Everything You Need to Know About Pitbull Home Insurance

My Pitty won’t hurt the neighbor’s cat, not even a fly. But when it comes to Pitbull home insurance, agencies could be hard to convince. Due to the bad rap Pitties received due to stereotypes, homeowners and renters are now required to secure a special insurance policy. Even with the rampant exclusions, there are a few insurance companies that cater to this breed.

For some, Pitties are too dangerous and it may act aggressively at any given situation. We all know that this isn’t the case. However, this makes Pitbulls a bit costly to insure, not to mention the possibility of being blacklisted by the insurer. Pitbulls are commonly included in the likes of wolf breeds in the level of viciousness.

But thank goodness, there are flexible and open-minded insurance companies that offer both home and renters insurance that covers Pitbulls. Here, I’ll discuss five of the best options for your doggo.

The price of Pitbull insurance

All dogs, not just Pitbulls can cause expensive problems. Payouts for bites and related physical injuries can be as much as $33,000 based on the study of the Insurance Information Institute. While many acknowledge the fact that any breed could inflict the same level of harm, insurers seem to discriminate Pitbulls. They often associated the breed to a higher risk, thus a steep cost.

Since false information about Pitbulls is still circulating, insurance companies think that Pitties are more inclined to bite than “friendlier” breeds like Golden Retrievers or Pugs.

Insurers are so caught up with dog bite statistics.

It’s true that a dog bites happen in the U.S. every 75 seconds and that half of these happen to kids. However, there’s no solid proof that Pitties are the common culprits.

Still, we understand that each insurance company will have their own rules. They have the discretion to identify which breeds are aggressive or not. And just the same, as Pitbull owners, we don’t have any defense if they blacklist our pets from their coverage.

Why and how companies restrict Pitbull insurance

There are two common scenarios when it comes to personal liability insurance. First, the agency won’t grant you a policy once you report that you own a Pitbull. Second, they will provide pet insurance coverage but with very strict stipulations about which and which aren’t covered. Most of the time, the most expensive stuff aren’t included. Still, that’s the best thing our Pitties could have.

Take note that if Esurance is your insurer, they will deny you coverage solely because your dog is a Pitbull. If you already have an existing homeowners or renters insurance, you should verify if they cover Pitbulls. Make sure that they include dog bites on their policy; otherwise, it offers very little help.

The silver lining here is that there are a few companies that will provide complete coverage but at a higher cost. The exact price tag will vary depending on the rates your insurer offers.

Another good news is that in states like Pennsylvania and Michigan, it’s illegal for insurance companies to deny an owner of coverage based on dog breed.

They aren’t allowed to cancel the coverage either, which provides more security for you and your dog. But unless your state prohibits blacklisting, you should verify if the insurance agency will cancel or deny payouts in the case of serious injuries and damages.

The case of renters Pitbull insurance

Renters insurance almost has the same policy as homeowner’s policies. The insurance agency has the power to deny or cancel the coverage when they knew that you own a Pitbull. You have to ask if the agency will accommodate Pitbulls or not and what their terms are if ever they can provide a coverage. If they decline, you might need to look for another company with a more inclusive offer.

Another struggle that renters have to face is their landlords’ terms when it comes to pet ownership. Many landlords ban Pitbulls on their property. So even with a decent insurance, other factors may not be in your control as a renter.

Pitbull home insurance

How to get insurance for your Pitbull

You don’t have to lose hope if you can’t find an insurance coverage for your Pitty right now. Below, I’ve reviewed 5 insurance companies that accommodate Pitbulls. But for now, here are some points to get an insurance policy for your pet:

➕Read the fine print

Chances are you already have an existing insurance. Check the policy first before making your next move. Look for the provisions about owning a dog and what breeds are excluded from the coverage. You’re lucky if your insurer accommodates all breeds and conditions like dog bites and other physical injuries caused by attacks.

The best personal liability insurance is one that has a $100,000+ limit. Anyway, going a little bit lower at 80 grand isn’t that bad.

➕Shop around

Unfortunately, most insurance companies nowadays will deny coverage once they knew that you own a Pitty. Take your time to shop around and look for insurance companies that work with high-risk breeds. If manual searching doesn’t do you any good, join forums and ask for recommendations.

One guaranteed way to find an insurance agency that covers Pitbulls is to ask someone who owns the same breed or any of the so-called “dangerous dogs”. You can also hire an independent agent that will scout insurance agencies for you.

How to get your Pitbull covered

One consolation I found out during my hunt for Pitbull insurance is that some agencies will make an exception to their rule. If you can prove that your Pitty has a history of excellent obedience and good behavior, they can bend the rule and include your pet in the insurance.

Although this is a rare occurrence, it doesn’t hurt to increase your chances by doing the following:

➕Socializing and training your pet

Pitbulls are known to be stubborn dogs. But if you start early with obedience training and socialization, they can be attentive. One of the programs recognized by many insurance companies is American Kennel Club’s The Canine Good Citizen Program.

On this program, AKC will teach responsible dog ownership and obedience skills.

Securing this certification from AKC can either land you an insurance discount or give you a ticket to a personal liability insurance coverage.

Some companies consider this certification as the only exception to their no-aggressive dog rule.

➕Neuter your pet

Not all Pitbull owners are open to this suggestion. But if you want to give your insurer a solid proof that your doggo is unlikely to bite, spaying or neutering is a guaranteed way. It’s incontestable that neutering will decrease the aggressiveness of a dog. Back in 2009, about 94% of fatal dog attacks involved unneutered male dogs.

Pitbull-friendly insurance companies

After doing my own research, here are five Pitbull-friendly insurance companies that will get your pet covered either via home insurance or canine liability insurance.

⭐Federation of Insured Dog Owners (F.I.D.O.)⭐

The FIDO canine liability insurance covers all dog breeds through its agency partner, Dean Insurance. As an independent insurance company, this agency offers no deductibles and it’s available in all states except Alaska.

The good thing about their canine liability insurance is it can be expanded as a full home or renters insurance. If you wish, you can add your property or your landlord to their coverage. Dean Insurance also covers dog bites as long as you report it within 10 days after the incident.

A lot of pet owners are happy with the Dean Insurance’s non-discrimination with “dangerous” dogs. With or without the AKC certification I mentioned above, you and your pet will be granted coverage.

Aside from that, the Federation is dedicated to promoting responsible ownership. They provide education to animal-focused groups and the general public to ensure human and canine safety.


Some of the conditions InsureMyK9 covers are dog bites, dog-related property damages, and injuries caused by dog barking or jumping. Take note, though, that this is only pet liability insurance and not a full home insurance like what FIDO offers. Still, this is an excellent choice as they will pay for medical expenses, lawsuits, and property damages.

InsureMyK9 can settle payouts of as much as $30,000 per claim. This way, you can avoid out-of-pocket expenses in case your Pitty cause harm to others.

Depending on the situation, they will also cover your dog even if it has a history of aggression or biting.

However, the cost will be higher, but covered, nonetheless.

If you have multiple Pitties, you have to call them so they can assess the additional rates. Since InsureMyK9 has been in the business for 30 years now, this should be competitive enough for you to afford.

Pitbull home insurance

⭐Einhorn Insurance Agency⭐

Einhorn promises not to discriminate any dog breed when it comes to their insurance policies. And true enough, their “Chief Barking Officer” is a Pitty. Since the people behind the company are Pitbull owners themselves, rest assured that your doggo will receive fair treatment. Also, they offer an inclusive coverage to rescue dogs.

Their General Liability Policy covers dog bites and other injuries caused by aggression. But the good thing is that Einhorn recognizes that not all dog injuries are caused by attacks.

When your Pitty becomes excited upon seeing a neighbor, he might zoom in too quick and cause the other person to fall. They also cover these types of injuries.

And even if they don’t have renters insurance that covers Pitbulls, they offer liability insurance for landlords. Overall, they can pay as much as $40,000 per claim. If you own a breed under the usual “blacklist” types, Einhorn is the perfect insurance company to go to.

⭐Lester Kalmanson Agency Inc.⭐

Lester Kalmanson Agency is a company that covers all dog breeds. Also, they offer liability insurance to landlords, renters, homeowners, and commercially-owned dogs. On top of their breeds covered list is Pitbulls.

It didn’t come as a surprise to me that this agency is well-loved by Pitbull owners. If they can cover alligators and zebras, they surely can accommodate Pitties! In fact, they will give you coverage even if your pooch has a history of attacks and other forms of aggression.

Aside from domesticated dogs, Lester Kalmanson also insures exotic animals like tigers, foxes, and lions. This agency specializes in “unusual risks”.

Aside from liability insurance, they also offer mortality insurance in case the worst happens to your doggo. Also, they will grant transportation insurance to your dog if you’re going to travel or move.

⭐Evolution Insurance Brokers⭐

Like the other four companies listed here, the Evolution Insurance Brokers covers breeds that are typically excluded on Pitbull home insurance.  Bull breeds, Dobermans, Pitbulls, and Akitas are just some of the excluded dogs when it comes to renters and home policies. They provide coverage for difficult risks including lawsuits and serious injuries.

This agency offers a diverse range of insurance policies. From animal liability to experimental aircraft, you can find it here.

You can also avail your healthcare insurance from them.

Potential alternative

In case you can’t find a home insurance that covers your dog or renters insurance that covers Pitbull, an umbrella policy is the last resort. An umbrella policy is a contingency coverage for additional damages that your current insurance doesn’t include.

Usually, umbrella policies that cover dog bites will have a payout limit of up to $1 million.

These policies can cost around $100-$300 per year. But I bet that the higher the possible payout is, the more expensive it gets. Still, this will fill the gap in your current home insurance. It saves you from the hassle of transferring your entire insurance coverage to another provider.

Even if you have a home insurance that covers Pitbulls, an umbrella policy will be supplemental to the payout limit. If your current dog insurance has a low payout, an additional umbrella policy will offer more security.

Do you already have Pitbull home insurance? What are your thoughts about this? Let us know below!

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