What Comes in a Barkbox? Super Chewer Review for Pitbulls!

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Barkbox has been a very popular subscription box for dog toys and treats. It’s like ordering a mystery box online and getting excited about what’s inside. Even if it’s for the doggo, we, pet owners also get excited to see what comes in a Barkbox.

For Pitbulls, you simply can’t give them the usual chew toys from the regular Barkbox. If you want something that can withstand your dog’s daggers, you might as well sign up to the Super Chewer box.

A glimpse on Barkbox

Barkbox is a subscription-based program on which the pet owner will receive a box of toys, treats, and chews. Its flagship subscription Barkbox is a monthly-based delivery of themed items. Meanwhile, there are also the likes of Super Chewer, BarkPark, BarkShop, and BarkRetail.

barkbox super chewer review

All of these are dedicated to providing services and products to dog owners across all breeds. They claimed to have serviced to more than 2 million dogs in the United States.

Standard Barkbox vs. Super Chewer Review

Take note that the Standard Barkbox works for most puppies and dogs with very low tendency to chew. A classic Barkbox will come with plush toys, chews, and treats. If you have a Pitbull, this just won’t work. You better sign up for the Super Chewer instead.

Since the classic Barkbox contains less tough toys, it’s more affordable than the Super Chewer. Monthly boxes can cost as low as $22. All of the stuff in this box costs around $40 if purchased separately. The same delivery and order terms apply to the standard Barkbox including the option to customize the content.

Although Super Chewer costs more, it’s totally worth it if you have an aggressive chewer. Their toys are really tough and the treats are always premium.

What is the Super Chewer Barkbox?

For this post, we’re going to focus on the Super Chewer. Like the Barkbox, it comes in a kit-like box and delivered on a monthly basis depending on your commitment period.

The moment you sign up, your first Super Chewer box will be sent to your address. Any succeeding boxes will then be delivered on every 15th of the month.

Unlike the usual BarkBox, Super Chewer is made for the aggressive chewers. This includes Pitbulls, Bulldogs, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and other breeds.

Just like how the company describes it, “every month is a new adventure”. Each box that arrives comes with a different set of treats, toys, and chews.

Commitment period and pricing

How about the commitment period? Well, you can choose between three plans: monthly, 6-month, and 12-month contracts.

For the monthly Super Chewer box, it will cost $39. Meanwhile, the 6-month contract will cost $34 per box and the 12-month contract is cheaper at $29 per box. All of these will be billed monthly to your account.

Take note that Barkbox only ships to the contiguous 48 states. This excludes Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.

Overall, Super Chewer claims to deliver a box with contents that cost at least $45. This is a big saver than purchasing somewhere else. Besides, they can also customize the treats and toys based on your dog’s health condition (discussed below).

What’s inside the box?

Inside the Super Chewer box, you’ll get the following items:

🐾2 all-natural meaty chews

Chewy treats are favorites of Pitbulls. This can come in different flavors, but from what I know, it can be anything from turkey, chicken, or beef. You can always indicate a special request if your dog is allergic to any of these meat types. This is free from wheat, corn, or soy.

The treats always match the theme of the box which is added fun for you as the pet owner.

🐾2 tough, fluff-free toys

When it comes to aggressively chewing Pitbulls, we need the toughest toy we can ever find. I love that Super Chewer actually delivers very tough pieces. Some of which are the acorn toy and a squeaker cardinal toy that makes sounds when the dog bites in it.

Each toy comes with a tag which tells you if it’s dishwasher-friendly and other things you can put in it to make playtime more exciting for your dog.

Take note that if your dog happens to destroy the toy, Super Chewer will send a new one free of charge! It’s a guarantee for your commitment. There’s no need to present proof or worry about time limits. As long as you availed a box, you’re covered by the guarantee. They call it “Scout’s Honor”.

🐾2 USA or Canada-made bags of treats

These bags of goodies will also come in varying flavors. If your dog has allergies, you should indicate it right away during the signup process. Most of the treats we received are meat strips that are chewy and very delicious. My Pittie can’t get enough of it. The treats can be made of duck, turkey, chicken, bacon, cow beef flavored. Other meat types can be available too.

And just like the meaty chews, the treats don’t have soy, wheat, and corn.

🐾Optional durable toy if the offer is available

Super Chewer runs a promo that lets you add an extra toy to the box free of charge. Take note that this is a special offer and may not be available at all times. If you do see it, don’t miss the chance to get a free piece for your doggo.

🐾A theme card

All the boxes will have unique themes. It can be anything from Squeaks, Prom Night, Under The Sea, Castle, and more. It comes with cute theme cards which pet owners may grow fond of collecting.

NOTE: All of the boxes will be shipped for free!

Do you want a better look at what’s inside the box? Here’s Jonathan and his dog Noodle unboxing a Super Chewer:

How it works

If you’re new to the Super Chewer subscription, I’ll get you started on the signup process. We start by choosing a plan where you’re going to enter your dog’s name and its gender.

Next, you’ll need to choose the size of your dog based on its weight. Don’t worry since the Super Chewer Box has the same price regardless of the size of the doggo. After that, you’ll be prompted to enter the breed of your dog. Make sure that you set this right as the Super Chewer will match the items on the breed’s personality.

You also have the option to enter your dog’s birthday. I think Super Chewer will send a special edition box for the birth month of your dog. Anyway, you’re free to skip this if you’re not interested.

After that, you will be asked if your dog has allergies to turkey, beef, or chicken. If so, you just have to click “Yes” so the Super Chewer team can exclude this on your box.

You’ll be asked to choose from the three plans I’ve mentioned earlier. If you like, you can also sign up to the Extra Toy Club where a third toy is added to the box for just $9 a month.

The first box of your doggo can either have a surprise theme or one that’s pre-vetted for your pooch. The one I got for my Pitbull was called “Sniffs From the Abyss” which are packed with lamb treats and fish-themed toys. After that, you’ll proceed to pay and enter the delivery address. Take note that succeeding boxes will have surprise themes.

Customizing the toys and treats

I mentioned earlier that the Super Chewer team can accommodate your dog’s special dietary needs. For example, if your dog has allergies to other meat types aside from turkey, chicken, or beef, just chat with the team to let them know.

Super Chewer has an in-house team in Columbus, Ohio responsible for customizing treats and toys added in the boxes. If you have special requests for your pooch, feel free to call, chat, email, or even text them. Super Chewer is very much willing to cater to any of your requests.

If you’re not happy with the toys your dog received, you can also contact them. Chances are they will send new toys to compensate for it. Based on my experience, Super Chewer always has premium toys, not just those cheap bones you’ll usually see on pet stores.

Is the Super Chewer worth it?

Well, if you have the extra money each month for a new box of toys and treats, I really think this is worth a subscription on your credit card. The toys are durable and perfect for aggressive chewers plus the treats are really good.

Still, I recognize that not all of us pet owners can spend $29 to $39 a month for a set of new toys and treats. Personally, my Pitbull can play with a toy for two months or so. Also, such a price can be pretty steep for someone who’s always on a budget.

what comes in a Barkbox

If this is the case, you can opt for the monthly box. Just order whenever you have the budget or whenever your dog needs new toys or treats.

Considering that the cost of all the toys and treats are more than what you’re actually paying for, it’s already worth the monthly splurge.

What if you want to cancel?

Here’s where some things get tricky with Super Chewer. If you signed up for a 6 or 12-month contract, you can’t cancel anytime. You’re stuck to finishing the commitment period before you can actually cancel your subscription.

Also, beware of auto-renewal. If your commitment period expires, it will be auto-renewed if you don’t do anything about it. You’ll be locked on the same period of your previous contract. You don’t have anything to do but to wait and pay for the toys your dog no longer needs. Still, you can take chances on contacting their team. They might give you a chance to cancel the subscription given some conditions.

Benefits of the Super Chewer Box

If you’re not sure if you and your dog will like the Super Chewer box, it might help to know the following benefits of having a subscription.

🐾It diversifies your Pitbull’s playtime

The toys in the box will level up the playtime sessions of your pooch. Aside from that, you no longer have to shop around just to find tough toys that can withstand their aggressive chewing. Most importantly, you’re covered by the Scout’s Honor. If any toy gets damaged, the Super Chewer team will send a replacement free of charge.

🐾Receive premium treats you can’t purchase at the store

What I love the most about the subscription is I can get a hand on dog treats I simply can’t find on most pet stores. Sure, some treats could be oldies but goodies but it’s actually fun to wait for what your dog will receive next. Also, it’s quite interesting how they find treats that suit their monthly themes.

Aside from being unique, Super Chewer treats are free of soy, wheat, and corn.

🐾Customize the content

If your Pitbull has allergies or intolerances, you can contact the Super Chewer team to customize your next box. They can deliver different treats that don’t contain any allergens for your dog. You can also put a request for a certain toy.

🐾Ideal for homes with multiple dogs

For homes with multiple dogs, the monthly subscription is totally worth it. The toys will accumulate in a few months and your pooches will have a lot of things to get busy at.

🐾Get more than what you paid for

Based on my calculations, the treats and toys will cost around $45 to $50 per box. This is lower than what I actually paid for just $39. Longer commitment periods will save you more bucks as long as you’re willing to pay for it.


Aside from knowing what comes in a Barkbox, you also have the option to upgrade to Super Chewer. This box contains tougher toys which suit doggos that love to chew. It costs a bit more but it’s totally worth it considering the quality of the goods.

Do you have a personal experience with Super Chewer? What do you think of the toys and treats? Share your stories with us by leaving a comment below!

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