How to Contain those Pits? Best Electric Fences that Might Work for Them!

Pet fencing or dog fencing is a network that is made to maintain a pet within confined areas. This system does not use a physical barrier, rather it uses an electronic system for it to work. Commonly, Pitbull owners use this system to contain their doggy. But, does invisible fence work for Pitbulls?

Although this is called a fence, it uses less boundary system which is generally known as the electronic pet containment system. However, this electronic system may not work for your Pits if your pooch immediately crosses that boundary under a state of excitement. If you want to contain your pooch using this fencing system, this will guide you to determine the best electric fence for Pitbulls.

Here we will give some useful information that you might consider when choosing the best product for your pooch.

Invisible Pitbull Dog Fence Network and Its Application

A dog fence network is also known as a pet containment system. It is used for keeping one or more Pitbull or dogs inside your yard or property. This is an electric system that needs a transmitter and a collar receiver that is attached or placed at your dog’s neck. It also has a boundary line which is either made of wire or wireless. Dog fencing system is very much useful for Pitbull that want to escape or get out of the yard.

The electric fence is also called an invisible dog fence. This is usually a wired fence that is placed under the ground. Without the use of a physical fence, this pet containment system uses an electrically charged boundary that functions to keep your Pitbull within your yard.

Invisible Dog Fence Suitable for Pitbull

Does pet containment be good for your Pit? Does invisible fence work for Pitbulls? To answer this questions, let us continue to read the next information.

A good dog fence that is suitable for your Pitbull typically depends on the features that you want and that you are looking for in the dog fence. However, check out this general information to give you a guide for those features that you might consider.

• Check for the measurement of the area – in terms of acres, square feet or circumference, where you need it to. Ensure that the system you will be choosing will cover those areas.

• The system should be able to support the number of dogs or Pitbull that you want to contained therein.

• It should contain the following training modes: static, vibration and tone.

• The most important thing to consider is that it should fit the size your Pitbull’s neck. It should also fit for the weight of your pooch. Check the weight of your Pits and also look for the size of its neck. Make sure that the system that you are choosing will fit within the manufacturer specifications.

• Also, consider your Pitbulls on average when fully grown, whether medium or large breed.

Invisible Dog Fence for Stubborn Pitbull

However, there are these considered “Stubborn Pitbulls” that need a different kind of dog fences. Stubborn Pitbulls are not really stubborn in terms of behaviour. They are called stubborn because of their bigger appearance. Or sometimes, they are just less sensitive to the stimulus from the dog fence.

Moreover, there are dog fences that are specifically made for stubborn Pitbull. To look for a dog fence that is better for stubborn Pitbull, you should consider the following:

• Dog fence for stubborn Pitbull usually has a high power source for the static stimulation. This is applicable for Pitbulls that do not react well or do not easily recognized the low power offered by the regular dog fences.

• A good dog fence for stubborn Pitbull also has a range of static stimulation levels.

When to Apply an Invisible Dog Fence Network for Your Pitbull

Before coming up with a concrete decision on what dog fence system are you going to use for your Pitbull, it takes more things to consider. Also, to find out the answer for “Does invisible fence work for Pitbulls?”, it is better to have an idea when are you going to apply an invisible dog fence network.

Dog fences are used for Pitbull as a temporary training tool. The time your pooch learn the boundaries within your property, you may not need to use it unless your Pitbull starts to get out the boundaries again. Subsequent to the succeeding situations, you may decide to use an invisible dog fence for your Pit.

  1. When you and your Pitbull already build a strong bond with each other and you already gained your pet’s trust.
  2. Completed the basic obedience training with your dog or the advanced training courses
  3. When a good support education program with no electric equipment has not been effective.
  4. After a recommendation of a skilled dog trainer and your trusted veterinarian
  5. When the use of dog fences had been consulted and complied with the laws in your areas.
  6. You are finished and done with your own research on the use of dog fences.

How Does Invisible Fence Work for Pitbull

To identify how does invisible fence work for Pitbull, it is better to know the way it operates. Here we will guide you and give you insights on how an invisible dog fence work.

This dog fence system normally operates on a system that transmits energy between the established boundary line, a transmitter device, and the receiver that is attached to your Pitbull’s collar. The fence is a set of wires that are charged electrically. They are placed around the outer edges of your property at about 3-4 inches under the ground. The tone or vibration will deter your Pit as he approaches the established boundary line.

Are Invisible Dog Fences System Safe for Pitbull

The most important thing to consider when choosing a dog fence system for your Pit is, of course, its safety. Moreover, a good dog fence should not cause any pain to your dog. The static stimulation that the system transmits should only cause mild discomfort to your pooch as a deterrent for going near the boundary that you established.

Some safety guidelines for using a dog fence that you might consider are listed below:

• Always get a professional advice from an animal health expert because trying to use anything.

• It is advisable to read the instruction guide and the safety manuals that come along with the dog fence system.

• Better to research for yourself on the proper way of using the dog fence effectively and safely.

• Consider buying from a reputable dog fence system manufacturer who puts the safety of the dog as their priority.

• Monitor the mental and physical response of your Pitbull in using a dog fence. Once a negative reaction is observed, immediately take off the collar from your Pit and discontinue use.

Pros and Cons of Using an Invisible Dog Fence for Your Pitbull


⇒ There is no physical fence to upkeep

⇒ It doesn’t change your landscaping

⇒ Provides the safety of your Pits while also giving them freedom at the same time

⇒ Serves as protection for your Pitbull from traffic, strangers, and any other dangers outside your boundary

⇒ It doesn’t need an electrician for its installation

⇒ Cheaper than other regular fences

⇒ This system helps train your Pitbull


× Needs for a regular battery check

× It will take some time for installation

× It doesn’t have any protection from other animals getting inside the boundary.

Pitbull Dog Fence Network

Choosing for a way to contain your Pitbull may also fall into two types. Whether you may want to go for an In-Ground or a Wireless dog fence. Looking at what is the better one for your pooch will still depend on the features that you want.

Below is a simple guide that will help you to identify the comparability and distinction between the In-ground and Wireless dog fence system.

In-Ground System

Get an In-ground system for the following situation:

• If you are planning to have a complete, more reliable consistent, accurate, and effective dog fence system

• You won’t mind all the extra time and money that it might take to install the system

Wireless System

Wireless System should be considered if:

• A faster and simpler set up is vital to you

• You like to have a portable system

• You are open with the possibility that the system could be less effective and less reliable if there are a signal or connection interruptions.

In-Ground vs. Wireless Dog Fence Network Distinction


• In-ground System:

⇒ uses metal wire

⇒ can be in any shape you want

⇒ much larger up to around 25 acres with additional wire

⇒ takes a lot more time to install

• Wireless System:

⇒ set by a signal coming from a transmitter

⇒ the shape can only be in a circle

⇒ smaller perimeter at around 1/2 acre for a standard system

⇒ only takes a couple of hours to set up

⇒ Portable type

In-Ground vs. Wireless Dog Fence Network Comparability

♦ Both are used to keep one or more Pitbulls within a certain area

♦ They both come with transmitters and collar receivers

♦ Can be both bought with add-ons

♦ They both have several various modes of training such as static, sound, and vibration

♦  The two types both require similar training to your Pitbull

Best Electric Fence for Pitbulls

If you still want to know, “Does invisible fence work for Pitbulls?” then the following information about the electric fences would be helpful for you in choosing the best one. Electric dog fences are very ideal for pet owners who want to ensure the safety of their pooch. This type of dog fence system is the most effective way to contain your Pits inside your property, especially if your dog is prone to wandering, or you live near a highway. We will give 2 of the best electric fence for Pitbulls that are available in the market today. This way, it will guide you in choosing what is applicable for your pooch.

DogTek Electronic Fencing Network for Dog – EF4000


This dog fence system enables you to contain one or more Pits or dogs safe with freedom within a perimeter that you established without using an ugly fence. One of the best features of this dog fence system is that it is the only dog fence in the market that lets you set different zones for both the warning beep and the static correction. This in-ground fence covers up to 5 acres with additional wire. It also has 8 levels of static correction and great boundary control.

The collar size of EF4000, which is a waterproof collar, is suitable for Pitbull with a neck size of 8 to 26 inches. It has a wire with 500 feet long. This is considered as one of the best electric fences for Pitbulls as is it a gentler system that allows your pooch to get accustomed to the boundaries without fear of receiving any corrections.

In general, the Dogtek Electronic Fencing is a great and excellent product based on its performance.

Havahart Radial Shape Wireless Dog Fence


Another best electric fence for Pitbulls, Havahart Radial Shape Wireless Dog Fence delivers a solid and dependable fencing solution. Its base station which function is to deliver stronger signals is located at the heart of this system. It also provides better filtering and more reliable communication between the base and the collar. Thus, giving this wireless system a more stable and more defined boundary.

The waterproof collar has a size that is available for small and bigger dogs. The collar size ranges from 14 to 26 inches. This is ideal for flat and clear surfaces and has a very simple and easy installation process. Because of this feature, this system makes and proof it to be one of the best electric fences for Pitbulls.

The Havahart Wireless Dog Fence has been enhanced to give you a tighter Trigger Zone which is generally less than 3 to 6 feet. This way it can keep the dog safe. Its collar issue a mild static correction when your dog reaches the Trigger Zone.

Havahart Wireless Dog Fence collar includes a heavy gauge nylon webbed collar strap which encloses. Your Pitbull’s neck is fit in the collar of this dog fence system with a sturdy snap buckle.

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  2. I have been struggling for many months going back and forth on electric horse fence verses underground wireless. I’m willing to spend the money, but everyone has an opinion as to why any specific avenue will not work on a pit bull. I have a fenced acre. Some sides have 6 foot non-climb fencing that seems to work, but other sides only have 4″ square wire fencing that my pit can aggressively pull & chew through. My Pit has been antagonized for many months by my neighbor’s cattle herding breed at our mutual fence line. He has ignored him for months, however, now he has had enough and wants him when he sees it at the fence. He will charge & plunge to get through the existing weaker sides of my fence. Can anyone help me decide what is a route that will prevent my dog breaking through.

  3. My 75 pound pittie loves to run. But she will run right through our existing invisible fence and not look back, it is on the highest level. She will yelp but continue to run after a dog, or bunny. How will this system be different??

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