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2 Best Leashes for Pitbulls You Should Get Right Now!

Pitbulls are massive pullers. If we’re not strong enough, they will drag us around. And since they are inquisitive and energetic pooches, we have to ensure that they won’t be involved in any trouble. With this, we need to have the best leash for Pitbulls that pull. These types are made of reinforced material guaranteed to last constant tugging.

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As much as leashes aren’t substitutes to obedient training, this accessory helps you a lot during long walks. Also, some cities and municipalities require Pitties to be short-leashed when brought in public.

One thing is for sure: you should be cautious of the retractable leash here. If you happen to lose control over the length, you’re just giving the pooch all the freedom to pull you wherever it wants to go. So to guide you, here are some points to keep in mind:

Why leash a Pitbull

Always remember that an unrestraint Pitbull is a loose gun. It can zoom in anywhere which can either harm itself, other people, and properties. Also, it’s a fact that most Pitbulls don’t like the idea of being leashed.

Leashing is in no way brutal as long as it doesn’t hurt the dog. As a responsible pet owner, it’s your duty to keep your doggo secured.

Also, you’re not apt to chase a Pitbull on the park, right?

If you’re looking for reasons to leash your Pitty, here are some points that will surely make up your mind.

>>Loose dogs can injure other people

All dogs, not just Pitties, can impose a physical threat to the people around. If the pooch isn’t socialized well or put under a stressing condition, they can bolt and knock off other people. Even if your Pitty doesn’t bite, the injury caused by an indirect attack can taint his good boy record. Insurance companies may raise an eyebrow whenever you try to avail animal liability insurance.

In some places, dogs that harmed other people can be seized and euthanized. If you don’t want this to happen, you might as well have your doggo leashed every time you go out.

Aside from injuring other people, the Pitty can also injure its self. You’ll never know when your doggo will run across the street and get hit by a speeding car.

>>Leashing promotes a sense of safety

Let’s face the fact that not all neighborhoods are welcoming of Pitbulls. Also, your neighbor might have a cat or a pet turkey. As you know, Pitties love charging after these cute animals.

Even if you have the friendliest Pitbull in the world, leashing it will give your neighbors peace of mind. Besides, if other pawrents leash their dogs outdoors, why not do the same with yours?

Take note, too, that some landlords won’t allow dogs to roam around the property. Leashing your Pitty will let them know that you are in control and you are, in fact, following the rules. With that, the best leash for Pitbulls that pull is a staple.

>>Your Pitty won’t get lost

About 10 million dogs are lost every year in the U.S. according to the American Humane Association. It’s also projected that one in every three pets will get lost once in their lives. Most of these wandering doggos are left freely roaming on the yard. And since the likes of Pitbulls can chew through the fence, leashing them is a matter of keeping them out of harm’s way.

Leashing is more important when walking the doggo. Anytime, your pooch can run after a squirrel or follow a scent. There are two possible scenarios here for an unleashed Pitbull: you’ll lose him for a few days or you’ll lose him for good (you know what I mean).

>>Leashing makes training easier

If you’re handling your dog for obedience training, it’s almost impossible to keep a Pitbull focused without a leash. The leash is your control, and with it, you stay the alpha of the situation. You can easily pull the doggo back once he goes beyond the designated barriers or if he tries to attack other dogs.

When you’re enrolling your doggo in a training school, a leash is indispensable. The Pitty would be mingling with other dogs varying in breeds, temperament, and health condition.

The length of the leash

When it comes to Pitbulls, long leashes are no-gos. You may want to opt for a shorter one so you can keep your pooch by your side. And since this breed is a family of tuggers, a short leash allows you more control in case things go ruff.

A long leash allows your Pitbull to have a wider reach. He can get excited and scare other people away. This spells trouble in the neighborhood.

The material

Always invest in a thick leash. We’re talking about our Pitbulls here and not some sweet Maltese puppy. Pitties are strong and muscular. If you use a very thin and weak material, it can break off and send your doggo running around.

If your Pittie can destroy just about any toy, then he can shred just about any leash. Aside from teaching your doggo not to chew the leash, you also need to find a durable material.

Strength and durability

Can your dog leash last for years without having snags and tears? A strong leash makes you confident that no matter how hard your Pitbull pulls, it won’t snap or tear.

Unlike the leash of other breeds, you need to level up the durability game for Pitties. They have a stronger pull that will tax the leash even more.

A few considerations

Before purchasing the best leash for Pitbulls that pull, I have some considerations to advise you about. If your pooch has neck injuries from a previous leash and collar, you should let this heal first before putting him on a new restraint.

Aside from that, check if your pooch has hip dysplasia. In this case, you would need a leash that doesn’t tax the hip area if ever the dog pulls or walks.

Aside from physical complications, it’s also important to consider the size of your dog. The bigger and heavier the Pitbull is, the thicker and stronger the leash should be.

Above all, prioritize the safety of your dog. No matter how good-looking or strong the leash is, it should always be comfy to use for you and your dog. You can always have added perks by picking the leash style and color that you want. Still, it shouldn’t compromise your pet’s health.

Lastly, check the price tag. A dog leash shouldn’t be too expensive but it shouldn’t be too cheap either.

Why Pitbulls pull

Pulling is a sign of resistance. When your Pitty tries to take control, he’s trying to go somewhere else. And since they have oozing energy, this pulling can sometimes feel very strong on the part of the owner.

Pulling also means that you have to focus on obedient training for your Pittie. The constant urge to get out of your restraint means your doggo is lacking discipline. Still, make sure that the pulling isn’t caused by some form of discomfort on the collar.

The good thing here is that even the most aggressive Pitbull can be taught to heel and not to pull. It just takes a little patience and some tips that I discussed at the bottommost part of this post.

How to use a leash properly

All we want as Pitbull owners is to walk in peace with our pooches. But what if every walk is a struggle between a pulling dog and a hapless owner? This is the reason why you should know how to properly use a leash.

Start with a short leash. This is the rule of thumb for any dog breed, especially on the very first time that you’re taking the dog for a walk. Next, always make unpredictable moves.

Remember, the leash is what connects you and the dog physically. Don’t consider it as your way of reigning over your dog.

Best leash for Pitbulls that pull –Top Picks!

BAAPET Strong Dog Leash

best leash for PitbullsFor puller Pitbulls, the BAAPET Strong dog leash would be your best catch. It’s made of 0.5” rock climbing rope guaranteed to endure even the toughest doggo. This leash also bears an ergonomic handle with contoured finger slots. It prevents rope burn plus the handle makes it easy to control the pulling of your pooch.

What I love the most about this leash is the reflective material on the rope which adds safety on your walking. The 5-foot rope is short enough to keep your doggo near while long enough to give him some freedom to explore.

Be it for training, regular walking, or running, this leash will be a perfect choice. It also comes with a storage pouch to keep the leash away from your chewing Pittie.

Lastly, this leash is very affordable. And if you’re not happy with it or your dog doesn’t like it, you can send it back for a refund.


✔️Strong rock climbing rope material

✔️Short enough for Pitbulls

✔️Reflective material

✔️100% money-back guarantee


❌The material can be chewed so always keep it away from your doggo

EzyDog CUJO Shock Absorbing Leash

best leash for PitbullsIf you want more control, the EzyDog CUJO Shock Absorbing Leash is the best option. It sports an EVA pyramid handle that distributes and reduces the pulling force. In turn, you gain more control over your pooch whenever he’s trying to tug.

This leash is made of heavy-duty polypropylene rope with 1,500-pound break strength. It’s one tough leash you got here!

It also contains a highly reflective trim that adds night safety when walking with your pooch. This is a shorter leash that comes in either two or three feet. If you’re still teaching your dog to stop pulling, this will be an excellent leash. It might seem too short, but once you’re in action, this will be a perfect match.


✔️Pyramid handle that distributes the force

✔️Highly reflective trim

✔️Short enough for Puller Pitbulls

✔️Shock absorbing


❌Expensive than the first option.

How to stop your Pitbull from pulling

Pulling is somewhat considered as an epidemic among dogs, especially on Pitbull breeds. But like any other behavioral problems, this can be corrected and re-shaped. It’s normal to have an energetic, yappy, and lively Pitty. Still, this shouldn’t be a hindrance when taking him to long walks.

Personally, I recommend that you do the following steps:

>>Start them young

If you get your Pitty as a puppy, you should start introducing good leash manners as early as possible. Don’t wait until your doggo develops strong muscles that will give you the problematic pulling.

Still, I understand that this isn’t possible if you adopted an adult pooch. But fret not because there are tips here that you can use.

>>Promote self-control

Basic obedience training can serve you well when it’s time for walking. A dog with a stocky body and strong muscles are big leash problems. It’s best to start teaching commands like “sit”, “stay”, “come back”, and “leave it”.

>>Use rewards

If your dog heels properly, give him a treat or a quick pet. But if he starts to pull, stop him and don’t give any reward. This way, your Pitbull will realize that correct positioning will gain him those yummy chews. Once your pooch is getting the hang of it, you can use a longer leash and see if he will stay by your side.

Repeat the reward process to solidify command recall.

>>Don’t tolerate pulling

If your dog pulls and you use treats to get him back in place, you’re just reinforcing the behavior. In situations where your dog pulls in a different direction, plant your feet and stop walking. If he comes back and settles, that’s the time you can go to the direction he’s trying to reach. With this, the doggo learns that he can get what he wants only if he doesn’t use force.

Have you found the best leash for Pitbulls that pull? Share your thoughts with us!

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