Should Pitbulls be Kept as Pets – Some Things To Know About The Breed

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Pitbulls kept as pets might sound a bit odd. When you think of a dog that makes good pets, what usually comes to mind are other breeds. Labradors, Golden retrievers, Beagles, German Shepherds are just a few of the more common breeds people select for pets. The pitbulls, unfortunately, are not one of them since it suffers mainly from a reputation problem.
People associate the breed with ferocity since they are unfairly bred as fighting dogs. The truth of the matter is, when you nurture a pit bull with care, it can be a very gentle and loving pet. Non-other than dog whisperer Ceasar Milan had a pit bull that he used for many years to help him socialize other problematic dogs. Let us look at the many misconceptions people have about pit bulls and what they, in reality, are like.




Pitbulls Have a Special Affinity with People

Humans and Pit bulls have a special bond and relationship. As a pack animal, this breed loves being in the company of its owner. It will smother you with affection by snuggling-up or just try and remain within your space. Pitbull owners know this and are familiar with the way the breed shows its affection.
Should you have children, always be sure that you supervise the interaction of your dog with them. If the dog is properly socialized, it will playfully go along with the children and their antics. Once they create a bond they will also be protective of your children. If you want a dog breed that will reciprocate your love, consider a pit bull. Trained and treated properly they will make excellent pets.

Loyalty Is A Strong Trait of the Pitbull as Pets

The pitbull breed can be counted on when it comes to loyalty. If you treat it with care this dog will not betray you or any member of the household. They are loyal to a fault and are eager to satisfy their owners. They will not exchange loyalty for other matters. Expect this dog to stick with you through thick and thin.
The moment a pitbull creates a relationship with its owner, expect this to be for life. If you are looking for reliability in a companion, this breed will deliver. If only the dog could talk it would pledge its unwavering support to you.

PitBulls Are Steady Emotionally as Pets

Pit Bulls are very affectionate as long as they are brought up in a healthy, caring environment. Surprisingly, they can be quite docile compared to other breeds. They get such a bad rap because they are unfairly used and trained for fighting. If you nurture one as a pet, there is no need to fret that they might become aggressive.
Actual clinical tests revealed that it is among the least aggressive breeds. Surprisingly, other breeds thought to be more docile were actually more prone to aggression. This without a doubt reveals that the breed indeed is inherently gentle. Owners of the pit bulls also testify that their dogs are gentle. The key is to nurture them in a loving and caring environment and they will reciprocate that back to you.

They Can Keep Up If You Like To Play and Be On The Go

Are you the outdoorsy, active type of master? Then you have met your match in the pit bull. This breed is very much a powerhouse of energy. They certainly are not a breed that just likes to sloth the day away. This breed thrives on activity and will love you for it. It can be the ideal exercise companion while also being your guard.

This dog will not refuse you for a walk around the park or even a brisk run around the block or track oval. If one of your resolutions is to keep fit, then this going to be your ideal exercise buddy. Pit bulls are capable of long bouts of activity and will never tire ahead of you.

Pitbulls are Not Known to Have Inherent Health Issues

Many dogs have inherent health issues relating to their breed. For instance, Golden retrievers are predisposed to hip dysplasia, while Siberian Huskies have a propensity to go blind. If you desire a dog breed that is all-around healthy, then strongly consider a pit bull. Simply make sure it gets the normal care and maintenance like vaccinations, and you can look forward to many years of companionship. Pit bulls are quite impervious to illness and also possess strong immunity.
Since the breed is active, weight problems are usually not a concern. Just responsibly provide them with a healthy diet and supplement them with a good all-around dog multivitamin. A multitude of pitbull owners claims that they have very few problems when it comes to the health of their dog.

Pitbulls Are Very Obedient and Bright as Pets

Pit bulls are very bright dogs and are extremely trainable. They are quick to pick up on commands and do not require lots of repetitious orders. Many dog owners recognize and value this trait. The breed also adjusts very easily to the environment of an owner, and become quite comfortable right away.
Expect just brief periods of dog training sessions with a pit bull as they will surely get their lesson for the day quite quickly. They are quite intelligent and very fast at getting the point of a command. Simply reinforce its obedience with positive signals like treats and affection. As with all effective training techniques, always make consistency a hallmark of your teaching.
Also be reminded that although this is a bright breed, do not overwhelm it with too much at a time. Give it ample time to process a trick or a command so that it can follow with consistency. Your patience will be rewarded with a good behaving and obedient dog that will know its boundaries.

Maintenance of a Pitbulls as Pets Is Not Demanding

When it comes to caring for them pit bulls are easy for owners. Their short coat is easy to care for since ticks and fleas do not easily imbed and they are easy to brush. When it comes to diet this breed is easy to feed since it is not choosy. Pit bulls are not choosy with food, but just make sure that you give it a nutritionally sound diet.
Consistently make sure that you nourish your dog with food that can sustain its active lifestyle. A good dog food formula will usually do the trick. There are also many pitbull-specific supplements that you can use to enhance your daily diet regimen. If you are diligent with basic care, you will infrequently need to see a veterinarian.

Pitbulls are a Clean and Sanitary Breed as Pets

Pit bulls are a very hygienic and sanitary dog breed. I have yet to see one that looks unkempt and dirty, Owing to their coat that is close to the body, they do not need much maintenance to look and be clean. AS long as it does not tumble much in the dirt, an occasional bath is all it takes to keep this dog spic and span.
The breed also gravitates towards uncluttered space that is sanitary. One would be hard-pressed to find one that likes to stay in the dirt. They prefer and seek clean places. If you are a neat nut, then this the match made in heaven for you when it comes to dogs.

Pitbulls Move on and Do Not Hang On To Bad Experiences

Animals can have long memories when maltreated. Pit bulls on the other hand know how to move on. They do not hang on to bad experiences, and can easily renew a relationship even if there have been bumps along the way. You hardly have them gazing at you with a look of resentment or anger.
Like other well-socialized dogs, a pit bull will be more than willing to love you with no restrictions and to give its full loyalty. That trait is also the reason why they get along well with other house pets that you may have.
Pitbulls are Enjoyable Companions
Contrary to their bad reputation, pit bulls are quite amusing companions. They are amiable pets and can provide a lot of enjoyment. If you already own one then you know what I am talking about. They are a great choice for a family dog since they bring lots of fun to all members. Other dog breeds can be selective and throw their loyalty behind one or two people.
Pit bulls on the other hand do the opposite. All members of a family will derive pleasure being around this breed due to its playful nature. The simplest things stimulate them, and they have the capacity to cheer up people in a household who are in the doldrums. Laughter is never far behind if a pit bull is in the house.
Pitbulls Provide a Sense of Security
A sense of security and well-being at home is always desirable. If you have a pitbull as a pet, its protective nature for the family goes a long way. Due to their reputation as fierce dogs, they will surely scare off any intruders the moment they see that you have one. The breed can also act as a guard dog even when you are not home.
It has been proven consistently that thieves avoid homes that have dogs acting as sentinels. A pit bull surely will act as a strong deterrent against criminal elements. Breaking and entering into a home with a pitbull guard could result in dire consequences.

Pitbulls Socialize Well With Other Pets

Once again, we have a misconception that pit bulls are not good at interacting with other animals. This actually not the case. Do not be fooled by the breed’s tough look and stance, since they are actually quite amiable in the company of other pets. If they have good socialization as they are brought up, pit bulls live quite well with other breeds or even feline pets. A pit bull will try to steer away from confrontation and not create a fight.
Pit bulls are really quite generous and will be more than willing to share their space with other house pets. You will be astonished at how well the breed can coexist with other pets. They are very patient and will only show signs of provocation if pushed too far.

Pitbulls Can Help You Make Friends and Acquaintances as Pets

Do not be in disbelief, but a pit bull could actually improve your ability to make friends. Research has shown Pitbull masters develop their ability to be more sociable. This occurs since as you bring your dog out for a stroll, its friendly nature could lead it to comingle with other dogs. Consequently, this leads you to meet those other dog owners.
A pitbull could also naturally gravitate to dogs of the same breed, and this again will subsequently lead you to meet other dog owners. Amazing, is it not? Pitbulls also have a propensity to attract attention because they have become such an enigmatic breed. As a result of this, you will once again be acquainting yourself with curious strangers that show interest in your dog.
Whichever way it happens, pit bulls have a natural way of leading you to more socialization. If you are the type that does initiate social situations well, then let a pitbull open doors of friendship for you. Its ability to do so will amuse and amaze you.

A Final Word On Pitbulls as Pets

Most dog breeds, if treated well will reciprocate that kindness. That same rule applies with pitbulls as a pet. If you want to have one of this breed in your home as your companion, invest in making the time to let it feel it is loved and cared for. If you do this, your reward is a loving dog. It will also be loyal and protective.
Most dogs behaving badly have a history of maltreatment. Knowing this, have more confidence in nurturing a relationship with a pitbull as a pet. Also, remember, as a word of caution, regardless of how docile your dog is, never allow it to be alone with children. Adult supervision is always required.

I am Jay, I am a pet lover. Have few Pitbulls with me. So love to write about pitbulls.

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  1. No animals should be kept as a pet. People have proven consistently as being incapable of taking care of animals. The dog is our closest companion from over 100 thousand years and we still don’t know how to treat them, or communicate with them. Our species has created and continues to spawn horror and distress for other species. The fact that a lot of people continue to neglected and abuse animals means that nobody should be allowed to own them. Like anything; stupid people should have ruined it for everyone else. Even those with good intentions neglect and abuse their pets and don’t often even realize it. At what point did we think that just because we can control animals; we should own them and give our children pets to amuse themselves with? The best thing that can happen to this planet is our extinction. Until then our planet and all of it’s species suffer greatly. Nothing we can do can reverse the planets destruction and make other species safer; it starts with our extinction


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