10 CBD-Based Items For Pets

Today, I’m bringing you 10 CBD-based items for pets that can help elevate your pet’s health. 

CBD is all the rage, but with the products appearing in so many shapes, pet parents can quickly feel swamped when trying to figure out which one is best for their pet. That’s why I’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each CBD item, while also exploring which one might be best suited for your pet. .

Best CBD Products for Dogs, Cats, and Other Pets?

Thanks to the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a regulatory system found in all animals except insects, the majority of our pets can enjoy the many benefits CBD has to offer. 

Just like our pets, CBD items come in many shapes. But in general, you only want to purchase a CBD item that is full spectrum, has been independently lab tested, derived from organically grown hemp, and created by utilizing a CO2 extraction process. This helps ensure you’re getting the best of the best regardless of the CBD item you choose. 

1. CBD Oil

Let’s start our list with the most popular CBD item. A CBD oil or tincture is an excellent option for most pet owners. It allows you to easily customize dosage in small increments not available by non-tincture CBDs. It’s easy to give, allowing you to administer directly or hide it in your pet’s food. You can also make many of the CBD items you’re about to see at home, such as CBD treats, with CBD oil.

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2. CBD With Catnip 

If you love the perks of CBD oil, but find your cat isn’t a big fan of the flavor, you’re not out of luck thanks to CBD oil infused with catnip. While dogs don’t usually have a problem with hemp’s grassy and nutty flavor — in fact, most love it — our cats aren’t always the same. Catnip’s aroma and flavor are perfect for picky eaters, or as we like to say, perfect for cats with a refined palette.   

As well, catnip can highlight the anti-anxiety benefits of CBD. I know that might be surprising to hear, but catnip has biphasic effects. Catnip is only excitable for a short duration (typically less than 10 minutes). Afterward, it quickly starts promoting calm, especially when consumed vs. smelled. 

3. CBD Treats

When precision dosages aren’t needed, and in most cases, they aren’t, CBD treats are a wonderful snack to give. Great for when you’re out on the town with your dog and their anxiety starts sneaking up. But to be honest, CBD treats are just a great way to spoil your pet with a scrumptious treat that also cares for their health. 

4. CBD Soft Chews

Similar to CBD treats but with a soft and easy-to-chew texture, CBD soft chews are excellent for smaller pets and older pets whose dental health needs a little extra TLC. Besides their soft texture, there really isn’t much of a difference between CBD soft chews and CBD treats. 

5. CBD Capsules 

If your pet isn’t fussy about taking pills, CBD capsules are a great alternative to tinctures and treats. No crumbs and no spilled oil; no fuss and no mess! What’s not to love? CBD capsules are the same thing as a CBD tincture, just bundled up in a nice package for convenience. 

6. CBD Topicals  

Unlike the majority of the other CBD-based items on our list, CBD topicals are applied to the surface of the skin and not consumed. This makes them an excellent option for pets with skin issues. As well, they are great at harnessing all of CBD’s power into a localized area, making them great for surface-level pain and sore joints. 

7. CBD Multivitamins

Many pet parents are giving their pets CBD daily to support their overall health and wellness, so it makes complete sense why we’re seeing more and more multivitamins including it as a staple ingredient. 

Giving your pet a multivitamin, whether it has CBD or not, is a great way to support the foundation of their health, especially if their food isn’t fully doing so. 

8. CBD Probiotics 

CBD can help with a long list of health problems, but without a doubt, its ability to support digestive health is a big reason so many pet owners are giving their dogs, cats, and even horses, CBD. And this makes it a great addition in probiotic aids. 

I don’t know about you, but my dog could certainly do with some extra digestive support. But the benefits of probiotics don’t end there — no pun intended! Probiotics can support dental/oral health and help ease anxiety and other mood disorders. With CBD also helping with those issues, CBD probiotics are a powerhouse of support.

9. CBD Pet Joint Support Supplements

Thanks to CBD’s ability to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain, it’s no surprise it’s becoming common to see it included in joint support supplements. Typically, a combination of glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and essential omega fatty acids, CBD is a logical ingredient to include in joint support supplements. 

CBD can support a pet’s joint health by alleviating excessive inflammation and swelling that can cause debilitating pain and prevent recovery of the joint. 

10. CBD Pet Shampoo

The cannabinoid receptors that make up the ECS are found in many parts of the body, from the brain to the immune system, and they are also found in hair follicles. This gives CBD items the ability to work their magic on your pet’s skin and coat. 

Even if you decide to choose a different CBD product for your pet, a shampoo formulated for your dog or cat is still highly recommended due to the sensitive nature of their skin and coat. Our skin is significantly more acidic than that of our dogs and cats. 

Additionally, their skin’s epidermis only has about half as many layers as ours. This is why using a shampoo designed for us on your pet can cause their skin to break out or hair to become coarse.

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