Best Dog Cage for Pitbull (Buying Guide)

To protect their powerful teeth, Pitbulls must be kept in a specialized cage. The best dog cage for Pitbull cagesmust be constructed of heavier-gauge wire, have secure locks, and be made of heavy-duty materials. 

If you’ve already begun your search for the finest crate for your pitbull, you’ve likely discovered that there are a bewildering number of options available to you. 

As a convenience, we’ve created a list of reviews of the finest dog cages for Pitbulls. This will help you to make your job a little easier. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide so you’ll know what to look for when shopping.

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Things to consider before Buying a Cage

Before purchasing a crate for your Pitbull, some considerations should make before deciding on the best fit for your pup. In truth, pit bulls are not like other dogs. It can become temperamental when trained in the crate or other confinement. Having a strong model is highly suggested. They have been known to chew through and break through the sides of their cage. 

While we recommend some wire crates in our top products, this is primarily due to pricing considerations. To guarantee that your pup does not put themself in danger while they are in the process of training, you should consider investing in a more durable crate that is made more solidly. 

🐾 Size 

When it comes to Pitbull puppies, a Medium to Large size crate is usually sufficient. Keep in mind that you’ll want to make sure your Pitbull has enough room to run around in. However, do not provide them with more space than they require. Otherwise, they will most likely utilize their cage as a resting area when going to the bathroom. This is a problem because you will be instructing them not to do in the future. 

Whether you have a male or a female dog, as well as if your pup’s parents are huge or small, you’ll want to choose a suitable size for your crate. You will typically house a Pitbull puppy in a cage that ranges from 32 inches to 36 or 42 inches in height. Because Pitbull puppies are smaller in stature than their parents. You’ll need to make an educated guess about the size of your dog. 

🐾 Durability 

Most Pitbulls would fare better in a crate designed to withstand a lot of abuse. Some cages are less durable than others, but they can still be effective depending on your dog’s temperament. For energetic dogs, you’ll want to spend a bit more money on a more robust collar and leash combination.

If your dog is somewhat laid back, a basic wire crate is a good option to break the bank. Soft cages are not recommended for Pitbulls unless they are solely for travel purposes. 


As previously said under durability, we recommend that you get a crate constructed of thicker gauge steel. This is to ensure that your Pitbull does not have any ideas and begins evaluating the durability of the cage at a young age. It also ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Metallic fencing is a good option, especially if your Pitbull is a bit of a couch potato.

If you intend to move the container around, this is something to bear in mind. Some of the more durable crates will be made of heavier gauge steel and will be more challenging to move around, resulting in less flexibility. 


Any crate can make more comfortable if the bottom of the cage is lined with the proper crate bed material, which can purchase separately. The ability to pad the crate on some models makes it easy to provide your pup with a comfy haven during your absence from home. Because none of the cages on our list are equipped with cushioning, you’ll need to budget for the added expense of a suitable bed ahead of time. A quality bed may be very pricey, so plan. 

🐾 Clean-Up 

Are there any features in your crate that make cleanup simple, such as a tray that can remove easily? The seven cages we propose all feature a tray that can remove. All of them are simple to clean with mild soap and water. Purchasing a crate that does not have a removable tray is not something we would advocate doing.

When your Pitbull creates a mess in their kennel for the first time, this will drive you completely insane. If your dishwasher has a removable tray, all you have to do is remove the tray out and water it down with your outdoor hose. 


When choosing a dog accessory, like with anything else, the price will always make a difference. Getting the correct crate for your Pitbull, on the other hand, is not an expenditure we would recommend making if you are on a very tight budget.

The more money you spend, the more probable it is that your pet’s crate will be of great quality and durability and that it will last for the duration of your pet’s life and perhaps beyond. Even though it is possible to get by with a cheap cage, they are more likely to allow your dog to test the crate. In the process, it will cause your pup in pain or death.

7 Best Dog Cage for Pitbull


OUR TOP PICK: LOOKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage

Product Name: LOOKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage

Product Description: The LOOKUP Heavy Duty Dog Cage is our top pick because it boasts a heavy-duty structure composed of rust- and corrosion-resistant steel, making it our best overall choice. There are two entrances to the crate for your dog: a large front door and a small one on top of it. Two locks with safety buckles are installed on the door to provide additional security against escape-artist dogs.


Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Material
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Affordability


It comes with a removable plastic tray that is simple to clean. It also features four wheels, which make it very easy to transport the container about the house. Because the wheels are locked, you won’t have to worry about your dog accidentally wheeling themselves across the floor while using it. It’s also a very visually appealing crate. Because of the heavy-duty materials used, this dog crate is on the more expensive side, but we are impressed with the overall quality of the product.


  • Frame made of heavy, strong steel 
  • Steel that is durable to rust and corrosion 
  • There are double locks on the door, both of which include safety buckles. 
  • There are two entrance doors. 
  • Removable plastic tray that is simple to clean 
  • Four wheels with a locking button on each one 
  • Attractive


  • Expensive


The AmazonBasics Metal Dog Crate

AmazonBasics Best Dog Cage for Pitbull

The AmazonBasics Metal Dog Crate is the top dog crate for Pitbulls on the market. It comes to worth for money. It features a front-entry door, but you can alternatively choose a model with two doors if you like that configuration. The cage contains two slide-bolt door latches to ensure that your dog is kept safely inside.

It is made of a durable metal structure for long-term use. The cage is flat when folded, making it highly portable and storage-friendly. If you intend to use a larger crate while your dog is still a puppy, make sure it has a divider panel to make them feel more comfortable and protected in a smaller environment. 

Because the corners of this cage are not rounded, the metal edges of this crate are sharp, which could pose a choking threat to many dogs. It’s also one of the flimsier crates on the list, which is unfortunate. If you have a dog that decides to get away, this may not be the best option for you.

  • A single door at the front of the house
  • Two slide-bolt door locks are provided.
  • Metal structure for sturdiness
  • It may be folded flat for easy transport and storage.
  • Panel de division
  • The metal edges of the wire are razor-sharp.
  • Flimsy construction

Service title

ProSelect Best Dog Cage for Pitbull

We recommend the ProSelect Empire Dog Cage as our third pick. It is constructed of 20-gauge steel with reinforced steel tubes measuring 0.5″ in diameter. The crate’s bars become extremely powerful as a result of this. The container is elevated above the floor level and equipped with wheels, allowing you to carry it around conveniently.

If you do not want the wheels, you can leave them off throughout the construction process. There are two solid latches on the crate to keep your dog in, so you won’t have to worry about him getting out when you’re not home. The box is accessible in two sizes: medium and large, so you can select the one that is the greatest fit for your pet. 

Because of the high-quality build, this is a more expensive option than the others. Because the tray is positioned beneath a grate. If you have a dog who destroys their bedding regularly, they will force to lie on the metal grate instead. It is also tough to clean because of the tray.

  • Cage made of 20-gauge steel with strengthened steel tubes measuring 0.5″ in diameter
  • grating on the floor with a tray
  • Wheels that can remove
  • Reliable latching mechanisms.
  • There are two sizes available.
  • Expensive
  • The tray is located beneath the grate.
  • Cleaning is a challenge.

SMONTER Heavy-Duty Dog Cage

SMONTER Best Dog Cage for Pitbull

The sturdy stainless steel bars of the SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate. It ensures that your dog is kept safe and secure at all times. Even though it is a large, durable container, it is equipped with four wheels for convenient transportation.

The wheels of the container can lock into position to prevent the crate from moving around. This type is fitted with two anti-escape locks, keeping even the most determined escape artist dog within. The box is delivered partially built, which saves you time and effort. 

There are several trays on the bottom of the crate that is weak, and waste can easily slip between them. As a result, cleaning can be time-consuming and challenging. Because the crate’s bottom is a grate, it can be uncomfortable for a dog who does not have a thick bed to protect him from the metal.

  • Frame made of heavy-duty steel
  • Four wheels with locking casters
  • Anti-escape mechanism
  • It arrives in a state that is just partially assembled.
  • The tray at the bottom of the container is fragile.
  • Cleaning is a challenge.
  • grate that is uncomfortably tight

New World B42 Metal Dog Crate

New World Folding Metal Best Dog Cage for Pitbull

New World Folding Metal Dog Crate is an excellent alternative. If you require a portable dog cage it that can be folded flat easily. Several sizes are available, allowing you to find the right fit for your canine companion! It is extremely simple to put together and does not require any tools. 

Because the frame is readily bent, this isn’t the ideal option for dogs with many strengths. Because the door lock has the potential to malfunction, a dog who is accustomed to escaping crates will most likely have little trouble getting out of this one.

It has sharp corners that can easily sever a dog’s nose or tongue if not handled with care. Because it bends so easily, the quality isn’t as good as it could compare to other alternatives.

  • There are a variety of sizes available.
  • When unused, it can be bent flat for transportation or storage.
  • It is simple to assemble and requires no tools.
  • The frame is easily bendable.
  • The door lock does not work.
  • Unsatisfactory quality
  • Sharp corners

Gelinzon Heavy-Duty Dog Cage


The Gelinzon Heavy Duty Dog Cage is constructed of stainless steel bars that are broad. It has four wheels that can be rotated 360 degrees and locked into position. The cage makes the container strong and easy to maneuver around.

If your dog manages to destroy the crate, you will be covered by a three-year warranty. 

A secondary lock (such as a carabiner) is essential to keep your dog safe because the door latches are not very strong. The wheels are welded on and are prone to breaking, and there is no way to get new ones to fit. Even though the bars are wide, they are hollow and easily bent. The general quality of the crate is of questionable construction. Assembly using tools is also necessary, and this can be a time-consuming process. 

  • Stainless steel is used for the frame of this heavy-duty chair.
  • Four wheels that may be rotated 360 degrees and locked
  • The warranty is for three years.
  • Unsatisfactory quality
  • The door latch is not working correctly.
  • Wheels are welded on and are prone to breaking, and there is no means to replace them.
  • Bars have a hollow inside and can be bent into various shapes.
  • Assembly with the use of tools is required.

The Heavy-Duty PARPET Empire Dog Cage


The Gelinzon Heavy Duty Dog Cage is constructed of stainless steel bars that are broad. It has four wheels that can be rotated 360 degrees and locked into position, making the container strong and easy to maneuver around. If your dog manages to destroy the crate, you will be covered by a three-year warranty. 

A secondary lock (such as a carabiner) is essential to keep your dog safe because the door latches are not very strong. The wheels are welded on and are prone to breaking, and there is no way to get new ones to fit.

Even though the bars are wide, they are hollow and easily bent. The general quality of the crate is of questionable construction. Assembly using tools is also necessary, and this can be a time-consuming process.

  • Stainless steel is used for the frame of this heavy-duty chair.
  • Four wheels that may be rotated 360 degrees and locked
  • The warranty is for three years.
  • Unsatisfactory quality
  • The door latch is not working correctly.
  • Wheels are welded on and are prone to breaking, and there is no means to replace them.
  • Bars have a hollow inside and can be bent into various shapes.
  • Assembly with the use of tools is required.


Dog cages might be a source of debate, but if you understand what they’re used for and why they’re used, the case for using dog crates becomes fairly compelling. 

  • The use of dog crates can be beneficial when toilet training a dog because dogs do not like to pollute the space where they sleep. If you are gone for only an hour or two and won’t be able to keep an eye on your puppy, crate training him will be quite beneficial in preventing accidents. 
  • As a result, many dogs prefer to spend their time in their crates. Even when the door is open because they feel comfortable and secure in confined spaces. 
  • When driving in a vehicle, you can use crates to keep you and your dog safe and secure. 
  • Maintaining your dog’s confinement in a crate when you aren’t home to oversee him can help you. It will prevent him from overexerting himself if he has just suffered an injury or surgery and is not supposed to be active. 
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  • Dog crates can effectively manage issue behaviors while you’re training your dog, but they shouldn’t be utilized as a long-term solution to unwanted behaviors in your dog. Suppose your dog jumps at people when they come into the house. You could confine the dog when guests initially arrive to prevent this from happening. However, you should continue to concentrate on teaching your dog not to leap in the first place. 
  • Crates can be used to keep your dog safe while he’s learning not to chew on your belongings and to protect your home. Most dogs grow out of their “chewing everything in sight” phase six months to a year after starting. It should be likely for a dog to roam freely without causing any harm if the pleasure of chewing furniture, socks, and shoes is never discovered. You should keep in mind that you will only need to create your pup when you cannot supervise him, which should not be for more than a several hours at a time.

Types of dog Cage for Pitbull

In theory, a single crate can hold all of your belongings, but this is not the case in practice. In reality, there are many various types of dog crates available. Not all of them are created equal in quality. 

Even if you are looking at small dog cages for sale on eBay, you must first choose which sort of crate is most appropriate for your dog’s needs. 

The following are the most common types of dog cages available: 

✅ Wire Dog Cages

These cages are well ventilated and, in most cases, portable, even though they can be very hefty. A wire pet crate is an excellent choice for dogs. It is fit for those who enjoy looking around, who require a little extra airflow, and who aren’t known for escaping from their cages 

A metal pet cage isn’t the most visually appealing alternative, but it is pretty simple to clean. Furthermore, most versions feature detachable panels, allowing your puppy to expand into the available area. Dog crates made of collapsible wire are available, and this is a necessary trait to look for. 

✅ Plastic Dog Crates

Although these types of crates are not the most attractive, they are an excellent choice for traveling with a dog. However, not all cages are suitable for air travel, so double-check that the airline has certified it before purchasing a crate. 

Dog crates made of plastic are comfortable, and it is quite difficult for dogs to escape from them. On the other hand, they do not provide a good ventilation system and are more challenging to clean than metal pet crates. 

✅ Soft or Foldable Dog Crates

Soft-sided or foldable dog crates are ideal for traveling because they are lightweight, easy to store, and transport. They are, on the other hand, most commonly only appropriate for smaller dogs. 

Even though most soft dog kennels are machine washable, some are not, making cleaning them more difficult. Additionally, they are not recommended for dogs who are aggressive chewers or who have escapist tendencies. 

✅ Heavy-Duty Dog Kennel

These sturdy cages are built to withstand even canine companions’ most cunning and destructive. Even though they are somewhat pricey, strong-strength dog crates are definitely worth the investment if you have previously had to replace several kennels. 

These containers can also be used as puppy kennels if you have a destructive chewer on your hands. Another advantage of heavy-duty kennels is that sure of they are approved for use by airlines. 

✅ Aesthetic Kennel Dog Cage

In contrast to other dog kennels, fashion dog cages are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They are often made of hardwood and will not detract from the aesthetics of your property. 

These kennels may be used as dog cages for puppies since they contain water-resistant trays, which are an excellent feature for housetraining your puppy or kitten. The disadvantages of these crates include that they are not appropriate for destructive dogs and can be difficult to move around. 

As the name implies, this type of kennel acts as a confinement system while also providing your dog with an opportunity to play and get some exercise. In most cases, they are best suited for small to medium-sized dogs and puppies and puppies. 

The majority of playpens may be used indoors and outdoors, making for excellent training kennels for pets. The downside is that it requires more floor area than other types of dog cages do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: For my Pitbull, what size crate I should acquire is a personal preference. 

Your pitbull will most likely fit in a 32-inch, 36-inch, or 42-inch crate, depending on how large your dog is in proportion to his body. Even if their parents are large, it’s best to err on the side of caution and put up a barrier while they are tiny puppies. Depending on the manufacturer, a pitbull of average size will fit into a 36-inch crate on the floor. 

Q: Do all Pitbulls require the use of a dog crate? 

Do any dogs require crate confinement? This is an incredibly personal question. Crate training is not a favorite of many people at all. They believe it is inhumane to confine an animal in a crate. However, it has been demonstrated that using cages to housetrain your dog is one of the most effective methods available. This is a matter of personal preference. Our recommendation is to create active train dogs such as Pitbulls to limit the likelihood of damage being done to your home. 

Q: Is it necessary for me to crate my Pitbull at evening? 

One of the most efficient methods of assisting your pitbull in becoming acclimated to their kennels is to begin teaching them during the night when you are at home with them. They may most certainly whine at first, but they will become more accustomed to being confined in their crate as they grow older. 

Q: When should I begin crate training my Pitbull dog, and at what age should I begin? 

You can start crate practice your puppy as soon as you bring them home from the veterinarian. We don’t advocate leaving them in their crate for extended periods unattended. Initially, you should work with shorter time frames, no longer than an hour or two. 

Q: Why is my Pitbull Puppy crying inside his crate? What should I do in this situation? 

This is anything that you will almost certainly have to deal with at some point in the future. Initially, when puppies begin their crate training journey, they will almost certainly scream and cry. When this occurs, it is better not to pay attention to them and allow them to scream it out on their own. By paying attention to them while they are whining, you will be reconfirming that they are repeating the correct behavior.

Final words  

The dog crate may seem like an unnecessary piece of equipment. It is vital to any dog’s training and living environment. It is necessary to have a dog cage to prevent your dog from harming your furnishings when you are not around, as well as for housetraining. 

Finding the best dog cage does not have to be difficult if you are familiar with the various types of crates available. In the end, your specific requirements will determine whether a plastic, metal, wooden, or soft dog crate is the ideal choice for you and your dog.

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