Dan’s videos and supporting resources. Even if you’re a newbie dog owner, you can easily keep up with Dan’s tips.

How Dan solves behavioral problems

I’ve seen a lot of dog training programs before and I can say that doing this Doggy Dan review makes me realize that it’s the best option. Since his videos dig deep on the root cause of the problem, you will fix the issue and not just its symptoms.

What I like about Dan’s (approach which I don’t see in other dog training programs) is he explains the situation in a way that all dog owners will understand. It gives all the members a clear set of instructions.

It will take more than one blog post to discuss all the behavioral problems that Dan’s program can solve. But to give you an idea, here are some of the problems the online dog trainer can fix:

🐕Aggression towards other dogs and people

🐕Jumping on people

🐕Not coming when called

🐕Excessive leash pulling

🐕Problematic barking

🐕Running away

🐕Biting, nipping, and destructive chewing


🐕Separation anxiety


This program is like the Holy Grail of the canine training world. It’s so comprehensive that you’ll get more than your money’s worth. All the mentioned sources might be a handful but it’s never overwhelming since it’s arranged in sub-packages.

But do you think it’s enough for a dog training program? Doggy Dan’ offers more on his Podcast (see below).

Doggy Dan’s podcast

Aside from the precious video courses you’ll access through a premium membership, you’ll also enjoy new content regularly on Doggy Dan’s Podcast.

Here, he talks about being a pack leader, introducing your baby to your dog, dog fights, biting, food, and more. The good news? It’s all free for everyone! Each podcast runs from 15 to 30 minutes packed with tips straight from Dan Abdelnoor himself.

To date, there are 15 podcast episodes which continuous to count every month. This is also great for those planning to avail the Complete Pack but still unconvinced of Dan’s abilities.

What do the members say?

A lot of people who have experienced Dan’s program and service have nothing but good words about it. First of all, it works and his program is made affordable so more dog owners can avail it.

Personally, I would like to commend Doggy Dan’s attention to detail and his very organized approach to training. Although he has overflowing resources, even newbie members won’t drown in it. This is something that many online dog trainers fail to prevent.

Here’s one of Online Dog Trainer’s Kenton Osmond and what he has to say about the Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer:

Here are more testimonials from other members after using the Online Dog Trainer:

Is Doggy Dan’s online dog training fit for your pet?

Definitely! If you have a pup or an adult dog that you want to train, the Online Dog Trainer is worth the money. However, the only downside here is you have to perform the training sessions. That calls for patience and time on your end as the dog owner.

But if you can endure the hassle of putting up your effort and time, you can save a whole fortune with Doggy Dan instead of hiring a personal dog trainer.

Just take note that dog training is a process. Although Dan can make it look easy, it could be a different story for each dog. The good thing is you can contact him directly on the exclusive forum.

What I don’t like about the Online Dog Trainer

I really love Doggy Dan’s approach and some of the downsides I would mention here are just minor issues that I, and most dog owners, can live with.

First, you can’t download the videos. This I fully understand since Dan’s program is subscription-based. Just imagine signing for three days for only $1 and hoarding all the videos then leaving the platform. You need to pay if you want to continuously view the resources which make perfect sense to me. Besides, the monthly fee is very affordable.

Lastly, a small percentage of the videos are in low-quality format. I understand this, too, since some of those are made around five years ago and technology has gone a long way since.

Nevertheless, Dan and his team are continuously updating the videos to improve its quality and content. This makes the visual quality a very minor issue for me.


In this Doggy Dan review, I can say that this online dog trainer program gets flying colors and a 5 out of 5 stars rating. The methods are positive, the program is well-structured, and Dan continuously guides all members during the training. It’s almost like hiring a dog trainer for your pooch!

free online dog training Doggy Dan
free online dog training by Doggy Dan

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