Want to Try the Best Wet Dog Food for Your Pits? Here are the Top Picks!

Along with technological innovations, the development of food technology emerges as well. Bringing sophistication to food of both humans and animals, food technology allows your dogs to enjoy a huge variety in the food that they eat. Nowadays, dog foods are available in different shapes, sizes, and textures. However, with the tight market competition of this product, sometimes it is very confusing to decide what are the best wet dog food or dry food to feed your Pits.

There are many factors that contribute to the decision making when it comes in choosing the food that you need to feed to your pooch. Sometimes, it is based on the previous experience with other pets, or based on the recommendations of friends or relatives. Other would go for the advice of a professional and there are some that are influenced by tv ads.

To help you decide, we will discuss here important information about the best wet dog foods versus the dry dog foods. We searched for the 2 top picks of the best canned dog foods to give you insights about its contents and its benefits to your doggy.

What is wet dog food?

Wet or canned dog food is a commercially sterile (cooked during canning process) dog food, but not all. Significantly this kind of dog food is higher in moisture content compared to dry dog food. It is also often higher in protein or fat. And it is made with fewer carbohydrates as well.

In a variety of ways, best canned dog food can be exceptional to dry dog food. Wet dog food has no artificial preservatives due to its air-tight packaging. Fats and oils packed inside the cans don’t easily rancidify.

The meat ingredients of the wet dog food are closer to their natural state inside the can. Through this, canned dog foods are more palatable and more appetizing.

When it comes to the moisture content of the canned dog food, it has the same amount of nutrients, as with the dry one. An overweight Pitbull that needs to lose weight can benefit from this type of dog food. Because with the canned dog food, your dieting pooch can feel fuller faster.

The canned dog food is a perfect solution for older Pitbull that suffers from dental problems. Since they are old enough and their dental problems can make the chewing of dry kibble difficult, wet dog food is recommendable for them.

Wet Dog Food vs. Dry Dog Food

Wet Dog Food

Usually, it contains between 70 and 85 percent water. The high water content is trapped by other ingredients such as gelatin or sugars. These ingredients hold the water in place and form a jelly which supports to distribute or suspend the food chunks. There is very little or generally no grains present in a wet dog food. Thus, carbohydrates are provided from any vegetable ingredients.


⇒ Good source of hydration since it contains a high percentage of water

⇒ Good alternative diet for ill Pitbulls who cannot smell well, or is lacking in appetite

⇒ Highly recommended for old Pitbulls who suffer from dental problems


× Easily makes a mess

× Easily lose shelf life once opened

× Needs to be covered and refrigerated and used quickly to avoid spoilage

× More expensive

× Bought in smaller amounts at a time

Dry Dog Food

Dry dog food looks like a biscuit or kibbles. Generally, it comes in bags of varying sizes. The water content of dry dog food is usually up to 11%. Dry dog food has more carbohydrates that are provided by cereals such as wheat, corn or barley. And they sometimes appear as the first ingredient on a dry dog food packet. Carbohydrate is the main ingredient in dry dog food that holds the kibble together and gives texture in it.

This also contains other ingredients such as meat meal and fats in a ground powder form, so pieces of meat won’t be seen in the food. Protein is also part of the dry dog food in small amounts. And sometimes it is provided to the diet through vegetable ingredients such as soybean.


⇒ Most convenient for storage and for feeding

⇒ Can be left out to Pitbull to eat at its own pace

⇒ Food can be left out for days without having spoilage

⇒ More economically cost-effective even if feeding multiple dogs

⇒ Effective training treat

⇒ Comes in different sizes and types


× Do not provide much moisture

× Has lower content of animal-based proteins


The quality best wet dog food is also rich in nutrients as quality dry dog food. Also, like dry dog food, there is also a wide variety of wet dog food formula suitable for every dog’s diet. The best wet dog food formula available are organic, grain-free, a novel protein, weight-maintenance, sensitive-stomach, and many more variety to choose from. Between the two, dry dog food is considered to be the healthier option, the best wet dog food is just as healthy too.

Benefits of Wet Dog Food

Want to know why wet dog food is also as healthy as with the dry one? Here are the reasons:

1. Easier to chew

Veterinarians say that feeding your Pitbull with wet dog food won’t cause any harm to his teeth or gums as what other pet parents think of. In fact, wet dog food is much recommended to older dogs with teeth or gum issues. This is because wet dog food may be easier to eat than the dry one.

2. Healthier for growing Pitbull

Wet dog food typically contains more protein which is a crucial nutrient in your Pitbull’s puppyhood stage. During this stage, protein helps your Pitbull pups to grow up strong.

3. Keeps well

Most of the best wet dog food contains plentiful meat and vegetables that provides the vitamins and minerals to your Pits. These nutrients are needed in their diet to stay healthy. The ingredients in the wet dog food such as real beef, lamb, chicken, and wholesome grains offers your Pitbull a rewarding mealtime. Wet dog foods can be stacked up in a greater time compared to dry dog food, based on the expiration date and as long as it is not yet opened. Foods packed in cans do not require any preservatives to keep it fresh.

Traits of a Top-Quality Canned Dog Food

For you to come up with an educated choices in selecting a new option food for your Pitbull, we will give you the following information.

  1. The product should have a specified meat source as its first ingredient. Meaning, the dog food contains more of that ingredients compare to the other ingredient listed therein.
  2. There should be a specified sources of any animal protein or fat. Find for the named species when it comes to muscle tissue and organs.
  3. Have whole grains and vegetables.
  4. Very restricted content of wheat, flesh, or vegetable derivative, if any at all.
  5. Have a “comprehensive and proportioned” label.

In choosing for the best canned dog food for your Pitbull, here are crucial information that you must keep in mind:

• Must-Have Ingredients in Canned Dog Food

Remember that there is no commercially available canned dog food that is perfectly made for every dog. However, to ensure that your doggy receives the proper nutrients, it should be your goal to find the one with the most whole food ingredients and the least artificial additives.

The protein source must be the first in the list of ingredients and should always appear in the name of a specific animal such as chicken, lamb, and beef. The grains should be whole and unprocessed. It is a good choice if you go for brown rice or wild rice. Avoid white rice and wheat gluten.

For the vegetable content in canned dog food, mostly used thickeners are the potato or the sweet potato. This dog food should have a concentrated veggies without starches such as the alfalfa, apples or carrots. With this in the ingredient list, you may say that the product you are buying is an great option of dog food.

• Avoid Canned Dog Food with These Ingredients


These ingredients come in every kind of food group such as meat, grains, and vegetables. There are also preservatives and some unpronounceable chemicals. Canned dog foods with “meat by-products” in the ingredient list as their main ingredient belong to a lower-quality foods. So, be mindful in choosing canned dog foods as these highly processed, low nutrient foodstuffs are written under many different names. Beware of stuffs like “modified beef.”

Non-Specific or Unnamed Animal Sources

Take note that if a canned dog food declares an unspecified organs as its primary meat source, then it should not be given to your pooch. Generally, this are the “liver”, “heart”, and “tripe”.

Food Binders

Binders are generally needed for canned foods that contains highly processed meat sources to hold meat-stuff together. The purpose of using this is to make that stuff more closely resembles natural chunks. If there are any wheat gluten content, it should be at the bottom of the ingredient list.

Sugar or Sweeteners

No artificial sweeteners should be included in the dog food. However, lower quality foods add this ingredients to make the food taste better. The most common additives under this category is the sugar and molasses. Do not buy any canned dog food that contains corn syrup.

Artificial Coloring or Excess Preservatives

The canned dog food do not contain any preservatives in it. So, lucky enough that the canning process of this kind of dog food prevents rancidity.

 ∗ Best Wet Dog Food for Pitbull ∗

To help you decide if you want your pooch to go for a wet dog diet, here are the 2 top picks of the best canned dog food that you might consider.

→ Taste of the Wild Canned Dog Food ←


This is a highly recommended best canned dog food available in the market today. It is best for all dogs including the large breed pupies. One of its variant known as Taste of the Wild High Prairie has the first 5 ingredients which includes beef, lamb broth, vegetable broth, lamb liver, and dried egg product.

The label analysis reveals that this best canned dog food has a protein content with dry substance of around 44%, amount of fat about 22%, and a calculated value of carbohydrate of 25%. Overall, Taste of the Wild Canned Dog Food contains a protein of greater than average, fat that has closer average value, and carbohydrates in a lower than average amount when referred to a regular wet dog food.

By it ingredient alone, this best canned dog food is an above-average wet product. Being a product free of grain and canned dog food based primarily on meat, it used a valuable rate of meat as the primary origin of protein from an animal. The blend of animal protein sources meet the needs of the Pitbull’s special dietary needs. Plus its antioxidants content that give a healthy lifestyle of your doggy.

→ Whole Earth Farms Chicken and Turkey ←


Another best canned dog food is the Whole Earth Farms Chicken and Turkey. This is best for every  dogs that includes large breed puppies. The first 5 ingredients included in this product are the chicken, chicken broth, turkey, chicken liver, and peas. With a five-star rating, the Whole Earth Farms Chicken and Turkey is suitable for all Pitbull’s life stages.

Amazing feature of this canned dog food is the deboned turkey. It is a grain-free stew with chunky turkey and vegetables. This recipe is highly recommended for doggy with a sensitive stomach. It can also served as a complete and balanced meal or as a meal topper with kibble.

The result of the label analysis shows that this recipe contains a protein of dry substance with value of 43%, amount of fat of 27%, and a calculated level of carbohydrate of around 22%. Being considered as one of the best canned dog food, it has a protein with greater than average value, fat lower than average, and carbohydrates close to the average value when referred to a regular wet dog food.

This is also an above-average canned dog food. It still contains a notable amount of meat considering the mild impact of the protein-enhancing peas and alfalfa.

Final Thought

Like human, dogs body is unique and sensitivities to food are very common. Choosing the right dog food option is a critical process. Just always remember that even the most highly recommended dog food could never be right enough for every dog. The best thing that you can do is to buy the best dog food that you can find. But, choose the one within your comfortable means.







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