Why Is Pitbull Considered a Large Breed?

The dog has become a gentle companion to man. Of all the breeds, Pitbulls have become popular despite their history of aggressiveness and attacks. They have become popular dogs in families because people have now recognized their positive characteristics.

Pitbulls is not an individual breed of dog but it is several breeds that are considered to be part of pitbull. Pitbulls are stocky and muscular dogs although there is a lot of variation in their size.

The Pitbulls are filled up in dog centers and the adopters often ask is pitbull considered a large breed because the size of the dog matter as larger dogs need more maintenance.

Is Pitbull Considered a Large Breed A large breed dog

The size of all breeds differs from one another. The same breed may also differ in size. The difference in their size may be due to several factors including the nutrition that they get, their growth environment, genetic inheritance, and physical activities. All these factors are important in deciding a dog’s stature.

A large breed dog has to weigh at least over 50 pounds and their height should be about 24 inches.  Such breeds are the Afghan hound, Airedale terriers, Alaskan among many others.

Despite their size, most breeds are usually active while others are laid back.

Is Pitbull Considered a Large Breed

Why does size matter

The size of the dog is important as it is a factor that can help decide which breed should one adopt. The owners must have their preferences, one might like bigger and stronger Pitbulls while others might adore small furry pooches.

The pit bulls are square-faced muscular dogs. They are taller than many other breeds but not the tallest of all the breeds. They fall into the medium-sized category. Their muscular neck and broad chest make them look stronger and fearful.  The Pitbulls are crossbreeds and get their bulky characteristic from bulldogs. However, they are not a large breed.

Negative & health technicalities for a larger size pit bull

Large breeds have health-related disadvantages as they age. They are expensive in maintenance and their diets also cost more. The Pitbulls have a higher incidence of hip dysplasia. They are also prone to thyroid dysfunction and congenital heart defects.

The first place to visit with a pet is to the vet.  Large breed dogs are more sensitive to external changes and most importantly their nutrition should be taken care of. These dogs face a shortage of calcium if they are given food made for all dog breeds. Their food should be high in minerals, proteins, and calories. They grow fast to attain their maximum height so proper nutrition should be given to balancing their weight.

Unlike other dog breeds, simple training and grooming will be highly difficult if they don’t cooperate. For larger breeds, it is important to start training as soon as possible otherwise extra support from professionals is necessary. A professional will know how to handle the dog and train them for obedience as well as for behavior.

The dogs are compassionate animals, however before adopting one, one should make sure that they will be able to handle and maintain it throughout their life. If one thinks that large dogs will be difficult to handle, they can consider the medium and smaller size breeds. Small breeds are little and they are much easier to be handled.

Is Pitbull Considered a Large Breed

The pitbull’s size and how to handle them.

Before adopting a pit bull, one may question is pitbull considered a large breed so that they can plan accordingly.

The medium-sized breed is stock and muscular yet they are light on feet. They are more muscular per pound of body weight than any other breed. They have a low center of gravity and are medium in height, they are not very tall nor too short. The muscles of the neck head and chest are especially more developed, giving the dog a strong look.

The dog is heavy in size; they weigh about 55 to 70 pounds but it greatly varies across all the breeds. The American Pitbulls are the largest of all Pitbulls. They are quite heavy and weigh between 75 to 125 pounds. They are medium in size and stands between 17 to 19 inches.

Given the aggressive behavior, it becomes even more difficult to raise the medium-sized dog. Some of the ways to train the Pitbulls are:

Proper physical training is essentialil

Almost all the dogs cause problems, the pit bull maybe a little aggressive, and their muscular size may be difficult to handle. Obedience training can be introduced to the pet from an early age. The beginners should learn to train before they adopt the dog so that they are well prepared from the beginning.

Scientific ways of Socialization

It is also important to socialize them from an early age. Once the dog starts accepting new people and other dogs, they will be less aggressive and it will be easier to control them.

Creating boundaries for aggressive behavior

The dog trusts its owner completely and one should make use of the trait efficiently. The dog loves its owner so much that they will do anything for its happiness so if the owners disapprove of their aggressive behavior, it will help.

Physique Development with proper nutrition

Exercise and physical activity can also help them to build their muscle fibers as well as distract them from always being aggressive.


Pitbulls are not enormous breeds, they are medium-sized dogs. They may be slightly overwhelming for first-time pet owners. One may have read several times that the dogs are a man’s best friend they will only understand it once they adopt one into their family. Before adopting a Pitbulls, one might question is pitbull considered a large breed, Pitbulls are not as large. Many owners want to adopt larger sized dogs because they look fuller and every person has different choices. Bigger dogs only need a little more guidance and care. They need a handful of more training but the fluffy is worthy of all the love. Taking care of large pets may be challenging but once you learn it you can ensure that both you and your pet have a healthy life.

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