Training Your Pitbull to be Less Aggressive: Why it is Important

Pitbulls are known as dangerous dogs because of the improper training given to them by their owners. Although it is true that genetics greatly influences their attitude, training pitbulls to be less aggressive is very effective in developing a calm attitude.

Training Your Pitbull to be Less Aggressive: Why it is Important

Why Plenty of People Hate Pitbulls

Below are some reasons why a lot of people do not like pitbulls:

*The Media Played a Major Role in Making Them Look Dangerous

One of the main reasons why people nowadays think of pitbulls as dangerous is because of the media. Is it biased against dogs with huge built. Like, for instance, when a small dog bit a person, it will not likely get reported. On the other hand, pitbulls are always on the news.

A small dog is popular for being a stress reliever toy dog while pitbulls are known as dogs that must be avoided. That is the reality even though it is hard to believe.

A lot of pitbull lovers know that training pitbulls to be less aggressive is important in the present times. Also, this is a great way to let the whole world know that pitbulls can be as friendly and affectionate as other dogs.

*It is not the breed, but the owner

This is surprisingly true. A pitbull owner plays a major role in raising a well-behaved doggo. If you are an owner who thinks that it is okay to not do anything as your pitbull puppy grows, then you are wrong. Chances are, your pitbull will show aggressive behavior. Hence, training pitbulls to be less aggressive in an early stage is crucial.

Raising a pitbull takes a lot of patience and understanding. Even though they are very strong and powerful, their attacks are usually caused by improper or lack of training.

*Pitbulls Lack Locking Jaws

A pitbull does not have a locking jaw. This is simple to explain and all vet know this. A pitbull’s jaw is just the same with other dog’s jaw. On the other hand, a lot of dogs make a tight hold in the middle of a fight.

*Forgive the Breed but not the Deed

This is a popular saying among pitbull lovers. And they will remind of this over and over until you agree with them.

Those people who are not fond of pitbull keep on insisting that no one should own a pitbull or similar breed like rottweilers. Their reason is to minimize the deed. However, pitbull lovers are more powerful which is why until now there are still plenty of pitbull owners.

Why is My Pitbull Aggressive?

Similar to what has been discussed earlier, many people see pitbulls as dangerous because of the media. But this aggressive behavior is not entirely separated from genetics. In some cases, the aggression is caused by the following:

-Insufficient education

-Lack of socialization during early years

– Early exposure to aggressive behaviors from other dogs

Despite the stereotype on pitbulls, they are very smart and surprisingly caring. Also, pitbulls are protective and caring toward their family members.

However, it is also true that when a pitbull shows aggressiveness, it can cause harm to other people. This is primarily because of their agility, powers, strength, and confidence. But of course, this does not only apply to pitbull only, but also to other aggressive dogs.

What Needs to be Done With an Aggressive Pitbull

If your pitbull is showing aggressive behavior toward other dogs or people, it is important to take this seriously. Do not think of ignoring this behavior even if your pitbull is still a puppy. Instead, think of possible ways where you can lessen his aggressiveness.

If you happen to ignore his aggressive behavior, you will struggle to control the situation as he grows. Aggressive behavior is a serious issue that should be addressed right away.

It is possible for pitbull puppies to show aggressiveness. If this happens, take immediate action. Almost all puppies, especially pitbull puppies must be trained properly in socialization. It is advisable to use positive reinforcement as this way of training your pitbull was proven effective.

Proper Way of Training Pitbulls to be Less Aggressive

As a responsible dog owner, how will you train your pitbull to stay calm and control his temper?

*Proper Socialization

Socialize your pitbull from his early puppy age. There is a ton of arguments on what age should you train your dog since puppies are more prone to sickness before their last vaccines.

Based on my personal experience, socialization must be done during the early period (up to 4 weeks of age) even before a puppy is finished with his vaccines. A well-trained and socialized pitbull will surely find a human company enjoyable.

*Show him who is the leader

Whether or not you believe in alpha or superior dogs, you must do these exercises at home: giving your pitbull a dog treat upon asking him to sit, not allowing your dog on the couch, practicing sleeping your dog in his own bed, and training your doggo to wait for the signal “okay” before passing through a door.

Even if your pitbull does not need to undergo this type of training, it will make a huge positive impact on his life.

*Exercise them regularly

Exercise your pitbulls regularly because they need to stay fit and healthy as well. There is a popular saying that “a tired dog is a kind and behaved dog”. This is true because if you exercise your dog regularly, there will not be enough energy left for him to stay hyper.

Almost the majority of the stories I heard about pitbulls showing aggressive behavior happens from owners who choose to leave their pitbulls in their house alone all of the time, chained them all day, or do not have the slightest idea how to socialize with a large bulky dog.

If you want a pitbull so that you locked him up in a cage or just to show off you have a pitbull, then do not think of having one.

*Keep them healthy

Make sure that you are giving your pitbull the proper nutrition. Yes, these simple things should not be overlooked as it can affect his attitude and behavior.

A dog that is deprived of a proper amount of food is more likely to show aggressiveness; a pitbull having an illness will find it hard to control his temper and be more likely to easily lose it when irritated by a family member, an animal, or a stranger. Keep your pit bull in proper shape, and if you notice something wrong, take him right away to your veterinarian for a check up.

*Obedience training

The moment the pitbull arrives at your home, practice the obedience training. It is hard at first but once you get used to it, it is going to be a rewarding experience.

The majority of pitbull attacks are caused by improper training. If you don’t have any idea how to train your dog or you do not know where to start, then you better learn first before bringing a pitbull in your house.

*Establish a positive relationship with your pitbull

Although we mentioned before that it is important for your pitbull to know who is the “real boss”, it does not mean that you should promote dictatorial leadership.

The relationship between you and your doggo needs to have a strong foundation. Unfortunately, a lot of people still insist that to train a strong dog like the pitbull it is important to use unreasonable and aggressive strategies. These strategies can trigger frustration, depression, and anxiety in a pitbull.

The relationship you want to establish with your dog is very crucial in training pitbulls to be less aggressive.

If you want your dog to follow your orders and promote a balanced behavior, you should invest in building and establishing a healthy relationship and train your dog with the use of positive reinforcement. Do not even consider using any type of physical and emotional abuse that may trigger aggressiveness.

If your goal is for your dog to follow whatever you say but you do not want to have quality time with him, then don’t expect him to obey you.

What should I do if my pitbull is very aggressive?

In some cases, your pitbull may still show too much aggressiveness despite the training and proper socialization. If this happens very often, it is normal. However, if you notice that your pitbull is being aggressive more often, then you should bring him to a specialist because there might be other factors that trigger such behavior.

There are instances when the vet will suggest a professional trainer in order to correct a certain behavior or reaction.

The video shows the effective way of stopping dog aggression easily.

Other Tips When Training Pitbulls

The following tips will not necessarily lessen your pitbull’s aggressiveness, but it will make him a well-behaved canine citizen

  • Even if walking your dog without a leash, always bring a leash with you put it on your pitbull when approaching other dogs or kids. Almost half of the victims of dog attacks are no older than 14 years old, and even though you think your dog is a behaved canine citizen, many parents are ready to express their disapproval because of the breed. Having your dog on a leash when going outside and when a kid is close is the best way to prevent any problem.
  • If you have the chance to get involved in a therapy dog program, then the better. Pitbulls are amazing dogs and each participant that meets a dog in the program will not forget the experience.

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