The Best Puppy Shampoo for Smell – Don’t Let Your Pitbull Stink!

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Pitbull pups are active beings. They love running, exploring, chewing, and trying things. However, due to their inquisitive nature, they tend to acquire dirt and muck on their coat. Sure, most of these can be removed through brushing. However, the smell may linger which can make the doggo stink. With this, it’s important that you have the best puppy shampoo for smell to use.

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Every breed will have different grooming needs. As much as your Pitty has a thin coat, it doesn’t mean that their grooming habits can be neglected. In fact, they are more prone to skin allergies than other breeds. If you don’t keep their coat clean, this may start to harbor smell and worse, infections.

A Pitty’s coat health is part of their well-being. If you don’t pay attention to it, this may compromise their health which will cause hefty vet fees.

Your pup may not be aggressive, but their smell can be vicious at times. So to help you get started with proper grooming, here are my personal suggestions.

Why do Pitbulls get dirty and smelly?

As you know, pups are high in energy. They will romp, roll, and squeeze through spaces with just about any dirt imaginable. And since you’re not supposed to bathe them daily, the pup will soon accumulate the stink.

Although your pooch’s fur is thin, it can still harbor the nastiest dirt. If you don’t brush or bathe it regularly, the doggo will soon wreak havoc with their coat’s stench.

However, before you dismiss the bad smell, examine the possible reasons why your Pitbull smells bad. Aside from external factors, your doggos health might be the culprit. Dogs may have underlying health conditions or allergies that trigger smell-inducing infections.

But if you’re sure that it’s not anything serious, you should look for the best shampoo (like the two products I reviewed below) to fix the smelly problem.

Wondering why your doggo smells bad? Here are some possible reasons:

Should you worry about the bad smell?

The smell of your dog’s body says a lot about its health. This goes the same to puppies. However, it can be tricky to tell if the smell is something serious or just a sign that your doggo is due for grooming.

But to be sure, I’d recommend that you consider bad smell on your dog’s body as something suspicious. I’m not saying that you should rush to the vet right away. Just check for some signs that may indicate that it’s not just a bathing issue.

When you’ve already bathed your pooch and the strong stink still lingers, you may want to check its mouth and ears. If your Pitbull smells bad, it may indicate a kidney problem. Meanwhile, you may have forgotten to groom the ears which resulted to the bad odor.

But generally, there’s nothing to worry unless your pup’s coat is starting to thin and form blisters. In this case, you may need the help of a vet to get the right treatment. Skin problems need more than just the best puppy shampoo for smell to heal.

Common skin problems of Pitbull pups

Pitbull pups are prone to many skin problems. It’s a hard-wired health concern that many Pitbulls share. To help you find the best shampoo, it’s important to check which skin problems are more likely to grow on your little doggo.

Here are some that are commonly associated with Pitbulls:

🐕Allergies. From food to chemical allergies, Pitties have one of the most sensitive coats. They are also notorious for seasonal allergies which can make their skin itchy and flaky. Even pups can experience this dilemma. And as you know, dogs tend to scratch incessantly as an effort to appease the itch. This will lead to open wounds which may cause infections.

Dog experts are yet to find out why Pitties are prone to this skin condition. But to prevent this from happening to your pup, make sure that you use a hypoallergenic shampoo.

🐕Irritation. Pitties’ skin can be irritated by just about anything – pollens, artificial chemicals, and other strong irritants. Even if the substance isn’t a problem to other breeds, Pitbulls may react adversely. And since their fur is thin, their skin is more exposed to the harm of outdoor environments.

Even laundry detergents can cause irritations to Pitbulls. And with little pups, the threat is more imminent.

🐕Dry skin. Pitbulls are prone to dry skin because they only have thin fur to shield them against direct exposure to the sun. This is why it’s important to moisturize aside from keeping the smell at bay.

The characteristics of Pitbull skin

Before you use any shampoo, you should know first what’s on your Pitties’ coat. Remember, it’s not just about the smell; you should also check if the shampoo you’re going to choose will suit your doggo’s sensitivity level.

Here are the two characteristics of a Pitbull’s coat:

🐕Single coat. Pitbulls don’t have a second layer on its coat which means two things: they will shed less and they will be exposed to many irritants. In case your Pitbull pup is shedding out of season, check its skin. An infection or irritation might be developing.

🐕Short hair. Many dog owners love Pitbulls’ short coat. However, it still needs adequate grooming to keep the smell and infections away.

How shampoos help

Like humans, shampoos help freshen up our hair by removing dirt and substances that stuck to it. But when it comes to dogs, their shampoo is also their body soap. It’s important that the ingredients are gentle to the skin and nourishing enough.

When it comes to smell, shampoo provides an instant fix. Many products nowadays are formulated to have a fresh scent right after giving your pooch a bath.

However, don’t purchase a dog shampoo that has a very invasive odor. As much as it’s beneficial for you, it’s also important to know that dogs have a very strong sense of smell.

Moreover, the best puppy shampoo for smell balances the pH of their skin. This way, dryness can be prevented while removing dirt that causes the bad odor.

However, you should also know that shampoos aren’t a one-size-fits-all product. It also comes in different types.

Types of Pitbull shampoos

Generally, there are five different types of Pitbull shampoos that you can choose from. Each of these has different purposes:

🐕General purpose. This is the one formulated for regular use. It cleanses while keeping the natural oils intact on your Pitty’s skin. It’s gentle but not effective in aiding skin problems.

🐕Medicated shampoo. For Pitbulls with skin infections, a medicated shampoo will be prescribed by a veterinarian. Usually, this has an anti-fungal, anti-seborrheic, and anti-bacterial formula.

🐕Puppy shampoo. For Pitties that are at least eight weeks old, a puppy shampoo is an ideal choice. This is specifically formulated to be gentle on little dogs’ skin.

🐕Flea shampoo. Does your puppy have ticks and fleas? This kind of shampoo will help kill the parasites that are damaging your pup’s skin.

🐕Benzoyl peroxide shampoo. This is a specially formulated shampoo with more active ingredients. This is usually used in curing mange and other serious skin problems among dogs. However, it can stain surfaces it comes in contact with so you have to be careful while bathing your dog with this.

What you should look for a Pitbull shampoo

First of all, never use human shampoo on your Pitty. There’s a good reason why there are special formulas for dogs. It’s gentler and fit for their skin’s condition.

And since Pitties have very sensitive skin, you should be more meticulous than ever when picking a shampoo. If your little Pitbull smells bad, you may want to opt for the gentlest formula that’s effective in removing bad smell.

Personally, these are the characteristics that I look for a pup shampoo:

🐕Safe for puppies. When I say safe for puppies, it should be a no-tear formula that’s mild but cleansing. Pups have more sensitive skin and may not tolerate other harsh formulas.

🐕Hypoallergenic. Even if your Pitbull doesn’t have any skin allergies right now, it pays to choose a hypoallergenic formula. You’ll never know how other formulas will affect your pup’s skin.

🐕All-natural ingredients. When it comes to puppies, I never trust anything other than a product with an all-natural ingredient list. This way, there are no artificial chemicals that may possibly hurt the pooch. We simply can’t take chances when it comes to little Pitbulls.

🐕Moisturizing. This is very, very important if you’re buying shampoo for your Pitbull puppies. Since they are prone to skin dryness, always bathe them with a moisturizing shampoo. This will help soothe their skin and aid any present irritation.

How to control your dog’s coat smell

If you want to prevent your pup from going stinky, here are some things you can do:

🐕Don’t let it roam freely. If your pooch loves exploring the neighborhood and going home dirty, you may want to limit their reach. This will also keep them away from outdoor harm and possible infections.

🐕Daily brushing. Pitties need daily brushing to keep their coat clean and shiny. Also, it will help you spot any infections developing on your pooch’s skin.

🐕Bathe them regularly. Dogs don’t need daily baths. Once or twice a month would be enough unless they get ultimately dirty on some occasions. Always use the best puppy shampoo for smell. And most of all, don’t spray perfumes and other deodorants on their coat. This isn’t made for dogs and it will only do more harm than help.

🐕Regular vet check-ups. Although your pooch looks healthy, it will be better to visit the vet regularly to have the doggo checked. This is a good way to treat skin problems and other conditions even before it goes worse.

Top 2 Shampoos for your Pitbull pup

As promised, here are two of the best shampoos I’ve used on my Pitbull pups. Check which one you’d like:

Healthy Breeds Oatmeal & Aloe Dog Shampoo

best puppy shampoo for smellpH balanced, anti-itch, and highly nourishing, there’s nothing else you’d want from the Healthy Breeds Shampoo. It’s perfect for over 200 dog breeds including Pitbulls.

Aside from keeping your dog’s skin clean, it also has the fresh scent of piña colada – ideal if your Pitbull smells bad. Some pet owners may find it off but it’s just the right sniff for me.

This dog shampoo is soap-free so you’re assured that this will be gentle on your pup’s skin. It’s a colloidal oatmeal shampoo without the harsh chemicals. After bathing your pooch, its skin will be nourished and cleansed deeply.

Overall, this shampoo removes grimes and dirt with a very light scent which won’t bother your dog. This will also work harmoniously with separate topical flea treatments in case your pup is under it.


✔️Amazing scent

✔️Best for over 200 dog breeds

✔️Free of soap and other artificial substances

✔️Hypoallergenic and pH balanced


❌A bit expensive


❌The amount on a single bottle is ideal for pups only


Paws & Pals Dog Shampoo

best puppy shampoo for smellIf you’re exploring other options, don’t miss the Paws & Pals Dog Shampoo. This one is known for its all-natural ingredients. It also has the perfect balance of various essential oils to keep your pup’s skin soft and nourished.

What I and my dog love the most here is its tear-free formula that doesn’t have soap or anything that can irritate the skin and eyes.

Aside from cleaning, this shampoo also detangles the coat. If you have a long-haired pooch other than your Pitty, this shampoo would be an all-around choice.

When it comes to the scent, it’s gentle and gives just the right freshness for your pooch. Some owners may find it too subtle, but I guess that’s exactly what my pup needs.


✔️All-natural ingredients

✔️Tear-free and soap-free

✔️Packed with vet-approved essential oils

✔️More affordable



❌The scent isn’t as long lasting as other shampoos



If you’re looking for the best puppy shampoo for smell, check these two options first. Let us know below what you think about it!

I am Jay, I am a pet lover. Have few Pitbulls with me. So love to write about pitbulls.

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