Coconut Oil for Pitbull Skin – The Soothing Guide for Dog Itching

We all know the fact that coconut oil gives numerous benefits to humans. But, do you know that it is also beneficial to your furry friend? Yes, it is! Coconut oil for dog itching is one of the examples of the perk that it can give to your doggy.

To give a preview, coconut oil for dogs has lots of benefits as well. It has antiviral and antibacterial properties. Having a good taste, coconut oil can also make a great treat to your pooch.

Just like you, I am also wondering how coconut oil becomes good for pitbulls. To stop our curiosity, let us discover coconut oil facts and benefits to the canine.

Components of Coconut Oils for Pitbull
Benefits of Coconut Oil for Pitbull
- Ways on Using Coconut Oil for Dog Itching and Other Skin Ailments
Choosing the Right Coconut Oil for your Pitbull
Pros and Cons of Coconut Oil for Pitbull
Ways to Administer Coconut Oil to Dog Itchy Skin
Coconut Paw Balm Recipe

Components of Coconut Oils for Pitbull

Coconut oil is composed of saturated fatty acids mainly the medium chain triglycerides. These are good fats that provide numerous benefits for our pitbull.

Medium chain triglycerides are made up of lauric acid, capric and caprylic acid, and other polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids. These acids are the components that provide beneficial effects of the coconut oil for dog paws and skin. Triglycerides provide fuels and energy for your pitbull.

Lauric Acid

The main function of this acid is to fight viruses. Lauric acid is the component of coconut oil which gives its antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Capric and Caprylic Acid

These medium chain triglycerides have potent antifungal properties. It is a component of the coconut oil which makes it helpful in treating certain kind of infections such as yeast.

Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid

In improving the skin health of your pitbull, this component helps to produce skin’s natural oil barriers. Because of this, it keeps the skin and coat of your pitbull hydrated and younger looking.

Monounsaturated Fatty Acid

This component of coconut oil is beneficial to your pitbull’s skin by reducing oxidative stress. Also, it protects your dog’s skin from photoaging.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Pitbull

1. Aids digestion

Coconut oil soothes your pitbull’s digestive system while giving up additional nutrients. It is best to combine with probiotics for a synergistic effect. So if your doggy has a sensitive tummy, this probiotic with coconut oil drink is a good choice.

Stomach bugs cannot also stand the lauric and caprylic acid component of coconut oil. Moreover, coconut oil has the ability to lubricate and soothe inflammation associated with stomach inflammatory disorders.

2. Boost energy

Coconut oil is a great energy booster for dogs. Boosting your pitbull’s energy helps your dog to lose weight. It also promotes healthy metabolism, while increasing energy and healthy joints of your pooch.

3. Improves breath

Brushing our doggy’s teeth is what most of us don’t love to do. So, if you like to improve your pitbull’s breath, give your bowwow some coconut oil. For sure, he’ll also love the taste of it and the teeth brushing experience as well.

Coconut oil is also good in cleaning your pitbull’s teeth. The fatty acids composition of the oil helps remove bacteria in your pitbull’s gum line.

4. Antibacterial

Considered as a natural antibacterial, it is applied to minor cuts, this promotes fast wound healing. Coconut oil for dog paws is also beneficial this winter season. By thoroughly rubbing coconut oil to your pet’s paws, you will see improvements from it overnight.

5. Relieve arthritis

This natural oil has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property, which shows to be effective in relieving the symptoms of arthritis. This consumption of coconut oil increases the fatty acid intake, making it great to lubricate both the tendons and joints.

6. Balance insulin

Studies show that coconut oil has a promising effect on preventing diabetes and maintaining blood sugar level.

7. Treat a kennel cough

Coconut oil helps to treat a kennel cough and other viruses that infect your pitbull. Since it also has an antiviral property that makes them effective in treating cough.

8. Boost brain health

Fatty acids in coconut oil are effective in improvement of brain function.

9. Boost immune system

The component of the coconut oil, mainly the lauric acid and the caprylic acid, helps to fight off the immune system invaders. With the combination of its anti-inflammatory property, coconut oil is an excellent immune booster for your pitbull.

10. Excellent for the skin

Aside from offering relief to your pitbull’s dry and itchy skin, it can also improve the look and feel of your dog’s coat when feeding regularly. Topical application of coconut oil can improve the feel and smell of his coat. Coconut oil for dog paws can also use to sooth it when dry.

Ways on Using Coconut Oil for Dog Itching or Other Skin Ailments

Removing fleas

Using coconut oil is a great way to kill those dog fleas naturally and as quickly. Simply massage the oil in the affected area and throughout your pitbull’s coat. Do this on a daily basis, or even twice per day. You can repeat the application until you notice that there are no more fleas.

You can put sweaters if you want so that your pitbull won’t lick the oil from his coat until it is totally absorbed by the skin. However, there’s no place for worry if he can lick some oil. It is great tasting and since it is natural, it is safe if ingested.

Relief itchy skin, hot spots or yeast infections

Coconut oil for dog itching is best-applied topically. It is the safest and best alternative to chemical medication. Yeast infection for pitbulls is generally caused by an over-active immune system. Usually, veterinaries prescribed steroids in treating this infection.

However, this medication may prevent the natural defense of your pitbull’s internal system. So, better try the natural and non-toxic coconut oils. What you’ll need to do is rub the coconut oil on the affected areas and put some in their food. Provided that you will follow the required doses.

Other suggested uses may be incorporating the oil in your pitbull’s shampoo. Putting it in a spray bottle with some water and spraying it in the affected area is also a good idea. This way it will soothe your pitbull’s skin and make them smell fresh while improving their skin condition.

Infected ears

The complicated ear infections natural remedy includes the application of coconut oil. By gently rubbing the raw unrefined coconut oil in the affected ear for one to two times a day is a way of treating the infected ears. Consumption of coconut oil may also help to treat an ear infection.

Doggy odour

Daily consumption of coconut oil by your pitbull may diminish the foul odour of your dog’s coat. Even if coconut oil doesn’t smell overwhelming, some sensitive dogs won’t mind. And, the nutty smell of the coconut does not stay on your pitbull’s coat. Thus, it freshens up your dog skin and coat with just a small amount. Lastly, it doesn’t make the coat feel greasy.

Soothing balm for pitbull’s pad

‏As we’ve said, coconut oil for dog itching skin is a natural alternative treatment for chemical medications especially those who use steroids. For pitbull who have itching skin, or for those who have dry paws, you can rub coconut oil for dog paws with dry skin. It can serve as a soothing balm for their paws after a long walk.

Coconut oil is also effective at healing all kinds of wounds including scratches or bites. It exerts this effect by increasing the production of collagen fiber, the main component of the skin. Coconut oil for dog paws provides a double whammy of moisture and protection to your pitbull’s skin.

Choosing the Right Coconut Oil for Your Pitbull

In choosing the right coconut oil for dog paws, go for the unrefined coconut oil. This is also called as the virgin coconut oil. The unrefined oil undergoes the process of “wet milling”.

Wet milling extracted the oil from fresh coconut fruit. The extracted oil spun down the centrifuge and undergoes no bleaching. Through this, it makes the oil the least processed form of coconut oil available.

Since less refinement, the coconut oil gives a better and more flavour. In addition, more nutrients would be provided as well. This makes the unrefined oil better for boosting your pitbull’s health.

Cold-pressed coconut oil is also the best coconut oil for dog itching. When we say cold-pressed, the oil is never heated, thus preserving its nutrients and delicate enzymes.

Pros and Cons of Coconut Oil for Pitbull


As mentioned earlier, numerous reasons are there as making coconut oil the best choice for dry or cracked dog paw and dog itching. Included in the list are a deep penetrating moisturizer, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and analgesic. Feeding coconut oil to your pitbull gives the following advantages. It can improve cognitive function, increase energy level, enhance the skin and the coat, reduces skin allergies, and improve digestion as well. It is very safe to use and ingested because it is purely natural.


Aside from the number of beneficial effects that it can offer, other pet parents notice a little disadvantage in using and applying coconut oil to their pitbull’s skin. One of this is that the application of coconut oil is a messy process. This is because the oily consistency of the coconut oil is difficult and very messy to apply compared to commercially available paw soothers.

Another thing is that coconut oil is easy to rub off compared to paw soother that stays in place. Just a few steps or swift lick of pitbull to his paws make this natural oil disappear. The moment the coconut oil is rubbed off from his paws, the healing and soothing process won’t work anymore.

- deep moisturizer
- purely natural
- safe to use and ingested
- messy application
- easily rub off

Ways to Administer Coconut Oil to Dog Itchy Skin

Introducing anything new to your pitbull, especially that coconut oil for dog itching should start into something small. It is always a bright choice, to begin with, a smaller amount. Begin with 1/4 teaspoon and gradually increase to 1/2 teaspoon. Increase the recommended intake to at least twice a day.

You can also try the following administration process:

1. Since coconut oil liquefies easy at room temperature, it is better to sprinkle some amount of it over your dog’s food.

2. Mold a small droplet of oil that your pitbull can’t resist before feeding it to your pitbull.

3. Bake up some dog treats for your pooch using this natural coconut oil.

4. Rub a little amount of oil in your hands. Gently run your palm over your pitbull’s fur and lightly brush it.

5. Make a simple homemade balm coconut oil for dog paw.

Coconut Oil Paw Balm Recipe

To easily administer or apply coconut oil to your pitbull’s dried paws, there are natural paw balms that are very easy to make. Aside from that, it is made with natural ingredients that are very safe for your pitbull. Here is a coconut oil paw balm recipe that you can try and make on your own.

Homemade Coconut Oil Paw Balm Instruction

Compared to commercially available paw balms in the market that have many chemical ingredients, this homemade paw balm is prepared using all natural ingredients. Most of the ingredients present here are also readily available even in your kitchen drawer. And without unnecessary ingredients and fragrances, this homemade paw balm moisturize and protect your pitbull’s paw.

To start with, what you’ll need are the following ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup natural beeswax
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 2 tablespoon shea butter
  • 10-20 drops vitamin E oil

Follow the instructions enumerated below to make a homemade coconut oil paw balm.

  1. Put at least 1/3 full cup water in a pot.
  2. Heat the pot with water on low to medium temperature.
  3. Set a large mason jar inside the pot. This set-up looks like a double boiler.
  4. Put the beeswax in the mason jar and heat with often stirring, until completely melted. This process will take about 10 minutes.
  5. When beeswax is completely dissolved, add the coconut oil, olive oil, and shea butter. With often stirring, heat all the ingredients until completely melted.
  6. Once you achieve a homogenous product, remove it from heat.
  7. Add vitamin E drops and stir well.
  8. Pour the mixture in a container
  9. Let it stand for an hour or until it hardens a bit.



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