Why Are Pitbulls So Muscular and How Do You Keep Them That Way

Muscular Dog Breeds

Pitbulls are no doubt muscular dogs. Canines definitely come in varieties with qualities and traits that are all over the place. Regardless of what you want when it comes to size, color, shape, attitude, behavior, or any other quality, there likely is a dog breed for you. There are also the different breed temperaments, from ferocious to docile.  There are dogs that will sit perfectly quiet all day beside you in a room, while there are also canines that are excellent service animals that help law enforcement or even the disabled.

wild belly

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When it comes to a muscular dog, these breeds will be blessed with physical attributes wherein robust musculature is evident all over the body. They will of course have a strong male quality about them in appearance (even if they are female). These dogs will possess great strength and power and they will likely be handsome to look at due to their lack of body fat. Muscular dog breeds are not rare and there are quite a few choices for potential dog owners.


The PitBull – The Quintessential Muscular Dog

As the king of muscle, the PitBull is no doubt the most blessed with this powerful tissue. The pitbull tops the heap as the dog breed blessed with the most muscular body. This is so because this dog was bred to look this way – strong and powerful. As such it is also bursting with energy and has the capacity to do lots of work that involves brute strength.

This dog breed is pre-disposed to really packing on muscle, meaning it does not have to do too much to look this way. It is a genetic gift that breeders made sure would be inherent in its appearance and body composition. Combine this with a working or exercise routine and a muscle-friendly diet, and you get a robust dog that exudes pure masculinity.

The Role of Breeding in Producing a Dog’s Physical Characteristics

The origins of the Pittbull are the result of a crossbreed between the Old English Bulldog and the Old English Terrier.  It is true that they were bred to be used for bull-baiting. Another original intention was to use them for dogfighting. Thankfully both these sports, which can be described as being equally brutal and cruel were seen banned from practice.

While the origins are certainly rather dark and disturbing, that does not detract from the fact that a pitbull has excellent athletic prowess. Thankfully these characteristics are now channeled into positive and harmless activities. Their brute strength, for instance, is put to the test and display in sports like weight pulling or dock jumping. As of late, both these spectator sports are quite popular and huge crowd draws.

Pitbulls in Service Roles

The pitbull as part of its breed characteristics also exudes loads of determination. This trait is positively channeled into service-oriented roles for the breed.  Many Pitbulls have their lives dedicated to roles in search and rescue. Many also find themselves in the military and law enforcement due to their loyalty and resolve to protect their owners. Famous dog whisperer Ceasar Milan uses Pitbulls as therapy dogs for other canines with trauma issues.

More On The Pitbull – Perhaps The Most Misunderstood Dog Breed

The pitbull is a category of dogs that actually loosely includes a few breeds. The archetypal breeds that use the term “pitbull” are the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the American Pit Bull Terrier. When it comes to the breed standard, dogs are normally classified in size as being small, medium, or large. Pitbulls fall in the category of medium-sized canines, with their height at withers (the shoulders) usually at 19 inches for a male.

Since the pitbull traces its origins to the bulldog as well as a few terrier breeds, they are inherently amorous with people, but they can also be antagonistic when it comes to other animals. They are inherently predisposed to have very muscular and lean bodies. Since they already appear abundantly hefty, owners will endeavor to encourage even more muscle growth to their dogs.

Due to their body metabolism and composition, Pitbulls easily can add muscle, much like mesomorph body types in humans.

Pitbulls And A Muscular Friendly Diet

Just like humans wanting to pack on muscle, protein is the foundation for any muscle mass gain. For your pitbull, create a food regimen of good quality that has an abundance of protein.  Natural and organic canine chow replete with amino acids is a great idea, and endeavor to have meat as the foundation of this diet. Some pitbull owners use raw meat, which is a great and healthy option.

Pitbull owners have been known to have their dogs on a diet made up entirely of raw meat, but this can be a bit hard on the wallet. Others get around this by doing a combo of meat and dry kibble. Always remember to slowly introduce lean protein into your dog’s food regimen.

You will also notice that lean meat choices sourced from pork, beef, eggs, and/or chicken will result in your pitbull developing not just a more muscular frame, but smooth muscle tissue as well. Do not be too enthusiastic a feeder, as rapid feeding can result in digestive issues. The practice of small but frequent portions also helps since the digestive process can better assimilate the nutrients, instead of large infrequent meals.

Speaking of kibble, include a high-quality dry kibble in the diet. An excellent kibble formulation has superior nutritional value compared to canned canine selections. The hard quality of kibble is also good for maintaining any dog’s jaw strength as well as teeth integrity. You might have a hard time keeping up with a pitbull’s appetite, hence a well-selected dog food kibble is a great way to keep your pet satisfied.

When you examine a kibble’s ingredients, investigate for kibble that uses meat as the main ingredient. Shy away from formulations that use minimal meat.

Exercise-The Other Pillar Of Muscular Bodies of Pitbulls

Strength Training

The exercise plan that is done on a regular basis is the best way to keep Pitbulls muscular. A nice brisque walk is great for overall general health and to just expel some pent-up energy. It is also a great exercise for you the owner. Ideally, most dog health experts think that you should walk a pitbull around a half-mile every day. To increase their stamina, bring-up the distance or pace slowly over time so the dog can slowly adjust to the exercise volume.

The more advanced routines for Pitbulls involve the use of a weight pull. This exercise is great for muscle building since it involves weight resistance. The dog is slipped into a special harness, and that allows it to pull weights of varying amounts for brief periods. Experienced pitbull enthusiasts recommend that you start with three to five pounds of weight.

As the dog becomes accustomed to the weight, add more resistance via increases of one or two-pound increments. You can also boost the challenge by increasing the distance the pitbull has to pull the weight.

Pitbull Running Exercises

If you decide to get a pitbull, make sure you have space where you can exercise. It would be foolhardy to acquire this breed if you did not have the space for it to move. Always make sure that your dog can move around even indoors, and especially outdoors where they can flex and stretch their muscles. Ample outdoor space have will allow you to install a spring pole set-up, a contraption that allows the dog to lunge up to and bite down on a bait.

This an excellent exercise for outdoor use that builds on the explosive power of the pitbull. When it is doing this kind of vigorous and intense activity, have lots of freshwater ready so the dog can hydrate. Always be mindful that the pitbull breed easily dehydrates and is prone to heatstroke, specifically on warm arid days.

As a safety precaution, always have your pitbull on a leash if you are outdoors. This rule actually goes for any dog breed. Pitbulls that went through a proper socializing program are not going to show aggression towards other people, but they can easily be hostile when it comes to other animals.

More Running Routines For Muscular Pitbulls

For an even more adventurous outdoor plan, make a roadwork map for you and your pet. Moving in an open road instead of a track or enclosed space is much more refreshing for a dog and the owner. Muscles get to move naturally as you and your pet journey through a roadwork distance. If you do this a harness will be customary equipment for safety. The harness is much better than a standard neck collar since it sits comfortably over the ribcage area.

Begin a roadwork routine gradually, so you and your dog both get accustomed to cardiovascular exercise. As your pitbull builds stamina add 10 minutes of more time until you can tell that the dog needs more of a challenge. Once you are able to work in around one hour a day, then that should be more than ample activity for your dog’s cardiovascular health (and yours too).

Tug Stations To Sustain Muscular Pitbulls

To make a good tug station area, choose a solid and sturdy surface area. Pit bulls are known the world over for their capacity to yank with their oversized neck muscles and strong jaws. If you have a tug station, you can exercise both the neck and jaw muscles to your heart’s content, minus any hazard of injury while it is doing so.

Caveat – Know The Proper Age To Exercise Pitbulls

Most of the breed experts agree that you should avoid placing your pitbull under an exercise regimen if it is still a puppy. If your dog is 18 months or younger, exercise could harm the proper development of their bodies. Joints might not grow properly, hips could develop displacement, and muscles might become out of proportion.

The Handsome and Muscular Pitbulls

Pit bulls are one of the most misunderstood and abused dogs. Due to their muscular frame, Pitbulls are often seen as fight dogs, a purpose they were originally bred for. Hopefully, those days are slowly going away, and the handsome pitbull is now more of a sporting breed, enjoyed by countless owners all over the globe.

Other Muscular Breeds

The Bully Whippet

More than anything, the Bully Whippet is known as a race dog. Speed is its main strength and it is renowned the world over for dog races.

The American Bully

This dog breed is stocky and squat. If you desire a look that will intimidate you due to sheer muscularity, this breed might be what you are looking for. Surprisingly, their temperament might be a tad more easy-going though, compared to a pitbull.


Although the Bully Whippet is fast, the greyhound is king when it comes to speed. Why do you think the famous bus line opted to use its name? Since this dog is swift it carries some serious muscle mass in order to move with extreme agility.

Doberman Pinschers

The Doberman Pinscher is a heavy-set breed. It is a great service dog often used by the police. Despite its ability to be ferocious, many acquire this breed as a house pet when trained properly.


Rottweilers or “Rottys” as they are fondly called are known for their powerful jaw bite. Only assertive, seasoned dog owners should own this dog as it has a very dominant personality.


Boxers are quite popular family pets. Since they are very energetic, this breed needs lots of activity for it to stay even-tempered. Otherwise, it might look for other ways to expel its energies, and you might have a discipline problem. It is a very popular breed, especially in America.

The Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino is said to be the quintessential guard/attack dog breed. However, it is also said to be an excellent family breed if trained by a professional dog behaviorist. If you are not an assertive owner, perhaps you should skip this breed as a family pet.


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