Financial Assistance for Dog Surgery to Help You with Medical Bills

Seeing our Pitties go through a surgical operation is a heart-wrenching moment. But aside from this, we also have to deal with vet bills and the overall cost of the treatment. To be honest, not all of us have the means to cover all the expenses. This is why a financial assistance for dog surgery is a heaven-sent help to make ends meet.

It can happen to all dogs. Even if you give all the TLC you can give, there will come a time that some health factors that are beyond your control will take over. Your Pitty may have some sort of genetic problems that are now manifesting as a massive health issue.

Still, no pawrent would want to let their doggo suffer in silence just because they can’t afford quality health care services. The good news is that many organizations are here to help depending on your pet’s condition.

The cost of dog surgery

Most pet owners know that a single illness can cost thousands of bucks in treatment. For Pitbulls, hip dysplasia is one of the most common conditions that will require a surgical procedure to treat. This condition can cost around $1,700 to $4,500 for the most advanced cases. Aside from this vet bill, you may also have to spend for life-long care, especially if your pooch is tied to a dog wheelchair.

Aside from this, knee problems may also take place. The likes of severe patellar luxation will charge you between $1,500 and $3,500 per affected knee.

As you see, each condition and the level of severity will affect the cost of the surgery. Here are more of the conditions your Pitbull may have together with the possible cost:

➕Gastrointestinal surgery

As you know, Pitbulls have very sensitive stomachs. They are prone to gastric torsion that will require an operation to get the gas out of the dog’s tummy. This is a minor surgery, but if the condition is left untreated, it can cost you up to $5,000.

Aside from this, intestinal obstruction is also a common condition among Pitbulls. Since they like chewing things, there’s a high probability that your pooch may ingest objects that will block their intestines. This usually requires urgent attention and a surgery that may cost around $800 or up to $7,000 for the worst cases. Pet financial assistance might be needed here.

➕Canine cancer

Like any other breeds, Pitbulls can also develop cancer. The likes of bladder cancer, mast cell tumor, hemangiosarcoma, melanoma, and mammary carcinoma are just some of the common conditions among Pitbulls. Each of these will require a different set of continuous treatment and surgical operations.

When it comes to cancer, surgical procedures can happen more than once. Also, the expenses will include medicines and other costs related to the treatment. Most dog cancer treatments will charge a pawrent up to $9,000 for the surgery and succeeding radiation treatments. This price can escalate as the treatment lingers.

➕CCL tear

Pitbulls are very energetic dogs. They can zoom in too fast to the point that they’re going to tear their cranial cruciate ligament (CCL). This can cause limping and intense pain for Pitties if not treated right away.  A surgery to fix this issue will cost around $1,000 to $2,000. Seeking pet financial assistance will help ease the cost.

➕Bladder stones

The formation of bladder stones can happen to Pitbulls too. However, the cost for the treatment will depend on the method used for the treatment. In the case of urohydropropulsion, the expenses for the sedation, catheterization, and irrigating fluids will be as much as $750.

If the case of bladder stone on your Pitty will require cystotomy, the cost will start at $2,200 for medium to large breeds. This cost will increase if added medication and hospital confinement are necessary for your pooch.

financial assistance for dog surgery

➕Heart problems

Of all the other breeds, Pitbulls are one of those who have a high risk of heart diseases and failures. This condition requires immediate treatment and surgical procedures. And as you know, heart surgeries are very expensive.

It’s one-fifth of the overall cost of heart surgery among humans, that’s around $10,000 to $20,000. The sad truth is that only a fraction of all the Pitbull owners can afford this price. And since most Pitties are covered only by animal liability insurance, their owners would have to shoulder all the out-of-pocket expenses. This is why financial assistance for dog surgery is needed more than ever.

➕Bone fractures

Since Pitties have a history of notorious skeletal issues, there’s a chance that they will also experience bone fractures at some point in their lives. This condition will cost around $3,000+ depending on the severity of the fracture. Take note that even a bad fall from your bed can land your Pitty in the vet hospital for days.

Follow up visits to the vet will cost more as well as the continuing treatment for the fracture.

➕Internal bleeding

Internal bleeding can be a standalone condition or a complication of another health problem. Tumors, for one, can rupture internal organs that can cause the bleeding. In this case, your dog is suffering from two life-threatening conditions – the bleeding and the possibly malignant tumor inside his body.

The only way to treat this is to undergo a surgical procedure. This can cause thousands of dollars in treatment and continuing care.

How to find a pet financial assistance

Sure, a hefty medical bill is daunting, but you don’t have to carry the burden alone. Many people and groups offer help for pawrents like you who are exhausting all means to save their beloved pooches. If you’re trying to find a financial assistance for dog surgery, here are some points to guide you:

Ask your vet. Veterinarians are usually acquainted with organizations that provide financial assistance to dog owners who have skyrocketing vet bills. The dog doctor may also waiver his professional fee in the event that the cost of treatment is too much for you to manage.

Tap your insurance coverage. If your Pitty is covered by a wider policy, there’s a chance that the pet insurance can help with the expenses.

Secure a pet credit card. The likes of CareCredit are accepted by many veterinarians in the U.S. You can use this and pay the amount in increments. Usually, you won’t be charged any interest if you pay everything on time.

Contact animal care organizations. Right now, many animal welfare groups, especially those dedicated for Pitbulls, help pet owners on their financial woes related to vet bills and treatment. Below are some of the trusted organizations that you can reach out to:

Organizations that give pet financial assistance

If you’re in dire need of financial help, these organizations can lend a helping hand:

➕American Pit Bull Foundation (APBF)

The APBF promotes and protects the welfare of Pitties by providing help in every way they can. The APBF Helping Hands Fund is made to help Pitties with special needs. Some of the conditions they cover are spaying, gastrointestinal surgery, cruciate repairs, fracture repairs, amputations, and orthopedic surgeries.

Take note, though, that their grant depends on the amount of the fund at the time you seek for assistance. Also, you could be denied a grant if the fund is out of balance or if the foundation deems your application void.

Also, APBF only provides assistance to Bully breeds and you should submit necessary documents to be considered for the grant. You can check their requirements HERE.

➕Magic Bullet Fund

Dedicated to assisting dogs with cancer, the Magic Bullet Fund will provide financial assistance to pet owners who don’t have any means to shoulder the cost of treatment. However, you should prove to MBF that you really can’t pay for the entirety of the expenses and that your dog’s life will be extended with their help.

When you got accepted to the Magic Bullet Fund, you’ll contribute any amount that you can manage and then the Fund will cover everything. It’s a highly inclusive financial assistance for dog surgery.

Take note that MBF doesn’t give grants. Instead, they will initiate a fundraiser where you should take an active part. The amount that will be received through the fundraiser will be used for your dog’s treatment. You can check them HERE .

➕Onyx and Breezy Foundation

This foundation caters to pets in general with evident medical difficulties. Some of the conditions the Onyx and Breezy Foundation assisted are cancer, dogs suffering from PTSD, rescue and disaster relief, and more physical ailments.

Like the Magic Bullet, this foundation relies on donations. The difference is you can apply for a grant if you’re seeking to receive cash to pay for the expenses.

To apply for a grant, you first have to apply for a CareCredit account. This will be submitted to the foundation for reviewing.  For more information, you can check the process HERE.

financial assistance for dog surgery

➕Red Rover

For those looking for a small pet financial assistance, the Red Rover Relief Urgent Care can give a cash grant. Most of their grants are around $200. It might seem small, but this can already ease a chunk of the expenses on your Pitty’s operation and continuous treatment.

They usually respond to requests in one to two days. But like any other assistance organizations, Red Rover can only help on a small chunk of the medical bills. Still, this is very helpful for owners who really can’t support their dog’s medical needs. For more information on how to file a grant request, you can check it HERE.

➕The Pet Fund

For Pitbulls with non-basic, non-urgent conditions, you can reach out to the Pet Fund for financial assistance. They help dogs with conditions like cancer, endocrine diseases, heart disease, and other chronic health problems. Orthopedic surgeries like CCL tears and fractures ARE NOT included on their coverage.

To get the one-time grant, your Pitty should be adopted and you’re living in the U.S.A. And since The Pet Fund receives over 200 calls per day, you will be included in a waiting list. The amount of the grant will vary on the condition and The Pet Fund’s discretion. To know more about their financial assistance, you can check them HERE.

➕Paws 4 A Cure

This organization intends to help families and individuals with dogs that are currently facing medical challenges. Take note that they only help dogs in private ownership and not those in rescue shelters. Their grant is at a maximum of $500, but this can be lower depending on the availability of the donations.

This small amount can help in reducing the bills of your dog. Still, you can tap the help of other organizations to ease the financial burden. Make sure that you complete Paws 4 A Cure’s online application to qualify for a pet financial assistance. Check it HERE.

➕Pit Bull Rescue Central

This organization helps Pit Bulls by finding and giving them a new home as well as providing financial assistance to owners who can’t afford the increasing medical bills. They initiate fundraising efforts to help Pitties who are recovering from various conditions like cancer, heart disease, and more.

You can reach out to Pit Bull Rescue Central HERE.


It’s every pet owner’s nightmare to see their doggos go through the painful process of recovering from a chronic condition. However, it’s also difficult for the pet parents when it’s time to pay the bills. Surgery procedures and continuous treatments can cost thousands of dollars. And to admit, not all of us have the capacity to shell out such amount of money.

This is the reason why the above organizations are providing assistance to pet owners. Although their grants may not pay for everything, the financial help is a big contribution already. As a pet owner, never rely on a single organization alone. You can tap the help of numerous groups to collect the amount that will suffice for your pooch’s treatment.

A financial assistance for dog surgery will be a big help, especially if you’re cash-strapped. Still, no matter how hard the situation is, nothing will put a loving pawrent down.

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