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3 Best Pet Urine Enzyme Cleaner Options – No More Dog Smell!

Accidents can happen inside the house even if your Pittie is fully housebroken. And when it comes to our dog’s poo and pee, typical cleaners just won’t work. If we let the smell lingering inside the house, our dogs may repeatedly eliminate on the same spot. Even if your nose can’t sniff it, our dogs can track down their eliminating spot. With this, I got the guaranteed solution: the best pet urine enzyme cleaner.

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Enzyme cleaners remove stains and odor of a pet’s urine, stool, or vomit. It ensures that the dog will not sniff out any traces of their excretion, thus preventing another accident.

Why use an enzymatic cleaner?

Products advertised as pet stain and odor remover use live enzymes to clean. It’s ideal for both hard and soft surfaces where your pooch might have eliminated by accident.

Enzymatic cleaners both chemically and biologically act on the stain so it will be completely removed from the surface. This is something that dish cleaners and soaps can’t do.

The biochemical properties of the enzymatic cleaner disintegrate the stain. For this to happen, you need to apply the formula and let it sit for a few minutes.

The cleaning agent will extract the stain molecules, degrade the organic waste, and clean the surface. This way, your dog will no longer have a trail to track.

Take note that the application of the enzymatic formula may release a pungent smell. This is due to the biochemical reaction happening on the stain. This should go away after a while.


MY TOP PICK: Rocco & Roxie Professional Odor and Stain Enzymatic Formula
best pet urine enzyme cleaner

Product Name: Rocco & Roxie Professional Odor and Stain Enzymatic Formula

Product Description: When it comes to enzyme cleaners, nothing beats the Rocco & Roxie Stain and Odor Eliminator. It contains natural enzymatic bacteria that activates the moment it gets in contact with the stains and odor. What I like about this cleaner is that it’s safe to use around children and pets. It’s very gentle that it bears the Seal of Approval of the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). You can use this on carpeted floors, sleeping areas, dog beds, furniture, clothing, and even litter boxes. It’s an all-around solution for all the pet stains.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Cleaning level
  • Ingredients
  • Scent
  • Safety


Just make sure that you test for colorfastness first before spraying this lavishly on the stained spot. After spraying, let the formula sit for at least 5 minutes before blotting with paper towels.

Here’s the best part about the Rocco & Roxie enzyme cleaner: if this didn’t work on your pet’s stains, you will receive a refund. That’s an unbeatable guarantee for such a competitive price.

I also like its easy-to-grip spray bottle. If you run out of supply, you can purchase a gallon for refills.


✔️Contains the Seal of Approval of Carpet and Rug Institute

✔️Safe to use around kids and pets

✔️Money-back guarantee if it doesn’t clean as promised


❌Heavy smell, make sure you wear a face mask


BUBBA’S Super Strength Enzyme Cleaner

best pet urine enzyme cleanerIn case you’re not impressed with the Rocco & Roxie enzyme cleaner, I suggest that you try the BUBBA’s Super Strength Enzyme Cleaner. It also bears the Seal of Approval for the Carpet and Rug Institute.

This has natural dormant bacteria that activates upon application. This will remove all the smell and stain of pet pee, poo, and other stains. The BUBBA’s enzyme cleaner is also a champ for wine stains. In fact, you can use this on carpets, rugs, upholstery, flooring, and other surfaces.

This enzyme cleaner permanently removes even the slightest traces of pet stain. Just like Rocco & Roxie, you’ll get your money back if this product failed to clean the stains as it promised.

What I like about the BUBBA’s enzyme cleaner is it remains in full strength while cleaning. This best pet urine enzyme cleaner ensures that all the odor and stains will be wiped clean.

If you hate strong scents, BUBBA will be a great choice. It leaves a fresh scent after cleaning. I used this on vomit stains of my dog and the next day, it’s as if my carpet wasn’t stained at all. It works wonders as long as you apply it properly.


✔️Remains in full strength while cleaning

✔️Bears the Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute

✔️Money-back guarantee if this failed to clean the stains



❌You need to apply it lavishly for it to work



Biokleen Bac-Out Stain+Odor Remover

best pet urine enzyme cleanerLast but not the least in my recommendations is the Biokleen Bac-Out Stain+Odor Remover. This is a plant-based cleaner blended with live enzymes, a natural surfactant, and botanicals.

If you or someone in the house has allergies, this might be the right choice for an enzyme cleaner. It’s not just eco-friendly; Biokleen Bac-Out is also kind to those who have allergies and sensitivities.

The best thing about this enzyme cleaner is that it’s ready to use right away. No diluting is needed plus it’s already in full strength, ensuring optimal cleaning in every spray. It also has a good lime scent.

This is the best pet urine enzyme cleaner for pet stains, laundry, wine stains, carpets, drains, and more. You can use it with peace of mind since it doesn’t harm bodies of water.


✔️Contains natural ingredients

✔️Safe to use around people with allergies and sensitivities

✔️Eco-friendly, non-toxic



❌The nozzle spray loses its efficiency over time. A replacement spray bottle will fix the issue.

Benefits of using an enzyme cleaner

You may think that DIY remedies are cheaper and more convenient. It surely is, but when it comes to pet stains, it may not provide the same cleaning power that enzymes can deliver.

Here are some of the benefits of purchasing and using an enzyme cleaner instead.

1. It prevents future accidents

The main purpose of pet enzyme cleaners is to remove any traces of your dog’s elimination. This is so they wouldn’t eliminate on the same area again.

DIY remedies can’t do this. Besides, a combination of kitchen items may damage the surface you’re cleaning, especially hardwood.

2. The enzymes keep working

The enzyme residue can keep working for up to 80 hours after the initial application. It ensures that all the stains and odor will be removed.

3. It’s safe to use

Compared to synthetic cleaners, enzyme cleaners are safer both for humans and the environment. It’s less likely to irritate although safety precautions should still be followed.

Types of pet enzymatic stain/odor cleaner

There are three major types of enzyme cleaners. It includes the following


Lipase enzyme cleaners break down grease, oil, and fat from soft surfaces. This includes your sofa, mattress, and other similar materials. It’s an excellent stain removal option.


This type of enzyme breaks down proteins and peptides. This is the type that you’d like to use on pet urine and blood. It’s also a great cleaning agent on wine spills.


Amylase enzymes are great in breaking down carbohydrates and starches. This is the top choice for stains from pasta, sugar, red clay, and fruits.

Take note that these enzymes can be blended into one product for a more potent cleaning effect. Most enzyme cleaners also have a fragrance blend to deodorize the cleaned area.

Considerations when purchasing an enzymatic cleaner

Before you purchase an enzyme cleaner, make sure that you check the following points:

🐾Cleaning strength

Some enzyme cleaners are concentrates while others are ready-to-use sprays. Make sure that you check this part so you’ll know the needed preparation and application procedures.

Gentle formulas may not be ideal if your dog has a rancid stool. On the other hand, very intense cleaners may damage the material of the surface you’re cleaning.

If you’re in doubt, a moderate-intensity cleaner will be the best bet.

🐾Deodorizing effect

This is just a bonus part but it’s something you need to be careful about. Usually, the enzymatic cleaners are enough to remove the smell of your dog’s poo or pee. Still, some pet owners like to have a nice scent after cleaning.

This is okay unless your dog has a sensitive nose. Some deodorizing add-ons could irritate your pooch. Just make sure that the ingredients used are natural and safe in case of direct contact.


Aside from having live enzymes to clean the stain and odor, you should also check what else is blended on the bottle of cleaner you’re using.

A short list of ingredients is ideal since it doesn’t have too many fillers or very active chemicals. If there’s anything on the ingredients that you find hard to pronounce, always do your research. These are synthetic chemicals that may or may not be harmful.

My rule of thumb is to read customer reviews. Here, you’ll have personal accounts of how the enzymatic cleaner worked and if the person experienced irritations while using it.


This is a matter of convenience when using the pet enzymatic cleaner. I prefer a spray bottle so I no longer have to find a spray container. Also, transferring the formula can be difficult.

Unlike pour bottles, spray bottles have little risk of spilling. Also, it lets you control the amount you’re applying. Anyway, this is a matter of preference.

🐾Dry out time

Enzymatic cleaners vary in dry out time. Most will be dry within 12 hours while some may take longer depending on how large the area is and the amount you applied.

The longer the cleaner takes time to dry the better for the cleaning process. This means that the enzyme has more time to remove pee, poo, and odor from the surface being treated.

🐾Surface to be cleaned

Hard and soft surfaces need specific enzyme types for the stain to be removed entirely. Your carpet enzyme cleaner may not work as efficiently when used on a tiled floor.

It’s important to know the surface you’re going to apply it for. It can be your dog’s foam bed or your couch.

Safety tips when using enzymatic cleaners

As much as most enzyme cleaners are safe to use, following some precautions wouldn’t hurt. Here are some of my tips to make sure that you’re not going to experience any hiccups while using the pet cleaner:

🐾Keep it out of pet and children’s reach

This is a no-brainer when it comes to cleaning formulas. Always keep it away and don’t let your child or your pet play with it. These cleaning substances are safe but not when a kid or a dog ingests or inhales it directly.

🐾Always wear a pair of gloves

When cleaning using the enzymatic cleaner, always wear gloves. This will protect your skin from possible irritation brought by the chemical. Also, you have to remember that this cleaner contains live enzymes that could trigger skin irritations.

🐾Beware of possible allergies

If you or someone in your home has sensitive or allergy-prone skin, you should be careful when using the enzymatic cleaner. It’s best to ask that person to avoid the treated area for the meantime.

In case the enzyme cleaner is causing respiratory issues at home, ditch it and look for one with natural and safer ingredients.

Cleaning tips

🐾Don’t use it for non-biological stains

Never clean oils, gasoline, and inks with an enzyme cleaner. The interaction of the enzyme with the substance may produce an unlikely outcome.

🐾Apply lavishly

If your pet happened to pee on your mattress or thick fabric, make sure that you douse a lot. This is to ensure that the enzymatic cleaner reaches all the pee.

🐾Always air-dry the area

After applying the enzyme cleaner, let it dry naturally. This is so the enzymes will have more time to break down the organic matter causing the stain.

🐾Follow the instructions on the label

Each enzyme cleaner will have a specific formula that you need to apply properly. Make sure that you follow what’s on the label to make the most out of the cleaner.


The best pet urine enzyme cleaner will ensure that accidents will be cleaned up to the last bit of stain. What do you think of my 3 recommendations here? Let me know below by leaving a comment!

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