treats for dogs with no teeth

Food and Treats for Dogs with No Teeth – Dental Care for Pitbulls

It’s normal for dogs to lose some of its teeth along the way. They would go through the process of teething where pups shed all their milk teeth which will be replaced by adult daggers. Trauma, dental diseases, age, and other factors can cause a dog’s teeth to be knocked off. And in this situation, feeding would be a challenge. You need treats for dogs with no teeth to help them get proper nutrition.

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Losing a tooth or two of your Pitbull is quite normal. However, if the doggo starts to lose more than three at close intervals, you have to tap the help of a veterinarian.

But why do dogs lose their teeth and what should you do about it? Read on, my friend.

Why do Pitbulls lose their teeth?

There are dozens of reasons why a Pitbull loses its teeth. Like what I mentioned earlier, it can be trauma, dental problems, age, and other causes. No matter what the cause is, caring for dog after tooth extraction is important.

Generally, it’s normal for dogs’ teeth to fall out at some point given that it’s the baby teeth. However, if your doggo’s teeth are falling off at an abnormal pace, it’s something that you should be worried about.

As we know, Pitbulls are adventurous and active canines. They also love to chew just about anything that gets in their way. This is why they are prone to tooth chipping and entirely losing a tooth.

One of the common reasons why Pitties lose an adult tooth is a feisty dog fight. Also, a blow in the head can get a tooth loose. In these both occasions, you have to consult a vet and have your pet checked.

But if your dog lost a tooth after chewing on toys or treats, it’s possible that your pooch has dental problems. Your dog might have a bad case of gum diseases.

Lastly, age is also a key factor in tooth loss. Like humans, dogs will soon shed their teeth due to old age. During this time, your pet needs utmost care and attention. Since the dog won’t have any daggers for chewing, you need to pay attention to the kind of diet you’re giving.

treats for dogs with no teeth

Can Pitbulls live with no teeth?

Remember this: it’s better to have a Pitbull with no teeth than one with rotten daggers. Although losing their chewers is hard, Pitties will soon adjust and cope with the physical change. Of course, they will need your help to survive.

The main concern among dogs with no teeth is their diet. Unlike other dogs that can chew a bone, your toothless doggo won’t even have the ability to munch on hard kibble. Your pet stands the chance of getting choked or experiencing indigestion. And with Pitbulls, you know how fast these situations can progress.

Is brushing still needed?

Definitely! Even if your dog’s daggers are already gone, you still have to make sure that your pet’s gums are clean. The dog still munches food and there would be bits left that may start an infection. Also, bad breath may ensue if you don’t brush your dog’s toothless gums.

It’s imperative to do the brushing three to four times a week.

As you know, toothless Pitties will find it hard to munch on toys and other dental chews. Food bits can sit on their mouths for long which spells trouble for their dental health.

Aside from home care, I also suggest that you visit the vet once in a while to get your dog’s dental health in check. You may also need some treats for dogs with no teeth.

Dental health and your dog’s diet

Your Pitbull’s food intake will take a drastic turn once it loses a majority of its teeth. Take note, though, that only the food consistency will change. The nutritional profile will remain the same unless the vet advises otherwise.

Basically, you’ll want to opt for softer food instead of a crunchy kibble. You just need to mash their usual kibble with some water to make a soupy meal. Another option you have is to switch from dry food to canned wet food.

If you’re planning to get a meal with gravy, take the time to chop off the pieces.

If you have the time at home, it pays to prepare a homemade meal for your Pitbull. In case the nutritional profile of the meal isn’t an issue, the only goal is to make it as mushy and soft as possible. Just imagine toothless human eating and you’ll know what I mean.

Additional vitamins needed

Since your doggo will rely mostly on its gums to chew food, the veterinarian may recommend adding vitamin supplements on your dog’s food. It’s also important that you bring your dog to regular vet check up to prevent problems from worsening.

 Common problems associated with tooth loss

It’s difficult for dogs to lose multiple teeth. Since Pitties need their teeth for eating, exploring, and playing, it would take some time for time to adjust. As the dog owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your pooch won’t succumb to any of these problems:

🐕Extreme weight loss

When dogs lose their teeth, they will find it hard to chew and eat. If the cause is a painful dental problem, your Pitty might have a poor appetite. This may lead to malnutrition which will stem to more health problems.

Always keep an eye on your dog’s weight. If he seems to have lost substantial pounds, don’t hesitate to phone the veterinarian. Your doggo may need supplementation and a new diet to fix the problem.

🐕Risk of heart disease

If the loss of teeth is caused by a major gum problem, you should be cautious since dogs with dental issues have a higher risk of developing heart diseases. One of which is cardiopulmonary endocarditis. Such a condition is more likely to develop among dogs with stage 3 periodontal disease according to the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA).

Why is this possible? Experts found that the cultured bacteria causing the condition is the same found on a dog’s mouth that’s suffering from a worse case of periodontal disease.

🐕Complications of diabetes

If your dog has diabetes and is losing its teeth due to dental problems, you have to be more careful. The inflammation and infection brought by the dental problem can worsen the symptoms of diabetes. When that happens, your dog will experience more pain and discomfort.

At some point, it could be obscure which came first: diabetes or the gum problem. This is why you need the help of a veterinarian aside from giving out treats for dogs with no teeth.

What to feed your Pitbull with no teeth

Remember, just because your dog has no teeth doesn’t mean you’re going to cut their meal times. Caring for dog after tooth extraction is easier than having to deal with the lingering plaque. They should still eat with the same frequency as a puppy with pearly whites. Also, don’t give in to the begging for some table scraps. As much as your toothless doggo is pitiful, excess weight won’t do them any good.

So to help you switch your toothless dog into an easy-to-eat diet, here are some of my suggestions. Feel free to check if it suits your pet:

🐕Major meals

Your Pitbull is supposed to eat three to four small meals a day with or without teeth. As deep-chested doggos, they can easily succumb to gastric torsion and excessive gas if fed with large amounts in one sitting.

For the main meals, you don’t have to ditch the remaining kibble on the bag. You can still serve it, but this time, you have to mash it.

Pour warm water on the kibble and crush the pieces using a fork or a spoon. Make sure that all the kibble pieces are wet and broken down to pieces.

If you don’t want to go through this hassle, you can opt for a pate canned food. Still, don’t overlook the nutritional value of your options.

🐕Homemade food

If you want, you can prepare your dog’s meals at home. This will ensure that your Pitty gets the right nutrition while keeping the consistency as soft as possible. If you don’t have a recipe in mind, the vet would be a big help.

Always achieve the right balance of protein, carbs, fats, vitamins, and minerals.


Even toothless dogs deserve a treat. However, this would be a bit different this time since most chewy treats might be frustrating for your pooch to eat.

First, you need to ditch the rawhide and bone treats. These are very stiff and the edges of the bone may injure the gums of your Pitty if it tries to gobble it down.

It’s best to give your Pitbull a tasty tendon that the doggo can lick and chomp without hurting its gums. This goes the same for dogs with a few teeth still intact. You wouldn’t want to overuse these remaining daggers.

I don’t recommend biscuits since it requires intense chewing and may choke a toothless dog. Just opt for small tidbits with a very soft consistency.

Here’s a video of Hope, a toothless Pomeranian and how its owner gives out treats:

Top 2 Food and Treats for Pitbulls with no Teeth

If you’re looking for a pair of dog food and treats for dogs with no teeth, here are the best picks I recommend:

Pedigree Chopped Ground Dinner

treats for dogs with no teethThe Pedigree Chopped Ground Dinner is ideal for Pitties with no teeth since it has no chunky pieces.  It has ground beef, cheese, and bacon that make a sumptuous meal.

This is guaranteed to have a very soft texture that your doggo can easily chomp. And since it’s made from real beef, your pet will also get high-quality protein.

This complete and balanced recipe is also a good choice for dog owners who don’t have time to prepare homemade meals for their dogs. It’s also packed with veggies and fruits like Carrageenan, yam, and more.

If you still find this dog meal a bit too thick for your Pitty, you can add warm water to make a soupy mash out of it.

I also love the fact that this comes in smaller 22-ounce cans which are easier to carry and store. This also reduces the chance of spoiling the food once the can is opened and refrigerated.

If you don’t want to think about shopping for this food, you can subscribe to a monthly delivery. My only gripe here is that many of the cans are smashed or have dents. Anyway, it’s just a small issue that I and my dog can live with.


✔️Yummy real beef

✔️Ground meal for easy eating

✔️Packed with vitamins and minerals

✔️Comes in smaller cans


❌Some of the cans have dents

❌A bit expensive but definitely worth it


Hill’s Science Diet Soft Savories

treats for dogs with no teethWhen it comes to dog treats, I like Hill’s Science Diet Soft Savories. This is made from banana, peanut butter, chicken fat, and other luscious ingredients.

Unlike other treats, this one is very easy for your dog to chew. It’s half moist and will be effortless to gobble down.

This dog treat is flavor-rich which your dog will definitely love. Also, this is free of corn, artificial flavors, and other preservatives.

Aside from the amazing flavor and texture, what I love the most about this Hill’s Science treat is its money-back guarantee. If you or your dog isn’t happy about the treat, you can send it back and you’ll get your money without questions.

In case your doggo still finds it hard to chew, you can put a tablespoon of water into the bag and then heat it up shortly in the microwave. The pieces would be a bit gooey and effortless to eat.

Also, these treats suit Pitbulls and almost every breed.


✔️Soft and moist dog treat

✔️Made with real peanut butter

✔️Very affordable

✔️100% money-back guarantee



❌Some products may come a bit too hard

❌Can be a bit messy due to the crumbs

❌Some dogs may have allergies to peanuts

Aside from getting treats for dogs with no teeth, it’s also important that you understand how to take care of its health. With the help of a veterinarian, your pooch will adjust well even without its daggers.

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