Personal Picks for Chew Toys for Pit Bulls – Indestructible Options!

Do you have a Pitty that loves chewing and playing? As pit bull owners, one of the major challenges is to channel their energy into something that’s less destructive. Pit bulls can be playful, affectionate, and fun family pets. And to make sure that they won’t be putting their daggers on your new shoes, you might as well get some chew toys for pit bulls.



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Chewing isn’t always a sign of bad behavior. Pit bulls are bred to be strong, fighting canines. Even if they had gone through past their blood sports years, they still bear some of the herding and hunting characteristics. You just need to divert it into something that will be less harmful but more fun: toys.

What is a power chewer?

All dogs I’ve seen and taken care of have an affinity for chewing. It’s their second nature which is also their means of exploring and easing their discomfort. No matter what breed you have, chewing is a hard-wired trait that you simply can’t erase. Just imagine how many pet owners had their shoes, mats, clothes, and other stuff munched to bits. Still, you can channel it into something less destructive.

However, power chewers have a different level of chewing activity. Unlike other dogs, they will shred more toys or they would need one that has a higher level of strength.

One problem associated with power chewers like pit bulls is the cost of the damage. Once the toy is shredded and already a choking hazard, you’ll have to buy another one.

Also, power chewers tend to swallow and choke on toys. This is the reason why you have to keep an eye on while your Pitty plays. Later on, I’ll discuss more tips with regard to this.

But no matter what the hazard is, your pit bull has to chew. It’s how they let off steam when they experience anxiety or when you fail to satisfy their physical requirements. You can always dampen the destructive part with training, but there will still be a moment when chewing is an inevitable case.

Why are pit bulls power chewers?

Let’s break one stereotype here: pit bulls are power chewers not because they are vicious breeds, but because they are terrier dogs. They aren’t blood-thirsty hounds that will rip your flesh if you deprive them of a toy.

Another myth: pit bulls lock their jaws when they bite. Heck no. No dog has such anatomical structure that will allow them to click lock their jaws.

One reason for their powerful chewing is their muscular capacity. These doggos are stocky and they have more muscle consistency in their bodies.

Sometimes, they get rough without knowing it, same with their powerful munching.

Also, they have large heads and large teeth. Since they also have wider jaws, they can bite with a higher torque. This is the reason why your sneakers are easy-pickings.

Lastly, one thing that we associate with the power chewing is Pitties’ innate tenacity. They always have the drive to finish the task at hand, regardless if it’s a negative stimulus that will result in the destruction of an item. They seemed to have retained the “willingness” to fight and take on challenges back in their blood sports days.

Benefits of chew toys

Aside from sparing your new pair of kicks, there are a lot of benefits that chew toys for pit bulls can bring. Here are some of it:

➕It cuts the boredom

One reason why pit bulls chew hard is they aren’t occupied. With a chew toy, you’ll get to augment their inactivity. One good thing about rubber dog toys like these is it bounces which adds up to the fun of chasing and wiggling.

➕It can be packed with treats

Some chew toys have hollow centers or small slits that you can stuff with kibble or tiny treats. This is a positive reinforcement to instill to your Pitty’s mind that the toy is the only thing worth chewing.

➕It can clean the teeth

Since your dog will keep chewing on a rubbery surface, the toy also serves as teeth cleaner. The food bits left on their mouth will be removed, thus preventing tooth decay and other dental problems. Also, it soothes the gums of a teething pup.

➕Safe for chewing

Using alternative chewing stuff like the loose soles of your shoes isn’t a bright idea. This material might have poisonous chemicals that will harm your dog. This is the reason why a dedicated chew toy is a must-have.

If your dog starts to drool and experience abdominal pain after playing with the toy, remove the item and head straight to the vet. Your pooch might have rubber allergies or you purchased a poisonous item.

Top 2 toys for pit bulls

If you’re looking for the best toys for Pitties, here are two of our favorites, tried and tested to endure the wrath of power chewers:

⭐KONG Rubber Ball Extreme⭐


✔️Ball structure                                         ✔️Natural rubber

✔️Drilled hole in the center                    ✔️Teeth and gum cleaner

✔️Available in 3 sizes (S, M, L)

chew toys for pit bullsI have never known a dog who doesn’t love bouncy balls! KONG is a prominent dog toy brand and it rarely disappoints. They have a collection of indestructible toys for pit bulls just like their Rubber Ball Extreme. This ball is made from natural rubber that’s guaranteed to be safe for your pooch.

The hole in the center can be stuffed with treats to encourage your Pitty to chew this instead. But if you’re worried that the hole will compromise the indestructibility of the ball, you can request the hole-less model from KONG.

I used to have a power chewer and I was surprised that this ball lasted at least a year. We’re talking about daily chewing of a 40 kg Pitty.

You can use this as a fetch ball or just let your doggo chew and play with it plainly. Since the ball bounces, this will surely keep the Pitty occupied for an hour or two.

Anyway, expect this to start disintegrating after a year. Although it’s one of the strongest chew toys you can find, nothing is invincible when it comes to the daily beating of sharp daggers.

A few caveats:

If your dog can pop a tennis ball in one bite, expect that this ball will last a little less long than other chew toys for pit bulls. Still, it’s much better than other dog toys.

⭐Goughnuts Maxx Chew Toy Stick⭐


✔️Stick construction         ✔️Police K9 durability level

chew toys for pit bullsDo you and your dog love playing fetch a stick? If he’s a power chewer, he will find his match with the Goughnuts Maxx Chew Stick. This is a simple rubber stick but definitely hard to shred into pieces. It’s an upgrade of the previous Goughnuts stick and is made to be more durable and indestructible.

This is made of two layers of rubber to ensure that the construction won’t wither even with constant munching. If your Pitty can shred a piece of lumber in minutes, this is the perfect toy for the pooch.

I have a Pitty and a Doberman and I can say that they got tired of trying to shred it into bits. There are minimal bite marks on the stick and it doesn’t shred or tear. About how long it will last, we’re about to see. Anyway, I can bet at least 8 months or a year for this one in regular use. It may sound like an exaggeration but I wonder if a Sabertooth can even rip this apart easily.

I can say right now that this is pit bull-approved given that your pooch isn’t below 40 or 50 pounds. This rubber stick is heavy to drag around for a small pup.

A few caveats:

Since this is a stick, I want to warn about potential choking. Always be present when giving this to your Pitty so you can be in the rescue when the playing goes overboard. Also, I suggest that you wash this a few times before giving it out to your pooch. There’s a rubber smell to it that your doggo may not like.

What to look for chew toys

Choosing the right chew toy is important so you won’t encounter freak accidents in the future. I don’t want to overcomplicate things, so here’s a short list for you to tick. But first remember this:

Remember: no toy is 100% indestructible. At some point, these tough rubber chews will reach its breaking point.

➕It should be toxin-free. A lot of chew toys use a rubber material. Make sure that it’s natural and harmless even if ingested.

➕Skip the rattlers. Chew toys with rattlers are big no-nos. The moving parts will soon come off and God forbid your Pitty choke on it. Also, don’t get toys with strings, buttons, and other tiny parts.

➕Durable enough. By understanding the chewing patterns and habits of your dog, make sure that the toy is durable enough to last long.

➕Easy to wash. Rubber is a common chew toys for pit bulls material because it’s effortless to wash. It doesn’t harbor saliva and dirt.

➕Proper size. Before getting a chew toy, make sure that the size is suitable for your pooch. Too small or they will swallow or choke on it; too big or they can’t even have a good bite of the material.

At some point, your pup will have his or her own favorite toy. It’s a matter of experimenting and knowing what they prefer. But whatever it is, make sure that the toy is relatively safe in all aspects. Remember, too, that chew toys won’t cure behavioral problems. If you already brought toys but the Pitty keeps on chewing your sofa, it’s time to subject him to obedience training.

How to use toys for pit bulls safely

Your responsibility as the pet owner doesn’t end once you purchased the most durable dog toys. Make sure that you supervise your pooch while he or she is tirelessly munching on the rubber goodies.

Here are some of the points to keep in mind:

➕Always be present when your dog is playing

If this is the first time you’re handing the toy to your dog, make sure that you observe how the pooch munches on it. In case the Pitty starts to choke, retrieve the toy and give it back again. At this point, you can’t give the toy to your pet unless you’re around to supervise.

➕Don’t give a toy that’s easy to swallow

Remember, pit bulls have wide jaws. If you’re going to purchase a chew toy, make sure that it’s large enough not to fit on their throat. Again, don’t buy toys with small parts that can disintegrate easily.

➕Remove any broken toy right away

If by any chance your dog got to destroy the chew toy, make sure that you remove it right away. This is also the reason why you have to supervise your Pitty’s chewy play. Your pet might swallow the parts and piss its stomach or block the airway.

➕Be careful in giving toys with large gaps

Rings and toys with strings can cause the dog to be stuck. For example, if the Pitty got his muzzle stuck on a ring, the dog will panic which will result in injuries and damages on your possessions. Strings or belts can wrap around your dog’s body, causing strangulation and chafing.

➕Replace toys if necessary

A lot of pet owners skimp on new toys just because the old piece is still intact. What you have to know is that when the toy’s color fades, it’s a potential sign of overuse. Soon, the toy’s material will disintegrate. It’s best to get some dollars off the window than to have an unexpected trip to the vet.

Purchasing chew toys for pit bulls will help you convert your dog’s destructive habit into a fun activity. Just make sure that your choice of a toy is safe and is in line with the industry’s standards.

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