Why Are Female Pitbulls More Aggressive Than Males?

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A dog has become an essential addition to families owing to all the positive attributes that it has. They are a companion and move away from loneliness. When the furry moves here and there, it is so eye-pleasing that it can drive away all the stress. Even though dogs are loyal and compassionate, all breeds differ from one another.

Pitbulls are a square-faced, muscular breed that was crossed from bulldogs and terrier. They were originally bred for bull-baiting and the genes of the terrier give it an aggressive characteristic.

Are Female Pitbulls More Aggressive Than Males

The Pitbulls have garnered a lot of negative reputation. The pit bull terrier has often been misunderstood and was known to only show aggression to humans. They were only thought to be of attacking nature. This is not true if Pitbulls are given proper training, they can prove to be a fantastic addition to the family.

In terms of temperament, aggression is a serious problem and should not be taken lightly. Pitbulls are aggressive breeds. One may also think why are female Pitbulls more aggressive than males. They are more protective of their owners and also due to changes in their hormones during the heat period.

aggressive pit bulls chasing other dogs

Female during aggression

Pitbulls have genes from the terrier which may be the reason for its expression. Proper guidance and training can help to curb the problem. The Pitbulls are courageous and protective due to which others term the dog as aggressive. They may be stubborn at times. Their nature is sometimes misused by irresponsible owners and amplify the aggressiveness in the dog.

During the heat period, the females may show some amount of aggression because of the drastic hormone change that is taking place in their bodies. The change in hormone causes nervousness, irritability, and even pain, this adversely affects the dog’s mood and make her aggressive even if she was never aggressive before. The length of the heat period is usually longer and it becomes difficult for the owners to handle them. Some measures to handle the dogs during heat may include:

Are Female Pitbulls More Aggressive Than Males

Isolate for some time in cases of exceptional aggression

It is better to keep her isolated if she is aggressive towards other dogs. One should try to identify the triggers that cause aggression. During such time she may be overprotective of her pups so one should be extra cautious in dealing with the puppies.

Females are vulnerable during the heat period

The heat period may be painful for the dog so one must be calm while picking and always praise and comfort her. If she finds warmth in the owner, she will completely trust him and be relaxed and comfortable

Keep away from children

Since the dog becomes aggressive, one should be careful to not leave the children unsupervised around the female Pitbulls. It is recommended to completely isolate the dog from the children.

Spraying can reduce aggression

If pet owners have no intention of breeding their females, then it is better to have them sprayed. Having her sprayed can eliminate aggression. It is better to have her sprayed during the heat.

Heat-related aggression is temporary but other factors can make her aggressive. The females are usually overprotective of their pups, owing to their motherly nature. This can also make it seem aggressive but the female is only trying to protect its pups.

Are Female Pitbulls More Aggressive Than Males

What makes Pitbulls aggressive

Both the genders are aggressive due to their genetic trait but their aggressiveness is such that they are bought under control by proper training and guidance from an early age. Both male and female Pitbulls are friendly and good with children. Studies have found that Pitbulls are not the most aggressive pets.

Fear and anxiety may be the cause of their aggressive nature. They are typically aggressive to the other dogs and to the people they perceive as a threat.

Are Female Pitbulls More Aggressive Than Males

Taming the aggressive Pitbulls

Instead of questioning are female Pitbulls more aggressive than males, one must find ways to tame them. Some of the ways are:

  • Once you notice the aggressive behavior of pets, you must try to find the source of aggression. The Pitbulls are a curious and watchful dog and certain things can trigger him. They must be aggressive for a reason and the owner needs to find out the reason and isolate the dog from it. If the reason for their aggression cannot be removed one should find ways to distract the dog such as providing training.
  • Since Pitbulls are athletic and powerful, even as puppies they are playful and moves from here and there. Their muscular build makes them look powerful and angry. One can introduce physical training to their routine from a young age so that their energy gets diverted.
  • One can try exposing their dogs to stimuli that cause aggression such that it can come to terms with it. This can be easier with puppies as they are easy to be handled than with an adult.
  • Pitbulls are sensitive dogs and one cannot become overtly assertive with them. Guidance and training are enough to train the dogs. Instead one can use positive reinforcement to change their behavior.
  • Pitbulls are people loving and early socialization can help them to accept other animals and humans. This can be introduced in their early life.

Aggressive pit bull playing


The dog’s evolutionary history makes them able to live in groups. Dogs are social animals and love to be in the company of people. They are also a great stress reliever and compassionate friends. They were earlier thought to be aggressive because of their dominant looks. However, this has proved to be false. Their aggression and attacking nature is because of their irresponsible owners who poorly train them and encourage aggression.

Before considering adopting a pit bull one may ask are female Pitbulls more aggressive than males. Females are more of a protective nature and may become aggressive during their heat period because of the changes in their hormonal levels. Otherwise, they are not as aggressive. Their aggressiveness can be managed by proper training and guidance from a young age. Their aggressiveness is not so difficult to manage that it can stop you from adopting a pitbull especially for all the positive effects they can bring to your life.

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