best nail grinder for large dogs

Best Nail Grinder for Pitbulls for Safe and Easy Grooming

Grooming is a crucial task to keep a dog clean and healthy.  Even Pitbulls who are less demanding when it comes to grooming still need proper attention and care. This is very much true when it comes to their paw nails. Many dog owners often miss this part which can result in a variety of problems. With this, it’s better to get started with the best nail grinder for large dogs.

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As you know, Pitbulls are active dogs. This means their paws go through endless runs and zooms which can take a toll on their health if not maintained well. Aside from keeping them away from sharp objects, you should also take the time to trim their growing nails.

Those little claws can grow and cause harm not just on your Pitty’s paws but also on other people. When your Pitty got too excited meeting someone, it might zoom in and graze the skin of your visitor. It’s not the greatest welcome for a friend. As much as your dog means no harm, you can prevent such a situation by keeping their claws short.

Here, I discussed a short guide that you can follow in grinding your dog’s nails. I also reviewed two amazing nail grinders that you can use as a replacement to the dreaded clippers.

Why you should clip your Pitbull’s nails

If you clip your own nails, you’re also supposed to do the same to your pet. Unlike human fingernails, dog’s nails can get really tough and injuring.

Personally, I find two important reasons why you should grind or clip your dog’s nails. First, an overgrown nail can damage their paws as it curls and digs into the dog’s skin. Second, a long fingernail can scrape the floor, sides of your furniture, and even hurt the kids.

best nail grinder for large dogs

In the wild, dogs can grind their nails by rubbing their paws into sturdy surfaces. But since your Pitty is domesticated, they need assistance to keep their nails short. Sure, they can do the same rubbing thing, but there’s no promise that they will spare your new couch or newly painted walls.

As a responsible pet owner, it’s your duty to make sure that your Pitbull won’t be a hazard to other people. That includes keeping their nails short so they won’t inadvertently injure others.

Although it seems like a task you won’t sweat at, grooming your Pitbull’s nails can be more challenging than bathing him. Remember, one wrong move and you may hit the quick (a blood vessel that runs on your dog’s paws). Also, you have to factor in that Pitbulls have very strong bodies and they can give you a firm paw fight.

My Pitbull is afraid of clippers!

It’s quite normal for dogs to be scared of nail clippers. One time or another, they’ve probably encountered a traumatic experience with it. Also, you might be hurting the doggo’s paws while clipping its claws. Some pooches are just scared of the clicking noise and pressure applied to their paws.

One thing’s for sure: there’s a reason behind the fear. You might have introduced the clipper improperly which caused the Pitbull to associate nail clipping into a fearsome experience.

Did you hit the quick that made your dog bleed? Or do you squeeze the paws too much? What kind of clippers to use on a dog? Check which one you’re doing wrong.

Still, some dogs just don’t like the restraint they feel when getting their nails clipped. Some are afraid of seeing something falling off their paws. With that, the best nail grinder for large dogs, or Dremel as some call it, will be the excellent substitute to ensure that your doggo’s nails are kept in a proper length.

Nail clipper vs. nail grinder

Nail clippers are different from nail grinders. Instead of cutting the paw nails, grinders use a rotating grit that smoothens and shapes your doggo’s fingernails. It’s ideal for dogs that hate clippers and dog owners that are afraid to hit the quick.

However, the problem with nail grinding is that the motor of the grinder can produce a hum that will scare dogs. Still, this can be prevented if you choose a quiet model and if you introduce the tool properly.

The main advantage of nail clippers is it doesn’t need any batteries. You can use it anywhere and anytime without worrying about charging the unit. However, it can also induce pain due to the squeezing nature of the cutter.

Also, dog owners have a higher chance of injuring the quick when using a clipper. Such risk can be reduced with the use of a grinder but the possibility is still present.

So what should you use? Nail clipper or grinder? This actually depends on your Pitbull’s personality. If he’s okay with the clipper, I think there’s no need to make the big switch. Why fix it if it ain’t broken, right?  But if the Pitty seems to loathe the sight of a nail clipper, it might best to explore an alternative like a grinder.

Pros and cons of using a nail grinder

Like all dog accessories, nail grinders come with some advantages and disadvantages. Still, I personally think that the pros outweigh the cons. Here are some points to ponder before your purchase a nail grinder:


✔️Great for Pitbulls who hate nail clippers

✔️Allows you to shape your dog’s nails slowly

✔️Easier to use and less chance of hitting the quick

✔️Ideal for unstable hands

✔️Provides smooth and rounded finish, unlike clippers

✔️Best for thick nails



❌The sound of the motor may scare the Pitbull just the same

❌It needs a battery to work

❌It can heat up if you grind for long periods

❌There would be smell due to powdered nails


It’s up to you to decide which one suits your pooch. If you want something that you can use with ease, nothing beats a nail grinder. You just have to deal with the fact that it’s electronic and may bog down at times.

Common problems associated with nail grinding

Nail grinding isn’t one without some challenges. First of all, it may take some practice to get used to it. Remember, you’re not supposed to put the grit on your doggo’s nails for long. You should only tap then release every two seconds.

Why? The rotating grit will create friction which will cause heat buildup. When you grind your Pitbull’s fingernails for long, the heat will hurt its toes and paw. Your Pitty might jerk suddenly which may cause the grinder to hit the quick or hurt its leg.

Also, make sure that you wear a mask while grinding your dog’s nails. The grinder will produce a smell and powdered substance that you’re not supposed to inhale.

Moreover, there’s no guarantee that your Pitbull won’t be just as scared to a grinder like how it’s scared with a clipper. Since a grinder is an electronic device, it would produce a humming sound. Sometimes, knowing what kind of clippers to use on a dog is better than using a grinder.

Still, most of these can be prevented if you use the grinder properly.

How to use a nail grinder properly

To help you get started with the best nail grinder for large dogs, I’ve discussed here a few steps. This will ensure that you and your dog are safe during grooming time.

1. Familiarize first. I don’t recommend that you use the grinder right away after unpacking it. It’s better to let your Pitty get familiar with it. Just let him lick the device and accept its presence. Next, turn it on but don’t use it yet. Turn it on and off randomly until your gets used to it. Hold your dog’s paw to let them know that the device is something that will be used on them.

2. Hold your dog still. Let your dog sit comfortably while you hold its paws in an extended manner. This way, the grinder isn’t too close on their face. Watch out on how tight you’re holding the paw. It shouldn’t be too tight or too lose.

3. Start grinding. Always grind one nail at a time and just tap the grinder for two seconds and then release it. When you’ve grounded for a few minutes, run a finger on the nails and check if there are sharp edges that you need to finish.

4. Reward your dog. Repeat the above step for all the nails of your Pitbull. And regardless if the doggo fights back or not, reward him with a treat after you finished the nails. It will make your dog associate nail grinding into a positive experience.

Always slow your roll when grinding your Pitty’s nails. Dogs have a natural instinct to kick when you hold its paws. And with the strong bodies of Pitbulls, your face may receive a massive doggo punch if you don’t watch out.

The good thing with the best nail grinder for large dogs is you won’t injure your dog’s quick too as compared to nail clippers.

Here’s a short video on how to use a nail grinder:

What to look for a dog nail grinder

Don’t just purchase any nail grinder for your pooch. Always check for the following features for the best bang for the buck:

🐕A variable setting

Personally, I prefer a Dremel with two-speed settings. This way, you can use a slower speed for smaller nails and the faster one for thicker nails. It makes the grinder more useful if you have multiple dogs at home.

🐕Wireless model

This depends on your preference, but I’d rather use a wireless model instead of a unit that plugs directly to electricity. Also, wireless units will let you grind your dog’s nails outdoors where you won’t have to clean the mess.

🐕Ergonomic handle

This is very important for your dog’s safety. Always look for a grinder with a stable grip and one that doesn’t cramp your hands easily.

🐕Long-lasting grit

Some nail grinders for dogs will have diamond grits which don’t need replacements. However, this can be very expensive. Your best bet for a budget is a unit that has replaceable grits.

Top 2 nail grinders for Pitbulls

Dremel 7300 Nail Grinder

best nail grinder for large dogsDremel is one of the first brands to sell nail grinders for pets. And true enough, their 7300 unit is powerful for just about any dog. It’s a wireless model that comes with bit accessories so you can switch to one that suits your Pitbull.

What I like about this nail grinder is it has a lightweight housing that’s easy to hold. Although it’s made of plastic, it can go a long way if used with care.

This one comes with two rotation speeds, 3-hour battery power, and sanding bands. Above all, this is covered with a two-year warranty. And the fact that this is made by Dremel, you can count on its quality.


✔️Easy to use and lightweight

✔️Comes with sanding bands for long-lasting use

✔️Two-year warranty

✔️Removable battery pack



❌A bit expensive

❌The housing is made of plastic


Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder

best nail grinder for large dogsIf you want a slimmer unit, you can opt for the Hertzko Electric Pet Nail Grinder. Instead of an open sanding band, the grit is encased in a protective housing with only a small exposed side. This is added security for you and the dog. If you want, you can remove the entire cover.

This Hertzko unit has very low noise and very easy to use even for Pitbulls. Also, this has a diamond grit which can last for years without replacements.

When the battery runs out, you simply have to use the USB charging port. It’s small, sleek, and easy to use. You can use it to just about any four-legged pet.


✔️Sleek and lightweight

✔️A protective cover that can be removed as you wish

✔️Diamond bit for long-lasting use

✔️A USB port for easy charging

✔️Extremely quiet, best for scared dogs



❌More expensive than Dremel


❌The grip can make use of some improvements


If you’re looking for the best nail grinder for large dogs, the two options above can be great picks.  What do you think? Let us know below!

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