how to make your puppy love you

How to Make Your Pitbull Puppy Love You – 15 Ways to Win the Pup Over!

Many people think that Pitbulls are vicious dogs. But on the contrary, these doggos are affectionate, loyal, and amazing pets. At first, these pups could be aloof. But if you want to win them over, you have to know how to make your puppy love you.

Raising a puppy isn’t an easy task; gaining their affection is also a challenge. Some pooches take months or years before they trust their owner fully. But if you want to form your bond with your new Pitty puppy, you have to know some subtle ways to make them feel your love.

The good thing with dogs is that your acts of love won’t go unnoticed. They appreciate little things like feeding them, playing with them, or taking them into brisk walks. You just have to take little steps until your new doggo yields to your charm.

Once you win your Pitbull’s heart, they will be viciously loyal, clingy, and attached to you. In fact, your Pitty will live for your love and affection.

And how do we do that? We tell them we love them in a language they understand.

1. Let the doggo sleep on your bed

Not all pet owners like the idea of letting their doggo sleep on their bed. But if you want to form the bond with your Pitty, just let him sleep in your room for a few nights. It’s a good way on how to make your new puppy love you.

Even though Pitbull pups are seen as toughies, they can get pretty scared in a new environment.

Let them cuddle with you until they get settled in their new home. This is very true for rescued Pitties. They need more love than ever.

The good thing with Pitbulls is that they are medium-sized dogs and they won’t occupy much space on your cot. Their face licks also make a great alarm clock.

Do you know that letting your dog sleep right beside you also gives benefits to you as the owner? Here’s how:

2. Make more facial expressions

This one’s interesting.

A Japanese study back in 2013 found out that the more facial expression you make, the more the doggo think that you love them.

Specifically, dogs exhibited left facial lateralization when reunited with their owners as compared to meeting strangers.

What does this mean? This means that your doggo make more left-face expression when meeting their owner. This will also apply to you as their owner!

You can smile and raise your left brow when arriving home. Your doggo would surely notice this unique expression. Besides, doggos don’t really like deadpan facial expressions when meeting people. Pair it with petting and the pup will surely yield.

3. Gaze into their eyes

In his book The Genius Dogs, Neuroscience Doctor Brian Hare said that gazing into your dog’s eyes is like hugging them with your stare. This is also the same thing when your dog keeps staring at you in silence. Knowing how to make your puppy love you starts with these little gestures.

But remember that this doesn’t apply to all dogs. Staring right in the eyes of a guard dog of your neighbor is like challenging them for a fight.

And if it’s a Shiba Inu or an Akita, you’ll be in trouble. Most dogs think of direct stares as a threat.

Once your Pitty becomes comfortable with you, gaze into its eyes while giving it a petting on the noggin’. Speak softly and make sure that your dog relaxes. Hare said that this produces the oxytocin hormone which is the same thing that bonds a mother and a child.

4. Lean on your doggo

Leaning on your Pitty pup doesn’t mean you’re going to crush it under your weight. Do you notice whenever your pup leans on your leg when you’re standing in the kitchen or on the yard? Give the same leaning act on him.

For example, if you’re both sitting on the couch, try leaning your head into your pup’s noggin. You can also allow the doggo to lean into you while stroking its side.

This show of affection wins lots of dogs. But take note that Pitties can get heartsick and times when you leave them behind. It will take some wooing before they let you cuddle with them again.

how to make your puppy love you

5. Give him lots of playtimes

Pitbulls love playing. As high-energy dogs, they love playing fetch, tug-of-war, and just simply romping on the yard. Let them release this energy by being involved in their playtime.

When your pup knows you’re fun to be with, they will long for your presence every time.

Knowing how to make your new puppy love you include keeping the pooch entertained.

Also, you can do more of what your dog loves (as long as it doesn’t spoil them). For example, my pooch loves chasing Frisbees so I see to it that I play with him each afternoon. Soon enough, he’s following me around and want to cuddle with me all the time.

One last tip: Don’t let your doggo initiate play. Make sure that he knows you still call the shots.

6. Take him to a ride

If you’re going for a short ride to the store, you can take your Pitty pup with you. This way, your doggo will know that he’s part of your life. For sure, the pooch will love seeing the neighborhood from your car’s window.

Just remember to crack a window slightly open when you’re leaving the pooch for a short period. Still, don’t let open a window while driving since this will dry your doggo’s eyes.

Wondering how to make your puppy love you? If you’re going into a long drive, make sure that you have a comfy dog car seat on. This will ensure that your pooch will be cozy and secure at the same time.

7. Reward good behavior

Did your pup just learn how to sit on cue? Let him know that you appreciate it by giving some yummy snacks and treats. Affection and belly rubs are also great substitutes.

Doting to your doggo from time to time is also a great thing. Just don’t spoil the pooch too much or he will try to lord over you.

Nevertheless, the reward system is also a great avenue to start training. When your doggo learns some commands, make sure that you give him something back for his obedience. Your pup will love for you this.

Aside from chewy snacks, you can also take the pooch to a short walk to the dog park or just around the neighborhood.

Not sure how to reward your Pitty, here’s a balanced training video from Bound Angels:

8. Take the Pitty to walks

All dogs love walking! By letting your pup see, sniff, lick, and experience the neighborhood, you’re making him feel loved. Dogs love exploring, much so an energetic Pitbull. Just make sure that you leash the dog as a moving object can easily get the best of him.

Daily walks are also a great way to exercise your pooch.

Pitties are eating machines and they can get really fat if you don’t control their diet and if you don’t flex their muscles. As you know, it’s not healthy for Pitbull pups as the excess weight exerts more force on their short legs.

Moreover, daily walks are also effective in socializing your pup as early as possible.

9. Make them part of your activities

Are you going for a run? How about a visit to the beach? Let your Pitty pup hop into the adventure. These small moments mean a lot to a growing pup. Also, the more you spend time with your Pitbull, the more they become in love with you.

Instead of making them wait inside the house, you can let the doggo join you if possible. This will make them feel valued and wanted.

If you’re parenting a rescued pup, this is a great way to gain his trust and affection.

Remember, a tired pup is a happy pup. A run to the store or a jog around the park can go a long way.

10. Feed him right

Giving your pup all it needs is important to keep it healthy and happy. And if your doggo is free of diseases, they can be more active which will help you bond with the canine even more.

Remember, Pitbulls have the most sensitive tummies and skin. If you feed the wrong food, they can develop various allergies. Always be meticulous to keep any irritation at bay.

Of course, it’s a default need to feed your dog. But it’s a different story when it comes to satisfying their nutritional requirements. Although your pooch may not notice the difference, proper nutrition will make it a happy and healthy pet. It’s a good way on how to make your puppy love you.

11. Don’t leave him alone

Who wants to be left behind? Your Pitty pup will be very heartsick and sad when you leave them alone for hours.

As you know Pitbulls are very prone to separation anxiety and they will become destructive if not accompanied. Pitties may also develop behavioral problems if always locked up alone.

You can send the pooch to a dog hotel if you’ll be out of town for long and there’s no one to accompany the doggo in your home. If you can take the hassle, you can arrange the documents so your pooch can fly with you. Just take note that due to BSL (Breed-Specific Legislation), some states may not allow you to travel with a Pitbull.

12. Train him early

Your dog may not realize the benefit of early training, but it will surely make your Pitbull pup a well-rounded dog when it grows up. Early training and socialization are important for Pitbulls of all breeds. Due to their hard-wired predisposition, owners should make sure that will be dampened with early obedience training.

If trained early, your Pitty can become excellent companions to kids. Pitbulls love being with kids and they will protect them at all cost.

Training the pooch will also save it from harm. Self-control, discipline, and impulse control will make the pooch a friendlier pet and not something your neighbors will be scared of.

13. Let him meet new people and pups

Don’t let your Pitbull grow up in the confines of your home. Let him meet new people and dogs so they will grow as friendly and non-aggressive doggos. This is also part of socializing your pet which you’ll thank yourself for in the coming years.

Take your Pitbull on a dog park and let them mingle with other dogs. Just be cautious to avoid dog fights along the way.

You can also invite your friends and their dogs over for a small play date with your pup.

Here’s a short guide from Doggy Dan when it comes to introducing your pooch to new dogs:

14. Know what he does and doesn’t like

Like humans, your Pitty will have likes and dislikes. Know what he likes and do more of it. If he likes walks, take him to short strolls each day. These little things will add up to your doggo’s happiness. And when he knows that you can provide it, the pup will grow fonder of you.

In the same vein as knowing what your pooch likes, avoid his dislikes too. Still, don’t give in to their imposing nature.

For example, the doggo doesn’t like taking a bath, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to tolerate it. Sometimes, tough love works too.

By knowing your dog’s personality even more, both of you will grow attuned to each other’s feelings.

15. Don’t shout, hooman

Is your Pitbull stubborn at times? Always keep your calm. Shouting and hurting your dog will only do more harm than help. Dogs don’t understand why you’re angry unless you showed it to him. Did he chew your shoes? Put the wrecked pair in front of his face and talk firmly without shouting.

Shouting on your pup will make him feel afraid when you’re around. It’s the last thing you’d want to happen when wooing your new pet.

It helps to assign consequences to your dog’s bad behavior. Did he do something wrong? You can skip the walk or playtime. That way, your pooch will know that you’re not pleased with his behavior.

Knowing how to make your puppy love you isn’t an overnight task. It’s a process that will take time. But once your bond is unbreakable, all the little steps will be worth it.

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  1. This is great. The only thing I wouldn’t do is deprive our pit bull mix of his walk even if he were bad. I need him to get that energy out for the sake of the whole household.

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