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Aside from its excellent benefits to humans, fish oil can also provides number of health benefits to our Pitbulls. Included in these benefits are healthier skin, good immune system, decreased process of inflammatory response, and well-developed functions of the nervous system to name a few. It is important to pet owners like us to know and to provide our furry buddy with the best fish oil for dogs.

But, there are number of competing brands in the market right now. So, what we need is to find the recommended fish oil for dogs that doesn’t have any harmful ingredients in it. Here, we will check out two of the highly recommended fish oil for dogs based on experts’ recommendations.

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To start with, here’s what you need to know and what to expect about fish oil.

What is Fish Oil?

Fish oil has two essential fatty acids namely EPA (Eicosapentanoic acid) or DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid). These two fatty acids both contains Omega-3 that can only be made in a limited amount in dogs. The sources of these essential fatty acids are mainly fishes like salmon, sardines, black cod, herring, anchovies, and albacore tuna.

Appreciable amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids are also found in seeds like flaxseeds, walnuts, soybeans, hemp and chia seeds. In dogs, they only convert about 20 percent of short-chain fatty acids to DHA.

Omega-3 fatty acids balance the properties of Omega-6 and functions as anti-inflammatory in conditions like allergies, arthritis, and other inflammatory diseases. This fatty acids also improve skin and coat health, joint health, and energy of dogs. It aids in cognitive development in puppies and may improve cognitive function in older dogs.

Why Fish Oil is Important to Pitbull?

Based on studies, fish oil is good for dogs. The Omega-3 fatty acids in the form of fish oil was first used by veterinarians to treat canine with allergies. And now, this supplement is widely recommended for a variety of conditions.

Fish oil is the best way to give our Pitbull those Omega-3 fatty acids that their body needs. As a pet owner, we have the option if you could give this supplement to our Pitbull. But, the choice would depends on their general health. This supplement may become a part of their long-term diet plan or just be a temporary boost to their diet. When it comes to the health of our Pits, it is very vital if we seek advice from the health expert as always. Talk and consult the veterinarian about supplementing our pooch’s diet with fish oils.

Benefits of Fish Oil for Pitbull

  1. By the function of EPA, which is one of the two Omega-3 essential fatty acids, it acts as an anti-inflammatory. It supports any condition that causes inflammation of the heart, kidneys, skin, and joints – most likely arthritis.
  2. It will help to ease inflammation caused by allergies, and also reduces itchy skin. Use of fish oil is also an effective way to decrease the incidence of hot spots on your Pitbull.
  3. DHA is crucial in the brain and eye development of puppies. A pregnant pooch given with DHA can benefit the babies once born.
  4. Studies show that fish oil has slowed the growth of cancer in dogs.
  5. Fish oil promotes a shiny, healthy coat to our Pits, and reduces shedding. In fact, one survey conducted by veterinary dermatology specialists reveals that:

Responders of about 90% knew that supplementation of fatty acids in dogs diet is very useful.

Other Benefits

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Adds moisture to the skin
  • Promotes weight loss in overweight dogs
  • Improves immune system

How Fish Oil Works for Pitbull?

Both EPA and DHA are a vital components of cell membranes in canines. These fatty acids signals the cells to decrease inflammation. Study reveals that the less the inflammation, the less the pain, redness, and swelling in the skin, joints, or other organs would be experienced.

Moreover, DHA acts to promote neuron development. This affects cell permeability and the growth of nerve cells. Supplementing the ideal amounts of DHA in the first few months of life of our Pits is very important for optimal development of their nervous system.

How Do I Give Fish Oil to my Pitbull?

Like in humans, fish oil for dogs also comes in different forms. It may be in capsule or in liquid form. If your Pitbull is cooperative, it is good to give him the capsule to eat. But, if your pooch shows no interest in swallowing the capsule, make a small opening in the capsule by using a clean safety pin or a small knife. Slowly squeeze the liquid out of the capsule onto your Pitbull’s food. Look for fish oil in liquid form if you need to feed your pooch with a larger dosage.

Seek the advice of a veterinarian for the correct dosage of fish oil for our Pitbulls. Also, it is highly recommendable to read product label carefully. However, here is general guideline for your reference:

Daily Usage for Pitbull

2-4 pounds69 mg41 mg143 mg
5-9 pounds138 mg83 mg285 mg
10-19 pounds276 mg166 mg570 mg
20 pounds and up150 mg90 mg310 mg

Side Effects of Fish Oil to Pitbull

Too much consumption of fish oil won’t harm our furry friend. However, a too-large dosage could possibly result in an undesirable side effects. Here are some tips to avoid unpleasant effect of this supplement to our pooch.

• Slowly introduce fish oil into our Pitbull’s diet a bit at a time, instead of using the dosage right away. This is very much recommendable for Pitbull who has a history of gastrointestinal problems. If your pooch experience diarrhea, it’s time to gradually reduce and stop the fish oil supplementation. And better consult the veterinarian’s advice right away.

• By decreasing the ability of blood platelets to stick together, Omega-3 slows down blood clotting. So better seek advice from an expert first. Also, it is a no-no to use fish oil along with any blood-thinning dog medications.

• Since fish oil has an anti-inflammatory property, do not give this supplement to your doggy if he is already on anti-inflammatory medications. Again, consult your veterinarian before giving fish oil to your Pit.

• Daily doses of fish oil indicated above will not cause immunosuppression to your Pitbull. But, if he is already on immunosuppressive therapy ask your vet first.

• This supplement will give a fishy odor to your dog’s breath. If you are not good with that fishy smell of your Pitbull’s breath, just lower the dosage.

Choosing a Good Fish Oil for Pitbull

In choosing the right and good fish oil for your Pit, it is good to know and have a little bit of knowledge on the different types of fish oil. Knowing these types would help us to identify the best fish oil for dogs available in the market.

To start with, here are the 3 types of fish oil on the market:

1. Salmon Oil for Dogs

Salmon oil is another kind of specific fish oil that we can purchase for our Pitbull’s dietary needs. This type of fish oil is very high in both EPA and DHA that’s why it does an excellent job of giving the Omega-3 fatty acids to our pooch. This is also low in saturated fats than regular fish oil, which is an advantage for Pitbulls with weight issues.

2. Cod Liver Oil for Dogs

According to some experts, cod liver oil is considered as a superfood for Pitbulls. Aside from the fact that it can provide high amount of Omega-3 essential fatty acids, it also has vitamin A and vitamin D. These two vitamins also offer their own health benefits for our pooch. Cod liver oil for dogs is always a solid choice.

3. Krill Oil for Dogs

Krill oil is another specific kind of fish oil that we can feed to our canine friend. Although, krill are not really fish, it contains the Omega-3 essential fatty acids needed by our Pits. It also contains vitamin A and vitamin E but does not have the vitamin D as what have been in wild salmon oil and cod liver oil. This type of fish oil comes from small crustaceans, rather than fatty fish. Some people look for it as a healthier alternative to regular fish oil.


When choosing what fish oil supplement to feed our Pits, we should consider the one with a higher concentration of EPA and DHA. This will minimize the amount of extra calories they will take in their diet, thus reducing their risk of obesity.

Another thing, consider to choose a product that serves the oil to our pooch in convenience. Supplements in the form of gel capsules can be very convenient for some. Liquid preparation can be messy unless it is packed in a quality pump or pouring cap. But, this preparation have the advantage of being simpler to serve especially when our pooch doesn’t like pills or gel caps.

Top 2 Recommended Fish Oil for Dogs

As a tight competition of this supplement in the market, it is very easy to find out a product that doesn’t give the right amounts of the essential fatty acids needed by our pooch. Unfortunately, there is a high possibility that we may pick a product that has lots of artificial ingredients incorporated in it. Below are the 2 of the safest and highly recommended fish oil for dogs.

♥ Amazing Nutritionals Fish Oil Chewable ♥

Considered as one of the best fish oil for dogs in the market as it consists of only organic and all-natural ingredients. This fish oil is in the form of chewable tablet. It is very to administer, thus minimizing wastage which is commonly encountered in liquid formulations.

Each serving of Amazing Nutritionals consists of 3 tablets. Per serving, it promotes fit and brilliant fur of our Pitbull while continuing the improvement of well-conditioned bones, nervous system, and cartilages.

What makes this fish oil supplement a delicious treat for our pooch is that it is flavored in bacon and liver. Another thing that made it to be a recommended fish oil for dogs is because it is being manufactured from a GMP-certified facility. With this kind of certification, as a responsible pet owner, we can feel a lot safer on its quality and safety.

With its excellent ration of Omega-3, -6, and -9, it provides a perfect balance of EPA, DHA, ALA, and other non-essential fatty acids. Even though not considered as the cheapest fish oil for dogs available in the market, it’s definitely one of the most affordable fish oil supplement that you can see.

♥ Zesty Paws Salmon Oil ♥

One of the world’s best sources of Omega-3 fatty acids is the Salmon. Salmon Oil from Zesty Paws is also one of the recommended fish oil for dogs as it is pure and supports our Pitbull up to the amount of EPA value of 120 milligrams and DHA value of 130 milligrams in each gram in the formulation. One great thing that makes it the best fish oil for dogs is its ingredient. Its product information reveals that Zesty Paws has only one ingredient which is the salmon oil.

This fish oil supplement for our Pits is also available in various dosage forms like in a soft gel, tablets that are chewable and in liquid. So we can choose which preparation is easier for us to administer to our doggy. The liquid form can be easily mixed with our Pitbull’s food. It has a table guide included in the pack to determine the amount of Zesty Paws that we need to give on a daily basis.

Further, it also provides a helpful tool for identifying the number of tablets or soft gels that we need to give to our pooch. However, the tablet and soft gel preparation come with additional ingredients to ensure the integrity of the solid formulation. No worries because these added ingredients are considered safe.

Zesty Paws is packed with EPA and DHA with Omega-6 fatty acids to provide more balances fatty acids on our Pits diet. The price is also very reasonable.

Final Thought

Before feeding and supplementing our lovable pooch with this kind of supplement, it is very important to know the different factors that go into a quality fish oil supplement for out Pitbull. There’s so much competition in the market about this product, so be very mindful in choosing the best fish oil for dogs. We hope that this post helps and might consider those recommended fish oil for dogs.

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