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Unknown Benefits of Getting the Best Supplement for Pitbulls

Pitbulls are known to be muscular and strong dogs. But what if I tell you they need supplements too? Their muscles will only be intact if you provide them with the right nutrition. However, most dog food products nowadays don’t have the necessary nutritional profile to support a Pitbull’s health. Here, we’re going to talk about joint and skin health as well as the importance of the best supplement for Pitbulls.

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Like humans, our Pitties need an extra dose of love and nutrition. As the doggos grow, their bodies require more support, especially senior dogs that are at the brink of arthritis and other terminal illnesses.

But before you pump them up with commercially available vitamins, it’s important to be knowledgeable of their actual needs.

Why testing is important

A lot of pet owners think that supplementing is just a matter of popping pills to their dog’s meal and it’s done. But the truth is that you have to know what’s happening inside your Pitty’s body. Proper testing of vitamin levels is the key here. A veterinarian can run a blood test to diagnose the vitamin deficiencies and surplus on your pet’s body.

Testing is important to identify the digestive issues of your dog when it comes to some vitamins. Some dogs find it hard to digest and absorb vitamins as they grow old.

It’s also important to know on which activities your doggo loses the vitamins, say exercising or at rest.

The result of the test will determine the kind of supplement you need to get. If your Pitty has joint issues, a chondroitin and glucosamine supplement will be necessary. Other vitamins may contain Omega-3, Vitamin C, E, A, and so on.

Never assume that you know what your dog needs unless you get him tested. I suggest that you seek the opinion of a pet nutritionist instead of a vet when it comes to choosing the right vitamins. There a few (NOT ALL) vets that don’t specialize in dog nutrition.

Benefits of the best vitamins for Pitbulls

Pitbulls will benefit from a lot of vitamin supplements only if you give them the right one. Although it’s a fact that they don’t acquire all their needed nutrients from food, they may also have a surplus that needs to be toned down.

Remember that heating or cooking dog food destroys some of the vitamins. Also, it’s a matter of delving into the chemistry of the ingredients. Nevertheless, the advice of an expert will save you from the hassle.

Some of the common benefits of dog supplements are a better coat, improved skin condition, healthier joints, and fewer parasites. It all depends on the type of supplement and what your pooch actually needs. Here are other advantages of the best supplement for Pitbulls:

Increased energy. Since you’re augmenting the deficiency, your dog will have enough supply of vitamins to stay energetic. As you know, Pitties can lose a lot of vitamins as they run, chase, and romp.

Stronger immune system. With enough vitamins to support the body, your dog’s immune system will be more efficient in fighting illnesses.

Better cognition. Does your Pitty seem to be out of focus? It can be a behavioral problem or a case of poor mental performance. A supplement can help boost your dog’s brain power.

Healthier joints. The common problem among Pitbulls is their susceptibility to hip and joint pain. Due to their gait, their bones suffer. It’s important to give them the best vitamins for Pitbulls that will keep up with their physical needs.

Vitamins your Pitbull needs

To be honest, your dog needs all the vitamins if he’s deficient with it. Only a pet nutritionist can say what your Pitty needs. But generally, these are the vitamins that a Pitbull needs to grow strong and healthy:

Calcium. All growing dogs need the right balance of calcium. As for Pitbulls, they only need an ample supply to make sure that their bones are strong.

Vitamin A. This is necessary for better eyesight.

Vitamin B12. It helps promote cell growth and nerve health

Vitamin C. For boosting the immune system and coat health

Vitamin D. It’s important for the proper absorption of calcium

Vitamin E. For better hair, nails, and skin

Potassium. To keep your doggo’s heart strong

Iron. For enhanced oxygen supply in your dog’s body

Chondroitin and glucosamine. These two keeps the joints lubricated and mobile. It also reduces inflammation and pain.

Again, this list isn’t exhaustive. Your pet may have other needs that aren’t listed here based on his condition, age, and other considerations as mentioned below.

Considerations before giving supplements

Don’t purchase supplements haphazardly. It’s a risk to assume that you know exactly what your dog needs without consulting to a vet or a pet nutritionist. Always think of the following points before you feed your Pitty that very first pill:

Starting slow

Yes, the best supplement for Pitbulls comes with a dosage. However, it’s not advisable that you go straight from it and feed your pooch the whole dose for the first time. When it comes to Pitbulls, you have to slow your roll. Start with half the dosage and do increments as weeks pass by.

After giving a small dose for a week, check if your dog will have adverse reactions to it. If everything seems fine, you can start increasing the amount.

Remember, your dog isn’t human. Although it’s common for us to pop various pills and stay alive, it’s a different story for our pets.

Active ingredients

Just because a supplement seller claims their products have glucosamine doesn’t mean it’s the best bet. Always check the amount of the active ingredients the supplement claims to have. For example, if your Pitty needs glucosamine, check how much the supplement has. If your doggo needs at least 200 mg per day, a supplement with roughly 100 mg or worse, 50 mg, is a no-go. It won’t make any impact on your pet’s health.

Also, don’t settle for a supplement that offers a single active ingredient. Look for a product that has multiple vitamins and nutrients. It will help to have the right balance of chondroitin, MSM, vitamins A, C, E, and more.

Food sensitivities

If you own a Pitbull for some time now, checking for food allergies and sensitivities should be a default. Remember, this breed has one of the most sensitive stomachs and you can’t risk giving them supplements randomly.

One good example is the excessive intake of Vitamin E. For dogs, this will result in poor absorption of Omega-3. In turn, it will cause poor coat health and other health issues. As you see, supplementing isn’t a black and white concept. Every nutrient should be administered in synergy with their whole diet.

To give you the benefit of the doubt, it’s almost impossible to spot all of your Pitty’s food issues. It will only yield as you feed them. With that, keep a hawk eye and practice the first consideration I’ve discussed.

Dog age and condition

The best vitamins for Pitbulls you will give your Pitty depends on two major aspects: age and condition. Joint supplements should be given before the problem arises. This should be around the age of 5 for Pitties. The common practice among pet owners is to supplement reactively. However, you can spare your pet from 1-2 months of suffering if you supplemented early on.

Again, the opinion of a medical expert matters here. Regular checkups should yield enough information about your dog’s condition.

Another thing you have to consider is that as Pitbulls grow old, they are supposed to eat less. However, it also means they will miss some important vitamins. This is where the best supplement for Pitbulls will be needed.


Like kids, you can’t feed a Pitbull with medicine unless it tastes good. This is the reason why Pitty vitamins come in liquid, chewable tablets, and powders. The bonus part is it tastes really good, some having the bacon or chicken flavor. Personally, liquid and chewable supplements are the easiest to give. Also, chewable tablets contain more nutraceuticals than other forms.

If the supplement tastes or smells like lab chemicals, think twice before giving it to your dog. Aside from the fact that it’s hard to ingest, it also speaks about the content of the tablet.

The results

Results will vary per dog. But generally, you should see initial effects after a week of administering a small amount. If we’re talking about the full spectrum of benefits, it will take a month or two before it shows.

For Pitbulls, you really can’t rush things. If their joints are in pain, it’s not a wise bargain to pump them with a whole dose only to replace the pain with stomach issues.

Personally, it took my doggo around 6-7 weeks before the full benefits of the supplement showed. It’s worth the wait considering now that he can go on long walks and hikes without limping or whimpering.

Our Top Picks for the best vitamins for Pitbulls

If you are looking for a well-rounded option for a supplement, here are two of the best picks I recommend:

Muscle Bully’s Vita Bully Vitamins for Pitbulls

best supplement for PitbullsThe Vita Bully is probably one of the most popular supplement options for Pitties. In fact, each tablet contains 34 vitamins and nutrients that are said to support the overall wellness of your doggo. Some of these are fatty acids, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants, Vitamins A, B, C, E, and a ton more.

Compared to other supplements I’ve seen, the Vita Bully uses only 1.5 grams of filler for each tablet. In short, that’s half of the 3 grams their competitors have. This means your Pitty gets the nutrition with fewer by-products. Take note that this filler is necessary to hold the nutrients into tablet form.

One ingredient I love the most here is kelp. It’s an amazing source of Omega fatty acids and protein. It supports muscle growth too which is a big help for Pitties.

The Vita Bully is a vet-approved supplement with no recorded side effects. Aside from Pitbulls, you can also give this best supplement for Pitbulls to breeds like Frenchies and other canines in the Bully family.

If your Pitbull doesn’t want to take the tablets, you can send it back with a complete refund. That’s how great this is.


✔️Packed with 34 nutrients          ✔️Minimal fillers

✔️Guaranteed 100% refund          ✔️Veterinarian-approved

✔️Better tasting, chewable


❌A bit expensive, but guessing from its effects, this is a good thing.

Peppy-Paws Glucosamine and Chondroitin for Dogs

best supplement for PitbullsFor those looking for a chondroitin and glucosamine supplement, the one from Peppy-Paws is what I recommend. This is rich in glucosamine and chondroitin as well as manganese, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. Aside from keeping your doggo’s joints in good condition, it will also support better coat health.

Moreover, this supplement is intended to improve the mobility of your Pitty’s joints. For those with dog’s suffering from joint pain, this supplement will also be a big help. It reduces joint stiffness and strengthens the connective tissues.

This is suitable for dogs of any size and breed. Also, the good thing here is that each beef-flavored chewable tablet is made of natural ingredients. It claims to be free of fillers and other artificial substances. It’s a crunchy tablet which makes it a perfect treat.

In case your dog doesn’t like it or you’re not happy with the results, you can send it back to get a refund. Take note that this is an unconditional and lifetime warranty. Peppy-Paws is in the middle of the price ladder – not too pricey but not too cheap either.


✔️Yummy beef flavor                      ✔️High nutrient consistency

✔️Reasonable price                         ✔️All-natural

✔️100% no-hassle guarantee


❌Some finicky pups don’t like the taste

The best supplement for Pitbulls should provide the much-needed nutrients in a balanced and natural way. But before you pick any product, make sure that you consult a veterinarian first. This will take the guesswork out on what your dog really needs.

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