Water Healing for Pitbull: Insights and Everything You Need to Know!

When we say “Hydrotherapy” it simply means water healing. Not only humans can benefit from the said healing process. Also, our furry friend can benefit from it the same way as a human did. But, how does hydrotherapy for dogs works?

Here, we discuss how hydrotherapy helps your loveable Pits. You can also get information and insights about this healing process. The benefits and also the possible risk is also discussed here as well. So, you will learn that swimming with dogs is not only for fun but also for numerous benefits for both of you.

Better wear your swimming attire put those goggles on and start to dive in that cold water in the pool with your Pitbull!

How Hydrotherapy help your Pitbull
Types of Hydrotherapy for Pitbull
Benefit of Hydrotherapy for Your Pits
Possible Risk of Hydrotherapy for Pitbull
Post-therapy Care for Your Pits
Hydrotherapy for Dogs - not for all breeds
DIY Pitbull Hydrotherapy

How hydrotherapy help your Pitbull

Swimming has a lot of benefits to human, it can cool us off on a hot summer day to be able to stay in shape. However, the good news is swimming with your dogs may also give a reward to your canine friend from time spent in the water. It can keep your Pitbull in shape, relieve his arthritic pain, or get him back on his feet after surgery. All of these can be experienced by your pooch by giving him hydrotherapy for dogs.

In hydrotherapy, it generally works by the use of water characteristics like buoyancy and pressure of hydrostatic state. Through this, it enables a canine to use his joints. The weight of someone submerged in water is supported because of the water buoyancy. Meaning, your Pit is not against and fighting gravity. The function of water buoyancy is primarily to reduce the stress on the joints. Because of this, there will be a much safer environment for recovery after surgery.

This type of healing is also beneficial for Pitbulls who are recovering from an injury, those who suffer from degenerative joint disease, and those who have been paralyzed. Not only that, but it can also help your furry buddy suffering from fractures, hip dysplasia, the amputation of a limb, and neurological disorders. It may be especially a good healing for canines who suffer from arthritis due to old age. This is through the warm water that helps reduce joint swelling.

Types of Hydrotherapy for Pitbull

There are different forms of hydrotherapy that are available for Pitbull. It includes whirlpools, underwater treadmills, and dog pools. These types all offer a controlled environment. Let us try to identify which one would you like your doggy to experience.

Underwater treadmills 

This type of hydrotherapy for dogs are often used for those with joint problems. Underwater treadmills work by when your Pit begins to walk on the treadmill and the water creates the resistance needed to strengthen the muscles in a low-impact environment. It can give your Pitbull improved circulation, increased joint flexibility, and decreased joint pain. Other benefits your pooch may get from this type are muscle strength and endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, increased flexibility, a range of motion, and agility.

However, each aquatic facility for canines is different. Some facilities simply include pools, while others have a higher-tech equipment like this underwater treadmills. The type of water that can be used for your Pits may also vary. Some dogs may need to work out in warm water. Warm water provides the loosening of the tight muscles. It is also used more often for therapy or recovery sessions. Moreover, colder water is generally used for athletic dogs who are training or exercising. This way it helps them maintain a normal, balanced body temperature.

Further, swimming with your dogs should only be limited. The length of time Pitbulls spend in the pool would still be based on veterinary recommendations. But, most of the swimming sessions for canines can range from 10 minutes to a half an hour.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Your Pits

One of the benefits of hydrotherapy for dogs is that it stimulates, strengthens, and relaxes their body. Water therapy may also improve your Pitbull’s balance, coordination, and increase overall energy levels. This can all be experienced by your pooch while reducing their pain and stress.

Below are the benefits of hydrotherapy for your Pitbull:

  • Water helps to increase circulation and helps to have a good skin and fur.
  • The water can elevate the drainage of the lymph, prevents the body of acquiring wastes, and aids in developing the immune system.
  • Water can encourage better digestion and can promote balance and coordination.
  • Hydrotherapy for dogs can also help those who need to shed a few pounds.
  • It can help to strengthen and condition your Pits all year round.
  • Hydrotherapy also helps dogs to recover after undergoing a surgery or to support dogs with arthritis to move their joints comfortably.
  • This therapy also maintains the bulkiness of the muscle and roam in a more comfortable manner around the area while eliminating the pain.
  • It can help your pooch to swim even dog with age and who already losses bulkiness of the muscle. They may engage in exercising in a fully lightweight environment.

Possible Risk of Hydrotherapy for Pitbull

Aside from the numerous advantages of hydrotherapy and swimming with your dogs, there are some risks pet owners should be aware of in the water. Here is some risk that your Pitbull might experience:

1. Recurrent ear infections

This is the most common risk which results from too much water in the ears. The agitation of certain skin conditions and excessive fatigue may also lead to drowning if your Pitbulls are not properly monitored.

2. Chlorine toxicity

It is known that chlorine use in pools may also be one of then concern of pet owners, but the chemical itself should not be a cause for concern. The Chlorine toxicity in Pitbull is dose-dependent. It is better for the aquatic facilities to properly monitor chlorine levels and dilutes chlorine properly. This is for the safety for both Pitbulls and humans. Moreover, there are many aquatic facilities nowadays that also have UV filtration systems. The so-called system helps to lower the need for high levels of chlorine in pools.

3. Other health concerns

It is very much advisable that Pits with previous health conditions should follow veterinary advice and let them recover fully before diving into the pool. Most especially those Pits with urinary tract infections, ear infections, skin infections, or open wounds. They should allow these conditions to heal before engaging themselves in hydrotherapy.

Also, if your pooch is coughing or seems to be having trouble taking in the air, pull them out immediately from the water for observation and rest. Aquatic facilities should provide staff members that would monitor the level of water being taken by your dog. Because this may lead to pneumonia or intoxication from water. This may happen if your Pitbull gets high level of water while in the pool.

4. Develop stress

It is a no-no to leave your Pitbulls unattended in the water. If that’s the case the activity should be stopped immediately most likely if signs of stress are observed.

5. Increase blood pressure and heart rate

There are Pitbulls who are anxious or stressed, and they may experience increased blood pressure and increased heart rates when they get into the water.

Post-therapy Care for Your Pits

You need to bath or at least rinse your Pitbull afterwards most likely if he swims water that is treated with chlorine or salt. Treatments that are suitable for the post-swimming session are provided that you and your Pits might enjoy as well:

1. Sea Plasma All-purpose Skin and Hair Moisturizing Spray

Sodium pyrrolidone carboxylic acid is the key ingredient of this product. This is a natural moisturizer of your Pitbull skin which is synthesized from glutamic acid, a non-essential amino acid. Dilute it at the rate of 1 part product to 10 parts water. It absorbs deep down the skin, helps maintain the skin look younger, decreases pet hair-causing allergy, and has a nice smell.

2. Chamomile-peppermint tea After-swim Spray

Chamomile is a well-known skin soother that has a calming effect on dogs. This helps your Pitbull to relax and rest after workouts. It helps eliminates irritations of the fur and skin and is very suitable for those Pits with a sensitive skin. The peppermint’s fragrance in it is very energizing and invigorating at the same time.

You’ll need to pour 1 quart boiling water over 2 chamomile and 2 peppermint tea bags. One quart is enough for small dogs. For large breeds, brew up to 4 quarts (1 gallon) tea. However, do not use this if your Pitbull has white hair because herbal teas can blacken the hair.

Hydrotherapy for Dogs – Not for All Breeds

Despite its exceptional benefits, hydrotherapy for dogs is not applicable to every dog. The list of exceptions includes those with diseases of the heart, wound infections, or anxiety of being in the water. A Pitbull with aggression can be a problem as well.

Another thing that you may need to know about swimming with your dogs is that if a Pitbull has never shown an interest in swimming, it doesn’t mean that he won’t benefit at all. Most of the Pits have learned, that getting into the water and swimming can be fun. However, with the help of those doggy life vests and a very good trainer, your Pitbull will learn all of this. Moreover, let your Pits have a land-based exercise if he is the type who are truly terrified of water.

Further, not every pet owner can afford hydrotherapy for dogs. This cost much more than recreational water activities. Also, lots of clinics imposed various fees based on the care, diagnosis and mitigation your Pitbull requires. The charges or fees may also depend on region and facility. However, most offer discounts for packages of five or more swim sessions.

DIY Pitbull Hydrotherapy

If you don’t have much money to afford those aquatic facilities, swimming with your dog is not a problem. Pet owners who have access to pools, lakes, the ocean, or other bodies of water can benefit from this. Aside from that, they can also help their Pitbull to stay active by taking them swimming.

Do everything and make the experience positive for your pooch. Introduce your Pitbull and enter the water gradually giving them lots of praise and rewards. Your Pitbull may get to swimming through the repetition of this step. However, better make sure that the area is safe for your Pits. This is very much applicable for those living near a stream, lake, or river.

Tips on doing a DIY Hydrotherapy for your Pitbull

We all know that DIY therapy work without the help of any professional or skilled aquatic worker. Here are some tips that can help you in doing this. In giving enjoyment to your doggy, the main priority is their safety and nothing at all. So, to help you execute a do-it-yourself hydrotherapy with your loveable Pitbull, we give you the following tips that you might consider:

♦ Better to find for a slightly smooth beach instead of those that are muddy or full of rocks.

♦ Involved your Pitbull in an easy way in and out. This helps your Pit feel secure. If using a swimming pool, it is good to stay at the shallow end at first. Through repetition, teach your Pitbull where the shallow end is. Also, it is better to maintain to cover the pool in a secured way in case that no one is using it.

♦ Good thing that you purchase a life vest for your furry buddy suitably fits for him. This may also lets the legs in front to freely move in a comfortable manner. A gear like a leash needs to be connected to the dog’s vest, however, make sure that your Pits doesn’t become entangled.  If you are doing this in a river or stream, remember to keep your Pitbull away from currents. Don’t play or throw rocks for your Pitbull because they break teeth so easily.

♦ Also, take note of your Pitbull’s fatigue level. The following are the evidence of being fatigue includes a dark and swirl tongue during his panting. There is also bloodshot white of the eyes or an obvious slowing down. Better to provide ample rest periods.

♦ Look after being exposed under the sun too much and place a sunblock on the nose of your Pitty.

♦ If your Pitbull will chase a tennis ball or other toy better to throw it slightly to engage him in swimming in a distant. For every turn to the right, add a turn to the left, and aim for figure 8s to exercise the spine. One side tipping should also be tried as this improves strength and helps the dog to win back posture. You can also try the toe-pinching and foot-touching exercises.

♦ It is okay if your Pitbull doesn’t take to the water right away.


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