best food for senior dogs with sensitive stomachs

Urgent Need! – Best Food for Senior Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs

Dog food is one of the key components of raising a Pitty. Aside from being delicious and appealing, it should also be nutritionally balanced. However, the choice of dog food becomes more challenging for senior pooches. With a different activity level and health condition, we always have to be more meticulous with our options. This is the reason why you should look for the best food for senior dogs with sensitive stomachs.

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Pitbulls have one of the most sensitive digestive systems. This becomes worse as they grow older. If given a food that no longer suits their ability to digest, they will experience a host of gastrointestinal problems. For you, as the pet owner, that translates to more vet visits and medical bills.

But first, how will you know if your old pooch has a sensitive stomach? Here are some of the symptoms:

Signs that your senior Pitbull has a sensitive stomach

Diarrhea. Having runny poo is a common occurrence to some dogs. However, if it becomes too prevalent, this can be a sign of intestinal issues. If your senior Pitty is exhibiting this symptom, it’s best to seek the help of a veterinarian.

Gas. Is your doggo always bloated? Does he fart non-stop? There’s a chance that his food isn’t sitting well on his tummy. Gas formation is a common sign of this and if the air on their stomach gets trapped, it can pose a deadly consequence.

Vomiting. Vomiting is the body’s way of eliminating an irritant out of its system. So if your dog vomits, it means his stomach has encountered an irritant or food component that it finds impossible to digest.

Declining to eat. Some dogs who had previously suffered from stomach problems under a certain food would loathe eating. If this happens, it’s important to consult the vet. There’s a chance that the doggo is still feeling some tummy discomfort.

Why your dog has a sensitive stomach

Stomach sensitivity can be triggered by a variety of factors that can range from food ingredients to emotional stress. It’s important to consult a veterinarian to remove the guesswork on your part as the pet owner. You can have the best canned food for senior dogs but still, observe problems on your dog. Still, make sure that you observe some of the symptoms and these possible causes:


One of the leading causes of stomach sensitivity is an allergy. Although it’s a case of a poor immune system, food allergy can still upset the stomach. If you suspect that this is the case, you can start the elimination process to point out which food causes the problem.

The vet will also perform skin testing on your dog to verify the allergen.


Your dog’s inability to digest certain food ingredients is a direct cause of a sensitive stomach. And since the ingredients aren’t broken down and absorbed, it can irritate the stomach which can induce vomiting and diarrhea. As for senior dogs, stick with easy-to-digest protein sources as well as food options with low fat. By any cost, do not give your senior Pitty any table scraps. If it’s not good for a puppy, it’s not the best food for senior dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Still, you should be mindful if your doggo likes digging on the garbage. He might have ingested something inedible or spoiled.

➕Treats as the culprit

The main meal may not be the culprit for the sensitivity but the treats that you’re giving. Your senior pitty might be ingesting rawhide or is allergic or intolerant to some of the ingredients. And even if the treats don’t have any of the irritants, giving your senior dog too many will overwhelm its stomach. Remember that senior Pitbulls aren’t supposed to eat as much as they do during their younger years.

➕Intense emotional stress

It seems like butterflies in the stomach is way more than an expression when it comes to dogs. As Pitbulls are prone to separation anxiety, they tend to experience an overwhelming emotional distress. This may disrupt his stomach’s normal functions as well as the manner of eating.

You can address this by slowly eliminating any possible stressor that your senior Pitty is experiencing.

Food ingredients that can cause stomach issues

If the cause of the stomach problem is the dog food, you should know which of the ingredients are inducing the problem. For sure, one or two of the components are the bad actors. This is the reason why you should get the best canned food for senior dogs. To give you an idea, here are some of the common sensitivity-causing ingredients to watch out for:


Yes, even the most important food component of your dog’s food can be a problem too. As you know, the protein source is the main allergy trigger for Pitties. Some of these doggos just find it hard to digest some of the meat types. Still, each Pitty will have unique reactions to certain types of meat. If my pooch is allergic to beef, yours may not.

You can try switching to a new protein source and see if it fixes the problem. Take note that old Pitbulls will have stomach problems if given too much protein.

➕Fat content

A high-fat diet is very difficult to digest for old Pitties. If the fat source or oil ingredient is listed as one of the first four ingredients, that means the dog food has very high fat on it. Check the percentage of the food and consider switching to a low-fat one. The advice of a vet will help here.

➕Fiber content

Fiber is a very important food component but you have to make sure that it won’t affect nutrient digestibility. Because if it does, that’s where the problem starts. Beet pulp is a good source which is commonly used in commercial dog food. But if your dog responds to this negatively, you can ask the vet for an alternative option.

➕Nutrient balance

If your Pitty is suffering from some kind of nutrient deficiency, there’s a chance that the pooch will have a pissed stomach. A homemade meal is likely to cause nutrient deficiency if it’s not formulated properly.

So how will you find the right food?

When it comes to the best food for senior dogs with sensitive stomachs, you shouldn’t take chances.

Always talk to a veterinarian or a pet nutritionist about the food that suits your pooch.

These professionals will recommend food products based on a medical basis. You can also seek the advice of some Pitty owners, still, be careful of who advises you.

You can join forums and groups of Pitty owners to get advice from fellow pawrents. Again, always practice caution with these internet sources as some aren’t always based on scientific evidence. Being a little bit more skeptical isn’t a bad thing after all.

How to know if a dog food is best for senior Pitties?

If you want a convenient way of changing your dog’s diet, the easiest choice is to buy commercial food. You have tons of options but always have meticulous eyes on the ingredients to prevent the same problem from happening. As a guide for the best canned food for senior dogs, here are some things to look for based on the American Kennel Club (AKC):

➕Check the label

A smart dog owner is the one who takes time to read the label. First, check where the food got its protein. Is it from meat by-products or real meat? Always avoid by-products as these are stripped of nutrients.

It may take time to find the perfect food for your pet. Be patient enough and heed the advice of the veterinarian. Take note that you may have to transition your pet in several food products before you can finally land the best purchase.

➕Look for “complete and balanced”

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) examines all dog food products to ensure that they are following the industry’s standards. Always look for products that have complete and balanced labels. This means that the AAFCO had checked the formula and deemed it suitable for specific breeds and age.

A complete and balanced diet also helps reduce any form of stomach sensitivity of senior dogs. It also helps arrest nutrient deficiency.

How about homemade meals

If you’re used to preparing your dog’s meals, you can start addressing the problem by removing any seasoning on it. If the pooch’s condition got better, you can simply ditch any flavorings that upset its digestive system. However, the bland taste can be a challenge when it comes to finicky eaters.

You can always ask the help of a veterinary nutritionist to come up with a formula that suits your Pitty. Somehow, homemade meals can be excellent for some dogs. However, this is time-consuming for busy owners.

Take note, though, that no one commercial diet can be a fix for a sensitive stomach. If this is the case, you can always seek your vet-prescribed food. This is the common option for dogs with very delicate conditions.

What to look for dog foods for senior Pitbulls

If you’re planning to shop for the best food for senior dogs with sensitive stomachs, make sure that you look for the following characteristics:

Limited ingredients. At this point in time of your dog’s life, limited ingredients are better than having dozens in one can. This will make allergy detection easier plus your dog will have an easier time digesting the food.

Easy to digest ingredients. Old Pitbulls already have weak systems. It’s important that the ingredients of the food they’re eating are easy to break down. The likes of sweet potatoes, brown rice, and chicken are typically easy to digest.

Zero “unwhole” grains. The likes of corn, wheat, and soy are problematic grains. It’s difficult to digest plus it’s also a common cause of allergies among Pitbulls. Always avoid these ingredients if possible.

Bland formula. I know that you always want to serve yummy food for your pooch. However, the blander the composition is, the better it will be. For a senior dog, you’ll want to avoid any fillers, seasonings, and heavy mixes that can be too heavy on the stomach.

Live cultures. Probiotics help in improving the digestive system of your dog. Having this on your senior Pitty’s meal will be an added perk.

Best canned food for senior dogs

Hill’s Science Senior Dog Food Diet

best food for senior dogs with sensitive stomachsIf you’re looking for a vet-recommended food, the one from Hill’s Science is a great choice. It’s made from high-quality beef paired with vegetables and brown rice. Each of the ingredients here is guaranteed to be easy to digest so your Pitty will get the optimal nutrition he needs.

This food is also soft so your doggo will have an easier time chewing and swallowing it. And with the added moisture, you’ll be giving your dog extra hydration he badly needs. It’s delicious as much as it’s nutritionally balanced for senior dogs.

With Hill’s Science’s scientific expertise in the best food for senior dogs with sensitive stomachs, each of their canned meals will give you peace of mind.


✔️Easy to digest wet food

✔️Packed with vegetables


✔️Affordable for such formula


❌Can be less appealing to finicky dogs

Nutro Ultra Senior Dog Food

best food for senior dogs with sensitive stomachsThis chunks-in-gravy dog food is guaranteed to make your dog’s appetite going. It has chicken as the main ingredient together with 14 superfoods. This canned food also has lamb and salmon as protein sources for a well-rounded kind of nutrition. Moreover, this is free of any by-products and unwhole grains like corn, soy, or wheat.

As a senior dog food, it has a lower protein content to suit the activity level of your pooch. It’s also stripped of artificial preservatives and colorings to ensure that your dog only gets prime nutrition. Overall, this best canned food for senior dogs nourishes while supporting healthy digestion.

And if you’re not satisfied, you’re entitled to a 100% money-back guarantee.


✔️Delicious and appealing

✔️Packed with superfoods

✔️Free of any artificial substances

✔️100 money-back guarantee


❌A bit expensive than the first option

The best food for senior dogs with sensitive stomachs should be nutritionally balanced and free of allergens. With the help of a veterinarian, this should be easy to find.

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