The Best Steps on How to Get Your Pitbull Big 2023

how to get your pitbull big

When it comes to knowing how to get your pitbull big, there are normally two ways – it is either you give them a lot of food until they get fat, or you build their muscles. The former one is not advisable because it may lead to diabetes, obesity, and other kinds of diseases. These are just some of the most common health problems not only among pitbull but also for other breeds. Incorrect intake of food and stagnant lifestyle are the two most common causes of this. In addition to that, dog obesity may also result in deadly diseases like liver disease, tumors, and heart disease.

If a pitbull suffers from such diseases, there is no one to blame but their human parents. Before adopting a pitbull one must fully know that they have to give proper care and attention to their doggo. In addition to that, the owners are the ones responsible for providing the needs of their pitbull such as proper food, exercise, and attention.

Just like you are responsible for ensuring the general health of your doggo, it is also your duty to make your pitbull in a healthy way. Building the muscles of your pitbull will make them healthier, stronger, and more active. To know more about how to get your pitbull big, keep on reading.

In building the muscles of your pitbull, you need the following:

  • White meat and another alternative to meat that is a great source of protein
  • Healthy/High Protein dog food
  • Harnes
  • Treadmill ( if you have one at home)
  • Spring pole

Step-by-Step Procedure on How to Get Your Pitbull Big


🐕 Observe Your Dog’s Proper Diet 

The problem with dog owners when it comes to giving their dog a proper diet is that they tend to be overly excited after bringing the pitbull in their house. They immediately want to see the result and how big their pitbull can be. As a result, they overfeed the pitbull puppy which can be very dangerous.

Giving food to your pitbull that is more than the recommended amount may result in health problems that may last for a long time. While it is recommended to carefully monitor the diet of your pitbull during their early years,  you might need to do it carefully and gradually. In addition to that, we also recommend observing your dog’s diet even when they already reach adulthood.

One of the secrets on how to get your pitbull big by building muscles is the proper intake of amino acids specifically those that are found in proteins. These are important when building muscles and strengthening the bones of your pitbull.

You can give your pitbull these essential nutrients by giving them dog foods that are made specifically for huge breed puppies. Even though these dog foods are much expensive than regular dog foods, they will never disappoint and you will the result instantly.


🐕  Know How Your Dog’s Body Works

By knowing how the body of your pitbull works, you will know the perfect time to modify his/her diet. In addition to that, you will also know whether your pitbull has attained its fully developed phase.

Normally, Pitbulls must be able to achieve their maximum a year after they were born. As for the muscles, it must be developing once they reach the age of 18 months old up to 2 years. In knowing how to get your pitbull big, it is important to take note that this is the perfect time to focus on building their muscles.


🐕 Observe the Correct Feeding Interval and Portioning

This step is very important to learn if you want to know how to get your pitbull big. Instead of giving your dog a one time big serving of dog food, it is advisable to give them small amounts in several servings.

You can start by determining the amount of food your pitbull needs for one day. Divide the amount of food in to four portions.  You can also divide it into 3 portions as long as it is not one serving in one day.

Below is the recommended meal interval:

  • 1st meal starts at 7:00 am: a quarter of the dog’s meals for one day
  • 2nd meal at 10:00 am: a piece of chicken, fish, and other lean meat
  • 3rd meal at 12 pm: a quarter of the dog’s meal for one day
  • 4th meal at 2:00 pm: One chicken or fish
  • 5th meal 4:00 pm: a quarter of the pitbull’s meal for one day
  • 6ht meal at 8:00 pm: the remaining quarter of your pitbull’s meal for one day.

You must know that some pit bulls are allergic to chicken or fish. That being said, it is important to ask your vet before applying this meal interval. If your vet said that this will not work, ask for a better alternative. Your pitbull’s vet knows what’s best for your dog.


🐕 Allow your Pitbull to do Muscle Building Activities

how to get your pitbull big

You will not get your dog big with a proper diet only. Your dog has to do muscle-building activities that will improve his endurance by weight pulling. In addition to that, you can also do it by letting your dog pull a heavy item such as a tire or simply the weight with a harness.

Aside from that, you can also attach a spring in your backyard in order to exercise the jaw and neck of your dog. In the process of building your dog’s muscles, you must know that some of their muscles will get torn down. That being said, it is crucial to observe the diet of your dog to reconstruct their tired muscles. Furthermore,  make sure that you are not forcing your dog to do more than what their body is capable of.  Always monitor your pitbull’s performance and breathing.

There are some owners who want to see their dogs get bigger instantly. Because of their eagerness to fulfill that goal, they sometimes overlook how their dogs are performing. There were instances when the pitbull was overfatigued. He could not perform well in almost a week and it seemed like he did not want to go back to training. With that, make sure to not push them beyond their limits. If you notice that they are getting tired, give him a break.


🐕 Make him do a Cardio Workout

While strength, weight, and endurance training are all important when it comes to building muscle strength, it is necessary to give your canine a 15-minute cardio workout every day. Do not let him have a cardio workout for more than an hour because it will hinder the development of muscles. The cardio workout will burn their muscles.

The best way to do engage your dog in a cardio workout is by walking with him every day. Another way is by teaching him how to run fast using a treadmill.  When it comes to training your dog to run, we recommend you use treadmill because it is easy to control the speed in that way. If you think that the speed is too slow for your dog, you can gradually adjust it. To make it a little more challenging, you might want to put on some weight vests on your pitbull.


🐕 Allow your dog to take a rest every other day

how to get your pitbull big

Regular exercise is important for your dog. However, this does not mean that you give them a high-intensity workout every day. This may lead to overfatigue. The training must be a high-intensity workout one day and a light or a cardio exercise on the following day. It must be alternate if you do not want to make your stop working out.

Another important reason why your dog needs to rest every other day is that their muscles must also take rest for them to grow. The growth and development of muscles are not possible if your canine experience stresses all the time.  Always give your dog a sufficient amount of sleep and rest. Furthermore, avoid forcing your dog to stressful situations that might influence their performance when working out.


How to Get Your Pitbull Big: What You Should Not Do


🐾 Giving Your Dog Too Much Meat too Quickly

It is normal for owners to get too excited when building muscle strength. However, you should not let your emotions overlook small details such as the amount of food you will feed them. Make sure to consult your vet regarding the right amount of meat your dog needs. Vets know what is best for your dog. If you feed your dog plenty of meet too quickly, he might have digestive upset.

🐾 Not giving them plenty of water during training

It is important for your canine not to get dehydrated during a workout. Even if it is just a low-intensity workout, make sure you rehydrate them from time to time. Otherwise, his skin may suffer from a lack of elasticity. Worse, the eyes of your dog may look sunken into his skull.

🐾Not giving him treats

When training your doggo, make use of treats as they are very powerful. In addition to that, it is also a form of positive reinforcer when you are training your dogs. Treats does not necessarily always mean foods. As the owner, you know what is the best thing that will motivate him/her. It can be his favorite toy, food, or a form of affection.


Final Thoughts

I hope that you enjoyed reading this article and that you got something from it. Furthermore, I hope you learned that building your dog’s muscles is the best way to make him bigger. It improves the strength and motion range of your dog which makes them healthy and free from illnesses.

As dog owners, it is our responsibility to provide proper food and exercise to our doggo and keep them fit by building muscles in the right and healthy way. If you have other suggestions on how to make your pit bigger, feel free to share it below.

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