Finally Here – List of Pitbull Friendly Places to Visit!

Dogs, such as Pitbull, is considered as the man’s best friend. When you say best friend, someone who’s always there and accompanies you wherever you go. Best friend or a best buddy, many pet owners are bringing their furry buddy everywhere they go. However, if you are planning a trip with your pooch, you might check this pet-friendly places to visit this holiday.

To help you make your list easier, we will give a list of places where you and a canine friend can go. These places are considered to be pet-friendly places based on the number of dog parks in each city and the number of dog-friendly restaurants and beaches.

But, don’t get excited yet! Before you jump on a ride for those places, you need to know and be aware of the rules and regulations of some countries or cities where you and your Pits must be entering. Before taking your Pits on a trip, you need to handle your pooch required medical care and paperwork. Make sure that you have your doggy’s documents when travelling to different cities or countries.

Travelling Tips with Your Pitbull

1. Veterinarian’s advice

It is better if you tell your vet about your plans for travelling with your pooch as soon as possible. You and your vet can make sure that your canine friend meets all the requirements for your destination and that he is healthy enough to have a trip with you. The basic requirements may include the following:

  • Blood tests
  • Vaccinations
  • Microchips for identification
  • Identification tags for your pet dog
    When checking for identification tags for your pet dog, ensure they have your contact information and are durable enough to withstand any playful activities your pet might engage in during travel.

Airlines, cities, and countries have different requirements. Better for you to know what are the specific ones are.

2. Pet travel research

You have to submerge yourself to do your homework before having a trip with your furry buddy. Make a research on how to travel with your Pitbull. For example, when travelling internationally to different countries. There are different airlines that have different rules and regulations about how a pet can travel.

Depending on the airline and the country that you have to go to, your Pitbull may be able to travel with you on your flight either in a cabin or in the cargo hold. It is advisable to confirm this ahead of time with the airline. On some airlines that allow pets to travel, only small dogs that can fit in special carriers under the seat are allowed in the cabin.

However, there are some airlines that do not allow them in the cabin. They will transport your Pits as cargo in a heated and ventilated hold. But, dogs may travel and rest better this way, since it is quieter and darker. Another way is that they can give a separate flight for you and your pooch as an air cargo shipment.

Good idea if you ask your vet about when to give a food and water. You must make arrangements for pick-up at the final destination if your Pitbull is travelling as an air cargo shipment. Furthermore, the safety of our pet is our priority no matter what time of the year it is. If you decided to have a trip with your Pitbull that have to be shipped in a cargo, ensure that a comfortable and strong container with enough room to move freely and normally while standing, and lie down in a natural position must be provided.

3. Consider the comfort of your Pitbull

The most stressful part of travelling for your furry buddy is the loading and unloading. During this time, consider the following tips:

♦ Get your Pitbull used to its carrier before the flight.

♦ Better to go for a flight that have fewer connections or layovers.

♦ Good idea to plan for a nighttime arrival in a hot destination. This may be better for your Pitbull.

♦ It is always a good thing to consult with your veterinarian. The use of tranquillizers or sedatives for Pitbulls are discouraged because of the potential harm that they could give to the animal.

♦ It is advisable to walk your Pitbull before leaving home and before checking in.

♦ Better to check in as late as possible if your Pitbull is allowed in the cabin.

♦ On the contrary, check in as early if your Pit will travel as a cargo. This way, he can go to the noise-reduced and dark area of the plane.

4. The requirement for Pitbulls travelling in different cities or countries

First and foremost, your Pitbull is required to be healthy and have a proof of its rabies vaccination:

  • Your Pitbull must be at least 3 months old to get the rabies vaccination.
  • You need to wait for 30 days before travelling to allow the vaccine to take effect if this is the first rabies vaccination of your Pitbull.
  • Better have your pooch vaccinated and wait for 30 days before travelling if you are not sure or you do not have any proof your Pitbull was vaccinated already.
  • However, you can proceed to your trip without having to wait for 30 days if the adult dog’s rabies booster is current.
  • The certificate of the vaccination for rabies of your Pitbull must a validity until the end of your trip.

Moreover, there are some states or cities that may require other vaccinations and health certificates. There are also some cities that restrict certain breeds. Better to check it with your destination state’s health department before leaving on a trip.

5. Other travel options

It is better to ensure that your Pitbull is healthy enough to travel by air. However, if you’re not sure of this policies, leaving your pooch to your companion or relative is a bright idea. Taking another mode of transportation is also one of the best options. With advance and careful planning, you and your pooch will arrive at its destination and return home healthy and safe.

Benefits of Travelling with Your Pitbull

Despite the critical and stressful process of preparation of your Pitbull’s travel documents, there are lots of benefits that you can get from travelling with your canine friend. You may find companionship and love from spending time the ultimate man’s best friend. You and your Pits can get more exercise, that both of you needs. Aside from that, here are some of the benefits that you can get from travelling with your Pitbull:

♥ You and your Pitbull can be comfortable

♥ Discipline is the key. Many Pitbulls, as an active breed, tend to hop out of the door at the very first opportunity. However, you just only have to discipline your pooch about this. Better to be consistent and insistent. Remember that it is their safety that you value the most. And a well-mannered Pits makes for a much more pleasant road trip.

♥ It makes you feel safe.

♥ Travelling with your pooch makes you look and feel like a local. Having your Pitbull with you on a trip, you may be seen as someone who belongs, a local, or a contributor to the city’s culture and economy. You may feel that you belong.

♥ It forces you to keep on a routine and eliminates jet lag. Pitbulls accomplished to compelled you to get up, to have a routine, and to see the city you’ve travelled. How? By their daily needs of walks and twice a day feedings, by forcing you to walk outside those Pitbull friendly cities.

♥ You will get peace of mind. Almost all of the pet owners experience the anxiety of being separated from their Pitbull for a few days. Having him with you on a trip takes off the edges. Besides, there are many hotels that offer pet services and even pet shops where you can leave your Pitbull siting. This can be very convenient especially when you know you’ll be out all day at a conference.

♥ Having your Pitbull on a trip may help you explore areas you’d never think about.

♥ Pitbull makes flights less of a drag.

♥ Your canine friend will be totally spoiled.

♥ Pitbull makes great social media.

Pet-Friendly Places to Visit

Now that you and your furry friend are all set and almost prepared to go on a trip, just get your pen and paper ready to list down the pet-friendly places to visit. Also, prepare your pooch’s leash ready and throw the dog a bone. Here is a list of Pitbull friendly cities that you can visit.

1. Arlington, Virginia

This Pitbull friendly city has almost eight dog amusement parks, number of restos and cafes where your Pits are very much welcome.

2. Tampa, Florida

If your Pitbull loves running on the beach, then better take him to Tampa. There are Davis Island Dog Beach and Picnic Island Dog Beach that let your Pits run free and crash in the big waves of the beach. Better try this Pitbull friendly city with your pooch and definitely he will enjoy.

3. West Hollywood, California

Another pet-friendly place to visit is in West Hollywood, California. This is one of Los Angeles’ best hoods for your Pit. There you and your furry buddy will discover and keep on running in an open pation with an artificial track for K9 and fountains of water. These are specially interiorly planned for our canine heroes. There are also the hottest pet-friendly food dinings all over the town. Options include the Flavour of India if you crave for curries, Otus Thai Kitchen and Coffee for a Thai breakfast choice, or Smith and Tait for something like a turmeric latte.

4. Dallas, Texas

Next in line of those Pitbull friendly cities is the Dallas, Texas. There is a plenty of restaurants with open-air terraces which is very much perfect for dining with your dog. The Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar has a wide variety of pies and drinks. Whereas the Open Sesame is an excellent choice if your Pitbull likes the taste of Lebanese. There is also a lake for swimming available for your Pit, the White Rock Lake. It is a 1,015-acre space with 9.3 miles of trails.

5. Portland, Oregon

Portland is the perfect destination for Pitbulls with eclectic taste and considered as a pet-friendly place to visit. Even of its weird ambiance, the place is very much dog-friendly as well. The nice thing about Portland is that it is the only place in the outer boundary of France where Pitbulls are very much permitted to stay at the bars. There is numerous selection of places where you and your Pits can go. You can dine at the Gumba for pasta, sit at MF Tasty for a taco treat, or taste the burgerlets at PDX Sliders.

6. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis have two cities which both have amusement parks, peasants markets, flower shops and yards, and boutiques in which your pooch are welcome in this Pitbull friendly city. Treat your pooch some taste of its culture and caffeine at Mojo Coffee Gallery. This is an art gallery and coffee shop where your furry buddy would also love. Linger over a nouveau American dinner at Town Talk Dinner and Gastropub and close off the day with wine and dessert at Cave Vin.

7. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado, another pet-friendly place to visit, is known for its wide, open spaces. It’s an ideal destination for you and your Pitbull who really love to explore new places through hikes. There is the Bear Creek Dog Park which has greater than 10 yards of fully dog-friendly area. Pitbulls can also stroll down at Cheyenne Mountain Park of the city or enjoy the scenic view of the seven falls at Broadmoor. Energize yourself for a Salvadoran breakfast joint at Monse Pupuseria. After a day spent outdoors, need some pizza treat from Carbonella Creations or a drink at Axe and the Oak Whiskey House.

8. Seattle, Washington

The city of Seattle seems unlikely a dog-friendly destination — but there are more dogs than children within the city. Dogs have the run of 14 different off-leash areas in the city, mark Magnuson Park the first on your list. There is the green open area of almost nine yards which offers canines to enter and roam at the beach of Lake Washington. Give your doggy a nice morning meal offered by Biscuit and Bean, sip a cup of tea over Steepologie, and enjoy eating a kebab on a nice place of Gyro Time.

9. Jersey City, New Jersey

Jersey City has a different story as a Pitbull friendly city. Just across the Hudson River, dogs run free. Dog-friendly facilities are very accessible all over the town. These include Hidden Grounds Coffee, The Cliff, and the swanky Latham House.

10. Phoenix, Arizona

The last but definitely not the least pet-friendly place to visit is the Phoenix, Arizona. Luckily, your Pitty is welcome in the AC in many establishments. Refresh yourself with a smoothie at Tres Leches Cafe, eat some burgers or tacos at The Dressing Room, or unwind with a glass of wine at Rott n’ Grapes.

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  1. I have a pit bull rescue. He is a sweet angel. Unfortunately we live in Colorado Springs, and although pit bulls are allowed, almost all apartment complexes here have aggressive breed restictions. This place is a load of bull! He is part of our family, where can we move to keep our happy family together?

  2. Having any PitBull breed( there’s 6 official ones) is unfortunately, an issue with many places to reside. Each HOA has the right to exclude ” dangerous” breeds to their liking. Townships may not have DBLs, but neighbors will lie about an incidence or create one, just to have your Pittie gone. This absurd ban and labeling Pits “aggressive and dangerous” must be stopped, legally, on all facets. Media is mostly to blame, posting ANY Pit breed that has been in a negative altercation and NOT posting all the sweet, loving and gentle events.
    The “vicious, dangerous, unpredictable” label is thanks to dogfighting and attack dogs that use Pits primarily. It is the Humans, not the victims( the Pits) that need banning. Rescue groups and Pit rehomers, are getting the Truth out and dispelling the too common myths of the Pit who will attack for no reason, can’t be trusted and have inborn vicious traits.

    Any intelligent dog lover knows there is nothing inherently vicious about a Pit, quite the opposite. They are, however, extremely smart, easy to train, very strong and will only want to please master. If master is a psychopath, and fights dogs or abuses them regularly, Putties only want to do good, please master and so they do. Like an infant, a Pit is born with a blank slate..humans fill that in almost at birth
    Hate Groups are on social media and too many believe whatever FB, Insta, etc posts as well as Martha down the street who’s cousin was mailed by a Pit and died. None of the facts are ever presented, and so the label is on tightly.
    It is our job, respectable,reasonable, loving Pit owners, to show and tell Truth about the breed. The more this is exemplified, everywhere, by photos and stories of Real Pit Lives, the more the horrid untruths will crumble. Search n Rescue, Service Dogs, Police depts, Military Vet organizations all use re-trained rehomed Pit Breeds, but don’t get the exposure. Rescued Pits from dogfighting are 80% able to heal, emotionally, physically and psychologically, depending on the training and honest love they are receiving. Change isn’t easy and stubborn stigmas are very hard to dispell, but it Can be done. So, get on it. Write, gather advocates, talk to the media with loving stories of Real life Pits and get local rescues to help out with legislatures, getting laws changed for harsh enforcable laws for animal abusers. It’s the HUMANS who create aggressive dogs, not the breed.
    Be kind and loving to your pet, even if he eats the doorway or pees on your rug. Don’t have violence in your home. Train early on obedience and simple commands to the dog and if rehomed, do the same. Be in control, the Alpha and not with violence, with stern love and Consistency. Soon enough, the label will unstick and be put unto another undeserving breed, like poodle.

  3. Any and every breed needs proper socialization, a loving knowledgeable owner and family and loving training, to be all the best they can be.
    PitBull breeds are taking a horrific rap for their horrendous abuse and sadistic owners. They are victims, and like humans, victims are blamed. Be an example for your dog, your community and for all those who truly believe the stigma that Pit breeds are dangerous.
    Humans are dangerous, cruel and sadistic, not animals. I’m training my Pit pup now, all 85lbs, and obedience is #1. Controlling a big smart dog can be hard so learn how or pay a trainer. Start at home and when he’s ready, socialize slowly.
    Pits will be exonerated from the labels and in due time, their stellar rep as a family dog who are great with kids, will return. Justice for our Pit breeds.

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