Pitbull arthritis symptoms

Vet Advice: Immediate Relief for Pitbull Arthritis Symptoms

Sure thing, Pitbulls have high pain tolerance. But do you want them to suffer in silence? Like us, our old buddies will likely develop arthritis, a condition that will subject them to intense pain. As the owner, it’s your responsibility to exhaust all means to make them comfortable – from noticing Pitbull arthritis symptoms to finding ways to relieve the suffering. In fact, you can give them supplements to improve joint health:

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By the time your pooch reach the age of 5, he’s likely to experience joint and hip issues. Sometimes, this is just a case of nutrient deficiency. But the truth is it can also be the onset of arthritis.

Just because your Pitty is still a puppy doesn’t mean you’re still off the hook from this condition. Some doggos develop arthritis early. And even if yours doesn’t, being prepared will save you and your pooch from pain and hefty vet bills.

Why Pitbulls are prone to arthritis

Arthritis develops in all dogs, regardless of breed and size. However, Pitbulls and other members of the Bully family are more susceptible to this condition. This could probably stem from their skeletal construction where the hind legs are shorter than the ones in front.

When the cartilage of the joints got tremendously worn out, the bones will start to rub on its meeting point. This will cause intense pain and discomfort.

If not addressed, it will also cause leg stiffness and difficulty of moving. Pitbull arthritis treatment will be needed.

Aside from arthritis, Pitties are also prone to other skeletal issues. During puppyhood, Pitbulls are prone to hip dysplasia, a condition where the hip bone doesn’t form properly. This is a hereditary disease that can be fixed through a surgical procedure.

Symptoms of arthritis among Pitbulls

The onset of arthritis happens without symptoms. The cartilage of your pooch thins and tears over the years without any physical manifestation. And when the pain begins, it’s too late to prevent the condition. You and your dog will have to endure a lifetime of gentle care.

This condition could have been prevented or delayed if you start with the prevention in the earliest possible time.

The moment your Pitty left puppyhood, make sure that you raise arthritis as a concern to the veterinarian. For sure, the dog doctor can advise about the proactive steps you can take.

Still, some cases of arthritis are beyond our power to control. Pitbulls born with poor joints may develop it earlier than usual.

If you suspect that your doggo has arthritis, check for these symptoms:

➕Whimpering when moving

➕Leg stiffness

➕Falling behind when walking

➕Lethargy or grumpiness

➕Inability to climb stairs or run around

➕Difficulty standing on its feet

➕Swollen joints

Take note that some of these Pitbull arthritis symptoms can indicate a different condition. But if your Pitty exhibits a majority of these symptoms and he’s at least 5 years old, there’s a chance that he’s succumbing to arthritis.

You don’t have to lose hope since there are many ways to ease the pain of your pooch. Although this will be a lifetime condition, it is part of your responsibility as a pet owner.

Is there a cure for it?

Sadly, there’s no cure for arthritis. Once the cartilage has thinned or totally vanished, vets and dog owners can only manage the condition. It’s like human arthritis. You can only take medication to alleviate the pain.

Take note that even before the physical symptoms manifest on your dog, the damage on the cartilage has long started. Pitbull arthritis treatment will only help reduce the suffering, but not remove it totally.

If you happen to subject your dog to early testing, your vet can inform you if the cartilage is damaged or not. In case it’s still intact, don’t waste time and start performing some preventive measures.

The leading defense against arthritis is exercise. Physical activity won’t directly keep the cartilage healthy, but it will reduce your pet’s weight. With that, the joints will have a lighter burden to carry. This translates to delayed damages.

Still, it’s important to give your Pitbull proper nutrition and supplements if need be. This will ensure that the joints receive the nutrients it needs to maintain the cartilage. Even if your dog is already experiencing the onset of arthritis, supplementation and proper diet is crucial.

There’s no cure for dog arthritis, but as much as you can, make your doggo’s life as comfy as it can be.

The fact about joint supplements

Like humans, arthritic Pitbulls need multivitamins and supplements to sustain the growing needs of their bodies. Since older dogs would have to eat less, the compensation to the nutrients they will miss on solid food is natural tablets. Usually, glucosamine and chondroitin supplements are the staples for arthritic Pitbulls. These substances help ease inflammation and pain while providing nourishment to the joints so it can move better.

Glucosamine is the building block of the joint’s cartilage. Supplementing this to your dog will provide an artificial and temporary “cartilage” that acts as a lubricant to the bones.

Most glucosamine supplements nowadays are also packed with other vitamins for overall nourishment.

Remember to ask your vet about the supplement before giving it to your dog. If your vet doesn’t specialize in dog diet, seek the opinion of a pet nutritionist.

If you’re looking for personal suggestions from a fellow Pitbull owner, I’m glad to share two of the best supplements I’m giving my arthritic Bullies. These will surely ease Pitbull arthritis symptoms:

Doggie Dailies Glucosamine for Dogs

Pitbull arthritis symptomsIf you have a finicky eater, you’ll never go wrong with the Doggie Dailies’ soft chews. Each chew has 100 mg of glucosamine, 50 of chondroitin, and 100 mg of MSM. This is a potent yet safe supplement to aid the arthritis of your Pitty. Also, each chew comes in a yummy chicken flavor that your pooch wouldn’t resist.

The chews are processed through cold-press extrusion that preserves the ingredients and potency of the product. When administered regularly, this should reduce the pain, inflammation, and discomfort of your doggo. Still, be patient since it will take at least a month before you could see massive results. This is the same thing with all supplements in the market.

This supplement works for all breeds and sizes. Take note though, that the feeding should depend on the amount of glucosamine your vet recommends for Pitbull arthritis treatment.

This Doggie Dailies chew comes in one-pound jars containing 225 pieces. It’s pretty affordable, so to speak. In case you’re not happy or your dog didn’t do well on this supplement, you can send it back to get a full refund. I never had the need to do it, but the manufacturer is reliable enough to back their products with such a guarantee.

One tip: some bottles tend to arrive with clumped chews due to poor shipping. Don’t worry since the manufacturer will replace it with a new one. Just contact them and there wouldn’t be any issues.


✔️Impressive glucosamine level              ✔️Nutrient-packed chews

✔️Delicious chicken flavor                        ✔️Affordable one-pound jar

✔️Effective in easing joint pain                ✔️100% refund if you’re not happy


❌It may clump due to poor shipping. Still, the company is willing to replace any faulty products.

❌Too delicious. Your Pitbull will always want for more.

Infinite Pet Supplements Hip & Joint Supplements

Pitbull arthritis symptomsDoes your Pitty need a higher glucosamine dosage? The hip and joint supplement from Infinite Pet Supplements will be the best choice. Each chew tablet contains 250 mg of glucosamine sulfate, 100 mg of chondroitin sulfate, and 125 mg of organic turmeric. There are more vitamins and nutrients here that support the overall health of a Pitbull.

The glucosamine and chondroitin here are guaranteed to improve the mobility of your dog. One month on this supplement and my arthritic Pitty is back on his usual yappy and active nature. This doesn’t come as a surprise because this supplement is formulated by an actual joint care expert.

What I love the most on this hip and joint supplement is the addition of organic turmeric. It adds a strong kick of anti-inflammatory properties. There’s also a natural liver detoxifier that arrests any possible allergic reaction. Aside from relieving Pitbull arthritis symptoms, it also promotes better digestion.

Like the first option, this supplement works for all dog breeds and sizes. For the feeding guide, give one tablet for every 25 pounds of your pooch. If you have a little buddy that’s less than 15 pounds, administer half a tablet.

If you’re not happy with the product, feel free to send it back for a refund. This is a lifetime coverage. If you happen to dislike the product halfway the Pitbull arthritis treatment, you’re still entitled to have your money back.


✔️Higher glucosamine content               ✔️Added organic turmeric

✔️Yummy beef flavor                                 ✔️Formulated by a joint care expert

✔️Vet-approved                                          ✔️100% refund guarantee


❌A bit expensive for 90 tablets

❌Challenging to administer to finicky eaters

How to soothe your Pitbull’s arthritis

Aside from providing supplements to your arthritic Pitbull, you can do more pampering to ease Pitbull arthritis symptoms. Here are some of the home care tips I swear by:

Keeping an eye on their weight

Never let your arthritic Pitbull gain excess weight. If you don’t keep an eye on that, it will just aggravate the suffering of your pooch. Remember, more weight means more strain on the joints. Still, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to make your pet skinny.

Just maintain a healthy Pitbull. A healthy adult male American Pitbull Terrier weighs around 15-27 kilograms. For females, it should be within 13-22 kilograms. You can do this by serving the right food portion and giving them constant exercise.

Giving them constant exercise

As I’ve said above, exercise is an important method of easing arthritis. But if your dog has stiff legs and intense pain, you should consult a vet first. Never force them to walk if they are obviously under unbearable ache. You may need to supplement first before taking them to long walks.

If long jogs are no longer possible, play fetch on your yard. Be creative about how you can keep your doggo moving. You can try shorter walks and other indoor activities on a soft carpet. This way, the impact is reduced.

Undergoing therapy

For dogs that are experiencing intense arthritic pain, a vet clinic or hospital can offer physical therapy as part of Pitbull arthritis treatment. This is for Pitties who already have mobility issues and injuries. Treatments may include hydrotherapy, laser therapy, or massage therapy.

All these will keep the pain manageable. The good thing about most of these methods is that it’s pain-free and low-level. The therapist may also teach you some home massage routines that you can do for your dog.

Using an orthopedic bed

At this point in your Pitbull’s life, comfort is the leading priority. An orthopedic bed is specially made for canines suffering from different skeletal issues, arthritis as one. This bed has a soft cushion that will hug your Pitty’s body while diffusing the force of his weight away from the joints.

Never let your arthritic pooch sleep on the floor. This will just make the matter worse, especially if you’re paying for therapy and other medication.

Trying dog acupuncture

Acupuncture is becoming a trend in the canine world as a means of alleviating physical pain. It’s interesting how dogs can tolerate tons of needles on its skin, but there’s nothing to lose if you try it for your pooch. Just make sure that the person who will administer is trained to do it for dogs.

This is said to ease joint pain temporarily. It’s like treating your dog to a spa. However, this doesn’t guarantee any solid benefits.

Being there to support

Is your Pitty trying to jump off the car seat? Does he find it hard to climb the stairs? If you’re seeing this, be there to support them by carrying them on and off the elevated spaces. Don’t let your arthritic Pitty jump from high places as this will injure his joints even more. If you are to play with him, always practice moderation.

If you observe Pitbull arthritis symptoms, go straight to the vet for proper diagnosis. Your doggo shouldn’t deal with the pain alone. With proper TLC, they should feel better despite the debilitating condition.

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  1. My 10 year old pit is suffering from mild Arthritis and hip dysplasia… I give him glucosamine and when the pain is bad I give him Rimadyl and if really bad I give him Tramadal. He is overweight by probably 20 lbs but his frame is on the large side so I expected it to be over the norm. He is 88 lbs and I know that sounds bad but he really isn’t that fat looking so I wasn’t as concerned with his weight but all things considered…is like to try and peel back some lbs and see if that helps. My question is…how long of a period should I spread his weight loss over? He can’t really exercise and I have 5 beds for him, raised water and food dishes, ramp for car, reconfigured my steps at all doors with steps so that they are 4.5 inches instead of 6-7 inches, daily glucosamine, CDB, healthy non-filled food, excellent dental, coat, and nail care… The vet has him on some injections but I’m not sure what they are suppose to do but they are expensive and although I don’t know if they are effective I’m afraid to stop them. The Vet did not offer a surgical solution so I am thinking he believes that may not be a viable solution. I’m desperate to improve his mobility and overall quality of life. Any suggestions or guidance for weight loss specifically is greatly appreciated.

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