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Pitbull Dog Daycare – The Solution for Busy Pitbull Owners

Are you busy working? We all know that scenario when we spend the whole day at work only to go home on a pile of shredded foam that came from our beloved sofa. As much as we want to get angry with our pooch, we know that we can’t blame them for being so bored. An 8-hour work shift for us humans is equivalent to more than 2 days on dog’s time. So what can we do to fill these idle hours of our canine? Send them to a Pitbull dog daycare!

If your doggo has destructive behavior when left alone, a doggy daycare is the best answer. It’s also a good way to prevent dog turn-ins to rescue centers. Moreover, there would be no complaining neighbors about your dog’s constant bawling while you’re away.

What is a dog daycare?

It’s the same with daycare for kids. Parents who are busy and can’t be at home to look after their kiddos will drop the latter on a daycare. In this case, you can drop off your dog before you head to work. Instead of wallowing in separation anxiety at home, your dog will be occupied the whole day with activities based on a curriculum you and the daycare had agreed upon.

Your Pittie will have dedicated attention, thus dampening his destructive behavior. Remember, however, that your dog’s activities will depend on his temperament and obedience level.

The good thing about a dog daycare is that it allows Pitbulls to socialize with other dogs.

Still, I recommend that you subject your dog to obedience training and socialization before sending him to a daycare.

Overall, your pooch will get to play indoor and outdoor games with dedicated supervision. However, it can’t be promised that he will go home clean as always. Anyway, a tired dog is a happy dog. That’s way better than waiting for you to come home while munching the couch.

Benefits of dog daycare centers

Aside from saving your home from the possible destruction, doggy daycares also offer a lot of benefits to your dog. First, it suffices the physical activity requirements of your Pitbull in case you’re too busy to take him on a walk or to play with him. It’s also a great avenue to meet other dogs and to socialize every day. With that, your Pittie’s aggression is reduced and he becomes more receptive of other canines.

Here are more of the benefits you and your doggo will enjoy from daycare:

➕Supervised playtime

Even if you’re not there to look after your pooch, someone else will take your place. Supervised playtime is important for Pitbulls so their excitement won’t border to aggression or destructiveness. This is also a matter of safety so your Pitty won’t be in trouble with other pooches. Usually, multiple staff members will be monitoring a playgroup. If your choice of Pitbull dog daycare doesn’t have this kind of monitoring, you’d want to look for another option. As you know, excited doggos can get really rowdy no matter how friendly they are.

➕Care and attention

While you’re busy working, you have peace of mind that your pooch is having the time of his life. On a doggy daycare, your Pitty will play, cuddle, and mingle with other dogs and humans. Don’t worry, you won’t be replaced as their hooman! They will just enjoy this vacation while you’re away.

➕Mental stimulation

Pitbulls are very inquisitive dogs. Aside from satisfying their physical needs, it’s important to keep their minds working. Brain stimulating games and drills on a daycare will help your pooch stay sharp and smart.

➕Relieves separation anxiety

Your Pittie suffers every time you have to leave him behind. So instead of letting him go heartsick, you might as well let him have fun in a daycare. You also get to make him physically active while preventing any untoward behavior.

Cost of sending a Pitbull to a dog daycare

A lot of factors will affect the cost of a dog daycare’s service. Your location is one aspect as well as the type of facility where you’re enrolling your dog. A private home daycare will have a different rate with that of a fully-staffed facility.

Usually, a doggy daycare service cost will range from $12-$35 per day.

If you’re a bit cash-strapped, you don’t have to avail a high-end facility. Many home daycares can offer the same care even with limited resources. Also, a smaller daycare is better if your doggy is a bit aloof of large crowds.

Pitbull dog daycare

Types of doggy daycare

Like what I said earlier, there are two common types of dog daycares: the private home daycare and the commercial one. Each would provide benefits of dog daycare. Check which one suits your pooch.

➕Private home daycare

The good thing about this type of daycare is that the dogs are contained in small groups. It’s usually run by two or three people in a private home. Also, only a specific number of dogs can be admitted at a specific time. Usually, it will be less than 10 canines per playgroup.

This daycare gives a homey vibe to your Pitty and a smaller group to deal with if he’s easily overwhelmed by other dogs.

This is like enjoying the afternoon on another hooman’s house. Your dog gets enough human contact and socialization with other canines.

Before enrolling your pooch here, make sure that he’s healthy and doesn’t have any communicable diseases. It’s also best to visit the place first so you’ll have an idea on the working condition of the daycare. Also, take time to know the people who run the place for added peace of mind.

➕Commercial dog daycare

When it comes to the commercial dog daycare, the number of dogs per playgroup will be larger. It will be around a dozen or up to 20 canines per group.

The good thing is that a commercial Pitbull dog daycare is fully-staffed and complete with the amenities to keep your dog safe and happy.

All the staff here is trained to deal with dog aggression, breaking dogfights, playing indoors and outdoors, and more scenarios. After the activities, your dog will be given enough time to rest, eat, and cool down.

Like how it goes for private home daycares, your doggo should be healthy and has a complete vaccination record.

What to look for a dog daycare

If you’re planning to enroll your Pitbull as soon as possible, it’s important to keep the following points in mind:

➕Check the facilities

Before you sign your Pitbull into the daycare, make sure that you’ve done a comprehensive tour of the facility. Check if the place is clean and dog-friendly. There should be solid and tall fences to keep the pooches from running away. Chain-link fences are no-nos as it can only start fights among dogs.

Also, make a checklist of the following to reap the most benefits of dog daycare:

Ventilation. Is the place cool enough? Will your dog get fresh air? This is a matter of making your dog comfortable during his stay.

Safe flooring. Concrete and slick linoleum are slippery and can cause accidents among dogs.

Efficient gating. Pitties are smart and they can easily pick up how to open a gate. Double gating is best.

Toys and beds. Look for the toys and beds that the facility uses for the dogs. Make sure that it’s safe and suitable for your pooch.

➕Dog grouping

Dog grouping in a daycare isn’t done randomly. Make sure that the daycare separates dogs based on their temperament, size, and play style. Still, this is a matter of preference on your end as the pawrent. Besides, can you imagine your pup playing with larger adult hounds?

➕Staff-to-dog ratio

Most private daycares will only have a few people to handle the dogs. This is the reason why they only accept a limited number of canines. Ask how many people will be assigned per group and how skilled these handlers are. The International Boarding and Pet Care Services Association (IBSPA) recommends one person for every 15 dogs ratio. But for active dog groups, more personnel should be assigned.

Pitbull dog daycare

➕Pick the right curriculum

A Pitbull dog daycare isn’t just about having someone looking after your pooch. Make sure that your dog’s stay will be worth the time and money. With that, ask about the activities your dog will be doing throughout the day. The best daycares make playtime some sort of behavioral training as well which is good for growing Pitties.

➕Treat and toy policy

Always ask how the daycare deals with toys and treats. If your doggo tends to be protective of a toy he thinks is his own, you would want to let the staff know so they can keep an eye on your pooch. As for the treats, make sure that the daycare is giving it in line with your rules. It’s also important to declare a special diet if ever your dog is in one.

Things to remember

Sure thing, dog daycares are exciting. But as a guide, here are some of the things you shouldn’t forget to enjoy the benefits of dog daycare:

➕Give your contact number

Before you leave your dog at the daycare, make sure that the staff has means of contacting you when things go ruff. Also, give the daycare the contact number of your doggos’ veterinarian.

➕Check your dog’s medical condition

All dog daycares will require you to present proof that your pooch is completely vaccinated and free of any viral conditions.

➕Practice your dog

Remember, dog daycare isn’t a full-force training camp. Before you send your doggo into one, make sure that he’s used to both indoor and outdoor environments. Also, prioritize obedience training before considering a daycare.

➕Ask what you’re paying for

Always ask about the inclusions of the fee you’re paying the daycare. Most of these facilities are in a day-to-day payment basis in ala carte mode. If you want to add stuff like more treats or a meal, that will likely cost you additional bucks.

➕Inquire about meals

Pitties have high allergic tendencies. To make sure, ask about the meal and treats the daycare is giving. Some daycares don’t allow feeding which is why it’s important to always ask about the whole program. You wouldn’t want your dog to starve, right?

How about dog boarding?

Dog boarding is like a hotel for doggos. It’s helpful if you’re going out of town for a day and you can’t bring your pooch with you. If you think you’ll be encountering this situation, it’s best to choose a daycare that also offers dog boarding. One reason for this is that your dog will be more comfy to spend the night in a place where he’s already familiar with. This is one of the benefits of dog daycare you can enjoy.

As the pet owner, it will also give you peace of mind to know that you can trust the people who will be handling your dog. Also, inspect the kennel where you Pitty will be staying the night. Remember that your doggo is a strong breed and a wire cage is a no-match to their anxiety-ridden bodies.

It’s best to check this part as well when you tour the daycare. Check if the place will be comfy for your pooch to stay at and if there are staff members who will be rounding the area. Choose a boarding facility that’s staffed 24/7. Most of the time, dogs are sent to boarding facilities during the holidays. If the place will be sitting ducks with your dog in it, you might as well look for another option.

Most of all, check the cleanliness of the area. The last thing you want to arrive at after you’re gone is a sick and dirty Pitbull. A prime facility may cost you more but it’s better than compromising the safety of your dog.

A Pitbull dog daycare is an excellent way to keep your pooch occupied while you’re at work. But remember that not all doggy daycares are made equal. Always inspect the place before signing your dog into it.

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